color_weather_radar_2_ by wuxiangyu


									WXRS                                                                                                               • Windshear detection signals and alerts

Stand-alone, realistic color weather radar simula-                                                                 • Path Attenuation Compensation (PAC) Alerts.
tion with forward looking windshear detection for
aircrew training is provided at low cost and low risk                                                              Interfaces
with the Camber WXRS.
                                                                                                                   • Host computer interfaces include DR 11-W,
Using only commercially available off-the-shelf hard-                                                                HSD, Ethernet, and Reflective Memory.
ware, the Camber system operates on VMEbus or
PCIbus multiprocessor architecture to perform its                                                                  • Flight simulation host computers supported by
own weather and simulation processing, thus add-                                                                     these interfaces include Alliant, Concurrent/
ing no burden to the flight simulation host computer.                                                                Masscomp, Data General, DEC, Encore/Gould,
                                                                                                                     Harris, IBM PC/AT, Modcomp, Multibus I and
Equally ideal for upgrading existing flight simula-
                                                             Realtime weather cell growth and decay can              II, Sun, Versabus, SGI, and VMEbus based
tors or for customizing new simulators, the WXRS
                                                             be created, modified and controlled via the             hosts.
is inexpensive to purchase and maintain.                     weather editor.
                                                                                                                   • Custom and nonstandard host interfaces are
                                                         movement based on wind directions and velocities            available from Camber for the WXRS.
                                                         defined by the host computer. A comprehensive weather
                                                         database editor allows the creation and modification of
                                                         weather patterns, formations, and scenarios.
                                                                                                                   Additional Features
                                                                                                                   • True antenna azimuth, elevation pointing
                                                         Inputs from Flight Simulator Host                           angles, and antenna stabilization limits are
                                                                                                                     simulated by the WXRS.
                                                         • Aircraft position, altitude and inertial reference      • Aircrew display functional controls include on-
                                                           system data                                               off, transceiver select, tilt, range, gain, ground
 Windshear warnings are displayed upon detection.                                                                    clutter suppression, stabilization, and mode
                                                         • Weather radar control panel settings                      select.
Weather simulation outputs to the host computer
allow generation of a full range of cues and correla-    • Instructor inputs, including windshears and             • Standard configuration supports two display
tion of the weather radar display with the simulator’s     microbursts                                               channels, with optional drive available for a third
visual system.                                           • Cloud base and top altitudes.                             display. Simulation of dual redundant R/T is
                                                                                                                     available in all configurations.
The WXRS interfaces directly with the display de-
vices for realistic aircrew control of radar functions
                                                         Outputs to Flight Simulator Host                          • Optional direct interface with weather radar con-
and displays. The system adheres to the ARINC-           Computer                                                    trols is available, bypassing host computer
453 protocol.                                                                                                        interface.
                                                         • Turbulence and precipitation values for motion and
                                                           sound cues
Realistic growth and decay of weather patterns is                                                                  • Off-the-shelf system allows rapid delivery within
simulated by the WXRS processor unit, with weather       • Cloud locations for visual system correlation             30-90 days.

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