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									H.A.C.E.S.                                                  Chicago Workers
                       AND ARTECH DIVERSIFIED
Today, Hispanic Americans Community Education & Services, located in Waukegan, IL and the Chicago Workers'
Collaborative, Northwest Suburban Worker Center, located in Rolling Meadows, IL announce the first ever suit
filed under the Illinois Temporary and Day Labor Services Act for violations committed against workers who
exercised their right to resolve a pay dispute by requesting the billing records of staffing agency. Wage Theft is a
growing problem affecting as many as 25% of the Chicago region's low-wage workers according to the University
of Illinois. Today's litigation arises out of Custom Staffing Partners and Artech Diversified's unwillingness to resolve
endemic pay problems in an informal, amicable fashion.

Today's suit is filed against two companies:

    1) Custom Staffing Partners, Inc. (legally known as Staffing Partners, Inc.) is a temporary staffing agency
       that is incorporated in Wisconsin but operates in Illinois near the border with Wisconsin as well.
    2) Artech Diversified, Inc. the 3rd party client company located in Waukegan, IL where the employees of
       Custom Staffing Partners actually performed their work. Artech is a manufacturer of industrial supplies.

Failure to pay overtime: Custom Staffing Partners regularly denied workers their overtime wages for work done
over forty hours in a single week. This was done in collusion with at least one company, Artech Diversified, Inc.

Failure to pay all compensable time: Custom Staffing Partners unlawfully stole earned wages from its employees
through a number of schemes:

    •   Unlawfully rounding down the amount of time its employees worked and not paying them for that time;
    •   Unlawfully deducting time from workers paychecks for arriving a few minutes late;
    •   Regularly shorting its employees hours worked on their paychecks.
    •   Failing to pay a minimum of 4 hours of wages when workers came to work according to schedule and then
        were sent home (violation of Illinois Day and Temporary Labor Services Act)

Retaliation for exercising rights: When workers at the Illinois branch of the staffing agency sought to exercise their
rights under the new Illinois Day and Temporary Labor Services Act (IDTLSA) to see the Custom Staffing Solutions
bill and pay records for the time they worked, the company fired them in retaliation.

Failure to comply with IDTLSA notice requirements: Workers were not given proper Employment Notices at the
beginning of their assignments spelling out the promised wages and other terms of the assignment;

                                                  THE LAWSUIT
Today, Working Hands Legal Clinic filed a class action lawsuit alleging the above violations under the Illinois Wage
Payment and Collection Act, the Illinois Minimum Wage Law and the Illinois Day and Temporary Labor Services
Act against both Custom Staffing Partners, Inc. and against Artech Diversified, Inc (and possibly other client
companies of Custom Staffing). The class which Working Hands will seek to represent will be all of the employees
of these employers within Illinois. Working Hands will also include a collective action under the federal Fair Labor
Standards Act for the overtime violations for all of Customs Staffing employees in both Wisconsin and Illinois.

                                            CONTACT INFORMATION

Chicago Workers Collaborative
Northwest Suburban Contingent Worker Center
5105 Tollview Drive, Suite 101
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Executive Director: Leone Jose Bicchieri. Contact: Tim Bell, 773-230-0351 (English)
The Workers Collaborative assists primarily temporary staffing workers (numbering 300,000 in the Chicago region)
to improve their working conditions. Since 2004, the Collaborative has forced the temporary staffing industry to
agree to improvements in labor protections afforded these vulnerable workers through amendments to the Illinois
Temporary and Day Laborer Services Act.

Hispanic Americans Community Education & Services (H.A.C.E.S.)
705 Yeoman St.
Waukegan, IL 60085
Contact: Maria Cabrera, 224-440-1934 (Spanish)
HACES assists the needs of the immigrant community in Waukegan. Recently, HACES implement a worker rights
outreach program with assistance of the Chicago Workers Collaborative.

Working Hands Legal Clinic
77 West Washington St., Suite 1402
Chicago, IL
Executive Director and Contact: Chris Williams, Esq., 773-230-0351
Working Hands assists low-wage workers to file legal actions against employers who violate the law

Artech Diversified Inc
3821 Hawthorn Ct, Waukegan, IL 60087
(847) 249-7718
President: Mark Shabadash

Staffing Parners, Inc (AKA Custom Staffing Partners)
4925 Timbercrest Dr., Cedarburg, WI 53012-9133
(414) 457-0750
President: Robert Korb, Secretary: Kenneth Korb

        Custom Staffing Partners operates branch offices for employees at the following locations:

        1413 South 108th Street                           3476 South 13th St.
        West Allis WI. 53214                              (Corner of 13th & Morgan)
        Phone: 414-257-0750                               Milwaukee, WI. 53215
        Fax: 414-607-5696                                 Phone: 414-431-9052
                                                          Fax: 414-431-9059

        3567B Grand Avenue                                3009 Roosevelt Road
        Gurnee, IL. 60031                                 Kenosha, WI. 53142
        Phone: 847-249-0485                               Phone: 262-925-1006
        Fax: 847-249-0492                                 Fax: 262-925-1251

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