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					                                           Los Angeles Southwest College
                                               Academic Senate
                                          Minutes of February 10, 2009
                                     Lecture Lab Bldg. Room 212; 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Members Present, Executive Committee: Alfred Reed, Jr., President; Todd Roberts, Vice President; Linda
Larson-Singer, DAS Representative, 1; Darren Cifarelli, Secretary; Joanna Mrava, Treasure; Ernest Young,
Faculty Senate Rep., Part-time.
Members Absent, Executive Committee: Dr. Reggie Morris, Past President and Chair of Chairs; Jim Hicks, DAS
Representative, 2; Hassan Elfarissi, Part-Time Faculty Representative,1; Igor Daza, Parliamentarian.
Members Present, Departmental and other Representatives: Alfred Reed Jr., Behavioral and Social Science;
Darren Cifarelli, English; Ernest Young, Part-time Representative; Pat Lewis, Arts and Humanities; Catherine
Azubike, Nursing; Nouha Toure, Business; LaVerne McField, Learning Assistance.
Members Absent, Departmental and other Representatives: Carolyn Magee, Business; Charles Ingram, The Arts;
Dr. Penny Jarecke, Full-time Representative; Guadalupe Ramos, Math & Engineering; Gabriel Arvig, Library;
Igor Daza, Counseling; LaShawn Brinson, Child Development; Hassan Elfarissi, Natural Sciences, Health and PE;
James Hicks, CAOT; Tamara Howard, Political Science;.
Other Faculty Present: Dr. L.E. Apenahier, Glenn Yoshida, Philip Jones-Thomas.
Members Present, Administration: Leige Doffoney, LASC VP.

1. Call to Order:
The meeting was called to order at 1:18pm by Alfred Reed, Jr., President of the senate.

2. Approval of Previous Minutes:
       - The minutes of December 9, 2008, and January 21, 2009, were approved.

3. Administration Report, College Vice Presidents, Deans:
       . Liege reported on enrollment: there has been a 31% increase in headcount; state
          universities and U.C. s are limiting enrollment, so there may be some discipline
          and skill level processes. Now is a good time to discuss classroom management.
          remember to call the campus police and/or VP Robledo to have a student who
          is being disruptive removed from the classroom. Don’t let problems persist. Check
          enrollment pages online; our overcrowding may also be the result of numerous
          cancelled classes, result of being 300k over budget. Thanks to the chairs and
          faculty for making that process successful. Last year, the state mandated mid-
          year cuts of a budget already promised to us, so this enrollment will help justify
          our future budget. The economic crisis affect our students: put books on reserve
          in the library to help them with expenses. There have been some enrollment
          issues (i.e. waitlisted students are not automatically enrolled into classes when a
          vacancy becomes available, thus enabling some students enrolling late to
          successfully enroll in a closed class which has a waiting list if a student who is
          enrolled drops). This is being looked into. Our retention is low. We’re advised to
          make expectation clear to students so that those unwilling to meet expectations
          will vacate spots in classes for those who are willing.
        . She also reminded us that the intensity of our reviews, plans, committee work,
          and so on will continue even after Accreditation, so we need to be prepared to
          spend more time doing these sorts of activities.
        . The SSC tenants will move the Student Activity Center (SAC) during the spring.
         Regarding the rest of the moves, Dr. Daniels is coordinating the Faculty
         Coordination Plan, which will be enacted in Summer / Fall.
4. Treasurer’s Report – Joanna Mrava:
   Los Angeles Southwest College, Academic Senate, Minutes of February 10, 2009      Page 2 of 4

       . No report was given.

5. Senate President’s Report – Alfred Reed, Jr.:
       . Al identified vacancies on the Student Grievance Committee and the Tech
         Committee and filled the vacancies. He reminded us that the College Counsel
         meets every 4th Monday of the month at 1:00 p.m. in the PCR; only 3-4 people
         have been showing up but representation is necessary and important. He said he
         would get back to us via email regarding the make-up of that committee. Lastly,
         he indicated that the mini-program reviews need to be done.

6. AFT Chapter Chair – Dr. Sandra Lee:
    . No report was given.

Committee Reports:
    Committees, Academic Senate Vice President – Dr. Todd Roberts:
    . No report was given.
    Academic Senate Instructional Technology –Carolyn Magee:
    - No report was given.
    Curriculum Committee – Linda Larson – Singer
    - Linda Larson-Singer informed us that a website to provide accessibility to
      course outlines around the district is online but incomplete. It’s at There’s no www. This will evolve into an essential
      resource for course outline development and updating. Also, you can apply
      for advanced course for upper division classes that certain requirements (for
      example, the course must require two college-level prerequisites); if the course
      qualifies, only 8 students are needed to the class open. Obtain the
      Curriculum Committee form and send it to Linda if interested. Lastly, Liberty
      Hill book grants are due.
    District Academic Senate – Alfred Reed, Jr.
   - Al reported that he attended a meeting at LATTC, where 113 & 114 have also
     replaced Math 115, and it is successful there. He also discussed the pay
     increases and decreases in California due to the state budget.

      Facilities Planning Committee – LaVerne McField
       -No report was given.
    Program Review – Dr. L.E. Apenahier
       -Dr. Leonard Apenahier let us know that the program review deadline
      originally scheduled for this week was extended a week.
    Student Learning Outcomes – Glenn Yoshida
    - Dr. Yoshida discussed the SLO Committee and Accreditation. Regarding SLOs,
      he said that by 2012 all California Community Colleges should be at
      proficiency level or above the “Rubric for Evaluating Institutional Effectiveness.”
      Because he needs a contact from each department for SLO assessment and
      documenting results, he will send out an email to solicit participation. Pat
      Lewis mentioned that her pre-test / post-test survey technique for assessing
      SLOs has been effective but not burdensome. Outcome assessment and
      improvement of student learning may be implemented if free; currently the
      committee is looking at assessment strategies and program enhancements that
      don’t cost money. Many SLO ideals are expensive, so be aware that money
      will be a barrier in this process, but be creative. Each program may assess
      SLOs by 2010 at the program level.
   Los Angeles Southwest College, Academic Senate, Minutes of February 10, 2009   Page 3 of 4

    - Regarding Accreditation, Dr. Yoshida said that he and Dan Walden are
      working on the reports; they are due March 15. There is the response to the
      probation letter, which primarily addresses Recommendations 1-4, and there is
      the Mid-Term Report, which primarily addresses Recommendations 5 -7. As these
      must go to the Board of Trustees by the end of February and need to pass
      through the College Counsel next week, he will email copies for feedback;
      please respond promptly regarding factual errors. Also, read the reports to be
      informed. The visit date is still TBA, but will be after March, most likely after
      Spring Break.

        Strategic Planning Committee – Ron Hayes
       - No report was given.

        Budget Committee – Dr. Todd Roberts/Pat Lewis
       - No report was given.

        Educational Planning Committee –
       - No report was given.

        College Council Committee – Alfred Reed, Jr.
       - No report was given.

        District Budget Rep. – Dr. Paul Doose
       - No report was given.

        Staff Development Committee – Pauline Itow
       - No report was given.

        Honor Program Rep. – Pat Lewis
        - No report was given.

        ASO Rep. – Reggie McCoy
        - No report was given.

       Travel Committee –
        -No report was given.

8. Old Business:
       - None

9. New Business:
        - None

10. Announcements
       -    None
11. Public Session
       - None

12. Adjournment
      . President Al Reed adjourned the meeting at 1:19 pm.
    Los Angeles Southwest College, Academic Senate, Minutes of February 10, 2009         Page 4 of 4

    Minutes prepared by Darren Cifarelli

    Note: The original electronic copy of this document was lost due to my flash drive being destroyed; these notes
were retyped from an original paper copy by Darren CIfarelli and student worker Maryrose Ogbozor on 4.20.09—
Darren Cifarelli, Secretary.

Next Meeting Date: 3.10.09

    Distributed on paper 3/10/09; posted, 2/10/2009; retyped 4/20/2009.