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									Information & Library
        A guide to using the
      Construction Information
           Service from
       IHS/Technical Indexes

        Alice Fulcher
        August 2006
Go to university home page – – and click on „student
Use your university network username
and password to login, in or outside the
Go to the Library & Computing tab on
the portal


                                       Click on
                                       & Journals
                                       or (via
                                       Athens DA)
Click on either of these
to get to the Athens DA
Use your same university username and
password to login to Athens DA
Go to the MyAthens page to access the
Click on Resources to see list of databases
Click on database name from the
alphabetical list
Technical Indexes Home page – for all databases
Can do a quick search across all databases
available, by typing term in box and press search
Results from Quick search – click result
to see list of documents
Select Construction Information Service by
clicking on “view product”
Top menu          Links to popular
stays the same    documents



Browse subjects    Each area selected here will open
                   in new window e.g.Access EMAP
Can access tutorials, database help, lists of
reference documents in Precis
Pull-down menu shows article list
List of documents (with links) to documents
cited in Building Regs. from Reference
Roundup briefings give up-to-date information
about the construction industry, updated monthly
Selecting AJ+ from menus gives access to news,
archives and lots of information – check the pull-
down menus
If you go to sections such as Precis, which open in a
new window, this message appears, so you do not
get logged out
  If you select a subject on the Home page to
  browse, get suggestions for narrowing search

Select Publishers from
top menu to get A-Z
Click on publisher to
get list of publications
included – then click to
see document
Clicking on Help will give a menu of Help tips
and hints
Some simple searches will come up with lots of
records. Related phrases suggest ways of narrowing

Specify It gives references to product literature
Specify it results show trade names, suppliers and
types of products
            List of suppliers
            come up with
            symbol showing
            we cannot
            documents – but
            click on name…

…to get
details &
Advanced search allows searching by document
number & publisher or series – good for BRE and
British Standards. Restricts or pinpoints results.
Click on title to get to document
Get further details about document, & often
thumbnail picture of title page. By clicking on View
document, agree to copyright conditions and see full
If printing from a pdf file, only print 6 pages or so at a
time – the computer sends all data to the printer
before printing, so if there is too much, the printer
will refuse to print !
In Advanced search, unless search term is
uncommon, best to restrict to title & abstract –
whole document will produce lots of hits

                                  Can select search
                                  Can restricthow to
                                  display results,
                                  by date & section,
                                  and restrict
                                  & choose result
                                  display by years
                                  and section
Create your own preferences and folders of links by
registering with My CIS

Register for a new account, or log in to use existing
When you register, details are kept on file. In the
future, they are going to email people if any
document in their folders gets updated
You can set up preferences, so when you are logged
in, you can display results how you want, search
which sections you need, and see which news feed
you like
Go into My favourites to go into and create folders
When looking at document list, can click here to add
to your favourites
Select which folder to add document to, then click on
Add to target folder
When searching , a “breadcrumb trail” shows, so you
can click to go back in your search

Document appears in folder. Another time, you can
login to My CIS and call up document
When you logout, you can either go to another IHS
database, or click to logout completely

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