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									ISS Elementary School Newsletter October 2007                                      Page 1 of 6

                        ISS International School (Singapore)
                                                Elementary School Newsletter

                                                                            October 2007
      In This Issue              Welcome from Head of Elementary School
   Welcome from Head of          Dear George,
    Elementary School
                                 Welcome to our first Elementary e-
 President Nathan visits ISS     Newsletter of academic year 2007-
    Grade 5 at UN Night          2008. We hope our new and
                                 established parents and children
       Inquiry in ISS
                                 will find this a useful vehicle to find
     United Nations Day          out more about our dynamic
                                 community here at ISS. We will
 Hints for Reading at Home
                                 continue to use this forum to present information, share
Language work in Elementary      knowledge, present children's work and highlight different
                                 areas of the school over this academic year. We have just
ECAs, PPU and the Playground     completed an exciting and extremely busy first quarter
                                 with plenty of wonderful assemblies, ECAs, field trips,
         Sports Day
                                 Parents Information Evenings and finished the quarter with
  Mr.Stephenson's laundry        a truly memorable United Nations Day celebration.
        mp3 players              I hope you enjoy this newsletter.
         PYP News
                                 George Piacentini, Head of Elementary

                                 President Nathan visits ISS

                                 ISS is honoured by a visit from our president

                                 On August 31st, President Nathan visited Paterson
                                 campus. He was there to visit Middle School and meet
                                 students who participated in the President's Star Charity.
                                 Before he attended a fashion show run by Middle School he
                                 was greeted by the Elementary School students as he
                                 arrived on the campus. It was a great honour to have him
                                 visit our school.
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                                 Please click here to enjoy photographs of the whole

                                 UN Night concert
                                 Grade 5 participate in UN Night

      In This Issue
   Welcome from Head of
    Elementary School

 President Nathan visits ISS

    Grade 5 at UN Night

       Inquiry in ISS

     United Nations Day          United Nations concert. Grade 5 represented Elementary
 Hints for Reading at Home       School at the High / Middle School Concert held at the
                                 Singapore Poly Tech. Starting off with the song 'We want
Language work in Elementary
          School                 to sing,' they ended up with a colourful and vibrant
                                 Bollywood dance. Grade 5 then were able to watch the
ECAs, PPU and the Playground     older students perform their various items in what was a
         Sports Day              very slick show. Well done everyone involved, and to
                                 Grade 5 for being great representatives for Elementary
  Mr.Stephenson's laundry
        mp3 players

         PYP News
                                 Phil Stephenson, Grade 5 teacher.

                                 Please read the report written by Aliya Abassi Grade 5LR.

                                 Inquiry in ISS
                                 Busy ISS children inquiring in school and around

                                                                      Grade 1 have been
                                                                      inquiring into our

                                                                      This activity was a link
                                                                      between PE and the
                                                                      Unit of Inquiry,
                                                                      "Making Sense of

                                                                       Grade 2 CC visited the
                                                                       Singapore Mint as part
                                 of their Unit of Inquiry, "Mysterious Money"

                                 Please click here to see more photos.

                                 United Nations Day
                                 A Celebration of Internationalism
ISS Elementary School Newsletter October 2007                                                  Page 3 of 6

                                 Every year in Elementary
                                 School we celebrate UN Day.
                                 This is a day where we see
                                 each other's national costumes
                                 in The Parade of Nations, we
                                 get to experience the different
                                 cultures of our school friends in
                                 our classrooms and we are
                                 lucky to experience all the
                                 different foods that come from
      In This Issue              our countries from sushi to
                                 barbecued sausages. A terrific
   Welcome from Head of
    Elementary School
                                 day was had by all and a big
                                 thank you to all our parents for
 President Nathan visits ISS     working so hard to make the
    Grade 5 at UN Night          day special for our whole school community.
       Inquiry in ISS
                                 Please click here to see some photos that capture the day.
     United Nations Day

 Hints for Reading at Home
                                 Hints for Reading at home
Language work in Elementary
                                 Hints for making your child a better reader
ECAs, PPU and the Playground

         Sports Day

  Mr.Stephenson's laundry

        mp3 players

         PYP News

                                   1. Read together every day. Find a time of day when your child is
                                      most able to settle down, such as before naps or after a bath. If
                                      they lose interest, stop and try again later. Aim to spend a total
                                      of 20 minutes each day reading (all at once or in small
                                      segments). Those 20 minutes will help them build key reading
                                   2. Ask questions. Ask your child things about the story that can be
                                      answered from looking at the pictures. Have them point out
                                      differences in the shapes of letters; this will prepare them to
                                      identify them as they learn to read on their own. Remember not
                                      to overdo your questions. Keep the time fun and entertaining.
                                   3. Do it together. Make your child feel that the books are really for
                                      them. Let them help choose books to buy and which ones to
                                      read. Ask them to hold the book or turn the pages as you sit
                                   4. Point to words. Use your finger to help them follow the text as
                                      you read it. Pause at a word they might already know and let
                                      them say it.
                                   5. Read it 101 times. Reading their favorite book again, and again,
                                      and again actually helps them begin to recognize repeated
                                      words. It also helps them become familiar with the structure of a
                                   6. Try picture reading. Even before they can read any words,
                                      encourage your child to read to you from the pictures. Look for
                                      books with bright, lively illustrations that offer good clues to the
ISS Elementary School Newsletter October 2007                                                 Page 4 of 6

                                      text such as 'Moving Day' by Barbara Mitchelhill.
                                   7. Read it by heart. If they've memorized a favourite story, guide
                                      them to follow the text as they recite it. Eventually, they will
                                      associate a spoken word with the written one.

                                 Language work in Elementary

                                                            Grade 1 SS have been inspired
                                                            about what they want to be when
      In This Issue                                         they grow up and have written their
   Welcome from Head of
    Elementary School
                                                        Grade 3 SM have been inquiring
 President Nathan visits ISS                            into what makes us special and
    Grade 5 at UN Night          have created acrostic poems and auto-bio poems.
       Inquiry in ISS
                                 Grade 5 PS have been writing letters inspired by the story
     United Nations Day          of Cinderella.
 Hints for Reading at Home
                                 Grade 5 LR have been writing poems about peace.
Language work in Elementary
                                 Please click here to read a few by the third graders and
ECAs, PPU and the Playground     enjoy!
         Sports Day

  Mr.Stephenson's laundry        ECAs, PPU and the playground
        mp3 players              Students and dismissal
         PYP News

                                 As you are aware we are pleased, as an Elementary
                                 School, to offer a wide variety of ECAs each semester
                                 which range from the aesthetic to the physical to the
                                 academic. Finding the right space to implement these ECAs
                                 is usually the biggest problem and involves much
                                 negotiation, organization and effective timetabling to get it

                                 Use of the playground, in particular, can involve much
                                 discussion but we always find a solution. The playground is
                                 also a particular headache as the Parent Pick-up point
                                 (PPU) is there. I urge parents to be as effective as possible
                                 in collecting your children, taking them home and vacating
                                 the playground space quickly so that the space can be
ISS Elementary School Newsletter October 2007                                       Page 5 of 6

                                 used for whatever ECA is taking place that afternoon. I
                                 look forward to your continuous support on this matter.

                                 ISS Elementary School Sports Day
                                 Another exciting day at ISS

                                 On Friday, September 21st, the
                                 Elementary School held their
                                 annual Sports Day at Queenstown
      In This Issue              Stadium. Grades 2, 3, 4 and 5
   Welcome from Head of          arrived early to take place in their
    Elementary School            three field events, which included
 President Nathan visits ISS     the long jump, basketball throw,
                                 vortex throw and shot put. They
    Grade 5 at UN Night          then participated in a variety of
       Inquiry in ISS            running races including 100m,
                                 200m, 400m and relays.
     United Nations Day

 Hints for Reading at Home       The younger grades enjoyed some
Language work in Elementary
                                 informal running races when they arrived at the stadium.
          School                 They then began some rotational activities in the centre of
                                 the field. These included a tug-of-war, an egg and spoon
ECAs, PPU and the Playground
                                 race, relays, a vortex throw and some fun with the
         Sports Day              parachute. It was a very hot day but all the children
                                 enjoyed themselves immensely! The older students were
  Mr.Stephenson's laundry
                                 representing one of the school's four houses: Newton,
        mp3 players              Orchard, Somerset and Raffles. Everyone tried their best
         PYP News                but it was Somerset who came out winners on the day.

                                 Thanks to all parents who came along to support their
                                 children and to help run the activities!

                                 Please click here to see photos taken by our talented
                                 mums - Mrs. Samuels, Mrs. De Matteis, Mrs.Lancaster-
                                 Lennox and Katherine Wildman.

                                 Parents who can sew and stitch

                                                              We are now preparing for our
                                                              December concert and we are
                                                              in desperate need of parents
                                                              who can help us cut, sew and
                                                              stitch costumes.

                                                           If you have a talent in that
                                                           area please contact Phil
                                                           Stephenson, the December
                                 Concert Chairperson, If he asks
                                 you to do some personal sewing, laundering or ironing for
                                 him...just say no!

                                 mp3 players, cameras, gameboys and phones
ISS Elementary School Newsletter October 2007                                          Page 6 of 6

                                  Items which should not be in school

                                  Please make sure children do not bring
                                  mp3 players, gameboys, cameras and
                                  mobile phones to school.

                                  These items are expensive and get
                                  damaged or lost easily, and can
                                  disappear just as easily.

      In This Issue               If you need to contact your children
                                  urgently phone the school office and we
   Welcome from Head of
    Elementary School
                                  will get disseminate the information
                                  quickly and effectively.
 President Nathan visits ISS

    Grade 5 at UN Night
                                  PYP New Parent Information Afternoon
       Inquiry in ISS
                                                               Continuing our commitment
     United Nations Day
                                                               to parent communication
 Hints for Reading at Home

Language work in Elementary
                                                               As a school we are committed
          School                                               to continuously communicating
                                                               to our parents all aspects of
ECAs, PPU and the Playground
                                                               PYP in ISS whether it be at
         Sports Day                                            workshops on assessment, in
                                                               newsletters on latest
  Mr.Stephenson's laundry
        mp3 players                                            within teaching and learning or
         PYP News                                              at parent information evenings.
                                                               As a school we are also
                                                               proactive in supporting our
                                                               teachers' professional

                                  Please click here to find out the latest news on PYP in ISS
                                  written by Kathy Derrick, PYP and Curriculum Coordinator.

 Well, that's it for the first e-newsletter of academic year 2007-2008. Enjoy the rest of this
 semester with undoubtedly the highlight likely to be the December concert on Wednesday,
 December 12th and look forward to the next e-newsletter in Semester 2.


 George Piacentini
 Head of Elementary School
 ISS International School

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