Frequently Asked Questions
What Do I Need To Get Service With FonVantage?                        Do All FonVantage Rate Plans Include Calling To
In order to use FonVantage service, you will need the following:      Alaska and Hawaii?

1. A Broadband Internet service such as: DSL or Cable.
2. FonVantage works with any touch-tone phone, corded or
                                                                      Yes. All FonVantage rate plans include calling to all 50 United
                                                                      States and Canada, including Alaska and Hawaii.
                                                                                                                                               UNLIMITED CALLING EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S. & CANADA
                                                                                                                                               PLUS LOW INTERNATIONAL RATES!
3. A credit card with U.S. billing and shipping address.              Will I Still Be Listed In The Phone Book?
4. FonVantage ATA Phone Adapter and your existing router, or a        If you are transferring your number to FonVantage and were listed
   ATA/Router combo if you currently have a Cable/DSL modem           in your local telephone directory’s white pages before, by checking
   and 1 device connected to it.                                      the two boxes on the Letter of Authorization (LOA) form, you will
                                                                      remain listed in the white pages of the directory. Otherwise, you
                                                                      won’t be listed. Customers who get a new number from us will not             >   Caller ID
                                                                      be listed in a telephone directory.
Does FonVantage Have Reliable 911 Capability?                                                                                                      >   Call Forwarding
FonVantage considers 911 calling capability a critically important
service. Some VOIP providers treat 911 coverage as an additional                                                                                   >   Call Waiting
offering - FonVantage delivers it as a standard service. FonVantage   Will My FonVantage Phone Adapter Work When I Travel?
currently offers limited 911 services where calls are routed to the   Yes, you can use your FonVantage service any place you have
                                                                                                                                                   >   3-way Calling
nearest Public Safety Answering Point office (PSAP). Typically         a high-speed Internet connection. Callers who need to reach                  >   Do Not Disturb
these calls are answered by the front desk of the PSAP and then       you from your local calling area will be making local calls to your
routed to an emergency operator at that location. However, some       FonVantage line even if you are out of town or outside the country.          >   Anonymous Call Rejection
PSAP’s do not currently accept calls in this manner.                  If you plan on using the service outside the U.S., we suggest
                                                                      checking with local Internet Service Providers in the area to see
                                                                                                                                                   >   Last Number Redial
                                                                      if there are any regulations on using VoIP service in that specific           >   Call Trace
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently              country. Due to certain restrictions of Internet Service Providers
mandated that all Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service         outside of the U.S. and Canada, we cannot guarantee the quality of           >   Speed Dialing
providers must implement enhanced 911 (e911) services by              the FonVantage service. If you use our service in another country,
November 28, 2005, and that Subscribers must acknowledge that         you will have to accept a U.S. telephone number and pay our
                                                                                                                                                   >   Voice Mailbox
they understand the current limitations of e911. FonVantageTM is      international rates to call within that country. See our International       >   Message Management
on schedule to meet this deadline and fully comply with the new       Rates page for our current international rates.
e911 standards, however, the 911 service we provide prior to that                                                                                  >   Message Notification
time may not be equivalent to 911 service provided by traditional
landline telephone service.
                                                                                                                                                   >   And Much More...

Do I Need A Standard Telephone Line
In Addition To FonVantage?
With FonVantage all you need is a broadband Internet service such
as DSL or Cable (for DSL Customers, you must keep a standard
phone line with your current provider in order to maintain your
internet connection).

                                                                                                                                                                                  YOUR PHONE. YOUR INTERNET. YOUR LIFE.
Feature-rich Plans to Suit Your Lifestyle...                                                                                                         User Friendly Hardware to Make Switching Fast & Easy...
PREMIUM FonVantage                                                       STANDARD FonVantage                                                         Linksys ATA Phone Adapter / Router

PREMIUM FonVantage is the complete broadband phone                     STANDARD FonVantage is a great plan that has the features most                The Linksys Broadband Router with 2 Phone Ports functions as a “splitter” for your Internet connection. Simply by connecting your DSL or Cable
service for your busy home or home-based business!                     homes require. Standard features include 3-way calling, call waiting, do      Modem to the Router you can use your broadband phone service while the computers in your home or office share the Internet connection -- all
Loaded with features to give you extra functionality such as           not disturb, call forwarding plus voicemail and other great extras. Use the   at the same time. The two standard telephone jacks on the Router enable high-quality feature-rich FonVantage phone service through your high-
conference calling, 3-way calling, selective call acceptance           web portal to manage your account features. FonVantage Standard makes         speed connection even while you’re surfing the Internet.
and rejection, call forwarding and ‘follow me’, plus voicemail         broadband phone service simple and very affordable. Free unlimited
and lots more.                                                         calling U.S. and Canada.                                                      Each phone jack operates independently to give you two phone lines or a phone and fax line. The built-in 4-port switch lets you attach four
                                                                                                                                                     devices directly, or daisy-chain out to more hubs and switches as your network grows. It’s all easier than you think! Built-in NAT technology helps
Manage your account features with included CommPilot                   > Caller ID                                                                   keep intruders out of your computers.
Call Manager™ PC dashboard and web portal. FonVantage                    See who’s calling before you answer the phone.
Premium is ideal for today’s active family, home-based office                                                                                         Best for you if you have a high speed Internet connection and only one device plugged into this connection.
and anyone who wants the finest in broadband telephone                  > Call Forwarding
service. Free unlimited calling U.S. and Canada.                         On the go? Forward inbound calls to another phone anywhere!

> CommPilot Call Manager Interface & Web Portal                        > Call Waiting
  Use these powerful web-based tools to manage your                      Take a second call and put your current call on hold.
  account and calling features including redial, hold, transfer,
  voicemail setup, 3-way calling, Outlook integration and              > 3 Way Calling
  more.                                                                  Set-up conference calls with two other parties.

> Selective Call Acceptance & Rejection                                > Do Not Disturb
  Never hear your phone ring during dinner or late at night              Take only the calls you want, route the rest to voicemail
  again, by setting specific criteria for your incoming calls
  based on incoming Caller ID, time of day, and day of                 > Anonymous Call Rejection
  week.                                                                  Route callers with blocked Caller ID to a recorded message
                                                                                                                                                     Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter
> Simultaneous Ring                                                    > Last Number Redial
  Never miss a call - Set multiple phones to ring                        Instantly redial the last number called                                     The Linksys Phone Adapter enables high-quality feature-rich telephone service through your cable or DSL Internet connection. Just plug it into
  simultaneously when any calls are received on your                                                                                                 your home Router or Gateway and use the two standard telephone jacks to connect your existing phones or fax machines.
  FonVantage phone number.                                             > Call Trace
                                                                         Instantly trace the last caller to your number                              Each phone jack operates independently with separate phone service and phone numbers so you have the option of 2 phone lines or a phone
> Call Transfer & Consultant Hold                                                                                                                    and fax line. You’ll get clear telephone reception and reliable fax connections, even while using the Internet at the same time for normal data
  On a business call and need some advice - transfer a call            > Speed Dialing                                                               operations.
  before or after it’s answered or put the current caller on             Easily assign single digit speed dial codes
  hold, and make a separate call to another party to consult.                                                                                        Best for you if you have more than one computer or device plugged into your internet connection and already have a cable/DSL modem and a router.
                                                                       > Messaging
> Plus all STANDARD Features, listed at right >>>                        Voice mailbox, message management and message notification

Do You Want To Add An Additional Line Or An Alternate Phone Number? No Problem!

> Additional Lines                                                        > Alternate Numbers
  Additional lines are assigned a new primary number and include all        Alternate numbers allow you to have up to three phone numbers
  plan features available, including alternate numbers.                     ringing to a single line, each with a unique ring style option.

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