Against NATO intervention in Libya- WIB Seville- 4 3 2011 by VISAKH


									MUJERES DE NEGRO contra la guerra
Casa de la Paz
Calle Aniceto Saenz Nº1
41003 Sevilla

                         PRESS RELEASE

Out of respect for the sovereignty of the Libyan civil society:

The governments which operate in the arms trade must send humanitarian aid and
renounce to a military intervention

Women in Black against War, in view of the Libyan conflict and the General Gaddafi’s
violent crackdown on the resisting civil population, declare that:

We reject whichever military intervention that might take place on the pretext of trying
to solve the conflict on the part of NATO or any country.

We consider that no State or organization which has backed until now interventions
against civil population, as in the cases of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Chechnya, etc.
or has been trading arms and negotiating with dictators has no moral authority
whatsoever to intend to be the “savior” of the Libyan conflict. We consider such
countries co-responsible for the crimes against civil society, which is now affected by
their militaristic policies.

The wave of civil resistance that is mobilizing the Mediterranean Basin, from the
Magreb to Machrek is conveying the world a message that goes beyond the outcry
against dictatorial regimes backed until now by the Western world. They are now
shouting: “Enough with the hypocrisy and interventionism of economic and strategic
interests!” For this reason Women in Black call upon European and our own
government to change their peace policy, a peace policy which no army should be
assigned to defend. We demand a policy that implies social justice and democracy, and
that is free from the pressure of other governments or multinational corporations. It
should also include the people’s sovereignty and avoid all discrimination against any
women or men in society. It means a peace policy with no arms.

It is only the women and men in Libya who should play the leading role for their own
present and future. They are the ones who must decide if mediators for negotiations in
the conflict are required.

We know from experience that only aid without intervention can be beneficial.
For this reason, we call on every government, including the Spanish one, implied in
selling arms to the Gaddafi, Ben Ali and Mubarak regimes to immediately send
humanitarian aid to all the refugees who are now fleeing Libya, when required by their

Last but not least we demand for our mass media to show full respect and transparency
when dealing with the plural reality of the civil resistance movement and the situation
of the civil population. We request to avoid the tendency of presenting the news from a
militaristic point of view and only from the perspective of Western interests.

Violence generates violence: let us avoid a military intervention that might generate
more violence!

Wib Seville from the International Network of Wib and RANA (Andalusian Network
for Non Violence and against Militarism)
Seville 4. 3 2011

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