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					                                                              919 Hamlin Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
                                                                 408.734.8810; FAX 408.734.8639

Surface Engineering is a supplier of precision parts and assemblies. Mechanical & Electrical Engineers and Technicians, using state of the art
equipment, work together with you developing efficient manufacturing methods. All manufacturing and inspection is done in a temperature-
controlled environment. We produce extremely high quality parts in quantity or small lot sizes. Statistical process capabilities have been
established for the machinery and inspection and SPC is used extensively in the facilities. Critical machines coolant controlled within 1°C.

                                                                      FACILITIES LIST
CNC EXTERNAL CYLINDERICAL GRINDING                                               5-AXIS MILLING Machine

1 Studer CNC S33 with rotary disc dressing                                       Hermle C600U, 16,000 RPM Spindle HSK-A63 with touch probe & Blum
1 Studer CNC S-40, 2 Wheels, 40” between centers, B-Axis with .0001°             laser tool measuring. Shrink fit tooling. 4 arc-second C and A axis resolution,
resolution                                                                       .0001mm X,Y,Z resolution.
1 Studer CNC S-31, 3 Wheels, with non-round and thread grinding, O.D &
I.D.                                                                             INSPECTION EQUIPMENT

CNC INTERNAL GRINDING                                                            Zeiss Contura 700/1000/600 (CNC), Measuring Range
                                                                                 X=700mm, Y=1000mm, Z=600mm with Curve Measuring Software
2 Voumard CNC model 150 4 wheels full “B” axis 5,000 to 90,000 RPM               and scanning head.
capable of grinding I.D of 27” long part.
                                                                                 Computer aided roundness machines with 1-microinch capabilities.
                                                                                 Scherr-Tumico 3700 model 14” Horizontal Beam Optical Comparator with
1 Hembrug .00000” offsets .000002” roundness spindle temperature                 Quadra Check 200 and edge sensing system on screen.
controlled coolant and hydraulics with hydrostatic way system with .000010”
accuracy                                                                         Laser Micrometers 0 to 2" with .000010” accuracy.

CNC WIRE EDM                                                                     4 Electronic amplifier height gauge stations.

1 Charmilles 330F 15.75”X11.81”X15.75” high                                      14 Air gage amplifiers with magnification capabilities to .000008"
                                                                                 Inch or metric magnification available.
                                                                                 Extensive Air-ring and Air probe inventory.
1 Voumard multiple bores, .000050” offsets, up to 120,000 RPM spindle
2 Center Grinders                                                                Tool Makers microscopes with thread geometry capabilities.

EXTERNAL GRINDING                                                                West Coast repair station for calibration and repair of in-process grinding
3 Studer 10" diameter by 26" long, gauging with .000010” offsets
2 Studer 30 degree Angle template profiling, gauging, 3" wide wheel              Class 100 Laminar flow bench

CENTERLESS GRINDING                                                              1,800 square feet of HEPA filtered clean room for assembly, inspection
                                                                                 and part cleaning.
2 Lidkoping 10 inch wide wheel 25 HP .060 to 2.50" diameter
1 Lidkoping 4 inch wide wheel 10 HP .020 to 1” diameter                          Renishaw Model ML10 Interferometer with straightness & angular optics.

SURFACE GRINDING                                                                 Thot Model 4238 Spindle Tester.

1 Chevalier, super precision model, 12” wide by 24 “ long                        Lion Spindle Error Analyzer.

THREAD GRINDING                                                                  MANUFACTURING AIDS

1 J&L 7" length of thread                                                        18-Station networked computer system with Quality Data Collection, Shop
                                                                                 Loading, Job Costing as well as totally integrated Accounts Receivable,
HONING                                                                           Accounts Payable, and Payroll.

1 Sunnen 1800                                                                    Pert-Chart computer-generated scheduling.

BALANCING                                                                        DSL full time connection to the Internet with e-mail access and web access
                                                                                 by all office personnel.
1 Hoffmann hard bearing microprocessor machine, .0001 g-in up to 15lbs
1 Schenck Model HS2B up to 250lbs                                                WEB hosting done at Surface Engineering.

                                                                                 Auto Desk Inventor 2009 with Open Mind HyperMILL 5-axis programming
MACHINING SUPPORT EQUIPMENT                                                      system.

LASER part marking with rotary table. Various support equipment including        BobCadd Wire EDM Programming system.
cutoff saw, multiple drill presses, second operation machines, specialty
machines, tapping machines, Hardinge lathe, Bridgeport milling machine,
Ultrasonic cleaning, etc.

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