FinAnce for non FinAnciAl MAnAgerS by gyvwpsjkko


									                         FinAnce for non FinAnciAl MAnAgerS

Training Programme overview                                   Programme requirements
Finance impacts on all operations in an organisation.         It is assumed that learners accessing this unit standard are
It is therefore essential that managers, at all levels, are   competent in:
able to interpret basic financial statements. The Finance
for Non-Financial Managers Programme is designed              •   Communication,
to give learners basic knowledge on how to manage             •   Mathematical Literacy and,
organisational and personal finances.                         •   Financial Literacy at NQF Level 3

Who should attend this training                               Training Programme delivery
programme?                                                    Training can be conducted on site at the clients’ premises
This training programme applies to anyone who wishes to       or at Nimico’s training venue. Scheduling is flexible and
master the principles and practices of effective financial    will be done in accordance with the needs of the client.
management.                                                   Public training will be conducted at Nimico’s training
Programme outcomes
                                                              Programme Assessment
By the end of this training programme, learners will be
able to successfully:                                         The following learner and organisational assessments will
                                                              be conducted to measure the success of this training
•   Analyse the basic elements of an income and               programme:
    expenditure statement.
•   Analyse the basic elements of a balance sheet.            •   Pre-Training Assessment
•   Use the evidence in financial statements to make a        •   Post- Training Assessment
    financial decision.                                       •   Return on Investment Analysis (ROI)
•   Understand and interpret financial ratios and
    measurements.                                             certification
                                                              Learners who successfully complete this programme
Unit Standard Alignment                                       will be awarded a Letter of Competence, Statement
The Financial Management training programme is aligned        of Results and Certificate of Competence in Financial
to the following unit standard:                               Management.

Identification Number: 117156                                 Accreditation
Title: Interpret basic financial statements
                                                              Nimico Training (Pty) Ltd has been awarded full
NQF Level: 4
                                                              accreditation by the Services SETA. Decision number:
Credits: 4

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