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									                                                           CARRIE TINGLEY DENTAL CLINIC

The dental clinic at Carrie Tingley Hospital operates in conjunction with the divisions of Dental Services and Dental Hygiene. This clinic provides care for people
with disabilities only.


                                                                                      At Carrie Tingley Dental Clinic we are committed to support patients
  Kimberly M . Espinoza, DDS                    Elmer E. Gonzalez , RDH, MS           and their families by creating a family centered care approach to the
                                                                                      treatment performed. Every patient is treated with dignity and
                                                                                      respect and parents, caregivers or support staff are always welcome to
                                                                                      remain with the patient to provide support as necessary. Our goal is to
                                                                                      provide patients and their families the tools necessary to achieve
                                                                                      optimum oral and systemic health through               evidence based
                                                                                      approaches and incorporating family values into our treatment.

                                                                                      •Dental Hygiene
                                                                                      PATIENT ELEGIBILITY:
                                                                                      •Children and adults with developmental disabilites
                                                                                      •Private Insurance
  STAFF:                                                                              •Self Pay

  Loretta A. Sanchez, Administrative Assistant II (Receptionist)
  Norma A. Jaramillo, DA                                                              At Carrie Tingley Dental Clinic we have the option of taking patients to
  Bernesteine L. Brown, DA                                                            the Operating Room at UNMH. Elegibility and other criteria must be
  Cecilia Espinoza, DA                                                                met for this option..

 As part of the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, at Carrie
 Tingley Dental we also work with dental residents, dental hygiene and
                                                                                      To schedule an appointment or ask for a new patient packet please contact
 dental assistant students. Residents and dental hygiene students rotate
                                                                                      us at (505) 272-5326.
 through the clinic in order to enrich their career and to perhaps
                                                                                      Currently we have a waitlist of approximately 8-12 months
 increase the number of providers working with people with disabilities in
                                                                                      The clinic is located at 1127 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102.
 the United States.
Dr. Kimberly Espinoza is a fellow of the Academy of             Elmer E. Gonzalez, completed a LEND (Leadership in
Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities, a component            Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) fellowship in 2009 at the
organization of the Special Care Dentistry Association. She     University of New Mexico Department of Pediatrics /Center for
has been working at UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital Dental          Development and Disability. He also received his Master’s of
Clinic since 2006, the same year she completed her              Science Degree from the Univesity of New Mexico School of
Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency at the        Medicine, Division of Dental Hygiene in 2010. Elmer’s
University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Dr. Espinoza       professional thesis entitled “Training the Trainer: Disabilities and
completed her dental degree at the University of Southern       Dental Hygiene” focused on training for caregivers and support
California School of Dentistry in 2004. Prior to dental         staff to understand the importance of oral health among people
school, she attended Harvey Mudd College in Claremont,          with disabilities. His previous careers included a Bachelor of
California where she received a Bachelor of Science,            Science in Dental Hygiene received in 2008 and a Bachelor of
concentrating in molecular biology and biophysics.              Arts in Spanish/minor Psychology received in 2005, both from
Dr. Espinoza’s professional interests include oral health for   UNM. Elmer has worked with people with disabilities since
people with developmental disabilities and public health.       2002. His career in the area of disabilities started at ARCA
She is currently enrolled in a Masters in Public Health         working as a Residential Instructor (Direct care staff) and has
program, and is scheduled to complete the degree in 2011.       continued since. He has been at Carrie Tingley since 2008 as a
She is also interested in dental education, medical             dental hygienist.
sociology in relation to the dental professions, and health     Elmer has volunteered several times at the New Mexico Special
policy.                                                         Olympics and providing training in oral health for people with
Dr. Espinoza enjoys life with her husband Rafael Howell-        Disabilities at ARCA and other agencies in Albuquerque. He
Flores, who is a classical and tango musician. Together         also teaches the Special Care class at the school of Dental
they enjoy cooking, hiking, and spending time with their        Hygiene where he introduces dental hygiene students to the
pets.                                                           area of disabilities and teaches them the importance of having
                                                                passionate and caring providers to serve special populations.

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