60 mins     R 510.00      Floatation Therapy **
                                                                                                                                    30 mins      R 250.00
                                                       This re-energising stone therapy massage
                                                       creates a cleansing, harmonising and soothing     “When one or more senses are restricted, the
                                                       effect on the body. Using lava stones creates     sensitivity of the other senses is expanded”. A
                                                       an experience of wholeness and inner              floatation pool is sealed from natural light and
                                                       serenity.                                         sound, and allows you to experience total
                                                                                                         physical and mental relaxation. The buoyancy
                                                       Kuhuna Massage                                    of water and salt, allows your body to float
                                                                              60 min       R 510.00      effortlessly, as if in outer space or the dead
                                                                                                         sea. Escape into a state of complete relaxation
                                                       Unlike any other form of massage, this            and emerge with total wellness of mind, body
                                                       technique uses both rhythmic and flowing          and soul.
                                                       movements of forearms and elbows, creating
                                                       an increase in circulation as well as promoting
MASSAGE THERAPY                                        relaxation.
                                                                                                         Rasul Treatment **                          __
                                                                                                                                       45 mins     R 300.00
                                                       Ukuchina Massage_
 Massage therapy is not only wonderfully                                      60 mins       R 510.00
 indulgent, but holds important health benefits                                                          The Rasul treatment is a traditional Arabian
 by stimulating the circulation of the body -          This     traditional     Zambian    massage       cleansing ritual, which leaves you feeling calm,
 bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body           incorporates the use of touch therapy; hot        and your skin beautifully exfoliated. This ritual
 tissues. It relieves muscle tension and pain,         compressors with sugar, as well as stretching     is experienced in a private room under the light
 increases flexibility and mobility, and helps clear   aimed at relieving tension.                       of a thousand stars. This self application of salt
 waste, such as lactic acid, which reduces pain                                                          and mud detoxifies and rejuvenates the body.
 and stiffness in muscles and joints.
                                                       Foot Reflex Massage                               Warm steam envelopes the room, and allows
                                                                                 45 mins     R 320.00    you to comfortably relax and unwind. To
Dual Treatment Bookings **                                                                               conclude this experience, warm tropical rain
                                                       Relax and balance the body through the            pours down from the dome to gently wash the
A double treatment room especially designed            stimulation of pressure points situated on the    mud away. This ritual can be enjoyed with
for couples and friends to enjoy treatments            feet.                                             loved ones and friends, and is an effective
together. Please request upon booking as                                                                 treatment prior to additional treatments offered
facilities vary according to each spa.                 Indian Head Massage                               at Camelot spa.
                                                                                 30 mins     R 275.00
Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
                                                       A detoxifying massage treatment of the head,      Salt Glow
                      30 mins         R 275.00         scalp, face, neck and shoulders. This is a                                  30 mins       R 280.00
                     45 mins          R 350.00         deeply relaxing massage combined with
                    60 mins          R 450.00          stimulating techniques, bringing about many        A mineral salt full body exfoliation, which
This massage helps relieve the tension in the          beneficial results.                                leaves the skin smooth and radiant.
head, shoulders, upper and lower back.

Hot stones can be added to your back, neck             SPA BODY THERAPY                                  Sweet & Savoury Scrub
                                                                                                                                       30 mins R 350.00
and shoulder massage for an additional
R 60.00.                                               Body Therapy includes holistic treatments
                                                                                                          A full body exfoliation performed by using a
                                                       which comprise of different elements of
Swedish Body Massage                                                                                      delicious purifying body scrub containing
                                                       massage, envelopment and aromatherapy to
                        60 mins    R 450.00                                                               brown sugar, salt and Mediterranean Essential
                                                       provide maximum benefit. We offer a variety of
                        90 mins R 560.00                                                                  Oils. Luxurious and nourishing, it leaves your
                                                       Body Therapies that cleanse, exfoliate, purify
                                                                                                          skin velvety smooth and silky soft.
                                                       and soothe.
This classic European-style massage provides
a sense of well-being and eases tense
muscles.                                                                                                 Memoire Oceane Scrub
                                                       Hydrotherapy**                                                                  30 mins     R 350.00
Deep Tissue Massage
                           60 mins     R 510.00                                                          A combination of three algae with anti-stress
                                                       Hydro Bath**
                                                                                                         and anti-fatigue properties together with re-
                                                                               30 mins     R 280.00
A deep pressure massage to relieve tension.                                                              mineralizing salt crystals to exfoliate the body.
                                                       Immerse yourself in a hydrotherapy bath with      Your skin becomes soft, smooth and radiant as
Aromatherapy                                                                                             the gentle scent takes you on a relaxing
                                                       additives of you choice: Seaweed, Essential
                           60 mins     R 470.00                                                          journey.
                                                       Oils or Milk.
This ancient art of massage combines the use                                                               **Facilities vary at each spa.
of pure natural essential oils with healing            • Seaweed for mineral depletion as
therapeutic strokes.                                     experienced by athletes, post-partum
                                                         women or those suffering from stress. It        Body Wraps
                                                         balances and recharges the system.
Camelot Universal Signature Massage
                           60 mins     R 510.00        • Essential Oils to treat emotional or physical   Marine Prelude
                                                         needs.                                                                    60 mins       R 650.00
A combination of massage techniques for those
who want to experience various types of                • Milk is rich in lipids and helps to bind         Drawn from the heart of the Dead Sea, this
massage. This massage incorporates the use               moisture to the skin - soothing, softening       purifying and softening mud has exceptional
of our unique massage candle, where the                  and calming. Ideal for those suffering from      mineral richness. This treatment, combined
fragrance and softness of your skin lingers in           dry, devitalised skin.                           with the marine salts exfoliation, smoothes
your mind long after you have left the spa.                                                               dryness, whilst offering all the benefits to relax
                                                                                                          and remineralize the body.

Hot Stone Massage
Aromacéane Envelopment
                         60 mins      R 595.00      Ocean Men's Treatment                                L'Elixir Exceptional Facial
                                                                     1 hr 30 mins        R 550.00                               1 hr 30 mins          R
Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of                                                               1200.00
years for its healing, detoxifying and relaxing     A detoxifying and revitalizing skin treatment for    This unique mask - a worldwide cosmetic first
properties. This holistic remineralising body       male skins. Instantaneous, visible results in        incorporates a natural cellulose mask and
wrap, combining natural marine mud and              reducing fine lines and improving hydration          L'Elixir Marine Algae Hormones. This facial
essential oils will leave you feeling relaxed and   levels.                                              treats moisture deficiency, fine lines and
pampered.                                                                                                wrinkles, and is ideally suited to all skin types
                                                                                                         concerned with ageing.
Marine Algae Envelopment                            Purifying Back Treatment
                       60 mins        R 550.00                               60 mins     R 400.00
                                                                                                         O2 Marine Facial
A deeply relaxing body treatment, providing         Allow us to treat your back with a brush                                 1 hr 30 mins        R 490.00
intensive remineralisation and detoxification.      cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask               An intensive treatment for dull, polluted,
Ideal for skin conditions such as psoriasis,        treatment. Assists in removing the congestion        sluggish or stressed skins. This purifying
eczema, as well as relieves muscular aches          and tension of problematic areas.                    oxygenating treatment incorporates marine
and strains.                                                                                             and plant proteins, increasing oxygen
                                                                                                         absorption for a brighter and more glowing
Cellulite Treatments                                Advanced Skin Treatments                             skin.

Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not        Advanced facial treatments that address
related to obesity, since it occurs in              various stages of the aging process showing          Skin Perfecting Treatment
overweight, normal, and thin women. Common          instantaneous results.                                                   1 hr                     R 990.00
but not exclusive areas where cellulite is
found, are the thighs, buttocks, and the                                                                 Renew your skin to reveal perfection. This skin
abdomen.                                            Aromatherapy Facial                                  perfecting programme intensely smoothens the
                                                                         1 hr 30 mins    R 500.00        micro-contours of your skin for an even-toned,
LC24 Body Wrap                                                                                           firm and radiant complexion. The chemical peel
                            60 mins     R 840.00    An intensive customised Aromatherapy                 works to visibly smooth away wrinkles, fine
                                                    treatment for total relaxation. Suitable for all     lines and imperfections.
The latest technology Thalgomince LC24 has          skin types.
been created to change the destiny of your fat
cells. The treatment is concentrated in active                                                           Pure Collagen Eye Treatment
ingredients to fight cellulite and release          Hydra Moisture Source Facial                                            20 mins               R 295.00
impurities.                                                              1 hr 30 mins    R 650.00        An intensive treatment for fine lines and crows
                                                                                                         feet around the eye contour area. This
LC24 with MMA                                       Suitable for all skin types, this facial featuring   treatment can either be incorporated into a
                       60 mins          R 730.00    the Absolute Hydration range with marine             facial treatment, or enjoyed as a stand-alone
                                                    ingredient Seve Marine®, will combat signs of        treatment.
A deeply relaxing body treatment, providing         dehydration, leaving the skin softer with
intensive remineralisation and detoxification.      improved skin texture.                               Optional extras during facial treatments:
Incorporating the LC24 massage, our high
actives and exclusive slimming massage                                                                   • Bust Treatment - improves tonicity of the
    technique will ensure slimming results.         Micronised Marine Algae Facial                         bust.
                                                                          1 hr 30 mins   R 470.00        • Self heating spinal mask.
SKINCARE THERAPY                                    This true Thalassotherapy facial is designed to         These treatments will be charged for
                                                    energise and stimulate your skin. Algae rich in         accordingly.
Daily home care and regular professional skin-      minerals, ensures adequate hydration and a
care therapy can help achieve a healthy skin.       radiant, youthful skin appearance.
Facials improve the skin's tone and elasticity                                                           WAXING
by deep cleansing and exfoliating to allow the
skin's surface to regenerate, encouraging           Wrinkle Control Fundamental Double                   We offer a complete range of waxing services.
younger looking skin. Each of our facials,          Mask Facial                                          Please consult with your therapist to identify
using the immense riches of the sea, focuses                             1 hr 30 mins    R 945.00        your specific needs and desired results.
on your individual skin-care needs to address
dehydration, oiliness, fine lines and pre-          Welcome the new generation wrinkle-by-                Lip / Chin / Brow                            R
mature anti-aging.                                  wrinkle cosmetic procedure. This expert mask          70.00
                                                    uses sterile strips to treat each wrinkle.            Underarms / Sides of Face                    R
                                                    Aesthetic intervention for a more youthful            90.00
Fundamental skin treatments                         appearance without plastic surgery.                   Bikini/Half Arm                        R 95.00
                                                                                                          Half Leg / Full arm / Half Chest       R 155.00
Receive a complimentary hand or foot and                                                                  Three-quarter Leg / Top of Legs           R
                                                    Bio-Marine Warm Treatment                             165.00
scalp massage during all our skin treatments.
                                                                     1 hr 30 mins        R 620.00         Full Leg / Back / Chest                R 200.00
Spa Skin Treatment
                 1 hr 15 mins         R 425.00      This delectable, comforting and nourishing           SPA BEAUTY
                                                    facial treatment, will leave your skin saturated
A revitalizing skin treatment for all skin types,   with Omega 3 & 6 Fatty acids extracted from          TREATMENTS
ideally suited for people having a skin             micro algae and bio mimetic moisturizer. The
treatment for the first time. This treatment is     mask forms a cocoon, which easily infuses the        The finishing touches for a healthy, well
designed to suit your skin's specific needs.        active ingredients of the products to the heart      groomed, brand new you.
                                                    of the skin.
                                                                                                          Spa Manicure                       60 min    R
                                                                                                          Spa Pedicure                       60 min    R
320.00                                               contact the spa directly for the availability of     • Ensure cellular/mobile phones are switched
Revarnish - Colour/ French 15 min     R 120.00       these facilities.                                    off
Tint lash and brow         30 min     R 130.00                                                            • Prices are subject to change without notice.
Tint lash / brow                      R 90.00
Spray Tan                  30 min     R 275.00       SPA ESSENTIALS                                        • Gratuities are not included in the treatment
                                                                                                              price. It is at your discretion to add a
SPA CUISINE                                          • Please be advised that certain treatments
                                                                                                              gratuity, which is recommended between
                           From R 90.00 per dish                                                              10% and 20%.
                                                       are subject to availability as facilities differ
                                                                                                          • Camelot Spa is not responsible for any
                                                       at each spa. (**)
A passion for food, combined with the                                                                         theft, damage, loss or misfortune that may
                                                     • Booking in advance is recommended.
attention devoted to well being, come together                                                                occur.
                                                     • Kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to your             • Please note that products bought at our spa’s
in our Spa Cuisine. Dishes are kept low in fat,        scheduled treatment(s) to change and
low in salt and using raw food wherever                                                                     are not refundable.
                                                       complete a consultation form with your
possible. Spa cuisine is well-balanced and             therapist and 30 minutes earlier to use the
designed, giving the body more energy and              sauna**/steam facilities followed by a             CANCELLATION POLICY
encouraging a change in lifestyle.                     relaxing shower.
                                                     • Please alert your therapist for the following      • 4 Hours advance notice is required for
Our spa cuisine is available on request and is
                                                       contra-indications:                                  cancellations and rescheduling, if this is not
designed to complement all therapies as well as
                                                     • High blood pressure or heart conditions              adhered to, 50% of the treatment fee will be
tastes. It is beautifully created to be delicious,
healthy and indulgent. Please request the Spa        • Recent surgery                                       charged.
Cuisine Menu on your arrival.                        • Muscle or joint injuries                           • Late arrival will result in a reduction of
                                                     • Allergy to iodine, or product allergies              treatment time whilst the full treatment fee
                                                     • Pregnancy, Epilepsy and Diabetes                     will apply
SPA FACILITIES                                       • In a spirit of mutual respect we kindly
                                                       request punctuality.
The spa facilities in each Camelot Spa vary;

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