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      ongs have been written about it, poetry has described
      it but nothing can adequately prepare you for the
      stunning reality that is Loch Lomond. It’s close
proximity to both Glasgow and Edinburgh makes it the
perfect location for many weddings. You may wish to get
married on a mid summers day when the sun hardly sets
on the water, or on a crisp winter’s evening with your room
lit up with romantic candle light. There is no better place in
the world to seal your love than the magical, breathtaking
location which is Loch Lomond.                                                 21CC
To help you plan the most special day of your life we                         Page 19
are delighted to introduce you to the first ever edition                    Win Fireworks for
of Weddings at Loch Lomond – the essential guide to                        your dream wedding!
specialised companies based in and around Loch Lomond
who know and love the “bonny banks” implicitly and will                     Worth £500
work together to help you create the day of your dreams.

For the last year and a half the founders and directors
of Weddings at Loch Lomond (Victoria Crighton of All
Dressed Up , John Paul Lusk of Leven Films, and Graham
Wilson of Graham Wilson Photography) have worked
diligently to produce this fantastic wedding guide.
With the expertise of our sales manager Alexa Scott of
Scottish Event Management it has been a long labour of
love, however we feel that what we have achieved with-in
this brochure will help you plan the day of your dreams
with companies who are trusted within the Loch Lomond

From stunning venues to even a piper for your big day
we say congratulations on your forthcoming wedding
and welcome to Weddings at Loch Lomond.
                                                                             join us
If you own a business which serves the wedding industry with-in
Loch Lomond and you would like more information about advertising in
our next issue or online please contact

Duck Bay Marina
                   L o c h
           WeDDingS on The Bonnie BAnkS
                                            L o M o n D

          congratulations on your forthcoming wedding
     and may we extend our best wishes to you for the future.
 At Duck Bay our range of services           We are also able to provide those little
 and facilities are designed to make your    extras which will make your day truly
 wedding day truly an occasion to            memorable. You can even depart on your
 remember.                                   new married life together in a speed boat

                                             or take off on Loch Lomond’s sea plane
 When you choose Duck Bay, not only          from our own private jetty.
 have you chosen the most unique setting
 in Scotland, you are assured of a           The hotel has long been known as
 personal service second to none, expert     a popular location for weddings and
 advice down to the smallest of details      family celebrations and is recognized
 and a function suite prepared to the        for it’s traditional hospitality, quality of
 highest standard.                           service and great attention to detail.

       contact us to Book your DreaM weDDing...
Duck Bay hotel, Loch Lomond g38 8QZ. Telephone: 01389 751234 Fax: 01389 758113
      email: Web:
   52 West Clyde Street
   Helensburgh G84 8AX
    Tel: 01436-670512
        Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

        Bridal Gowns
        & Accessories

   & Flowergirls’ Gowns

 Tiaras, Jewellery, Shoes,
    Shoe Dyeing and
  Bespoke Fascinators

    Kilt Hire & Formal
        Men’s Hire
Choosing the dress
and accessories
        hoosing your wedding dress is one of the most
        exciting parts of organising your day. Every
        Bride has a romantic vision of how she will
look, and with so many different types of dresses to
choose from it can initially be a daunting task.

Definitely do your homework before you go dress
                                                              Wedding flower designers
shopping. Browse through as many magazines and
websites as possible to get an idea of the designs
                                                                  Specialising in
offered so that when you eventually go to the store             Event Decoration
you can discuss with your consultant your ideal look
for the day. She will know what shape suits you best
and which colour of dress will flatter your skin tone.
It may even be helpful to take with you a select few
                                                           Creating the perfect setting
people whose opinions you value when choosing                   for your wedding
your dress.

From sleek simple delicate sheaths to heavily
encrusted bead and crystal gowns, each wedding                        helensburgh flowers
dress will be as unique as you are.                        54 west princes street · helensburgh · g84 8ug
                                                               tel 01436 677727 · fax 01436 679977


     An exquisite collection of bespoke hats,
    demi-hats and fascinators made to match
            any colour of your outfit

                                                              Our cakes look delicious
                                                           and exciting, taste wonderful
                                                         and certainly won’t break the bank!
                                                                                 we offer a personal friendly
                                                                             service from the initial consultation
                                                                              at your home through to delivery
                                                                                 and setting up of your cake.

                                                                             whether your cake is large or small
                                                                              we aim to create a cake which is
                                                                                of a high standard and most
                                                                               importantly value for money.
      For an appointment or consultation
                                                                       ContaCt us now on
            please call: 07929952053
                                                             or Email:

       Gilded Lilley Invitations

                                                                      At Wilkie & Rider we have a range of Wedding rings and gift
                                                                      ideas. Whether you are looking for a wedding gift for the
                                                                      Bride and Groom, or a gift for your Bridesmaids and Ushers
                                                                      then we have gift ideas for all occasions.
                                                                      The Newbridge Collection is the perfect home ware gift,
                                                                      with a range of vases, candleholders, and Tableware gifts ,
                                                                      we have something for everyone’s taste. For the Bridesmaids
                                                                      we have beautiful Hot Diamond Earrings and Pendants and
                                                                      for the Ushers we have cufflinks and Pens in the Newbridge
                                                                      We also have a collection of 9ct Gold and Platinum
                                                                      wedding bands in store which can be ordered in your size.

Handmade Stationery for every occasion
        Designs tailor made especially for you.
      A personalised service at competitive rates.
             Weddings are our speciality.
For more information contact Gilded Lilley Invitations on

01436 678758 or 07745043539                                       3 College Way, Dumbarton, G82 1LQ 01389 762112
 email enquiries                        136 Main Street, Alexandria, G83 ONZ 01389 752484

                                              totally & Kilt Hire

                                                            Introducing the new Grey Thistle Range
                                                              with Totally Tartan, your local stockist

                                                            Available for hire from                       £65
                                                         Loch Lomond’s largest stockist of kilt hire

                                               ‘Everything for the well dressed Scotsman’
                                                     1st Floor, Lomond Galleries, 9 Main Street, Alexandria

                                                       01389 721800
        capture the moment forever




“We have no idea how to thank you for the amazing
      DVD you produced of our wedding day!
   We watched it 4 times last night and probably
       about 10 times today with the family!”

 Monica & Stephen 13th February 2010
Venues and
getting married
     Oh, ye’ll tak’ the high road, and I’ll tak’ the low              Throughout Loch Lomond and the surrounding areas
     road”,                                                           there are several different register offices that you have
                                                                      to register your Banns with.
The most famous song written about Loch Lomond starts
with this line and never more true are these words when                     Useful Links...
it comes to choosing your ideal venue – you will be quite         
literally spoilt for choice.                                                General Register Office for Scotland
From a rugged castle set high above the hills to a luxury                   Humanist Society Scotland
cruise on the water, Loch Lomond will have the perfect            
venue to meet both your taste and budget requirements.                      Church of Scotland
Do you wish to marry in front of a large group of                           Catholic Church
family and friends beside the Loch, or would you prefer           
a religious ceremony in a church followed by an intimate                    Civil Partnership in Scotland
dinner in a hotel? In Scotland a ceremony can take place
at any time and at any place, provided your minister                  Wherever you choose, you will be safe in the knowledge
agrees to it. Banns are not necessary, but you must give              that you are marrying in one of the most romantic places
your chosen register office 15 days notice of your                    in Scotland. Enjoy your day!
intention to marry.
                                                                      On the bonnie, bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond.


                                                            Quality without
                                                                    Style is what makes us different
wedding Breakfast hampers...Quality food delivered direct to you

       ...imagine sitting with your bridesmaids getting ready
       for the day of your life sipping champagne and enjoying
       our delicious wedding breakfast...
   we cater for all special choose the venue we do the rest
    at the Buffet shop we consider any celebration a privilege and make it our
   responsibility to provide a service which is founded upon the belief that our food
   should exceed your expectations
   having catered for celebrations of all sizes we have built a successful reputation
   for providing quality food specially tailored to each and every event.
   we have an extensive range of food and through guidance and advice we will
   assist you from the first enquiry to the day of celebration, in order to ensure
   complete satisfaction.

                   We supply Celebration Cakes
                & speCiality Cheese Wedding Cakes

 website telephone: 01436 679990
 or, you can pop into our deli at: 30 Colquhoun square, helensburgh,              g84 8aQ
                                                                                                                                                                        SPRING/SUMMER 2010

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      venue on Loch Lomond
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                                                                                                                                                     Shore Road, Cove, G84 0NX
   Imagine takingDISCOVER the sparkling waters

                 your vows on THE                                                                                   Print name
                                                                                                                                                               t: 01436 842283
   of LochNEWEST WEDDINGromantic scenery
          Lomond, surrounded by VENUE                                                                                                           w:
                                                                                                                    PLEASE RETURN WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE DATE SENT BY EMAIL, POST OR FAX.

             and LOCH LOMOND
            ON tree cloaked islands...
                                                                                                                    Scottish Wedding Directory, 6 Harmony Row, Glasgow G51 3BA
                                                                                                                    Tel: 0141 445 5545 Fax: 0141 445 4468
                                                                                                                    Email: ID

                            Imagine taking your vows on the
                            sparkling waters of Loch Lomond,
                                                                                                                    DATE SENT:
                          surrounded by romantic scenery and
                                  tree cloaked islands...

  With	your	wedding	ceremony	onboard	the	Silver	Dolphin,
            this	magical	setting	could	be	yours.

Sweeney’s Cruises is a family run business operating boats on Loch Lomond
              years. The Silver Dolphin is the newest addition
 for over 100 With your wedding ceremony onboard the Silver Dolphin, to our fleet,
                         most exciting wedding venue
    and the newest andthis magical setting could be yours. on Loch Lomond.

  •	 Civil	and	religious	ceremonies	catering	for	up	to	90	guests.
         Sweeney’s Cruises is a family run business operating boats on Loch Lomond for over 100 years. The Silver
  •	 Two	interior	decks	with	luxurious	thick	pile	carpeting	
       Dolphin is the newest addition to our fleet, and the newest and most exciting wedding venue on Loch Lomond.

  	 and	sumptuous	button	back	seating
             • Civil and religious ceremonies catering for up to 90 guests.
             • Two interior decks with luxurious thick pile carpeting and sumptuous button back seating
  •	 Flexible	seating	arrangements	for	your	wedding	breakfast
             • Flexible seating arrangements for your wedding breakfast
  •	 Polished	oak	dance	floor	and	fully	stocked	bar.
             • Polished oak dance floor and fully stocked bar.
  •	 Retractable	roof	allowing	an	open	air	atmosphere
             • Retractable roof allowing an open air atmosphere
  •	 Sparkling	mirrors	and	nautical	brass	fittings
             • Sparkling mirrors and nautical brass fittings                                                                  Stunning Lochside Location
                                 All this and only 30 minutes from Glasgow.
 All this and only 30 minutes from Glasgow. Please contact us for further details
                                                                                                                         Capacity: 110 (Marquee): 56 (Gallery)
                                          Please contact us for further details
      01389 752376 or visit
Call:Call: 01389 752376 or
                                                                                                                                             Specialists in the Smaller Wedding
                                                                                                                                             Exclusive Use • Private Moorings
                                                                                                                                                   Tailor made weddings
                                                                      RA Charters
                                                                      Luxury Cruiser Yacht Weddings
                                                                      Telephone: 01786 44 55 11
                                                                      Luxury Cruiser Yacht Weddings
                                                                        Loch Lomond Weddings aboard the Luxury Yacht
                                                                                     'Beau Jangles'
                                                                                             RA Charters
                                                                      Cruising from her prestigious berth on Loch Lomond we offer you
                                                                      and your wedding party a unique and exquisite wedding venue on
                                                                            board our luxury Phantom 40 Flybridge Cruiser Yacht.
                                                                         Following your wedding ceremony on board ‘Beau Jangles’
                                                                          your romantic champagne wedding cruise will commence
                                                                                             Special Day
                                                                      Your very special day will be enhanced by the spectacular scenery
                                                                      of Loch Lomond and the surrounding mountains. Perfect for those
                                                                                      memorable wedding photographs

                                                                                      Balloon Box
                                                                                      Balloons For All Occasions
                                                                                      Specialists in Wedding Balloon Decor
                                                                         Turn your wedding dream into
Join as a member of Experience and enjoy
a monthly treatment allowance of £50 for a
monthly membership fee of only £35. It’s the
                                                                         a dream wedding with balloons
perfect way to budget for your beauty regime
ahead of your big day…                                                We are professional balloon decorators who specialise
For more details please visit:                                          in weddings. We will transform your venue into
                                                                       a magical setting with our exquisite balloon decor
WEDDING PACKAGES                                                               making your day truly spectacular.

With 10 rooms, we have plenty of space to
accommodate you and your whole wedding

Enjoy the luxurious surroundings whilst sipping
a glass of fizz with your nearest and dearest
on the morning of your big day. Our in house
therapists and make up artists will take care
of your every need.


What better way to relax on the morning of
your Big Day? We offer gents a hot shave and
back neck and shoulder massage, which is the                           Contact Gems Balloon Box on
perfect start to your special day. Why should
the girls have all the fun?
                                                  6 Greenhead Road,
                                                                       0141 952 7862 or 07759107037
 Join our Social network free for up to date
                                                  Dumbarton G82 1EL
                                                  01389 732559
           offers and promotions -                              
Create the “WOW” factor
on your special day
Every Bride dreams of her special day to be unique
and to stand out from all other weddings, and this is
where All Dressed Up can help create the
“WOW” factor on this special day – your wedding.
  Choose from a crisp white, delicate ivory or dramatic black chair cover,
complimented by a hand tied coloured sash in organza, satin or taffeta in 50
different colours, which will help transform your room instantly. In addition to
this we stock a wide range of table centrepieces, bay trees, pew ends, scatter
table diamonds, rose scatter petals, garlands, twinkling lights, charger plates,
table linen and napkins.
  Our standards are extremely high. All our covers are freshly laundered for
every event, ironed by hand and delivered to the venue in specially adapted
wardrobe carriers to avoid creasing as much as possible. There, we can fit them
for you as part of our “We Do It” package or we can hire them to you on a DIY
basis. For a small charge we will deliver them to your venue, ready for fitting.
  Our inside knowledge of each venue allows us to advise you on how your
room will look, and what kind of chair covers suit best. We are delighted to
be the preferred supplier to Lodge on Loch Lomond and have worked over the
past few years in various venues which include:-                                            The D uck Bay M
n The Cruin, Loch Lomond
n Loch Lomond Youth Hostel, Loch Lomond
n The Duck Bay Marina, Loch Lomond
n The Rosslea Hall Hotel, Rhu
n The Dumbuck House Hotel, Dumbarton
n The Buchanan Arms Hotel, Drymen
n The Commodore Hotel, Helensburgh
n Ross Priory, Gartocharn
n The Winnock, Drymen
n The Abbotsford Hotel, Dumbarton
  Should you wish to see photographs of any of the rooms listed above
“All Dressed Up” then please contact us and we will be delighted to
send you through some photographs?
  Based in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire we are the perfect
choice for chair cover hire for weddings taking place in and around
the Loch Lomond, Helensburgh, Dumbarton, Clydebank, Erskine
and Greater Glasgow areas.
                                                                                   The RkosBea Hall arinael
                                                                                    Duc sl ay M Hot

                               All Dressed Up
                                        CHAIR COVER HIRE & VENUE DRESSERS

   All your dreams, all your wishes, All Dressed Up!
         10 Hillview Place, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire G83 0QD, Tel: 01389 604930
           Email: Web:
                                                          The Dumbarton and
                                                             Loch Lomond

Don’t draw a veil over your wedding           Wedding Show
- add a little Let’s Party sparkle and       Strathclyde Homes Stadium, Dumbarton
      have the time of your life
                                               Sunday 5th September 11 am - 4.30 pm
    We do table and venue decor,                    Over 30 Wedding Suppliers
                                              With everything covered to help you plan your dream wedding!
  balloons, marquees and gazebos,
     mobile bars, favours, all your                  Live Catwalk Show ~ Live Wedding Bands
      wedding planning, printing,                          Free Entry with glass of wine
    interactive dance floors, neon
                                             Book your free tickets now by emailing your name
  tables, everything you need for a               and the number of guests in your party
 memorable hen night or stag do and             to
 so many other things that even we
                                                    Event organised by Scottish Event Management
 have trouble remembering them all!
                                                         Sponsored by Double Six Limousines

 Pop in and see us ... tell us what you            Check out our website for more events in your area
  want and we will make it happen   
    You will have to find the groom
           yourself though!                  ScottishEventManagement                                For more information call
7 West Princes Street, Helensburgh G84 8TF         01290 422094 or 07525 539 052
            Tel: 01436 670070

   John H Glen & Son
                 Family Business Established since 1945

    Friendly, professional service tailored to meet your needs
        Large fleet of prestigious cars - Distance no object

        11 James Street                              34 Main Street
  Helensburgh 01436 674440                      Alexandria 01389 752778
   Loch Lomond Wedding Specialists

Based in Loch Lomond
     “Thank you so much for making          Immaculate vechicles
      my wedding day a wonderful         and Traditional Chauffeurs
     experience. I would not hesitate                 •
        in recommending you to          Beautiful selection of Jaguar
                anyone!”                      and Daimler cars
           Carly and David McLean       Long wheel base providing
                                          important extra legroom
     “Thank you for helping to make
        our wedding day special.
     We were delighted with the car
      and the service you provided,
         the car was admired by

          Bob and Moria MaCaulay

                                               contact us for
                                             further information

                                           01436 676677
                                        WITHIN 24 HOURS ■
BY TIME:                            DATE:

                           Loch Lomond
        Wedding Directory
        Alterations                                    Beauty                                           Bridal

                                                          Specialising in Wedding
        Experience in
                                                       Make-up and Beauty Treatments
        bridal alterations,                                  Let us pamper you
        bridesmaids dresses,                                  for your big day!                          Bridal - Cakes & Accessories
        all dress making        Maureen                   3 Glenview Place,
        and alterations,     01436 811434                Alexandria G83 0AW
        reasonable prices.    Garelochhead    

        Carriages                                      Ceildh                                           Dj
               Loch Lomond
               Carriage Hire                                      DONALD MACLEOD
                                                                  SCOTTISH DANCE BAND                           For your wedding reception trust
            Horse                                                 CEILIDH’S, WEDDINGS                             the local company with over
             and                                                  2 TO 6 PIECE BAND
                                                                                                                       25 years experience
           Carriage                                                                                               Music to suit all tastes from the 60s to the
                                                                                                                  present day. Sound and lighting to suit all
                                                                  DRYMEN BY GLASGOW                                          venues and occasions.
                                                                                                                We also cater for other types of functions and
                Our pride in attention to detail                  G63 OHX                                      party’s including Quiz Nights and Theme Nights.
             will ensure you arrive in true style...              01360 870312 • 07977579839                            Contract work is also undertaken
                   Loch Lomond Specialists              
               01436 860 269                                                                            Phone Ian on 01389 761615 or 07977 132974

        Event Management                               Favours & Stationery                             Flower Preservation
          Braveheart Weddings                                                                        Artwork is
               and Event Management
                                                                                                      shown at
        Wedding Co-ordinator ~ Stag Nights                                                           actual size
        01436 673127
        07863 204809
e advert 07577683664
         for print.

                                                  Hair . . . . . . .                  ....
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . &.Make. up . . . . . . . .Hair .& Make up
                                      belle . . blackley
. . . . . . Approval received by: . . . . . . . & . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                       Pampered
                                                                                                                                             on your
                                                                                                                                           special day
                                                            HAIR AND BEAUTY                                                              in the comfort
                                                                       Be it at home, in our salon                                        of your own
                                                                       or at your venue enjoy the                                             home
                                                                 exclusive attention colours not appearing
and is for guidance only. No responsibility will be taken for final printed of our                                                HAIR & MAKE-UP
                                                                        bridal hair, make-up and                                   SPECIALISTS
                                                                            nails specialists.
ser artwork and elements are the property of the Community Advertiser. Any attempt to copy,
                                                             Free consultations available                                      T: 0141 812 5709
                                                                                                                               M: 0773 664 4699
xpress permission of the Community Advertiser will result in direct legal action being taken.
                                                              205 Hope Street, Glasgow
                                                                      0141 353 3334
Jewellery & Tiaras                                                  Piper                                                               Piper

                                Halle B                                              Colin Lawrie                                       The Lone Piper
                                                                                       Bagpipe Services
                                                                                                                                              Calum Martin
         bespoke handcrafted                                                                  Wincomblee
                                                                                          225 Glasgow Road                                      The perfect touch
          jewellery and tiaras
                                                                                         Dumbarton G82 1EE                                       to your perfect
         contact us on                                                                      T: 01389 731997                                         wedding
 01436 674159 or 07989301906                                                               M: 07714 709 049                                                     E:                        07774 531 613

Pianist                                                             Shoes                                                               Stag & Hen
       Chris Connelly Pianist                                                 GRAHAM
                                                                     JUNE WEDDING SHOES                                                  Fraser Field Sports
 07944 184 174                        Music for your                  QUALITY             wedding, drinks                                      •	 Our	range	is	available	in	high	quality             reception & dinner                                    	 satins	and	silks	which	are	dyable.                 Stag and Hen Parties
                                    Jazz ~ Classical ~ Pop                                •	 Styles	can	be	decorated	with		                    Mini Highland Games
                                                                                          	 Swarovski	crystals	at	extra	cost                   Team Events for all the family
                                       Can travel with                                    •	 You	can	also	have	your	own	shoes		
                                    digital piano to cover                                	 made	from	your	own	fabric.                         Land Rover Driving
                                     all Scottish venues.                                 •	 We	design	all	styles	of	shoes	and	boots.
                                       Choice of piano
                                      or organ for your                  CALL FOR MORE DETAILS                                                  Call 07787 120 313
                                                                     01290 422094 - 07525 539 052                                  

String Quartet                                                      Transport                                                           Venue
 The Cleveden Quartet
                                                                                                                                        Loch Lomond
      Strings in Perfect Harmony                                                                                                        Your Day, Your Way, Your View.
                     For weddings, functions                                   Private CoaCh hire
                      and corporate events.                                  McColl’s Coaches provide private hire
                                                                               for weddings and other events.
                 Tel: 07847 113340                                   For a competitive quote contact us on 01389 754321                 Tel: 01389 850 263
                                     BloCk 4, vale of leven industrial estate                        e:
                                                                                  dumBarton, G82 3Pd                                    w:

Venue                                                               Wedding Band                                                        Wedding Band
                                                                                                    Premier Wedding
                                                                                                    & Function Band

                                                                                Covering the
  Distinctive Loch-side weddings • 18 acres of grounds with
private beach • Indoor facilities for 160 • Marquees a speciality
                                                                          Loch Lomond area
                                                                    Music from 60’s to present day with ceilidh set if required
    Every wedding is special. Every wedding is different
                                                                              Contact us for your wedding booking
  Loch Lomond Waterfront, Balmaha, Stirlingshire G63 0TQ
           01360 870144

Shows                                                               Soft Toys                                                           Weight Loss
                                                                               Punky Dummy’s                                             Louise                 WEIGHT
 The DumbarTon anD Loch LomonD
         WeDDing ShoW
                                                                     MInIaTurE sofT Toy ‘BrIdEs’                                        MacLeod                NOW! ASK
                                                                                                                                                               ME HOW!
                                                                                                The perfect gift for
 STRATHCLYDE HOMES STADIUM, DUMBARTON                                                          your little flowergirl!
 Sunday 5th September 11 am - 4 pm                                                           Each one can co-ordinate                                                Re-shape,
           Over 35 Loch Lomond Suppliers                                                          with the Bride’s                                               Increase energy
                                                                                                                                                               and Improve Nutrition
                 Live Catwalk Show                                                                colourscheme
             Book your free tickets now                                                           Can be dressed                                               For a free consultation
                                                                                                 in Ivory or White
Email your name and number of tickets you need to                                                                                          Independent                                                                                                                          Call 01360 870312
Contact 01290 422094 or 07525 539 052 for details                    Contact: Megs on 01389 604930                                          Distributor        or 07977 579 839
              Countdown                                              

12 Months + To Go                       4 Months To Go                          1 Week Before
• Congratulations! Set the date for     • Write out your wedding invitations    • Pick up any outfits that
  your forthcoming wedding.               for both your day and evening           have been hired
• Tell friends and family and make        guests                                • Arrange for your marriage
  newspaper announcements,              • Submit your marriage Notice Forms       schedule to be collected
  or send out Save the Date Cards.      • Discuss your hair and make up         • Check and check again that all your
• Find a venue and book your              requirements with a professional.       travel documents are in order
  celebrant (get written confirmation   • Book up a trial                       • Drop off all your favours and place
  of this)
                                                                                  name cards to your chosen venue
• Go wedding dress shopping!
• Choose your Best Man and
                                        2 Months To Go                          • Pamper yourself with the last of
  Bridesmaids and go shopping to                                                  your required beauty treatments
                                        • Send out your wedding invitations
  choose their dresses
                                        • Begin the task of seating your        The Big Day
9 Months To Go                            guests at your venue
                                        • Finalise your menu with your          • Have a decent breakfast – you’ll
                                          chosen venue or caterer
• Begin looking into key suppliers                                                need all the energy you can get
                                        • Choose presents for your attendants
• Decide on who you will invite to                                              • Go to the hairdressers to have
                                        • Arrange a final fitting for your
  the daytime and evening reception                                               your hair styled, then have your
• Organise your honeymoon                 wedding gown
                                                                                  make up applied
  (remember to book it in whatever
  name your passport will be in once    1 Month To Go                           • Wait for your gorgeous
                                                                                  flowers to arrive
  married)                                                                      • Make your way to the ceremony
                                        • Chase any guests that you
                                                                                  allowing extra time for the
                                          still need to hear from
6 Months To Go                          • Book a rehearsal with your
                                          venue / church

• Order your invitations                • Enjoy your Hen and Stag nights –
  and stationery
• Finalise your wedding flowers /
                                          but remember and be safe!
  buttonholes / Mother’s flowers        2 Weeks Before                          enjoy your

                                                                                Big Day!
• Set up a wedding gift list
• Organise your Marriage                • Confirm your final details with all
  Notice Forms                            your chosen suppliers and pay any
• Go for a first fitting                  amounts outstanding.
• Organise the Groom                    • Pack your cases for your honey
  and Best Man’s Kilts                    moon and order travellers cheques

    The Chocolate Fountain Company for weddings and events!
               For more information contact us on
     01389 603294 or 07919053351
           e specialise in Loch Lomond
           weddings, having a close
           relationship with most venues
and are therefore able to advise you on all
aspects of planning that spectacular addition
to your special day.

If you have always thought that having
fireworks at your wedding was a luxury that
you could not afford... not at all! 21cc
Fireworks offer a complete range of firework
displays and pyrotechnics – with prices starting
from just £30 for lanterns.

Perhaps you want to create that special
moment to be captured by your photographer
for your wedding album. 21cc Fireworks offer
a range of both indoor and outdoor fountains
which can be used in many innovative ways
 as a shimmering backdrop to the bride and
groom for that special photoshoot opportunity.
We can also supply table top fountains for
a surprise element to your reception, confetti
cannons, flambeaux for a magnificent entrance
to your venue, gas torches to illuminate the
patio or your names in fireworks for that
memorable end to your special day.

                                                                                          Win £500
                                                                                          Worth of

                                  your                                                    21 cc fireworks are offering two cou-
                                                                                          ples the chance to win £500 worth of

DREAM                                                                                     their products and services.
                                                                                          it is entirely up to the winners how
                                                                                          they spend the £500 prize.
in Loch Lomond                                                                            to enter, answer the following
                                                                                          question and email your name,

     with a                                                                               address and telephone number to

SPECTACULAR                                                                               in which two cities are

                                                                                          21cc fireworks based?
                                                                                          Visit to find
                                                                                          the answer and explore the fabulous
                                                                                          products available as the prize.

      The first prize draw will take place on September 30th 2010, the second on February 24th 2011. Winners will receive a £500 credit
towards any of 21cc Firework’s products and services. The prize must be used on one day only and may be a part payment for a bigger event.
  Winners will be notified by Weddings at Loch Lomond and will appear on our web site. Full terms and conditions are available on request.
BoturichCastle                                             “The occasion was ‘crowned’ by the
                                                        magnificent backdrop of Loch Lomond
                                                                    - breathtaking”

S                                                       “The venue was just perfect, what a
       et in the beautiful grounds of
       the Boturich Castle Estate, this
       romantic venue has spectacular             beautiful setting looking across Loch Lomond”
views of Loch Lomond and Ben
Lomond and is a wonderful location for
wedding parties of all sizes. Although                             “The venue was
the venue is found less than 40 minutes                          out of this world”
from the centre of Glasgow and about
25 minutes from Glasgow Airport it is
surrounded by tranquillity and beauty.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions
take place in a state of the art marquee
that has two sides of floor to ceiling
glass to make the most of the
stunning views of Loch Lomond
and Ben Lomond.

Not only are the views and positioning
of this venue second to none, the team
will go above and beyond to make sure
that your special day is truly fantastic.
By holding your wedding at Boturich
Castle you have the flexibility to choose
your caterers and supply your own
alcohol and no corkage fee is charged.
This venue is really a blank canvas on
which the wedding couple can build
their perfect day.

                                        Viewing strictly
                                      by appointment only

                        tel +44 (0)1389 757502
                         contact us for all initial enquiries
              boturich castle alexandria dunbartonshire g83 8lX
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