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					Fred Corral
Pitching Coach
University of Oklahoma
Throwing Maintenance Program
Done on a daily basis
18 minute routine
Same approach, same technique day in
day out
Takes care of warm-up, arm strength and
practice of off-speed pitches
Athlete takes smart approach day after
game outings
         Jog and Stretch
Start of our day.
Done with Strength Coach or Captains
Get body loose and blood flowing
         Step 1 -“L-Catch”
Distance of 15 feet
Body squared up to
Focus is on Arm
Hands on top of ball
Quick out of the glove
and into “L” position.
4 reps
Step 2 -“L-Catch w/Rotation”
               Distance of 18-20 ft.
               Added rotational
               action of upper torso
               Focus in arm action
               and getting core
               warmed up
               Feeling torque in core
               4 reps
Step 3 – “Balance Phase 3 catch”
Distance of 20-25 ft.
Balance Phase 3 position
(Power position)
Hands together – quick
hand action
Focus applied to firing
back-side. (Back hip,
back knee, throwing
6 reps
Step 4 -“Rhythm Throwing” to 90
9 minute plan
3 minutes to work back to
90 ft.
Feet are shoulder width
apart, hands together
Heel click – separate – go
Technique encourages
rhythm and timing, and
positive direction to target.
“Heel click” technique used
throughout entire long toss
Step 5 -“Rhythm Throwing” at 90
                 Once 3 minutes has
                 expired, we will stay at
                 90 feet for 3 minutes
                 Emphasis is to keep
                 throw true and on line.
                 (If there is a loop in
                 throw, not that big of
                 When :30 seconds
                 remain, myself or captain
                 will notify staff to start
                 back to 120 feet
Steps 6 & 7 -“Rhythm Throwing”
        120 and beyond
Once the staff has reached 120 feet, we
will stay at that distance for 2 minutes.
With :30 seconds remaining we will start
working beyond to their desired distance
for 1 minute.
After completing the 1 minute time we
then move into Change-up mode.
    “Change-up spins” - Step 1
After 10 minute plan, we will
move into a distance of 70
We work on Ch in a 3-step
Distance facilitates arm
Self flip is incorporated to
develop trust in grip and to
apply focus to part of ball
Open stride is to focus on ball
leaving ring finger last while
throwing back inside of
3 reps.
“Change-up spins” - Step 2
              Knowing that we do
              not want to open up
              on change-up, we will
              do one rep to our
              closed side to push
              release out more.
              Focus on backside of
              the baseball and
  “Change-up spins” - Step 3
We will finish with 5
change-ups with
emphasis on location
and feel.
         “Curveball spins”
After change-up spins, we go into
curveball spins.
3-step lead-up starting at release and
working back to balance position.
Can be done with a softball.
“Curveball spins” - Step 1
               Starting out in
               Balance Phase 4 –
               release. (Lunge
               Arm back and forward
               Focus on part of ball
               thrown, and rotation.
               Chest and hips
               toward target big key.
               4 reps
   “Curveball spins” - Step 2
Move back to distance
of 20-25 feet.
Start out in squared
up position and arm
out in “L” position.
We want to move into
our throw, feeling
release out front.
(Step 1)
4 reps
“Curveball spins” -Step 3
              Distance 25-30 feet
              Balance Phase 3 position
              – Power Position.
              Hands together, rocking
              action, separate and fire
              Focus on getting to
              previous steps.
              4 reps
   “Curveball Spins” -Step 4
Working at 45 to 50
Balance position
Fluid run focus on
Done with baseball.
5 reps
              The Bullpen
Routine is the life blood of pitching plan.
Game routine is set for all starters.
Starters and relievers utilize same routine in
bullpen format in quality charted format.
Separate game routine for relievers.
Practice routine consist of 36 – 40 pitches
Game routine for relievers is individualized to
relievers repertoire consisting of 2 out of 3
sequences of 5 hitters – 15 to 18 pitches.
               The Routine
4 FB’s AAS down – 2WU / 2ST
8 FB tilts – RH..FB..Hands – FB..DA LH..FB..Hands – FB..DA
     (R/L – WU) (R/L – ST)
4 FB Doubles – WU..RH..FB..Hands - FB..DI
     ST..LH..FB..Hands – FB..DI
6 Change-ups – Boxed - 3 WU .. 3 ST
4 2 seam FB / CH boxed – 2 WU .. 2 ST
6 CB’ s – AAS Down – 3WU .. 2 ST
4 FB / CB Tilts – 2 WU .. 2 ST
4 Put-aways – 2 WU .. 2 ST
Pitchouts both sides
Change shirt if necessary
The Summary
Different Bullpen Routines
     +1 / -2 format (boxed)
       2 out of 3 format
       Over-speed timed
       Shortbox – 55 ft.
      Distance – 75-80 ft.
The End
Arm & Shoulder Maintenance
   Tubing Work - Pre-game
5-10 reps
– Arm circles, both directions
– Bicep Curls
– Triceps Extensions
– Internal Rotation
– External Rotation
– Side Raises
– Front Raises
– Bent over Raises
Arm & Shoulder Maintenance
        Tubing Work
      Post-Game Flush
15 reps each
– External Rotation
– Internal Rotation
– Humeral Depression Front
– Humeral Depression Side
– Rotator Cuff Flush (30 reps)
              “Jobe” Routine
  10 reps
-Shrugs       -Supra Raise        -Front Raise
-Bent Over Raise    -Straight Arm Extension
-Rotator Cuff Lift  -Lawn mowers         -Slider Exercise
-Bicep Curls        - Wrist Curls        - Triceps Exten.
-Windshield wipers -Ulnar Deviation      - Radial Deviation
- Internal Rotation

20 Reps
- Reverse Curls - Reverse Wrist Curls    - External Rotation