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									                     MWBE Supplier Diversity Program Fact Sheet


Vision Statement:      “Ensure New York State supplier diversity participation levels reflect the demographics of the
                       technology sector business community by ensuring a level playing field that fosters economic
                       development and creates stronger communities is advanced through innovative and prudent policy,
                       programs, governance, operations and strategic partnerships.

Strategic Goal:        CIO/OFT, working in collaboration with the Division of Minority and Women’s Business
                       Development, has increased minority and women business enterprises (MWBEs) participation
                       levels for the technology business sector from a 2007 baseline participation level of < 1% to
                       at least 20% by 2010 with an IT spend of approximately $2 billion annually.

                       This MWBE participation goal, which is published in CIO/OFT’s “Plan 2010 – Going from
                       Good to Great Strategic Roadmap”, on the CIO/OFT website at, is
                       measured in two ways:
                       1. Annual MWBE participation as a percent of total IT contract spend; and
                       2. Annual MWBE participation as a percent of total technology firms providing products and
                            services to CIO/OFT.

Key Strategies To Achieve
The Goal:
                        Launched MWBE Jumpstart Event in major cities to connect global technology companies
                          with MWBE to increase visibility of small MWBE companies;
                        Updated agency procurement policies to define “best effort” and enforce “non-responsive”
                          bid responses;
                        Insisted on MWBE participation goals in every IT procurement by CIO/OFT and other state
                          agencies procuring technology;
                        Built an technology sector MWBE network to increase community outreach efforts and
                          notify MWBEs of future procurements;
                        Encouraged use of reseller, distributorships and other strategic arrangements to increase
                          participation levels;
                        Recognized MWBE champions among global technology companies; and
                        Shared success stories of strategic partnerships to inspire more opportunities.

Actions Taken to Achieve
The Goal:
                       Developed standard language which is included in 100% of new CIO/OFT request for
                         proposals (RFPs) and contracts. Language explicitly defines what constitutes a “good faith
                         effort”; identifies and includes MWBEs as subcontractors on procurements;
                       MWBE participation goals are included in every new procurement (MBE – 15%, WBE –
                         5%) to increase participation levels;
                       Expanded the use of enterprise contracts with stated goals to significantly increase number
                         and value of MWBE participation levels;
                       Established MWBE participation performance metrics which are collected quarterly and
                         reported as part of the agency’s overall performance dashboard.
                           Created an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Development operating unit within CIO/OFT’s
                            Contracts and Procurement Services Office to monitor and facilitate increased supplier
                            diversity and enforce policies;
                           Conducted mandatory supplier diversity training for all CIO/OFT managers to instill an
                            understanding and appreciation of the agency’s MWBE goal and importance of
                            expanding supplier diversity.
                           Developed an online certification application tool for the Division of Minority and Women’s
                            Business Enterprise Development to accelerate the certification process, building a stronger
                            database of potential providers to match with prime contractors, and to enhance
                            monitoring and reporting;
                           Changed the MWBE waiver policy, in which only the agency head can approve and sign
                            off for a “Waiver”, which is used very sparingly.
                           Incorporated MWBE participation goals as part of the review process for other state
                            agencies’ Plan to Procure (PTP) requests to CIO/OFT

Critical Success
                           Strong championship from the Executive Chamber supporting MWBE participation as a
                            State priority;
                           Solid partnership with Empire State Development Division of Minority and Women’s
                            Business Enterprise Development;
                           Shared ownership with the global technology vendors to achieve participation goals;
                           Effective vendor outreach, communications and public relations program;
                           Support infrastructure in place to monitor and track participation;
                           Consistent practice of policy and enforcement by senior team of CIO/OFT; and
                           Train and enlighten management team to embrace this critical business value for doing
                            business in NYS.
Major Accomplishments:
                           Conducted three MWBE Jumpstart events (Albany, NYC, Buffalo) representing global
                            companies with approximately $800 billion in global sales (1300 attendees, 425 MWBE
                            firms, 46 global companies, 15 NY state agencies who procure 80% of IT spend)
                           Received twenty-six (26) global companies voluntarily pledging to achieve our 20%
                            MWBE participation by 2010 goal and includes: Accenture, AVAYA, CGI, Cisco, Computer
                            Aid, Dell, Deloitte, BearingPoint, Dun and Bradstreet, EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Johnson Controls,
                            Microsoft, Motorola, nfrastructure, Oracle, Qwest, SAIC, Siemens, Sun Microsystems,
                            Tandberg, Unisys, CMA and Xerox.

Some Success Stories:
                           IBM MWBE firms has increased from 5% in 2007 to 15% in 2009;
                           DELL signed on 8 MWBE resellers;
                           Motorola increased MWBE companies from 0 to 7 in one year to reach 11% of total NYS
                           Microsoft did $47 million in business with NY MWBE’s during past fiscal year;
                           CGI’s MWBE participation is up 10% over previous year;
                           Tandberg increased MWBE participation 15% in 4 months;
                           Dun and Bradstreet spent approximately $2.5M with MWBEs and increased participation
                            levels by 67% to the current level of 25%;
                           Cisco, a new supporter, reported approximately $11 million in MWBE contracts since
                            January 2009;
                           Siemens announced two distributorships with three companies (Island Computer Products,
                            Logistic Solutions and UTC Associates);
                           nfrastructure achieved approximately 24% MWBE participation in NYS as of April 2009;
                           Xerox signed an MWBE reseller from the Albany Jumpstart Event;
                           Avaya has doubled MWBE participation from 8% to 16%;
                           HP secured two subcontracting opportunities for an MWBE firm (Affinity);
                           Unisys added 5 MWBE suppliers in the past year resulting in an increase of over $2
                            million in contract value over the previous year;
                           Sun Microsystems, Inc. engaged MWBE firms to achieve a 15% participation level in
                           CAI added 5 new MWBE partners and significantly increased their spending with MWBEs
                            from 1.8% in 2007, 8.5% in 2008 and a projected 20% in 2009.

Performance Results:

                                                                                   Participation Rate

                                                                                   MWBE Contract
                                                                                   Award Rate


                           2007         2008          2009       2010 YTD

                                      MWBE IT Contract Award Value




                                               2008                   2009

           (Representing $750 Billion in Worldwide Sales)


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