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									           Introduction to the
 Lightyear Alliance Fundraising System
                    Presentation for
                ABC XYX Organization

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Date: August, 28, 2008
Submitted by: Jon Doe
    What is Lightyear Alliance
      Fundraising System?

A simple, creative affinity program focused on
funds for organizations of all size and purpose.
   Objectives for LYA Fundraising System

1) Help your supporters, customers, employees and/or
    save money and receive services that enhance their lives

2) Help organizations raise money every month

3) Develop long-term, loyal customers for Lightyear Network
                  Features & Benefits

        Saves money & Provides better services for:
                   1) Your organization
                   2) Your staff/supporters/members

         One time effort provides your organization:
                   1) Short-term capital infusion
                   2) Long-term continuous monthly proceeds

Ability to help other organizations raise money and meet their
                    financial goals and mission
               Features & Benefits (cont.),

   Organizations can set budgets based on reliable monthly

        Create more visibility for your organization

Lightyear Alliance personalized website for your organization
       automates the program, tracks progress and minimizes

    Convert inactivate donors/supporters to an active status
How to implement the system

        3 Phases

   90 Day Action Plan
                   Phase One

                  First 30 Days

Acquire your first 100 customers within your base of
   supporters, members, employees or customers.
         Phase 1 is based on your organization having 100 supporters electing to
                use Lightyear Wireless™ for their wireless phone service.

                                                    Avg. Bill           % Commission   Monthly Commission
Proceeds from 100 Supporters                        $60.00          *         10%          $     600.00
          Annualized (12 months)                                                         x 12 months
12-month proceeds from Monthly Royalty Payments                                                $ 7,200

   Projected Annual Proceeds                                                                   $ 7,200

* Projections based on total customer volume of $6,000 per month in billing
                      Phase Two

                    Second 30 Days

       “Me + Three” Calling Circle Success System

   Invite those same “supporters” to create their own “Me +
        Three” Calling Circle. Invite family, friends and
contemporaries to save money on a monthly bill they’re already
         paying and on services they are already using.
 “Me + Three” Calling Circle
Can include a combination of these groups….

       3 - Family members

             3 - Friends

           3 - Businesses
                                      “Me + Three” Calling Circle
      Phase 2 is based on your organization having 300 supporters electing to use
                     Lightyear Wireless™ for their wireless service.

                                                   Avg. Bill  % Commission
                                                  Customer Bonus Royalty                Monthly Commission
                                                                                     Monthly Royalty Payment
Proceeds from 300 Supporters                        $60.00          *          10%             $     1,800.00
                                                 Per Supporter                 $     Per Supporter         $
      Annualized (12 months)                                                                 x 12 months
Proceeds from 100 Supporters                            $10.00 $ 3,000.00            *    $2.44 $     732.00
+ the 12 month royalty income from the original 100 supporters                                 $ 7,200
          Annualized (12 months)                                                                x 12 months
   Projected Annual Proceeds
12-month proceeds from Bonus and Monthly Royalty Payments            $ 3,000.00           +        $ 28,800
                                                                                                      $ 8,784.00

   Projected Annual Proceeds                                                              =           $ 11,784.00

* Projections based on total customer volume of $18,000 per month in billing
                        Phase Three

                       Third 30 Days
  “Pay It Forward” by sharing your success story with three
  other organizations. Helping others support their cause by
      informing them of Lightyear’s system can be very

Referrals are very instrumental in the success of the Lightyear
    program and significant royalties are available to those
      participants who develop success in phase 1 and 2.
                 “Pay It Forward” by referring other organizations
                                Invite 3 other organizations to embrace the
                                        Lightyear 90 Day Action Plan

                                                                                Monthly Referral Proceeds from Linking

                                                                                $ proceeds per
                                                                                their supporter              Total
Each Referred Organization                       Calling Circle of 400 people   *    $2.40           $       960.00
   x Three (3) Referred Organizations                                                               x                3
Total Monthly Referral Proceeds                                                        +             $   2,880.00

     x Twelve (12) Monthly Payments                                                    =                 X           12

Projected Annual Proceeds from Referrals                                                            $ 34,560.00

* Projections based on 4% override on referred organizations
            Projections for Proceeds from Phase 1, 2 & 3

Phase 1 will generate approximately                        $

Phase 2 will generate approximately                        $

Phase 3 will generate approximately                        $

 Projections for Proceeds from Phase 1, 2 & 3
                                                $   63,360.00.
                Win! Win ! Win!

Your supporters, members, employees and customers
                     benefit !

    Your organization receives new resources !

    Lightyear has long-term, loyal customers !
Ask Yourself

 Is it simple?

Does it work?

Can we do it?

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