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                                                                                                                             Volume 8 : Issue 2

                                                                                                                                 Dec 10th,
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 A Special Letter From Our Friends Down Under ...
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Christmas on a hot sunny day in Agnes Water, QLD, Australia.
A saddening chill was felt, Norm and Rosemary can’t be at           Special Thanks to Hartman Business Machines!
Apex for Christmas, staying in the Double Diamond with all our      You have consistently gone over, above and beyond for
friends this year!                                                  Okanagan Matters Publications. Your are always there to
The reality has hit hard, as we can still see everyone ... Gord,    help and ensure that everything runs smoothly. You not only
Kerry & Barkley, James, Louise, Caley (in Whistler), Herman,        sell a solid product, but your service department supports
Wayne, Ray, Terri, Judy, Bill, Nancy, Steve, Carol, Sheri, Andy,    and stands behind you 100%. Thank you for all that you do!
Keiran, Sine, Phil, Splenda, Santana, Chad, Shawnda, Nicki, Joel,
Myleen, Sue, Mark, Fred ... and so many more. We are not there!
Our second home, we call Apex, will truly be in our thoughts                                                           Troy Giles
and we wish you all the best of the festive season. Maybe                                                        Account Manager
March is do-able for us, but one thing is for sure, we’ll be back
                                                                                                             p. 250.762.7722 | f. 250.762.2232
for seasons to come.
                                                                                                                   toll free 877.311.7722
Luv and G’day from Down Under! Merry Christmas Everyone,                                                e. tgiles@hartmanbusinesskelowna.com
Norm       and Rosemary
                                                                    www.HartmanBusinessKelowna.com           523 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna

                                                                    This Weeks Forecast -                       as of Wednesday, December 9th
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                                                                     Day      T 10      F 11       S 12       S 13      M 14      T 15     W 16


Your Apex Family will miss you this season too. Thanks for all      Snow      0%        20%        70%       70%         40%      40%      90%
your hard work, fun times, and great friendship. See you soon!

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Page 2                                                          December 10, 2009                                               Apex Matters

The Inside Track ...                                                          For the real scoop on Apex Real Estate, call Barb;
                                        ... on Snowmaking                       10 year Apex Resident and Business Owner

                                            by Myleen Mallach
                                                                                Apex Featured Listing:
                                        Snowmaking is the production
                                        of artificial snow in the form of
                                                                             292 Clearview Crescent
                                        granular ice particles for use
                                        on ski slopes. Snowmaking                  $495,000
                                        is a relatively new technology
An Apex snow gun helping Mother Nature.
                                        and is constantly changing to       Open concept living area with stone replace plank oors and long
keep pace with the growing ski industry and our ever-changing
and consistently warming climate.
                                                                            country-style eating bar. Bright and sunny living room with vaulted
Unfortunately, snowmaking is an inherently inefficient process
                                                                            ceiling, 2 bedrooms on the main oor, one with a triple bunk! Lofted
and very expensive. Snowmaking plants require very large                    master bedroom with 3-piece ensuite and comfy sitting area.
and expensive water pumps and air compressors that use                      Ground- oor 1-bedroom suite ideal for winter rental (currently
massive amounts of electricity or diesel fuel. For these reasons,           rented). Toy garage opens at both ends. Located in a quiet cul de sac,
manufacturers of snowmaking equipment are developing more
efficient ways to make snow. By doing this, ski areas use less
                                                                            steps away from the skating loop. This is the perfect get away!
energy and get more production for the same or sometimes                    MLS® 106550
less money.
Snowmaking has become more technical over the years as
well. Turning to computers to automatically control equipment,                                                                  Barb Davis
based on the weather can decrease wasted energy and
                                                                                                                      RE/MAX Front Street Realty
improve production. Snowmaking efficiency is becoming                                                               #2 Front Street, Penticton, BC
exceedingly important to the success of the ski industry year
after year. This is due mainly to the changes in the climate and                                                  toll free: 1.866.447.3629
the growing popularity of skiing and snowboarding. Many ski                                                           email: barb@barbdavis.ca
areas depend on snowmaking to produce the quantity of the                      The is the perfect get away!          website: www.barbdavis.ca
snow they require to make it through a season.
Snowmaking efforts first began back in the early sixties and
for Apex they first started in 1990. By 1994, Apex Mountain
Resort hooked up to the water resource of Nickel Plate Lake.
Apex Mountain Resort has invested time and money over the
years into their Snowmaking Program. These efforts have
consistently allowed the resort to open earlier to the public,
along with being able to host early season training for many
alpine & freestyle teams. The resort’s terrain parks are also
open earlier, due to snowmaking.
Currently, Apex has 11 snow guns, with each gun having the
ability to make a pile of snow 125 feet long by 8 feet tall by 15
feet deep, under ideal conditions in a 12 hour period. Apex
is the only resort in the valley capable of making snow top
to bottom. Snowmaking now covers a dozen runs and 2000
vertical feet. They actually store water and not consume it,
meaning snow melts in the spring and enters the water grid. As
temperatures allow, they usually start in mid to late October and
try to be finished by mid January. It is possible to start the snow
guns at -2 degrees Celsius, but rather more effective to start
at -5 degrees Celsius, with a humidity of 95% or lower. During
optimal conditions, Apex snowmaking will run 24 hours a day.
These snowmaking efforts have really paid off, as the resort now                    ‘NO WORRIES ST NICK! THERE’S
attracts International training teams year after year. Because                        FREE PARKING ON MAIN ST!’
of their consistent dedication to snowmaking and thus catering                    PENTAGON IS READY FOR YOUR WISH LISTS.
to these athletes’ needs, the resort has also been able to host                    STOP BY THE SHOP & OUR AWESOME ELVES
many higher level competitions, such as NorAm Downhill and                               WILL BE GLAD TO ASSIST YOU!
Super G Races and World Cup Freestyle Competitions. Apex                                               101-399 MAIN ST
Mountain Resort has also been named the “Official Training Site                                          PENTICTON
for the Canadian National and Development Aerial Teams”.                                            OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
Apex Matters                                                                            December 10, 2009                                                           Page 3

                                                                                                                                From the Chairlift ...
              The Outer Edge                                                                                                     I have to admit, that first ride up the
                                                       with the Apex Ski Patrol                                                  chair this season was one to remember.
                                                                                                                                 Not sure why it had such an impact.
               Watch for Signs & Closures:                                                                                       Could it be the months of waiting, the
As we all dash out the starting gate of a new exciting season                                                                    built up anticipation, the circuits on the
ahead, searching to experience those days to remember,                                                                           treadmill, squats and stretches? Or,
sacrificing to Ullr as we always do ... please remember the                                                                      the excitement of my family all together
Alpine Responsibility Code. Can you fill in the blanks below?                                                                    on the chair once again. All I know is
                                                                                                                                 that I was ready and eager to hit the
                                                                                                                                 slopes, only to last about 7 runs, but
                                                                                                 Myleen Mallach, Owner/Publisher then again it is never wise to over do it
                                                                                                 Okanagan Matters Publications on the first day back to any sport.

                                                                                                 On Saturday night, I headed over to a small mountain gathering,
                                                                                                 OK large party of well over 100+, to find so many old friends,
                                                                                                 great food, and way too much fun! Thanks so much to Rick
                                                                                                 & Julia for throwing such a great 3rd Annual Apex Hillbilly’s
                                                                                                 Season Opener Party. An awesome time was had by all!
                                                                                                 Talking about old familiar faces ... the new restaurant on the
                                                                                                 mountain, The Tempest Room, named after a violent storm,
                                                                                                 has 5 very familiar faces waiting for you to come in out of the
                                                                                                 cold. The front-end staff of Lyndie, Tanis, Nikki, Danielle, and
                                                                                                 Luke, who have served us for years, are excited to welcome
                                                                                                 you to this new restaurant opening this weekend. We hope to
                                                                                                 see you there, and definitely on the slopes soon!
                                                                                                                                                   Myleen Mallach

                                                                                                   Weekly Useless, but factual, Tid Bits
                                                                                                     on Apex Alpine. This week ...
           Puzzle courtesy of the National Ski Areas Association & North Pole Design.              Our Shop - Can you guess the year?
In the early season, everyone must ride with caution and look                                                                                  Bob Van Os
for unmarked hazards. The Apex Ski Patrol work daily to ensure
that each run meets specific safety standards. That means,                                                                                250-492-8315
runs are closed for a reason. They may look really tempting,                                                                              1055 Westminster Ave W
but there could be jagged rocks underlying what appears to be
a sweet blanket of untouched powder. Keep your eyes open
for flagged rope across the entrance to any area. Respect the
closed runs, they are not patrolled. If you are injured, we will
not know you’re there.
        Be Aware! Ride with Care!

                                                                                                    ~ brought to you by the Staff of the Apex Ski Shop ~

                                                                                                                   Come to the Powder Hound Café for
                                                                                                                             2 for 1 Co ee Drinks
                                                                                                                                 December 10 - 17!
                                                                                                                   Hot Drinks ... Yummy Treats!
                                                                                                                   Must clip this ad to be valid.
Keep your eyes open for signs & flagged rope across the entrance to
any area. Runs & parts of the mountain are closed for a good reason.
Page 4                                                  December 10, 2009                                         Apex Matters

                                                                    Okanagan Realty
                                                                                                         Best of Luck
                           Apex Freestyle Club
                                                                                                     to All the Athletes!
                          is back on the slopes!
The AFC coaches, Apex Mountain’s amazing cat drivers and
                                                                        Celebrating our 10th Anniversary Season!
management, the AFC team and visiting athletes have spent a         It has been a pleasure hosting many of you over our 10 years of
great deal of time building courses and jumps this past weekend.    operation. Stop on by anytime, as the co ee is always on. We
End result, we now have Kristi’s up and running at World Cup        also have the best view of the Olympic Teams training on the
Specs. The Air Site has been open since November 11th!              aerial site. Watch for great Anniversary Specials coming soon!
Currently, Kristi’s run is the only world cup spec course up and    www.saddlebacklodge.com                    1-800-863-1466
running in North America!
Congrats - AFC & Apex!
We have athletes training here from Vermont, Australia, BC,
Alberta and Ontario right along side our local kids!
Congratulations to AFC members who have moved up to the
Provincial Park and Half Pipe Team: Hunter & Tucker Visser,
Joey Spencer, Tianna Franks & Jessie Spence.
Congratulations to another AFC member - Andi Naude who                            Apex Fire Brigade Update
is now a member of the BC Mogul Team.
                                                                                 with Gary Vollet, AFBS President
A warm welcome to our new AFC Free Ride coach all the way
from Argentina - Mike Murphy!                               The Apex Fire Brigade Society is already busy planning for our
                                                            3rd Annual Dinner Fundraiser! Our tentative date is scheduled
AFC Comp Team for 2009/2010:                                for March 13, 2010. Please stay tuned for further details, as
• Brodie McGrady                                            this is a FUN event and a great way to support the Fire Brigade
• Logan Mend                                                at APEX!
• Patrick McCann                                            We are also pleased to say we had a very productive summer.
• Mason Barzilay                                            The community of Apex Mountain Resort now has an emergency
                                                            siren to notify us of structure or forest fire and can be used as
• Jake Little
                                                            an evacuation alert in the case of a major forest fire!
• Cameron Little
                                                            The SIREN will be tested the first Wednesday of every
• Emily Little
                                                            month at approximately 7 pm. This will be done as part of
• Noah Spence                                               “911 Emergency Response” through Penticton Dispatch. Be
• Connor Spence                                             ready, as the SIREN is loud! The next SIREN TEST will be
• Dane Franks                                               on Wednesday, January 6th.
• Matt Finlayson                                            Any locals wishing to assist with a fire situation should
• Cam Johnston                                              meet AFBS members at the Brown Bag Lunch Room below
• Jake McCleod                                              the Gunbarrel. From there, an AFBS member will receive
• Jordan Kober                                              instruction via our new radio pager system, as to where and
                                                            how people can be utilized.
• Josh Visser
• Josh Kober                                                This summer the AFBS purchased from Telus a state of the art
                                                            pager / radio system for our members. Though the system is
• Riley Culver
                                                            expensive, it is the best value for the service provided. AFBS
• Blair Anderson              Andi Naude and Mason Barzilay was able to purchase this equipment thanks to the people of
• Kyle Parker                                               the community of Apex through support from our fundraisers.
AFC Development Team for 2009/2010:                                AFBS would like to thank Director Bill Schwarz and RDOS,
                                                                   Surrey Fire Rescue and generous donations from Bett’s
•   Nathan Milligan                                                Electric, Apex Mountain Resort, Grizzly Excavation and Apex
•   Cam Kapusty                                                    snow removal, as well the members of AFBS for their time and
•   Devon Watts                                                    dedication.
•   Koleton Phipps                                                 For additional information, please contact Gary Vollet, AFBS
•   Coleton Morelli                                                President, at 250-488-1004.
•   Michael Cirillo
                                                                            View any newsletter anytime at
For information please visit www.apexfreestyle.com or call
Coach Jeff - t 250.938.0124.
Apex Matters                                             December 10, 2009                                                           Page 5

   Come Climb the Ice Tower
          with Jim Ongena of Corporate Heights


                                                                                Drop Line ‘03              Climbing the Apex Tower

                                                                         For even more thrill & challenge to your
                                                                         Apex adventure, come and try to climb the
                                                                         Famous Ice Tower. There's a route for all
                                                                         abilities (children too), just $20 per person
                                                                         with all gear provided.

                                                                         We also o er courses in all areas for climbing
                                                                         rock, ice, or mountains, along with courses
                                                                         on wilderness rst-aid and avalanche safety.
                                                                         For further informaton, contact Jim at either
       Ice Climbing Tower at Apex Mountain Resort                        250.486.7166 or Jim@CorporateHeights.ca.

 Apex Ski Club Update                                                  This Week’s Lifeskill
  with Head Coach Ted Dunnigan                                                                  by Jim Ongena

Last week a large group of the racers                                            “So many have the ability …
and parents went to Lake Louise to                                                So few have the courage”
watch the World Cup and get some
                                                                    FEAR is the most devastating human emotion, it causes us
large vertical in. We got to see
                                                                    to do things we shouldn’t do and NOT do things we could and
some of the best skiers in the world
                                                                    should do. Most of us are able to visit the top of a mountain,
and cheer on our future Olympians. This is stuff that Olympic
                                                                    sing to a crowd, write a book, or experience the joy of flight in
Dreams are made of and was a great kick-off to the season.
                                                                    a paraglider ... but most don’t. What holds us back isn’t talent,
We are holding Christmas Camps over the Holiday Season.             but self doubt and fear. FEAR has gained such a strong place
These camps are geared for kids of all levels, not just racers,     in our lives that many people pass from the cradle to the grave
and are open for registration for ages 5 - 11 years. Registration   without ever knowing their true capabilities and live what is
is $100. For more information or to register your child, please     termed a half-life. If you feel there is more you could be doing
call Dean Erickson 492-2109.                                        with your life but are afraid to, then consider learning more
Finally, our Season Opening Social and Fundraiser takes place       about fear and how to better manage it ... many doors will open.
next weekend on December 19th. We have fantastic items Jim Ongena is a life coach living in Summerland. You can
for the silent auction, and really something for everyone. For contact him at 250.486.7166 or jim@corporateheights.ca.
tickets, please contact the club.

            APEX SKI CLUB - WE AIM 2 WIN
           Building Skills & Self Esteem to Last a Lifetime
                 www.apexskiclub.com or 250-490-6622
               goneskiingted@gmail.com or 250.809.7120

    Distributed to 75 locations weekly
Page 6                                                                December 10, 2009                                                  Apex Matters

 “On the Road to 2010 with Kristi Richards”
                                                                                   Smile of the Week
             Double Down at Europa Cups ...
                                               It’s great to start
                                               off my competition
                                               season with 2 podium
                                               finishes last weekend
                                               at the double Europa
                                               Cup event in Suomu,
                                               Finland. The Europa
                                               Cups were held at the
                                               same venue that next
                                               week’s World Cup will
                                               be hosted, so they
                                               served as perfect
    Kristi and fellow team members in Finland. practice starts to get
the first competition jitters out of the way. It was a stacked
Europa Cup event, with many of the World Cup skiers deciding
to get in the gate early as well.
My level of skiing was challenged, and I am happy with the                                                  Larry Imrich
goals within my run that I achieved. I am working on skiing fast,                 Time at Apex: 6th year of employment as an Apex Lift
but also sustaining that speed into and out of airs. I have also                  Operator. His 1st season was back in ‘91-92, but now entering
been working on being able to hit my perfect take-off position                    his 5th season in a row and loving every minute of it!
consistently on my jumps. It is a challenge when I am coming
into the airs with speed and sometimes off balance, but my                        Home: Dawson Creek, BC or Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway
ability to force myself into the correct position to attain a good                Favourite Run: The Ridge Run, because it is wind-loaded
take-off has been monumental. It is the first time in my career                   and always has great snow.
that I really feel like everything is coming together.               Favourite Après: Stienlager in the Heavens!
I did a total of 4 competition runs over the weekend (qualifying Wondering How to Have Fun?: “Find me on the mountain
and finals runs), and all of them were some of my best skiing, at the T-House.”
with minimal mistakes and solid airs. I feel really confident
going into next week’s World Cup. It was so good to get in the           Remember to Say Cheese! You could be the next
gate and learn from all of my competition runs. It is always                     “Smile of the Week” featured here!
hard to simulate the pressures of a competition when we are                                         or
just training during the off-season, so this was a perfect way to If you would like to share a smile that made your day special,
train with pressure without major consequences of important                        email to apexmatters@telus.net.
                                                                          ~ Brought to You by Enamel Dental Centre ~
At this time of the year, Finland only gets 6 hours of visible light
and 2 hours of actual daylight. Between that and the time zone                 Creating a Beautiful
                                                                                                                    New Patients Welcome
change (10 hours) from BC, it is hard to know when to sleep                         New You!
and eat. It is a task on its own to try to get my body adjusted,
so that I can be in top shape for the demands of my sport.               Exceptional
We are situated in                                                                          Cosmetic & General
the Arctic circle,                                                                                       Dentistry
close to Santa’s
workshop.          We                                                                                      Dr. Sylvain Marino         Dr. James Jung
passed        Santa’s
village on our way
                                                                                             185 Front Street   250.493.6724       www.pentictondentist.com

to the ski resort, and
                                                                                      Solid Experience Based Business Accounting
I have even seen
reindeer      walking                                                                        and Tax Advice You Can Trust.
through the forest
past our little cabin.
Very Finland.          Kristi having fun in Finland, close to Santa’s workshop.
I am looking forward to another great week in the dark north.
                                                                                                                           Glen Herman, CMA
                               World Champion and Olympian,
                                                                                       250.492.2388                    Currently accepting new corporate clients.

                                            Kristi Richards                           www.gherman.com                      glen@gherman.com
Apex Matters                                                         December 10, 2009                                                                 Page 7

                   Apex Event Update                                                                                       SKI &
Early Season Training Continues - Teams from all around
the globe can’t get enough of the world class venues Apex has                                                                STAY
to offer. The Aerial Site, Mogul Course, and Okanagan Run
are buzzing with athletes all hoping to reach the podium this
coming season. We wish them all the best!!!
                                                                                               Dec 5th to Dec 17th for
Dec 11-13th - Do you want to be a Ski / Snowboard                                              Only 79.99 Per Person
Instructor? Take the first step. Check out www.snowpro.com
or contact the Snow School for further information.                                         Based on Double Occupancy
Dec 18th - Start of the Holiday Season!!! Come enjoy                                     Some conditions apply
the slopes and all the family friendly events at Apex Mountain.                     Apex Mountain Inn - 1-800-387-2739
For schedule details, check our website at www.apexresort.com.
Dec 18th - Night Skiing Starts and runs every Friday and
Sat from 4pm - 9pm through Christmas Holidays. Excluding                                  Please mention, “I saw it in Apex Matters”,
the 24th, 25th and 31st.                                                                     when you make your reservation.
Dec 19th - The Fairview Mohawk Outdoor NHL Size
Hockey Rink and Adventure Skating Loop will Open
to the Public! Dust off the skates and enjoy this amazing                                                                   Relax after a hard
open air experience. *weather and condition dependent*                                                                       day on the hill.
Dec 19th - Tim Hortons Tube Park will be Open for
the season! Come out for some tubing fun with the family.                                                                     4-6 Person Hot Tub
*weather and condition dependent*
                                                                                                                                 Acrylic Shell
Dec 19th - Tim Hortons Snow Bus Starts - Runs
every weekend and Holidays through to March 28th, excluding                                                                      $3,699.00
Christmas Day.                                                                                             All 2008 Models Drastically
    To see more of this season’s fun filled event                                                                Reduced to Clear!
                                                                                   For your convenience, The Trading Post now
                                                                                                                       We must make room for 2009 models!
    schedule, check out www.apexresort.com or                                       carries Calypso Chemicals for your hot tub.
     contact Jonathan Finlay at 1.877.777.2739.
                                                                                                                                Phone: 250.493.3850
                                                                                                                                    Toll Free: 1.866.493.7665
      Tunes to Turn to ...                                                                                                  sales@classicleisurelifestyles.com
                                                                               64 West Industrial Avenue, Penticton       www.classicleisurelifestyles.com
  This week’s pick by Jay:

  Artist: The Dead 60’s
  Album: The Dead 60’s
                                                                                                                       Presenting Our 1st
  Track: #1 - Riot on the Radio
                                                                                                                      Social of This Season!
  Why: On days that my back
  and legs are up to it ... Moguls
  are a lot of fun! I like this tune                                                             The Tempest Room
  for the bumps, such as a “Bowl                                                          Saturday, December 19th from 6 pm
  of Special K” comes to mind
  (K-City Rollers, K, K2) Find                                                        6 special appetizers & 2 glasses of ne wine
  your line and crank it! Both, if
  you know what I mean. And,
  don’t forget to “Ya, Ow, Ow,                                                                  Limited $20 tickets available
  Oooow!” ... as the song says.        Jay catching air in the bumps in ‘93.
                                                                                 APOA Members Reserve by December 14th
  If you have a “tune to turn to” and would like to share with
                                                                                         Call The Tempest Room at 250-292-8599
  the rest of us, email your story to apexmatters@telus.net.
                                                                                            located in the Apex Mountain Inn & Spa.
Page 8                                                           December 10, 2009                                            Apex Matters

   Great Cabin Recipes                                                           Fairview Mohawk
                  Ultimate 7 Layer Dip                                             and Car Wash
          Prep: 10 min Ready in: 3 hrs Serves: 48
                                                                              Home to Mother Nature’s Fuel
INGREDIENTS: 1 can (14 fl oz / 398 mL) refried beans / 1 Tbsp. taco
seasoning mix / 1 cup each: sour cream, salsa, shredded lettuce and Tex              250-492-3191
Mex shredded cheese / 4 green onions, sliced / 2 Tbsp. sliced pitted ripe
olives / Wheat Thins Crackers
MIX beans and seasoning mix. Spread onto bottom of 9-inch                                Show Your Lift Pass & Receive
pie plate.
                                                                                           $2 O a Laser Car Wash!
LAYER remaining ingredients, except crackers, over bean
mixture; cover. Refrigerate several hours.
SERVE with crackers.                                                                                            Propane Heaters
             Gluten-Free Products In Stock!                                                                  Hoses Tanks Fittings
Choose from curly pasta, spaghetti, flour, cereals, cornmeal &                                               New Dog House Heaters!
   rice cakes. We have your gluten-free needs covered!
                                                                                        1436 Fairview Road in Penticton
      “Great Cabin Recipes” brought to you by:
                                                                                 Why use Ethanol-Blended Fuel?
                              The Trading Post
                                   Rural Agency Liquor Store
                                                                            Ethanol-blended Mother Nature’s fuel contains up to 10%
                                                                            ethanol mixed with gasoline, which keeps your engine clean
                                                                            with natural detergent properties for your fuel system. It cuts
                                       & General Store                      vehicle emissions by up to 25% and also contains a natural gas
                                                                            line antifreeze for easy winter starts.
                                                                            Ethanol-blended fuel has been approved for use in vehicles
                              Open Daily from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
                                                                            sold in North America since 1988. Husky/Mohawk buys millions
We’ve got what you need in store to make any recipe + more!”                of bushels of wheat from Canadian prairie farmers, which helps
                                                                            boost our Western Canadian economy.
                                                               Did you know that Ethanol is renewable? This means you are
Historical Moments Around Apex Alpine                          actually helping conserve Canada’s non-renewable petroleum
Back in 1945, four lovely ladies enjoy a day of skiing at Twin resources each time you fill up with Mother Nature’s Fuel.
Lakes Elk Horn Ski Bowl. In photo below from the left, Dorothy Ethanol-blended fuel can also favourably impact four main air
Acres, Ramsay and Marion McDonald, and Charlotte Corbitt. quality areas; such as, carbon monoxide, toxics, ozone and
                                                               global warming.
                                                                            Did you know if 35% of all fuel in Canada contained 10% ethanol,
                                                                            we’d reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.8 megatonnes
                                                                            per year? That’s like taking more than 400,000 vehicles off
                                                                            the road. Wow!!! Go fuel up at Fairview Mohawk and do your
                                                                            share to help Mother Nature and your fellow Canadian.
                                                                            Ethanol-blended Mother Nature’s Fuel is only available at
                                                                            Husky and Mohawk gas stations.

                                                                                 250-493-6655                      Fountain Tire o ers full
                                                                                   359 Dawson Avenue                 mechanical services.
 ~ Courtesy of Saddleback Lodge & the Davis Family ~
                                                                                  Penticton, BC V2A 3N5         We have licensed automotive
                                                                                     F155@fountaintire.com     technicians on sta , along with
                                                                                                                 an Out of Province approved
 Apex Matters Classified Section                                                                                      inspection facility.
FOR SALE: 2005 Beachcomber Hot Tub. 6 seater.
Excellent Condition. Asking $3,500 O.B.O. Call 250-292-8399.                         View any newsletter anytime at
If you have a mountain related item to sell, why not place your                          www.ApexMatters.com
classified item here? Email to apexmatters@telus.net today!
Apex Matters                                                                  December 10, 2009                                                     Page 9

                                                                                       Dear Donny,
                                                                                       I am so stoked that Apex is open! I can’t wait to start
    Hit the slopes with ...                                                            snowboarding, but I’m having troubles finding boots that fit me.
                                                                                       I’m somewhat of a bigger girl, and not ashamed of it at all. I’m
                                                                                       happy about my size and weight, and my boyfriend loves the
                                                                                       extra cushion for the pushin’! All of the women’s boots I have
                                                                                       tried have been too narrow or too small overall for my feet. Is
                                                                                       there a solution to my problem? Do you think I need to lose
                                                                                       weight to ride the proper gear?            Large and in Charge

     What are you waiting for? The powder is calling. Whether it’s just
     your gear or the whole gang’s, our snowsport carriers have it covered.
     Enjoy the possibilities. Your adventure awaits. www.Thule.com.

     Free Installation on All Thule Products
                                                                                       Dear Large, I love a girl who is proud of who she is. If you are
                                                                                       happy with the way you look, then why try and change it? Now
                                                                                       on the other hand, if you have health problems because you
                                                                                       are overweight, then you definitely need to get on an exercise
                                                                                       regime to balance things out. With women’s boots, they are
                                                                                       generally built to fit the “average” foot of a girl. With so many
                                                                                       different shapes and sizes in this world, it is impossible to please
                                                                                       everyone. You may want to try some of the men’s boots, as
                                                                                       they generally fit wider than the women’s. Also, look for a boot
                                                                                       with a heat moldable liner, like the majority of the Burton boots,
                                                                                       that can take the custom shape of your foot.
   Jason Wagner         250.490.8815    dochook@shaw.ca
                                                                                                                                        Donny Ellis
           #102 - 2595 Skaha Lake Road in Penticton
                                                                                       Donny Ellis, Manager of Freeride Boardshop at 158 Main Street
                                                                                           To write to Donny, email to donny@freerideboardshop.com.
Page 10                                                         December 10, 2009                                            Apex Matters

      Importance of an Active Warm-Up
                     by Shandia Cordingley,
              BScPT, CAFCI, CGIMS, COMT(Aus)
          Registered Physiotherapist at the Sports Clinic

I’m stoked the mountain is open with great early season
conditions! ‘K’ is in amazing shape (I like those slightly smaller
bumps) and my legs actually held up top to bottom on the first
day!! Like you, I persevered with my pre-season conditioning
this fall and I can feel the benefits! So, how do we continue
to make the most of those hours spent in the gym preparing
for the season? An active warm up prior to heading onto the
hill can help to increase performance and potentially prevent                                     250.493.7343
injury. Just because you’re layered up, drinking your latte and
looking fine in that funky new ski jacket, doesn’t mean you’re
‘warmed up’! Below are a few thoughts on priming your body
for the day ahead.
In the world of research, there is no conclusive evidence to
support the use of static stretching (passively holding one
position for a period of time) prior to exercise to reduce incidence
of injury. However, it is known that active components of a                The South Okanagan Snowmobile Club meets
warm-up routine increase core body temperature, increase                   every 3rd Wednesday of the month. The next meeting is
blood flow to muscles and improve the speed of neural activity,            December 16th at 6:30 pm in the Kinsmen Club Building,
thus enhancing performance. Incorporating dynamic activities               located at 216 Hastings Avenue in Penticton. This season
into your warm-up allows you to rehearse sport-specific                    the club had organized a Snowmobile Trip to Nickleon Lake
movement patterns improving coordination and reaction time.                Resort during January 8-10, 2010. For more information on
                                                                           this trip or to join the club, call Travis Wise at 250.488.1946
Whether you are rolling out of the condo or getting ready in the           or email tjwise@shaw.ca. Come join in the fun this winter!
parking lot, there are a variety of activities that will get you warm:
• walking up and down the Gunbarrel stairs, doing jumping
    jacks or trying repetitive step-ups on the stairs outside the
    Mountain Shop
• dynamic movements that take your extremities gently to the
    end of available range of motion, i.e. slow, controlled swings
    of your arms; swinging one leg at a time back and forth                Located at
• small hops forward/back and side to side, 2 legs at a time,              Skaha Lake Marina
    one leg at a time; control landings, pause to balance
• squats and lunges
• balance on one leg, challenge yourself - move your arms
    around or juggle snowballs
                                                                                                               700 Grizzly
Your warm-up only needs to take 10 minutes and should be
done within 15 minutes of catching first chair. Skiers, maybe do
                                                                            FX Nitro MTX
your warm up prior to donning your ski boots! You’ve worked
hard to prepare your body for the season, so take the time to
make sure you’re primed to tackle those bumps on K, they’re
only going to get bigger as the season goes on! SHRED ON!
(Special thanks to Phil Burman, PT, for providing me with his literature
review related to this topic.)                                                                                                 1100 VSTAR

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             The South Okanagan’s Family Bike Shop
                Mountain, Triathlon & Road Bike Specialists                124 South Beach Drive
bikebarn.ca             300 W. Westminster Ave.   250-492-4140             (250) 492-8300
Apex Matters                                                                    December 10, 2009                                                                        Page 11

        Do you suffer from back pain?                                                                             What is Herbalife?
                 Read on ....                                                                                           by Jenny Albrechtson

                             by Dr. Cary Yurkiw, DC                                       Herbalife is a premiere nutrition and weight management
                                                                                          company that has been around for 29 years. The philosophy
Most people have back pain from time to time. Research says                               of Herbalife is to nourish ourselves at the cellular level, healthy
80% of people will have back pain at some point in their life.                            cells equals healthy you! By using the highest quality herbs
40% of people currently experience back pain. Some people                                 and purest ingredients you can sustain a vital, healthy and
suffer for days, weeks, or months and others have constant                                more energetic you. We have personalized programs to
pain.                                                                                     address each individuals needs whether your challenges are
Back pain can come in the form of sharp pain, muscle spasm,                               weight gain or loss, immune solutions, heart health, energy
feeling locked to one side, and can refer down the leg.                                   and fitness and much more. We are committed to helping you
Sometimes combinations of the symptoms are present.                                       achieve your goals.
Tissues that surround the spine have nerve endings that can                               I saw instant results with the products. I lost pounds and inches
transmit pain to the brain, if something is not working right.                            in the first week and my energy increased to new levels. I have
Swelling can irritate nerves. This can make the problem                                   never felt better!
worse.                                                          We carry herbal teas, protein bars and shakes, shampoos and
Have your tried chiropractic? The cause of a back pain can be soaps, energy liftoffs and much more ... perfect for stocking stuffers!
very simple ... a bone or many bones out of place in your back!       www.mountainessentials.newshapehere.com
A bone out of place, or what we call a subluxation, can cause
poor nerve and blood flow in the spine and surrounding areas.
This can expand to include areas connected to your spine, like
                                                                Your On-Mountain Independent Herbalife Distributor
your legs, hips, and stomach.                                     Jenny Albrechtson Call Toll Free 1-866-352-8195
What is the solution? It can be as simple as an adjustment                                    The mission is nutrition, sports nutrition, energy, weight management and skincare.
to the subluxated vertebra or bone out of place to restore the                                            Great products with amazing results!
proper nerve and blood flow. Other times it may need a series
of adjustments to condition the spine to be stronger.                                            December and January Seminars
Many people testify that chiropractic has worked for them.                                Dr. Cary Yurkiw, DC will be offering seminars on Wednesdays
There are many new and old methods to do adjustments                                      at noon and at 5pm. Dr. Yurkiw has 17 years experience
including hands on, as well as instrument techniques, to adjust                           in chiropractic care. He trained at the Canadian Memorial
the bones and relieve tension at the source of the problem.                               Chiropractic College from 1989-1993.
Most techniques are gentle, so discuss your treatment options
                                                               The seminar structure is 20 minutes of information presented
with your chiropractor. Our goal is to help you feel better.
                                                               by Dr. Yurkiw and a 10 minute question and answer period.
So, are you ready? If you are tired of your back pain, want an Individual consultations will be offered after the seminar.
answer, and what you are doing is not working, I encourage you
to call a chiropractor today! Relief may be just hours away.   December & Janaury Wednesday Seminars:
                                                               • December 16 at noon - Orthotic Foot Clinic: Come and
                * Results vary from patient to patient.
                                                                   see how custom made inserts and shoes can make a huge
                                                                   difference for your life and make your feet look great!
                                                                                          •      December 16 at 5pm - Slipped and Bulging Discs: Come
                                                          Professional Care Providers            and find out the newest information about the disc, how it
                                                         o ering a Holistic Approach             works, and how it can be helped.
                                                        with Individual Treatment Plans
                                                                                          •      January 6, 2010 at noon - Wrist pain? CARPAL TUNNEL?
                                                                                                 I will explain why it develops and what you can do about
                                                                                                 it NOW!
                  Dr. Cary Yurkiw, Chiropractor
                1993 Graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College               •      January 6, 2010 at 5pm - HIP Pain? Come and learn
                                                                                                 what to do before you need a hip replacement!
    Free Seminars on Wednesdays:                                                                    * Results and effectiveness vary from patient to patient.
            December 9th and 16th
   Lunch & Learn at Noon or Evening Session at 5pm
      Topic schedule under “Events” on website below.                                                                New Client Coupon:
                                                                                              Bring this coupon in for a FREE CONSULTATION with the
     Now Accepting New Patients                                                               chiropractor. A consultation includes a brief discussion to
                                                                                              determine if chiropractic care can help you. It does not
           250.276.9485                                                                       include an exam or treatment.
        318 Main St. Penticton                                                                                         Value: $40
      www.OkanaganWellnessCentre.com                                                                       Offer expires: December 18, 2009
Page 12                                                 December 10, 2009                                                         Apex Matters

                    Being Safety Conscious
                               by Stacy Pletz,
                     Education and Prevention Facilitator,
                       South Okanagan Similkameen
                             Brain Injury Society
Skiing and snowboarding have evolved into faster sports over
the years, so more people are wearing helmets for protection
than before. Serious head/brain injuries are the leading cause
of death on the slopes and tree collisions are the most common
cause of injury. Wearing a helmet can prevent or reduce
the severity of head/brain injury by about 50%, but wearing
a helmet does not make a speeding skier or snowboarder
immune from disaster! Being safety conscious and knowing
the Alpine Responsibility Code in combination with wearing
the proper helmet will help reduce your risk of injury. When
choosing a winter sport helmet, always ensure that it conforms
                                                                        Puzzle courtesy of the National Ski Areas Association & North Pole Design.
to ASTM 2040 and/or Snell standards (this information can be
found directly on the helmet). Helmets designed specifically
for skiing or snowboarding provide better protection and are                                                                      Apex
also insulated for cold weather.
Helmet Fitting Tips:
1. Measure: Measure around your head at the widest part
   to get your head size to compare to the manufacturer’s                                                                        Puzzle
   sizing chart                                                                                                  Each Sudoku has
2. Put on the helmet: Align the front rim of the helmet above                                                    a unique solution
   your eyebrows and roll the helmet over the back of your                                                       that     can     be
   head.                                                                                                         reached logically
3. Check for gaps: You never want to “grow into” a helmet,                                                       without guessing.
   so all the pads should be flush against your cheeks and                                                       Enter digits from 1
   forehead. The inside of the helmet should touch all of your                                                   to 9 into the blank
   head and the back of the helmet should NOT touch the                                                          spaces.       Every
   nape of your neck.                                                                                            row must contain
4. Roll test: Try to roll the helmet off your head with the                                                      one of each digit.
   chinstrap fastened. If the skin on your forehead moves, the                           Answer key to the left So must every
   helmet fits. The helmet should be snug and comfortable.                               is for the Apex Matters column, as must
5. Double Check: Be sure the helmet fits above your                                      Sudoku Puzzle from the every 3x3 square.
   eyebrows and that your goggles fit your face with the                                 December 3rd issue.     Puzzle solutions
   helmet to maintain vision, airflow, and comfort.                                                              in the next issue.

                                        Stock Arriving Daily!
                           All New Selection of Bern, Red, Smith and
                           Giro Helmets - Over 100 to Choose From!
                            Youth Ski Wear In Stock by Burton, Quicksilver,
  250.292.8777               Spyder and Roxy. Warm Under-layers Too!!
    Drive a little ...
     ... SAVE a lot!             Ski Special: Ladies Elan Black Magic
    Located in the                    with binding $475 plus tax.
     Apex Village

 Specialized in Boot Fitting                   Apex Logo Wear                       Demos for Skis and Snowboards
   & Equipment Tuning                             Souvenirs                             Try before you buy!

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