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									                                                         Dept Environment, Water, Heritage & Arts, 2009, "ESD Operations
esd opportunities in building                            Guide for Owners, Managers & Tenants", Commonwealth of Australia,
                                                         Canberra, p2
                                                         Dept Environment, Water, Heritage & Arts, 2007, "ESD Design Guide
                                                         Office & Public Buildings", Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra, p12
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    esd opportunities in building
     OPPORTUNITIES             PRE DESIGN                 DESIGN                   CONSTRUCTION                CONSTRUCTION              OCCUPANCY
     1. INTEGRATED             Establish design           Consider thermal         Peer reviews to confirm                               Use environmental
        DESIGN and             values of project.         modelling.               innovative technology.                                performance ratings,
        PROCESS                Set environmental          Assess design                                                                  on-site monitoring and
        MANAGEMENT             performance targets.       against benchmarks                                                             user feedback.
                               Consider collaborative     and targets.
                               design workshops.          Consider
                                                          environmental cost-
                                                          benefit analysis.
     2. SOCIAL                 Consider the broader       Design for access                                    Minimise disturbance      Inform occupants of
        SUSTAINABILITY         urban environment.         and mobility.                                        to offsite areas.         the ESD features of
        AND OCCUPANT                                      Maintain site                                                                  the building.
        SATISFACTION                                      biodiversity.
     3. INDOOR                 Set criteria for Indoor    Consider total indoor                                Provide safeguards        Monitor air quality.
        ENVIRONMENT            Air and Environment        environment – light,                                 and performance           Inform users of how to
        QUALITY                Quality (IAQ and IEQ).     fresh air, views,                                    indicators in             control their space.
                                                          materials, radiant                                   specifications to
                                                          and convective                                       promote appropriate
                                                          temperature,                                         material selection and
                                                          landscape and user                                   substitution. Protect
                                                          control.                                             from respiratory
     4. ENERGY                 Consider renewable         Integrate into the       Specify energy efficient    Encourage builders        Carry out regular
        MANAGEMENT             energy options.            Building Management      appliances.                 to use green power        metering, reporting
                               Consider engaging          System (BMS) a           Specify adequate            during construction.      and adjustment
                               specialist                 process for review       insulation.                 Ensure builders have      for improved
                               environmental              and improvement of       Provide sufficient detail   an energy component       performance.
                               engineer.                  energy performance.      of draught proofing.        to their Environmental    Look for energy
                                                          Explore multiple         Specify provision           Management Plan.          efficiency opportunities
                                                          benefit solutions that   of separate energy                                    at refurbishment.
                                                          solve more than one      meters.
                                                          Use passive design
                                                          T5 lighting.
                                                          Flat screen monitors.
       COMMISSIONING           Plan for integrated        Consider an              Require the provision       Commission building       Make environmental
       and OPERATIONS          commissioning.             independent              of operating and            systems.                  performance
                                                          commissioning agent.     maintenance                 Carry out building        indicators visible.
                                                                                   instructions and            manager and user          Undertake post-
                                                                                   manuals.                    training.                 occupancy evaluation.
                                                                                                               Provide building use      Periodic re-
                                                                                                               manuals.                  commissioning.
     5. TRANSPORT              Consider location          Include shower and       Consider car parking        Make parking              Occupant education to
                               in relation to use.        locker facilities and    spaces that are             provisions for            promote use of public
                               Are there alternative      adequate bicycle         adaptable for other         contractors.              transport, cycling and
                               transport options to       parking.                 uses.                                                 walking.
                               the site?
     6. OZONE LAYER                                                                Specify use of                                        Audit regularly for
        DEPLETION                                                                  refrigerants with a zero                              leaks, minimise where
                                                                                   ODP and a maximum                                     possible.
                                                                                   of 10 GWP.
     7. CHOOSING                                          Use material selection   Further research            Review material           Building use material
        MATERIALS (incl.                                  rules of thumb.          information on material     certification and         selection guideline,
        minimising toxicity)                              Choose materials         maintenance, reuse          installation.             particularly for
                                                          which minimise           and recycling.              Provide method for        cleaning.
                                                          toxicity.                Environmental criteria      contractors to use in
                                                                                   included in final           material substitution.
     8. WASTE                                             Design building for      Specification to call for   On-site waste             Occupant education
        MINIMISATION                                      flexibility and future   waste management            separation and            on waste recycling.
                                                          disassembly.             plan from builder.          recycling.
                                                          Contact local waste      Detail for easy             Allow for material
                                                          contractors for site     modification of             salvage in demolition.
                                                          access advice.           services.                   Regular reporting and
                                                          Design-in waste                                      auditing.
                                                          collection areas.
     9. WATER USE              Contact local              Investigate site water   Specify minimum AAA         Ensure stormwater         Occupant education
        REDUCTION              water authority (re        collection and re-use    rated fittings.             runoff is contained and   on water saving.
                               approvals).                options.                 Specify use of water        sediment removed
                                                          Investigate waste        wise landscaping.           prior to leaving site.
                                                          water treatment

    Table 2. Whole of life opportunities in Government buildings. Adapted from the Doncaster Hill Sustainability Guidelines, City of
            Manningham, Victoria 2004.

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