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									      A Publication of Southfield Christian School

The   Perspective
                             FA L L / W I N T E R 2 0 0 8

 Pursuing excellence for the
               Glory of God
                                      Southfield Chris an School Board

                                 Back from le : K. Walmsley, B. Ge el, R. Warren, J. Brightwell, G. Drain. Front: R. Culver,
                                 G. VanTine, S. Calero, J. Kowalski. Not pictured: A. Bowles, S. Griffin, L. Sternberg
    “Southfield               Board Bios                         She is involved at HPBC in         1997. She is married to Sco
   Christian has                                                “Missions with a Heart” and is     Kowalski, also a SCS grad, and
                                                                mother of SCS grad, Bruce, ‘05,    they have three small children.
   been blessed              Dr. Al Bowles and his wife         and Jeremy, a current fresh-
        since its            Gwen have been members of          man.                               Mr. Larry Sternberg has run
                             HPBC for over 20 years. Dr.                                           his own financial services
 inception with              Bowles is a pulmonary/cri cal      Honorable Gershwin Drain is        company for 29 years. He
  school boards              care surgeon with Henry Ford       a judge on the Wayne County        and his wife Karen have three
                             Hospital. He and Gwen have         Circuit Court. He and his wife     grown children, all of whom
   that have the             two grown children and two         Meredith have two daughters,       graduated from SCS. He has
best interests of            grandchildren.                     Shelley and Shannon, gradu-        also served on the Trustee and
      the school                                                ates of SCS, who are now law-      Deacon boards of HPBC.
                             Mr. Jim Brightwell has at-         yers. Mr. Drain is involved in a
       at heart.”            tended HPBC since infancy          prison ministry at the Mound       Mrs. Gina Van Tine is a found-
                             when the church was located        Road Correc onal Facility.         ing partner of inForm Studio,
     Dr. Ken Hall            in Highland Park (we won’t                                            an architectural firm. As a
                             say how long). Jim lost his wife   Mr. Brian Ge el is serving         marke ng/managing principal,
                             Kim unexpectedly five years         on the SCS board for the           she contributes organiza onal
                             ago. Their two children Dawn       third me. He has had three         and graphic skills. She has
   Mrs. Margie Baldwin,      and Jamie graduated from           children at SCS, two of them       served on the HPBC Chris an
         Superintendent,     Southfield Chris an. Jim is an      graduates. Brian serves as         Ed board and she and her hus-
          Dr. Phil Ackley,   accountant with Centerline         President of the Great Lakes       band, Ken, are avid Michigan
   High School Principal,                                                                          fans.
                             Electric and engaged to Carol      Chris an Founda on, an affili-
 Mrs. Sue Hoffenbacher,
Middle School Principal,     Livermore.                         ate of the Na onal Chris an
           Mr. Jason Erb,                                       Founda on of Atlanta.              Mr. Rick Warren is President,
    Elementary Principal,    Mrs. Suzanne Calero and her                                           CEO and owner of Weldaloy
           Mr. Ron Hintz,    husband Fred have a ended          Mr. Sco Griffin owns Griffin           Products Company and Lu ig
       Business Manager,     HPBC for 16 years since mov-       Proper es — a commercial           Warren. Rick has served on
             Dr. Ken Hall,   ing from California. Four of       real estate venture. He is very    the HPBC Mission Board and
Director of Development      their children have a ended        ac ve at HPBC and in the com-      is on the board of directors for
 and Mr. Ralph Reddick,      SCS; two have graduated and        munity, serving on boards for      Michigan Theological Semi-
       HPBC Elder Board,     a end Michigan and Oakland         Southfield Lathrup Op mist          nary. He and his wife Sara have
  are ex-officio members                                                                             two grown daughters.
                             Universi es. “Our family has       Club, Metro Youth for Christ,
     of the school board.
                             been so blessed to be a part of    and others. He and his wife
                             the ministries here at SCS and     Connie are parents of two          Mr. Ken Walmsley is married
                             HPBC.”                             SCS grads and current senior,      to Kim, a graduate of SCS ,
                                                                Joshua.                            and has a daughter, Hannah,
                             Mrs. Renee Culver is a gradu-                                         who is a senior. Ken is Director
                             ate of Baylor University with      Mrs. Jena (Wright) Kowalski        of Corporate Credit with Edw.
                             a BS in Secondary Educa on.        is a SCS “lifer,” gradua ng in     C. Levy Co. of Detroit.

Carmen Allen
                                         Message from Margie
Margie Baldwin
Kris n Calder
Evan Carter
Chris Dean                                                                               Thankfulness
Jason Erb
Irma Henderson                                                  Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name;
Sue Hoffenbacher                                                      Make known among the na ons what he has done.
Carol Kenney                                                    Sing to him, sing praise to him:
John Sowash                                                          Tell of all his wonderful acts.
Ma Yacoub
                                                                Glory in his holy name;
                                                                     Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.
Copy Editor:                                                    Look to the Lord and his strength;
Irma Henderson                                                       Seek his face always.
                                                                Remember the wonders he has done,
                                                                     His miracles, and the judgments he pronounced.
Designer:                            Mrs. Margie Baldwin                                         I Chronicles 16:8-12
Irma Henderson                         Superintendent

Photography:                            At Southfield Chris an School we have much to thank the Lord for so that’s just what we
Middle School Yearbook Staff    did! On November 8, the SCS community gathered to “formally” thank the Lord for his provision,
High School Yearbook Staff      preserva on and prosperity. The event actually started one year ago in the hearts of the SCS
Lynn Duffy                      leadership when we realized that we experiencing some extreme circumstances. That is when we
Heather Fracassi               first gathered around the outside of the school and held hands to pray for God’s mercy.
Irma Henderson                          At that me our prayer requests were to: increase our student enrollment, provide the
Michelle McTaggart             needed funds of $875,000, create unity among SCS families, provide significant spiritual growth
Rene Ratchford                 in the lives of our staff and students, and bless this unique ministry. Later, we added a request for
Ma Yacoub                      healing in our community as we suffered the loss of one of our students and for his hur ng family.
                               The leadership team promised God that we would be faithful to proclaim His goodness and gather
                               in a year to celebrate his response to our requests.
On the Cover:                            On November 8, we ate our thanksgiving meal and then gathered in the worship cen-
On a beau ful October day,     ter to praise, worship and provide tes mony of how God met our needs. We praised God that
AP English students enjoy      the needed funds were supplied, for an increase in student enrollment and for the evidence of
an excursion to Stra ord,      spiritual growth and unity. On a regular basis parents stop me in the halls to tell me how much
Ontario, Canada, to see        God is doing in their children’s and family’s hearts. Addi onally, the family who suffered the loss
Taming of the Shrew.           is persevering and tes fies of God’s mercy and the SCS community con nues to heal.
                                        We are humbled by God’s goodness to us. We sense that we are on a mission, and we
                               have found favor with God. We are excited to see what lies ahead in the next few years. We are
                               asking God for con nued growth and mercy and we will be faithful to give God the glory for His
Dates to Remember:             goodness. If you prayed or are praying for the school, we say thank you.
January 26 - 30 Elementary
    Spiritual Life Week                                “To God be the Glory; great things He hath done.”
February 7 Selec ons from
    Joseph & the Technicolor
February 16 - 20 Mid Winter     IN THIS ISSUE:
    Break & HS missions trip
February 27 & 28 Dinner
    Theatre, Dead Air           Inside cover:
 March 2 - 5 MS & HS                     School Board
     Spiritual Life Week
 March 23 - 27 Senior Trip       2   Fall 2008
 April 9 - 19 Easter Break
 May 21 Junior / Senior          2   Class of 2008
 June 5 Commencement             4   Faculty
                                 6   Homecoming & Spirit
                                 8   Athle c Highlights
Southfield Chris an School
- a ministry of Highland        10   Fine Arts
     Park Bap st Church         11   Thanksgiving
Southfield Chris an School       12   Students in Ministry
28650 Lahser Road               14   Alumni News & Notes
Southfield, MI 48034             16   SCS Fundraisers
248. 357. 3660                                                                  See Class of 2008 highlights, page 2
www.southfieldchris an.org                                                                                                             1
         THE CLASS OF 2008

Total college applica ons:
232 for 62 seniors
                                                   Faculty Kickoff Retreat
62 of 62 were accepted to at least        On August 20 and 21, the         Ini a ve (presenta on        of SCS’ history and a
one college of their choice.
                                          SCS faculty retreated to         of an opportunity for        reminder to be firm in
Number a ending Chris an                  Michindoh Conference             SCS teachers to partner      our aims and goals of
colleges: 14 of 62, 23%                   Center near Hillsdale            with Kosovo Chris an         pursuing excellence in
                                          for two days of chal-            School in that war-rav-      educa on for the Glory of
Number a ending public colleges or
universi es: 40 of 62, 65%                lenge, skill-building, and       aged land); differen ated     God.)
                                          worship. Major topics            instruc on (how can SCS
Number a ending private colleges:         for discussion included          teachers maintain quality    The group was led in
8 of 62, 13%
                                          curriculum standards             instruc on while meet-       worship and song by Ed
Number a ending four-year colleges        and ISACS accredita on           ing the varying learning     and Tricia Cantrell and
and universi es: 61 of 62, 98%            review (how does SCS             styles of students); and a   by a message from Dr.
                                          meet the benchmarks of           challenge from Dr. Hall,     Brent Slater, senior pastor
Number a ending two-year colleges
or universi es: 1 of 62, 1.6%
                                          recognized educa onal            Development Director         of Highland Park Bap st
                                          standards); the Kosovo           (reviewing the seasons       Church. The faculty en-
Number a ending two- or four-year                                                                       joyed the relaxed atmo-
colleges or universi es:                                                                                sphere and recrea onal
62 of 62, 100%
                                                                                                        facili es as well as com-
          Academic Informa on                                                                           ing away challenged for
     22 graduated summa cum laude                                                                       the 2008-09 school year.
                (3.8+) – 35%
      7 graduated magna cum laude
            (3.65 – 3.79) – 11%                                                                         Le : Elementary teachers,
          4 graduated cum laude                                                                         Pat Miller and Cindy Daniels,
             (3.5 – 3.64) – 6%                                                                          peruse educa onal standards.
            33 of 62 graduated
            with honors – 53%
    22 graduated Phi Beta Kappa – 35%
         51 of 62 held a GPA of 3.0
              or higher – 82%             Right: Middle School faculty
                                          take me for a picture by the
     Michigan Compe ve Scholarship        lake.
        qualifiers: 43 of 62 – 69%

             ACT average: 25
    SAT average: Cri cal reading – 605;   Below: High school faculty
         math – 645; wri ng -- 600        think they’re transported back
                                          to the Wild West on a hayride
                                          through Michindoh grounds.
         Scholarship Informa on
          Scholarship recipients:
              54 of 62 – 87%
     Four – year renewable: $475, 000
    Computed over 4 years: $1,900,000
     Michigan Merit Awards and other
            one-year: $125,000
      Total earned (1st yr): $600,000

      Valedictorian – Alison Reddick
            Co-Salutatorians –
      Joel Kuntzman, Marisa Winter

      Congratulations, Class of
        on your outstanding
          Hot Dogs, Holding Hands,                                                            See You at
                                                                                               the Pole!
             and Poster Boards                                                               September 24
                                                                A er the meal, the en re
                                                                group joined hands to
                                                                surround the school with
                                                                prayer. Encircling the
                                                                en re campus, small
                                                                clusters then prayed
                                                                together for God’s
                                                                blessing on the upcoming
                                                                school year.

                                                                Next, everyone assembled
                                                                in the HPBC worship
                                                                center for a me of praise,
                                                                worship, and a welcome
    Elementary children enjoy the me of worship and praise.     from Dr. Brent Slater,
                                                                senior pastor of Highland
What do hotdogs, holding          ents, students, faculty,      Park Bap st Church.
hands, and poster boards          board members, and
have in common? They              friends - gathered first for   Finally, the evening
were all part of Back-to-         an all-school picnic on the   concluded with parents
School Night on Sunday,           athle c field. Families        moving to elementary,
September 7, as hundreds          enjoyed the beau ful          middle school, and high
of our school family - par-       weather while picnicking.     school open houses.

With an en rely new format to
provide informa on to
parents, high school faculty
u lized the tri-fold poster
board to capture each
academic department. Also,
for the first me, the open
house was held in the gym,
arena-style, as parents met
the faculty and were informed
about individual subjects and

As the old adage goes, “A great
 me was had by all.”
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jason (Tish) Erb,
                                       elementary principal, on the
                                                                              Student Life Student
                                       arrival of their son, Benjamin
                                       David on October 21, weigh-
                                       ing in at 9 lbs, 3 oz. Benjamin
                                       joins Eulaya and Isaiah in the
                                                                               Elementary School in Review
                                       Erb family.                         In August the elementary school began with an enrollment of
                                                                           220 students and an eager staff ready to embark on a year long
                                                                           journey of discovery and growth. In early fall, the elementary
                                                                           students had a fun me during Spirit Week par cipa ng in
                                                                           dress up days and the paper recycling drive. Spirit Week
                                                                           culminated in an all-school parade and tailgate at the SCS
        Mr. and Mrs. John (Nellie)
                                                                           varsity football game. All year the students and staff have
             Sowash, high school
                                                                           been learning about Joseph in their chapels. Everyone has
          biology teacher, on the
                                                                           had fun as we have acted out and learned from the life of
         arrival of their daughter,
                                                                           Joseph…a man of integrity, wisdom, and forgiveness. Some
      Jonelle Grace, September 8,
                                                                           new programs in the elementary this year include a flag
             weighing 8 lbs, 12 oz.
                                                                           football league, a praise movement and praise vocal team,
                                                                           and a math enrichment component for some of our younger
                                                                           students. All in all, this year promises to be another year of
                                                                           steady growth in learning about God and His ways as well as
                    Mrs. Yvonne Fong, first grade teacher, on the           learning the necessary academic subject ma er to carry out
                    comple on of her master’s degree from                  the cultural mandate and the great commission.
                    Concordia University in Educa onal Leadership
                    with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruc on.

                                 Mrs. Cheryl Bricker,
                                                                                  Molding Middle Schoolers
       third grade teacher, on the comple on of her                                                                 The Pursuit
          master’s degree from Oakland University in                                                            By Evan Carter (Grade 8)
                          Early Childhood Educa on.                                                         On the second day of the new
                                                                                                            school year, the Middle School
                                                                                                            went to the Girls and Boys
                                                                                                            Republic of Farmington Hills.
                    Mrs. Jane Cagwin, kindergarten teacher, on the                                          The students went swimming
                    comple on of her master’s degree in Special                                             and played volleyball and
                    Educa on from Oakland University.                                                       kickball. Then they went on a
                                                                                                            ropes course; the 8th graders
                    Mr. Dave Droste,
                                                                                                            going on a high ropes course
     middle school counselor, who
                                                                                                            and the 7th and 6th graders
         competed in his third Iron-                                         Chris an Winter scales the     going on a low ropes course.
     man compe on on August 2,                                                   high ropes course.         Next, the Middle School
    2008. Dave ran to raise money
                                                                                                            gathered on a field behind the
       for brain cancer research on
                                                                           The Middle School was            gym and played games with
      behalf of Jeff LitTel, father of
                                                                           launched last year as a result   the LEAD team. The day was
               SCS grad, Jamin, ’07.
                                                                           of the unique spiritual,         fun and exci ng; Ezra Chang
         Mr. LitTel passed away just
                                                                           academic, ar s c, physical,      noted, “I really like the Boys
        before the race, and Dave’s
                                                                           and social needs of sixth,       and Girls Republic because the
              heart was heavy as he
                                                                           seventh, and eighth grade        challenges are fun and some-
        competed. Dave swam 2.4
                                                                           students. The overall objec-       mes scare you, but also test
    miles, biked 112 miles, and ran
                                                                             ve of the Middle School is     your strength and ability to
    26.2 miles in 95 + heat. In spite
                                                                           to establish a unique com-       stay balanced.” Maggie Vosler
       of muscle cramping, flipping
                                                                           munity, pursue academic          also enjoyed the games, say-
    over his handle bars, losing his bike gloves, and the flight delay of                                    ing, “I liked it on the first day
    his wife, Dave finished the race in 14 hours and 24 minutes. Also,      excellence, develop rela on-
                                                                           ships, and lay a firm spiritual   of school because we got to
    through the generous gi s of family and friends, he raised $1100                                        get to know the new people,
                                                    for cancer research.   founda on.
                                                                                                            and I love to try to be friends
                                                                           This year kicked off with a       with them.”
                                                                           one-day retreat to the Boys
                                                                           and Girls Republic where
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ruffin,
                                                                           students par cipated in a
                                       who wed on July 25, 2008.
                                                                           worship service, a high/low
                                       The bride is Lisa Sherman,
                                                                           ropes course, and enjoyed a
                                       1999 SCS grad, and high
                                                                           variety of games. A second
                                       school social studies teacher.
                                                                           highlight was the fun-filled
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Ruffin reside in
                                                                           Spirit Week fes vi es.
                                       Farmington Hills, MI.
Life Student Life Student Life Student Life
        Uniforms Come to the High School                                                                     STUDENTS!
                                                                                                                     Karl Anderson,’09, is a
First, the elementary, then,
                                                                                                           Na onal Merit
the middle school, and,                                                                                     Semi-finalist.
finally, for the first me                                                                                      Based on his
this year, to the high school                                                                              PSAT scores in
— uniforms for all. High                                                                                     2007, Karl is
schoolers have a wide as-                                                                                  one of 16,000
sortment of styles, colors,                                                                                      students
and items from which to                                                                                    na onwide to
choose, and while the stu-                                                                                   a ain this honor. He is the son
dents may not have ini ally                                                                                of Randall and Dianne Anderson
                                                                                                           of Farmington Hills. Karl plans to
embraced the uniforms                                                                                     pursue a mechanical engineering
with open arms, they have                                                                                 career. Commended students are
been gracious and under-                                                                                 Carmen Allen, Erik Anderson, and
standing in accep ng them,                                                                                                 Anastasia Katai.
plus the students look at-
trac ve and sharp.                                                                                       Camille Bridges, ‘11, is the
                                                                                                                           Na onal
Student Comments:                  Kaitlyn Chester (‘12) - “I think   Karl Anderson (‘09) - “They’re                       American Miss
Rhonda Wynn (‘09) - I like                                                                                                 Michigan Junior
                                   they’re cute and I can             not as bad as people were                            Teen. She has
them. Some mes the adminis-        accessorize. Plus, when I go       projec ng last year. Everyone
tra on can be a li le picky, but                                                                                           been involved in
                                   shopping, I can get what I         thought they’d be really bad.”                       a variety of com-
the uniforms look neat.”           want and not have to worry                                                              munity service
                                   about dress code.”                 Aneisha Bussey (’10) - “I really                     opportuni es
Kelly Parker (‘12) - “I don’t                                         don’t mind; they save me in        since becoming the representa-
mind them. You don’t have to       Frazier Thompson (‘10) - “They     the morning, and they make           ve for Michigan including helping
stress out about what to wear      make the school as a whole         you look classy and profes-        foster children become adopted
and we can be modest.”             look more sophis cated.”           sional.”                           through the Cadman Founda on.
                                                                                                         Camille is the daughter of George
                                                                                                         and Carolyn Bridges of Southfield.
                                                                                                         Camille finished in the top ten
                                   College Fair                                                          at the na onal compe on in

                                   During an Ac vi es’ Hour on        table to table to ques on the          Nicole Marion, ‘09, is an essay
                                   Wednesday, September 25,           reps about majors, finances,        winner through
                                   juniors and seniors had the        and scholarships. Students and             a contest
                                   privilege of interac ng with 40    representa ves both profited           sponsored by
                                   college representa ves. Color-     from the event sponsored by        Detroit Chapter
                                   ful tables and banners of many     the guidance office. Senior          of the NAACP to
                                   Chris an, private and state col-   Andrea Krick stated, “I only                  honor
                                   leges and universi es filled the    learned about Hun ngton                   Dr. Mar n
                                   gym. Students moved from           because of the fair.”                   Luther King.
                                                                                                          Nicole is the daughter of Charles
                                                                                                            and Rene Marion of Southfield.
                                                                                                          Below is an excerpt from Nicole’s
                Congratula ons, Graduates                                                                                   winning essay:
                                                                                                         The ba le for freedom and
                                                                                                         equality has been fought in the fields
Congratula ons to ten mem-         credit and/or advanced place-      Kuntzman, Alison Reddick.          against Jim Crow laws, in the streets
bers of the Class of 2008 who      ment with successful scores on                                        while rio ng against oppression, in
                                                                      Scholar with Honor (grades         city government when running for
earned AP Scholar Awards in        the Exams.                                                            office and in schools, just trying to
recogni on of their excep on-                                         of 3.25 on all AP exams, and       graduate. Now the struggle for social
al achievement on Advanced         About 18 percent of the 1.6        grades of 3 or higher on four      jus ce is fought in the minds of Ameri-
Placement exams. The College       million students worldwide         or more exams): Tiffany Love,       can people. We have accomplished
Board’s Advanced Placement         who take the tests earn the        Bradley McCarthy, Michael          a lot in changing laws and policies,
                                                                                                         having done so with great sacrifice,
Program provides mo vated          AP Scholar Award.                  Solt, Marisa Winter                and there is s ll a lot to be done. In
and academically prepared                                                                                order to witness true equality, we have
students with the opportu-         Scholar (grades of 3 or higher     Scholar with Dis nc on             to change our way of thinking.
nity to take rigorous college-     on three or more exams): Tim       (grades of 3.5 on all AP exams,    . . . . We are so eager to point the fin-
                                                                      and grades of 3 or higher on       ger at someone else and blame them
level courses while s ll in high   Bergsma, Greg Hockenbrocht,                                           instead of looking at the source of the
school and to earn college         Kris Hoffenbacher, Joel             five or more exams): Ian Burris     problem, us.
    A Spirited Homecoming Week
                                        That’s the Spirit!            panda, “Chops ck Relay,”          with the announcement
                                       By Carmen Allen (‘09)          a rice-ea ng contest, and         of the annual float-build-
                                                                      “Dragon Dodgeball,” a game        ing contest winner. Each
                                        “On your mark . . . get set   of dodgeball that moved           float revealed the hard
                                    . . . go!”                        around the gym.                   work produced at Saturday
                                                                                                        float par es and the ar s c
                                       As the command echoed              Spirit Week offered com-       talent of class members
                                    through the high school           pe ons to dress up and            incorpora ng the Year of
                                    gym, the freshman and             earn points for their class.      the Eagle and Asian theme.
                                    sophomore classes erupted         The days included Olym-           Though the seniors claimed
                                    with cheers, watching             pics; Made in China, featur-      victories of both the float
                                    eagerly as their classmates       ing crea ve items made in         contest and Spirit Week as
                                    rolled each other up in           China; Tradi onal Asian,          a whole (and were chased
                                    blankets and dragged the          producing scores of nin-          all week by the enthusias-
                                    snug bodies on a comforter        jas and kimono-clad girls;          c sophomores), all of the
                                    across the gym floor. No           Origami Day; and, finally,         floats united the school as
                                    Monday morning doldrums           school colors for School          they encouraged the Eagles
                                    smothered the student             Spirit Day. Middle School         to beat the Old Redford
                                    body; instead, all eyes           students copied the dress         Ravens on Friday night,
                                    remained fixed on “Human           days of the high school,          October 10.
                                    Sushi,” the first game of          but they added Red and
       Kris n Calder shows her      Spirit Week 2008 (October         Yellow (instead of Made in           Thanks to touchdowns
               ‘09 spirit           6 - 11) at Southfield Chris-       China) for the Chinese Flag       by Aaron Myles and Devon
                                     an School.                       and Crazy Dress (instead of       Bailey and bleachers packed
                                                                      Origami). They had a very         with enthusias c fans, the
                                       The Year of the Eagle,”        spirited Friday assembly          football team managed to
                                    the tle for Spirit Week’s         run by the LEAD team. The         do just that. At hal ime,
                                    Asian theme, presented a          elementary par cipated            elementary and middle
                                    variety of crazy, crea ve         with the addi on of Crazy         school students and the
                                    games to engage the               Hat Day and showed their          high school floats paraded
                                    students and faculty in a         enthusiasm on School Spirit       around the track, followed
                                    celebra on of school spirit       day.                              by the introduc on of the
                                    – from si ng on scoot-                                              2008 Homecoming Court:
                                    ers and a acking each               Students could also earn        freshmen Lance Shipp and
                                    other with toilet plungers        points for their class by par-    Rebekah Devine, sopho-
                                    in a compe ve round of             cipa ng in the tradi onal        mores Max Adams and
                                    jous ng to screaming their        penny drive, but new this         Mauree Sullivan, juniors
                                    support as Mr. Sowash and         year was the opportunity          Morgan Spann and Betsy
                                    Mr. Hammers ba led it out         to give paper in a recycling      Mar n, senior princes Seth
                                    in the sumo wrestling ring.       drive. As paper and pen-          Wilson and Steve Thrasher,
                                    Other games included “Save        nies piled up, the intensity      princesses Anastasia Katai
                                    the Panda,” a scavenger           of the week mounted. On           and Jessica Taber, and king
    Middleschoolers love Blue and                                     Friday, the compe on              and queen Josh Griffin and
             Gold Day               hunt decoding Chinese
                                    proverbs to find the missing       reached its final crescendo        Abbey King.

     Homecoming Banquet
     Saturday evening, October      and enjoyed conversa ons
    11, high school students        with friends. The menu
    returned to SCS, not in blue    consisted of sweet and
    and gold, but in suits and      sour chicken, rice, spring
    dresses for the Homecom-        rolls, Oriental vegetables,
    ing banquet, “An Evening in     chocolate cake, and hot tea.
    the Orient.” Beginning with     When the meal came to a
    pictures and hors d’oeuvres     close, a endees grabbed
    in the church foyer, the        take-out boxes packed with
    students eventually moved       fortune cookies and headed
    into the Fellowship Hall,       to various post-banquet
    where they listened to          par es.                                   Ka e Long and Betsy Mar n eye the hors d’ oeuvres
    tradi onal Japanese music                                                                before the banquet
Homecoming Weekend October 10 & 11, 2008

     Homecoming Court: Back: Freshman Lance Shipp, Seniors Seth Wilson, Jessica Taber, Queen Abbey King,
     King Josh Griffin, Anastasia Katai, Steve Thrasher, Sophomore Max Adams. Front: Freshman Rebekah Devine,
     Sophomore Mauree Sullivan, Junior Betsy Mar n. Not Pictured: Junior Morgan Spann on football team.

                                                                            Homecoming Fes vi es
                                                                            Far le : Kurt and Ann (Bilbrey)
                                                                            Ruppenthal ‘96 & family enjoy
                                                                            the pre-game tailgate party.
                                                                            Le : Members of the Class of
                                                                            ‘88 enjoy the game and are s ll
                                                                            amazed that SCS has a football
                                                                            Below: One me teacher and
                                                                            superintendent Sco Berthel
                                                                            receives the Hall of Honor award
                                                                            from Dr. Ackley, HS principal, for
                                                                            his accomplishments as SCS
                                                                            soccer coach;
                                                                            Le below: Mrs. Lavonia Green,
                                                                            proud mother of junior Devon
                                                                            Baily football receiver, enjoys the
                                                                            tailgate party to the max.

    Fall Sports 2008
                    Elementary                                    Cross Country
                                                                  By the end of the season, the whole team had improved
    Sports begin at Southfield                                     their mes and stamina. The team had four meets, with
    Chris an in the elementary                                    three addi onal op onal races. Nathan McLean and Evan
    grades with many exci ng                                      Carter both went under 12:15 for two miles. Coach Dave
    ac vi es.                                                     Droste said, “My favorite part is seeing the students im-
                                                                  prove in their abili es and some mes even enjoy running.”
    The fourth and fi h grade
    girls GOLD or the BLUE                                        Volleyball
    basketball teams had great                                    This season the volleyball team learned the high school
    records as they played                                        junior varsity style of play. They had to learn to move their
    other Chris an schools.                                       feet, set up in the 5-1 format. They didn’t have a winning
    The Gold record was 6 – 3,                                    season, but the girls learned a lot. Kylin Bullock and Mag-
    the Blue, 8 - 3.                                              gie Vosler were the main se ers and Arabia Li le was their
                                                                  consistent passer.
    Several parents helped                                                                              By Evan Carter, Grade 8
    to coach six teams of flag
    football, teaching boys in grades 1-4 the fundamentals of

    Jump rope with 44 students, unicycling with nine, baton
    twirling with 35 students, and loom kni ng with ten stu-
    dents rounded out the fall sports picture.

                 Middle School
    This fall sports season was a successful one, not only
    because of athle c excellence but also because of the way
    the students showed sportsmanship and respect to the
    opposi on. The soccer team came together and had a
    winning season, the cross country team had major im-
    provements on their mes, and the volleyball team gelled
    and, by the end of the season, were ge ng most of their
    serves over the net. The fall season had lots of excitement
                                                                                    High School
    with Eric Hamilton scoring 11 goals or with Evan Carter and                         A me to build
    Nathan McLean going well under 12:15 for two miles.
                                                                  Cross Country
    Soccer                                                           The varsity cross country teams built on their history of suc-
    The soccer team went 5-3-2, spear- headed by the dynam-       cess in 2008. The boys team won the MIAC Conference and the
    ic duo of strikers, Frank Holecek and Eric Hamilton, who      MHSAA Regional tles this fall behind a strong group effort and
    together scored 15 of the Eagles 24 goals. Coach Robert       leadership of the seven seniors who guided the team. Sopho-
    Montgomery said of the season, “Always my favorite part       more Victor Allen was the highest finisher at the state finals and
    of coaching is when the team takes what they learn in         earned All-State honors for the second straight season. His me
    prac ce and put it to good use on the field.”                  of 16:06 is a new school record for cross country (5 km). Owen
                                                                  Bame, Luke Thorne, Seth Wilson, and Victor all earned first team
                                                                  All-MIAC honors, and Victor earned first-team All-Area honors.

                                                                           That’s a
                                                                                     2008 Fall Sports
                                                                                                         BY THE NUMBERS:
                                                                                                          1 regional champion
                                                                                                          1 conference MVP
                                                                                                          1 conference coach of
                                                                                                             the year
                                                                                                          3 conference champions
                                                                                                          3 academic all-state
                                                                                                          3 academic all-state
                                                                                                          6 all-district athletes
                                                                                                          7 all-regional athletes
                                                                                                          7 all-state athletes
                                                                                                         11 all-area athletes
   The girls team also had a great deal of success, winning the                                          20 all-conference
MIAC conference tle and finishing second at Regionals. They                                                    athletes
were led all season by the 1-2 punch of seniors Rachel Carter
and Carmen Allen. Rachel Carter went on to finish tenth at the       Football
State Finals and earn her second All-State award. She was also         In only its third year of existence as a varsity sport at SCS, the
named the MIAC Conference MVP for the second year in a row.         football team reached the state playoffs for the first me. Their
   The teams are coached by Ma Yacoub, ‘91 SCS grad.                season record was 7 – 2. Although they had lost key players
                                                                    to gradua on, the Eagles were strong and aggressive. Led by
Girls’ Volleyball                                                   senior receiver, Aaron Myles, and junior running back, Devon
    Although it was a rebuilding year for the varsity Lady Eagles   Bailey, the team scored more points and beat teams by a wider
and they finished with a .500 season, the team showed solid          margin than in the two previous seasons. Defense was led by
strength, unity, and camaraderie as they played. Led by seniors     juniors Taylor Calero, Connor Michals, and Jus n Milne. Taylor
Hannah Belokonny, Amanda Inks, Chelsey Sweeney, and Jessica         Calero and Devon Bailey earned All-State Honorable Men on,
Taber, the girls’ determina on and grit was evident in every        again in only the third season of football.
game. Coach Fakes commented, “I certainly didn’t have to               Also, Athle c Director Tim Fracassi (‘87 SCS grad) became the
worry about them giving up.” Senior Amanda Inks added, “Even        new coach. Coach Fracassi commented, “A er what the team
though things didn’t turn out according to our original expecta-    learned this year, they are already fired up for the next season.”
  ons, we s ll learned good lessons and had a lot of fun while
doing it.”                                                          Soccer
                                                                       The 2008 was also a rebuilding year for the varsity soccer
                                                                    team. Having lost its all-star goalie and several defenders to
                                                                    gradua on, the team struggled early on in the season. How-
                                                                    ever, they came together as a
                                                                    determined unit and fought
                                                                    hard against every opponent.
                                                                    Another SCS alumnus became
                                                                    their coach, John Devine, ‘84.
                                                                    The guys enjoyed playing for
                                                                    Coach Devine and, with many
                                                                    returning players, look forward
                                                                    to next year.

Wrap!!                                                                                                                                      9
     Noteworthy . . . SCS fine arts
       Echoes and Una Voce’ Off to a Great Start!
     The SCS choral ensembles had
     a great beginning to the school
     year. With strong interest
     in the vocal programs, both
     Echoes and Una Voce’ ex-
     panded their numbers. Both
     groups performed in chapel,
     presented their Fall Concert
     on Friday, November 21, and
     began a new feature for the
     Christmas Chapel. The vocal                                               Ar st in Residence
     ensembles presented a Service      In January, the vocal students           Par Excellence
     of Lessons and Carols on           will perform at the District IV
     December 11. This historical       Solo and Ensemble Fes val                          Senior Erica
     service is a series of scripture   at Howell High School. Each                        McTurk
     readings telling of the coming     group will perform two pieces                      and two of
     of our Savior’s birth, under-      as well as ten students who                        her many art
     scored by singing of carols by     are each preparing two solos
     the student body and cho-                                                             pieces
                                        for adjudica on.
     ral ensembles. The group’s         Each group is privileged to be
     outreach featured visi ng the      able to use their gi s for the
     Evergreen Nursing Home of          glory of God, and God alone!       At Southfield Chris an
     Southfield during December,                         Soli Deo Gloria!   School we are fortunate
     singing carols of the season.                                         to have a tradi on of high
                                                                           ar s c achievement in the
                                                                           arts. Our students learn not
                  Instrumental Music Shines                                                               only technique but how to
                                                                                                          apply those skills in ways
     The instrumental music de-                                                                           that show depth and under-
     partment adjusted to being                                                                           standing. Senior Erica Mc-
     without their “resident con-                                                                         Turk exemplifies this high
     ductor” early in the year when                                                                       level learning. Erica is fluid
     Mr. Jon Busch had reconstruc-                                                                        in a variety of mediums and
      ve surgery on his shoulder.                                                                         her combina ons of skill
     The groups warmly welcomed                                                                           crea vity and dedica on
     him back. Their concert                                                                              come together in intriguing
     schedule included the annual                                                                         and powerful composi ons.
     Christmas Concert in Decem-
     ber at which the bands from
                                                                                                          Erica plans to major in art
     fi h grade through high school                                                                        at either Michigan or MSU
     performed to the delight of                                                                          next fall.
     the audience.
                                           The high school concert
          SCS Winter Drama              band will also perform selec-       When it was learned in
                                          ons at the Solo and Ensemble
            Save the Dates:             Fes val in January.                 August that Mr. Busch
                                        Of course, the concert band         would have shoulder
            February 7 for
                                        an cipates its annual music         surgery and be unable
            Selec ons from              tour in the Spring. Senior Will
            Joseph and the                                                  to conduct instrumen-
                                        Woods notes, “In music class-
              Technicolor               es, we learn not only to think      tal music un l perhaps
              Dreamcoat                 in a unique way, but experi-        December, Mrs. Laura
                  and                   ence a form of communica on         Fourtney ably came to
                                        that expresses feelings that
                                        are beyond language. Also,
                                                                            the aid of the music
         February 27 & 28 for
              Dead Air,                 the classes give the students       department for two and a half months.
            presented as                a unique understanding of a
           Dinner Theatre               group being made into one           Thanks, Mrs. Fourtney.
                                                              Thanksgiving Celebra on
                                                                      of humorous poems about Thanksgiving by Jack Preltsky -- in-
                                                                      cluding long-suffering Lions’ fans and the annual Thanksgiving
                                                                      game. Dr. Hall, Director of Development, concluded the evening
                                                                      with a reminder of thanksgiving — for God doing wonderful
                                                                      things before the date for the celebra on was even put on the
                                                                      calendar, for people, for the school board, for leaders and teach-
                                                                      ers, for parents and for students, “a thousand points of light and
                                                                      energy,” and, finally, for Jesus, for His indescribable gi to us.

      Shelly (Bilbrey) Parpart ‘94 and her family enjoy the feast

When the idea for a Thanksgiving Meal and Celebra on was
first proposed (see page 1), one of the first thoughts was, “If
we throw a party, will anybody come?” These concerns were
flee ng and unrealized, as the celebra on on November 8 had to
be moved from Fellowship Hall to the high school gym because                        The Thomas family an cipate that dessert.
a endance was high.

First, guests enjoyed a leisurely pot-luck dinner with turkey and
beverages supplied by the school. Families, faculty, and friends
of the school fellowshipped together at their tables. Next, the
en re group filed into the HPBC worship center to praise the
Lord for His blessing on the school. The Tree of Life Celebra-
 on Singers of Southfield led the congrega on in enthusias c
worship; the elementary, newly-organized praise and move-
ment team brought the audience to its feet in wild applause for
the girls’ outstanding performance of a praise choreography;
the middle school provided a podcast of tradi onal and con-
temporary thanksgiving, including a rap by the girls who put it                   Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foote (SCS teacher) and Anna
together; and the high school Forensics class adapted a selec on                          decide what they should eat.

               “I’m thankful . . . .” from Guests at Thanksgiving Celebra on
Ian Wood (’11) - “for this           Mrs. Ruth Bankston (grand-       John Jordan (5th) - “that God
school because I love the            mother of SCS student, prayer    made the world and mom and
people and Chris an                  warrior) - “for new people and   dad.”
atmosphere.”                         families God brought to SCS.”                                            “I’m thankful for
                                                                      Collen Perkins (SCS mom)- “for
Bobby Davis (age 4) - “for God,      Peter Ward (math teacher)        our school, my family, and my                  health,
Jesus, and Joseph.”                  - “salva on.”                    dog Maddie.”
                                                                                                                   salva on,
                                                                      Mrs. Jody Thorne (parent and
                                                                      SCS grad ‘78) - “that God is                  country,
                                                                      sovereign and in control.”

                                                                      Mary Belcher (80-year old                  my children,
                                                                      grandmother) -”that I’m s ll
                                                                      ver cal.”                                    and SCS.”
                                                                      David Germaine (’09) - “for
                                                                      cake and bagels, and my                     Don Butler,
                                                                                                                  SCS parent
                                                                      Silvia Thomas (SCS friend)
                                                                      - “for life, health and strength.”
        Forensics’ class members, Andrew Bigos, Cory Kelley,
          Ma hias Bonneton, recite Thanksgiving poems.                                                                                     11
     Reaching out, Serving Others
                                                                    Disney characters. Through     They helped run Kidz Kamp
                                                                    this vibrant video, viewers    for 500 children and, in the
                                                                    learned about Grace Cen-       a ernoon, cleaned yards
                                                                    ters of Hope and its need      and homes for Southfield
                                                                    for household items and        residents. “I loved the kid’s
                                                                    money. During the two          reac ons when they came
                                                                    weeks of Fall Project, the     to Kidz Kamp,” said Evan.
                                                                    students of SCS brought        Senior Deanna Swanson
                                                                    in hundreds of household       had the opportunity to
                                                                    goods including cleaning       go to Turkey to conduct a
                                                                    supplies, toiletries, and      kids’ camp for missionaries’
                                                                    paper goods. The money         children. Hannah Belo-
                                                                    raised was to serve the        konny, a senior, traveled
                                                                    homeless. As the twinkling     to Ecuador with her church
                                                                    tagline tells us: “Project     team. She was able to share
                                                                    Neverland; the search for      the gospel while visi ng
                                                                    lost hope!” In an all-school   orphanages and helping out
           Hannah Belokonny with Ecuadoran children on her          assembly, the LEAD team        with a vaca on Bible school
                       summer missions trip.                        presented the gi s to Mr.      program. “Ecuador has
                                                                    Kent Clark of the mission.     always been a huge blessing
                                                                        SCS students also          in my life,” explains Han-
          “Ecuador has                   Each year, Southfield       reached out across the         nah, returning for her third
       been such a huge              Chris an School’s LEAD         world through several          summer, “I absolutely love
                                     Team organizes a Fall          summer missions trips          it there!”
       blessing in my life.          Project, involving the en re   and projects, ministering         As Acts1:8 says, “But you
           I absolutely              student body. This year,       to unfamiliar people and       will receive power when the
                                     Grace Centers of Hope was      in unusual places. Junior      Holy Spirit comes upon you.
         love it there.”             the organiza on chosen for     Lindsay McCurley traveled      And you will be my wit-
                                     the en re school to help.      all the way to Australia to    nesses, telling people about
                                     Located in Pon ac, Grace       help clean up neighbor-        me everywhere—in Jeru-
            Hannah                   Centers of Hope is a non-      hoods, hold free barbeques,    salem, throughout Judea,
         Belokonny, ‘09              profit, Chris an organiza-      go to a nursing home and       in Samaria, and to the ends
                                       on, dedicated to helping     work with Hillsong Church      of the earth,” and that is
     LEAD Team members discover      the recovering, the home-      to evangelize and talk with    exactly what the students of
     the treasure brought in by      less and the unloved. Peter    people. Sophomore Evan         Southfield Chris an School
     SCS students in an all-school   Pan was the theme of the       Mollenamp joined 50 of         are doing, serving locally
     assembly on November 25.        project, interpre ng the       his SCS colleagues doing       and interna onally.
     Junior Lindsay McCurley on      mission through a comical      local mission work as a
     her summer missions trip to     video full of SCS students     member of Highland Park’s           By Kristen Calder (‘09)
     Australia.                      portraying those classical     Southfield Mission team.

                                                                      Recycling Ini a ve

                                                                                                Pitch it !!!
  Biology classes take turns sor ng paper at the Abi bi Recycling Bin near the busses.

  Did you know that on          yellow and green recycling     wanted paper which they
average, every American         bin which was placed on        transport out to the green
discards 700 lbs. of paper      the north side of the school   and yellow recycling bin.
in a year? While paper is       near the busses. The            In two short months, as of
typically thought of as use-    Abi bi Paper Retriever bin     December 5, SCS and HPBC
ful communica on medium         is the place for all of your   had collected nearly six
(books, newspapers, and         unwanted paper!                tons of paper which is the
magazines, etc), the majori-      The kick off of the recy-     equivalent to 102 trees and
ty of this paper is packaging   cling program was incor-       18 cubic yards of landfill
material. The 700 lbs. of pa-   porated into spirit week       space! Recycling this paper
per that is thrown out also     ac vi es in October with       instead of making new
represents a tremendous         an overwhelming response       paper has saved 24,612
amount of energy, water,        on the part of all students,   kilowa hours of electricity,
and natural resources all of    K-12. In one week, over four   360 lbs. of air pollu on, and
which go to waste once pa-      tons of paper was collected,   42,000 gallons of water.
per products have reached       the majority of which was       The staff and students of
the end of their usefulness     collected by the sophomore     SCS invite you to join our
and are buried in the near-     class! The yellow and green    effort to be good stewards
est landfill. The good news      recycling bin was stuffed to    of God’s crea on by recy-
is that this paper can be       the max and was emp ed         cling your old paper. You       Full recycling containers are
recycled, saving energy,        only two weeks a er it was     may deposit old newspaper,      emp ed weekly by high school
water, and trees.               placed!                        computer paper, magazines       students.
 Desiring to be good              Recycling containers were    (glossy paper is fine), cata-
stewards of God’s natural       placed in every classroom      logues, shredded paper, and     Recycling paper is a small
resources, a concerned          and office within the church     wrapping paper into the         way that we can be good
commi ee of teachers,           and school and are emp ed      recycling bin near the bus-     stewards of God’s crea on.
administra ve staff and          weekly by Mr. Sowash’s         ses. Please do not put non-     Don’t let the 700 lbs. of
church representa ves for-      biology students who have      paper products, cardboard,      paper that you use this year
mulated a recycling plan for    taken on the responsibil-      hard cover books, or phone      end up in a landfill - recycle
Southfield Chris an School       ity of administering the       books into the recycling bin.   it!
and Highland Park Bap st        recycling program. Each         One of God’s first com-
Church.                         week a different biology        mands to man was to work                    By John Sowash,
  The program began with        class quickly and efficiently    and take care of the Gar-                   Biology teacher
the delivery of a bright        scours the school for un-      den of Eden (Gen. 2:15).
     SCS Fundraisers
                                              Funky, fun, fulfilling fundraisers
                                              Enjoying an a er-school
                                              cookie from the cookie                                     Visit the
                                              lady while mom purchas-
                                              es some Eagle Bucks.                                   newly-expanded
                                                                                                      SCHOOL STORE
                                                                                                   for SCS merchandise
 Thank you for your generous support!!

                                                                                           Annual Eagles Cup Aids SCS
                                                                              The Eagles Cup Golf Tour-
                                                                              nament is always a memo-
                                                                              rable experience. Held this
                                                                              year at the Northville Hills
                                                                              Country Club in Northville
                                                                              on October 10, as part of
                                                                              Homecoming Weekend,
                                                                              the beau ful fall day was
                                                                              an enjoyable event for 100
                                                                              golfers. Swinging those
                                                                              golf clubs assists SCS at the
                                                                              same me. Mr. Frank Ta-
     An exasperated Rachel Carter leans on Mr. Droste’s shoulder as he        nana chaired the crew of 15
     “jumps” the bus on the way to Cross Country Regionals. Rachel’s shirt
     reads, “Our bus will break down before we do.” Apparently, breaking
                                                                              which organized this year’s
     down has happened to the CC teams before.                                event. With a 9:00 shotgun
                                         and especially Eagle Bucks           start, lunch, finger foods
         New busses!! Yes, they                                               at 2:00, and many prizes
     breakdown on the way to             and Market Days enables
                                         the school and various               and drawings, the golfers
     spor ng events, but how                                                  did have a memorable day
     can we afford new ones               organiza ons to enrich the
                                         educa on of our students             and raised over $40,000 for
     right now? PTF to the                                                    the school. Thanks to the
     rescue!! Monies raised              and their programs and to
                                         purchase needed equip-               32 corporate and individual
     through monthly Market                                                   sponsors and volunteers
     Days, pie and cookie sales,         ment and supplies — like
                                         busses.                              who made the event pos-
     and Eagle Bucks will go to-
     ward the purchase of much             Thank you! Thank you!              sible.                                Frank Tanana marshals the troops
                                                                                                                            for the golf ou ng;
     needed busses.
         Thank you for your
     con nued support of all SCS
     fundraisers — from PTF to
     athle c boosters to juniors
     and seniors to various clubs
     and sports teams. Your
     support of Li le Caesar’s
     pizza kits, the magazine
     drive, nacho and pizza days,
     Popcorn Fridays in the el-
     ementary, numerous items
     for sale a er school, con-          Ninth grade boys love bagels
     cessions at athle c events,         reduced to 50 cents sold by junior              Gentlemen, start your engines, and you’re off to golf!
                                         officers a er school
                                                                                                        Alumni Updates
                                           photography, pain ng, volleyball, and    clude photography, graphic design          a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business.
                2007                       wedding planning. Jaclyn a ends the      and illustra on with a focus on the        Currently, he is enrolled in a Masters
                                           Fellowship Bible Church in Woolwich      Children’s Mission Resources team.         Division program at Michigan Theo-
                                           Township, New Jersey. jebuhr@gmail.      anelson@omsinterna onal.org                logical Seminary. Andrew is married to
John Cramton is currently a sopho-
                                           com                                                                                 Lauren Tanana, also an SCS alumnae
more at the University of Michigan.
                                                                                    Hilary Reddick a ended Michigan            (’97). In addi on to being a graduate
He a ends the New Life Church
                                           Nicole DiPaolo graduated summa           State University where she obtained a      student, Andrew works part- me at
in Ann Arbor. In his spare me,
                                           cum laude from the University of         Bachelor in Music Educa on degree.         Woodside Bible Church in Troy. He
John enjoys poli cs. As for the SCS
                                           Michigan with a Bachelor of Music        She is presently the K–12 music            enjoys soccer, travel, and photography.
athle c department, John has this
                                           in April of 2008. She accepted a full    teacher at Bamako Chris an Academy,        afrith10@gmail.com
message, “Go, Eagles!” Contact me at
                                           scholarship and s pend to serve as a     Mali, West Africa. She also teaches
                                           Graduate Student Instructor at Indiana   middle school math. At Christmas,          Grant I. Gillary a ended the U.S.
                                           University where she is enrolled in a    Hilary directed the Messiah for a com-     Naval Academy, where he received a
                2006                       Master of Music program and expects      munity chamber choir and orchestra.        Bachelor of Science in Physics. He has
                                           to graduate in 2010. Nichole is a                                                   a Master of Science in Mathema cal
                                           founding member and co-president         Mark Rundle a ended the University         Modeling and Scien fic Comput-
                                           of the University of Michigan Phi Rho    of Michigan and graduated with a           ing programs from the University of
                                           Alpha sorority. She an cipates staying   Bachelor of Science and Master of Sci-     Oxford, England. Grant is currently
                                           at Indiana University to pursue her      ence in Aerospace Engineering. Mark        serving our na on as a 1st Lieuten-
                                           PhD as well. Nichole would love to       lives in Evere , Washington, and he        ant Ground Intelligence Officer in the
                                           stay in touch with her SCS friends and   is presently employed by The Boeing        United States Marine Corps. He was
                                           says, “Look for me on Facebook.” She     Company. In his spare me, Mark en-         deployed to Iraq on August 8, 2008.
                                           would also be interested in par cipat-   joys fishing, photography, and skiing.      ggillary@gmail.com
                                           ing in any SCS alumni music programs.    mark. rundle@gmail.com
                                           ndipaolo@indiana.edu                                                                Carey (Kacin) Klenke is married to
                                                                                    Suzanne (Spears) Smith and her             Steve Klenke, who is also an SCS
                                                           2003                     husband, David Smith (‘01), reside in      alumnus (’02). Carey a ended Eastern
                                                                                    Birmingham. She a ended Hillsdale          Michigan University and is presently
                                                                                    College and graduated with a Bachelor      employed by the Academy School
                                                                                    of Arts in Marke ng/Management.            District 20 in Colorado Springs. Steve
Sarah Gillary is a Junior at Hillsdale                                              Suzanne works for Trinity Health in the    graduated from the United States Air
College with a major in History and                                                 Organiza on Learning and Develop-          Force Academy and is currently serv-
a minor in Chris an Studies. Her                                                    ment Department. She and her hus-          ing our na on in the United States Air
interests include rock climbing, travel-                                            band a end Kensington Community            Force. scklenke@gmail.com
ing, ministry and history. She requests                                             Church. dssmith51708@aol.com
prayer for her brother, Grant, who is                                                                                                          2000
serving in Iraq right now. Sarah is pic-                                                            2002
tured above with her sisters, Megan                                                                                            Emily Anne (Wagg) Frey is married
and Colleen. sgillary@hillsdale.edu        Bri any (Havens) Banker is pictured      Neil Sternberg is married to               to Stephen Frey and they reside in
                                           above with husband Derek, sister         Kaitlin and they live in Schaumburg,       Pi sburgh. She has a Bachelor of Arts
                 2005                      and brother-in-law Chelsey and Ben       Illinois. He a ended Wheaton College       degree from Hope College. In Decem-
                                           Bowerman. She a ended Moody              where he received a Bachelor of Arts       ber of 2008, she will graduate from
                                           Bible Ins tute for two years and then    in Business and Economics. Cur-            Duquesne University with a Masters
Jessica (Edwards) Thweni is married
                                           was in a missionary training school in   rently, Neil is a self-employed business   of Educa on degree. Emily is self-
to Brian and living in Farmington Hills.
                                           South Africa for seven months. At the    owner. He enjoys golfing as a leisure       employed as the owner of the Beleza
She a ended Liberty University and
                                           present me, she is employed as a         ac vity. Neil and his wife a end the       Community Coffeehouse in Pi sburgh.
is currently employed as an office
                                           recep onist at the William Beaumont      Willow Creek Community Church. Neil.       e_emmo@yahoo.com
assistant for the Oakland County Hu-
                                           Hospital’s Urology Department. Brit-     sternberg@gmail.com
man Resources Department. She and
                                           tany and her husband enjoy traveling,                                               Laura (Maher) Graver a ended the
Brian a end Calvary Bap st Church of
                                           exercise, spending me with friends       Julia (Pugno) Wright married SCS           University of Pennsylvania and gradu-
Waterford. jmedward@oakland.edu
                                           and family, and working with the         alumus Zach Wright (‘01) on April          ated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.
                                           junior high youth group at Fellow-       4, 2008. Julia a ended Oakland             She is married to Ryan Graver and
Rob Zienert graduated from Full
                                           ship Chapel in Sterling Heights.         Community College. She is pres-            they reside in Philadelphia. Laura is
Sail University (Florida) in October,
                                           bri mh6385@yahoo.com                     ently employed at Starbucks. She           presently employed with Merck &
2007, with a Bachelor of Science in
                                                                                    and Zach a end Woodside Church.            Company, Inc. laura_maher@merck.
Entertainment Business and an As-
                                                                                    jpugno2002@yahoo.com                       com
sociate of Science in Digital Media. He
now works as the lead developer at a
                                                                                                    2001                       Richard James Sleesman is married
mul media adver sing company with
                                                                                                                               to Mary Joy and they reside in Killeen,
clients such as Underoath, Campus
                                                                                                                               Texas. He a ended Wheaton College
Crusade for Christ, Sony, TV Guide and                                              Emily (Vanker) Emrick is married to
                                                                                                                               and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.
Tijuana Flats. “It’s pre y fun stuff, but                                            Christopher Emrick and they have
                                                                                                                               Richard then went to Loyola University
effec vely takes all of my me and                                                    two children – Caleb (2), and Katelyn
                                                                                                                               to a ain a Juris Doctorate (JD) in Law.
energy. Such is life, it’s enjoyable.”                                              (almost one year old). Emily a ended
                                                                                                                               He is presently employed as an at-
rob@robzienert.com                                                                  The Master’s College and Oakland
                                                                                                                               torney for the United States Army.
                                                                                    University. She has a Bachelor of Arts
                                                                                                                               Richard also is the Managing Editor for
                2004                                                                in Communica on. Presently, she is a
                                           Amy (McDowell) Nelson married                                                       the Law Journal. In his leisure me,
                                                                                    homemaker. Emily enjoys reading, at-
                                           Jared on March 29, 2008, and they                                                   Richard enjoys cycling, running, hiking,
Jaclyn Buhr graduated from                                                          tending Women’s Ministry events, the
                                           now live in Greenwood, IN. They both     outdoors, and being with her family.       and cars. jim.sleesman@gmail.com
Cedarville University with a               graduated from Indiana Wesleyan
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.                                                 She and her family live in Birmingham
                                           University in the spring of 2006. Amy    and a end Highland Park Bap st              If you are on Facebook, we would
Presently, she and her brother, Ryan       works in the Communica ons Depart-                                                    love to have you join our Alumni
are doing an internship in graphic                                                  Church. emilyemrick@gmail.com
                                           ment at the world headquarters of                                                    Group—it’s called: My Highschool
design. Jaclyn is engaged to be mar-       OMS Interna onal, an interna onal                                                    Was a Square: Southfield Chris an
ried to John Bardakjy in the summer                                                 Andrew Frith a ended Michigan
                                           mission organiza on. Her tasks in-       State University and graduated with        Alumni. (yes, highschool is one word
of 2009. In her leisure, she enjoys                                                                                               in this group). Join us! It’s fun!
     Alumni Games

                      Alumni Soccer                           Alumni Volleyball (with assistants)

     Lunch was part of the fes vi es. Soccer and basketball   Shades of 1984 — John Devine (current soccer coach) and
     members enjoy lunch.                                     Rod Fracassi contemplate the strategy on the field.

     Reunion planning does not have to be difficult. Sharing the du              es with a friend makes the job a lot
     more enjoyable. Enlist a friend or two to help you and please consider co-chairing your next reunion! You may
     find your classmates on Facebook. Search: “My Highschool was a Square: Southfield Chris an Alumni”. The
     alumni department can share ideas and sugges ons to make your next reunion a great success! If you can par-
      cipate in planning or facilita ng a reunion for your class, contact the alumni rela ons coordinator, Margie
     Patche , at 248.357.3660 ext. 293 or by email at mpatche @southfieldchris an.org You and your class officers
     are encouraged to start working together now. Please consider the weekend of October 9th and 10th, 2009 for
     your reunion, as this is Homecoming weekend for SCS!
     Class of 1979 - 30 Years      tha (Davis) Alexan-        (248) 545-0139 or by         Class of 1999 - 10 Years
     Need Reunion coordinators     der. Contact them at:      email at: pastortal@         Need Reunion coordinators
     President: Doug Wright        elisabaethkairos@yahoo.    churcho heking.net           President: Steve Long
                                   com Pres: Bob McRuer
     Class of 1984 - 25 Years                                 Class of 1994 - 15 Years     Class of 2004 - 5 Years
     Reunion coordintors:          Class of 1989 - 20 Years   Need Reunion coordinators    Need Reunion coordinators
     Elisabeth (Allebach)          Reunion coordinator and    Pres: Tiffany Murphy          President: Cody Cagwin
     Richardson and Mar-           President: Tal Sullivan
                                          Homecoming Weekend 2008

                                                                                                   SCS’s biggest sports fans, Mr. and
                                                                                                   Mrs. Don Fracassi, who have
                                                                                                   watched hundreds of games, now
                                                                                                   support their grandchildren on the
                                                                                                   SCS sports fields. Their son Tim
                                               Alumni Basketball                                   (‘87) is SCS athle c director.

  Mr. Sco Berthel, former
 assistant principal, teacher,
  and soccer coach, returns
   from Texas to play in the
soccer game. His daughters,
     Isbella and Elleanna,
                                        Chad Horlings shows he s ll has the moves.               Trying to regain that champion-
            look on.
                                                                                                 ship form, nice piroue es, girls.

                                 Marathon Mission and SCS !!!                                Marathon Mission is a faith and com-
                                 munity-based charity that uses the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon as its venue. It was
                                 founded by alumni Lisa (Nu ) Harper (‘83), combining her two greatest passions, running and
                                 missions. People of all ages walk or jog various distances and gather financial support from
                                 friends and family. The par cipants choose which charitable group will receive the funds they
                                 have raised as a result of their efforts. All chari es are accepted under the umbrella of Marathon
                                 Mission. Marathon Mission helps organize the event, instructs the par cipants, provides support
                                 le ers, pledge sheets, etc., yet receives none of the funds raised. New this year, any runner, in
                                 any race, in any place, may now partner with Marathon Mission to complete their goal.

                                 The most recent marathon was October 19th, in Detroit. SCS par cipants this year include,
                                 former student, Brent Kos ch, current students Hannah Wilson, Josh Beard (pictured with his
                                 mom, Pam) and SCS Middle School Counselor David Droste.

                                 All alumni are invited to par cipate in future events. If you’d like to select SCS as your bene-
                                 factor, alumni can choose to allocate their fundraising to the SCS Alumni Department or the
                                 Scholarship Fund of SCS. The alumni department provides ac vi es and events for alumni. The
                                 scholarship fund uses dona ons to provide opportuni es for students to a end SCS who other-
                                 wise might not be able to afford it. For more informa on and more photos visit www.marathon-
     Alumni Updates
                    1999                                                            old Noelle. She a ended Oakland       Arts in Clinical Psychology. She
                                                                                    University and graduated with a       is presently pursuing her PhD in
     Peter Bishop is married to Shanel                                              Bachelor of Arts in History. She      Marriage and Family Therapy at
     and they reside in Redford. He                                                 is presently a full- me wife and      Loma Linda University and expects
     a ended William Tyndale College,                                               mother. The Stevens live in How-      to graduate in June of 2009. Sarah
     where he received a Bachelor of                                                ell, MI. tastevens0318@a .net         is self-employed at the Marriage
     Arts degree in Chris an Thought.                                                                                     and Family Research Ins tute.
     Presently, Peter is a youth minis-                                                                                   She is a member of the Ameri-
     ter in the Youth for Christ Detroit                                                                                  can Associa on of Marriage and
     loca on. Peter enjoys basketball                                                                                     Family Therapy (AAMFT) and the
     as a favorite pas me. He and his                                                                                     California Associa on of Marriage
     wife a end Highland Park Bap st                                                                                      and Family Therapists (CAMFT).
     Church. pistolpbwc@aol.com                                                                                           scstuchell@gmail.com
                                              Emily (Schumaker) Sanders
     Timothy Roberts a ended Calvin           married Ethan Sanders and they                                                            1995
     College and received a Bachelor          have two children, Jed 2, and
     degree in Psychology. He then            Isaac, almost one year old. She                                             Lindsay (Vanker) Abazi a ended
     graduated from Liberty Theologi-         a ended Moody Bible Ins tute                                                Wheaton College, gradua ng
     cal Seminary with a Masters of Art       where she graduated with a                                                  with a Bachelor of Arts in Media
     in Religion and Church Ministries        Bachelor of Arts degree. Then                                               Communica ons and Theology.
     in May of 2008. Timothy is mar-          Emily went to Concordia Uni-                                                She is married to Redi Abazi and
     ried to Jennifer and they have           versity to receive her Masters of                                           they have two children, two year
     one child, Lydia who is almost one       Arts degree. At the present me,                                             old Thomas and nearly one year
     year old. He is currently employed       she is a stay-at-home mom. The                                              old Sarah. Formerly employed as a
     by Foremost Insurance Company            family lives in The Woodlands, TX.    Aimee (Graves) Tucker is married      middle school English/Journalism
     as a Claims Adjuster. Timothy and        Emilysanders2@hotmail.com             to Rand Tucker and they have a        and English as a Second Language
     his family a end the Ada Bible                                                 son Trey, who was born in April       teacher, Lindsay now enjoys stay-
     Church and live in Grand Rapids,                       1997                    of 2006. She a ended Moody            ing at home with her children. Her
     MI. kroberts@gmail.com                                                         Bible Ins tute and graduated          hobbies include cooking, reading,
                                                                                    with a Bachelor of Arts degree.       traveling, camping, and edi ng.
     Jill (Tanana) Scovell married T.                                               Presently, she is employed as the     Lindsay has a Cross-cultural, Lan-
     Dupree Scovell, and they reside in                                             Young Life Area Director. Aimee       guage, and Academic Develop-
     Dallas, TX. She a ended Wheaton                                                is pursuing a Masters in Theology     ment Cer ficate.
     College and graduated with a                                                   from Fuller Theological Seminary.
     Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio                                              The Tuckers a end the Vineyard        Lyne e Burns-Koehler lives in
     Art. Jill is currently employed                                                Church and live in Chicago, IL.       Milford with her three children,
     as a Junior High Youth Director                                                aimeet@ameritech.net                  Trenton 7, Olivia 5, and Annika, 2.
     at Highland Park Presbyterian                                                                                        mor cianlyne e@gmail.com
     Church in Dallas. At her leisure, Jill                                                       1996
     enjoys pain ng, volunteering, and
     running. jtanana@hotmail.com             Lauren (Tanana) Frith (‘97) and       Channing Benne a ended the
                                              Andrew Frith (‘01) were mar-          University of Michigan, where she
                    1998                      ried in October 2005 and reside       graduated with a Bachelor of Sci-
                                              in Redford, MI. She a ended           ence degree. She then went to the
     Seth Kimball a ended Grand               Wheaton College and graduated         University of Southern California
     Valley State University and gradu-       with a Bachelor of Arts degree in     to pursue a degree in the Primary
     ated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.       Educa on. She received a Masters      Care Physician Assistant Program.
     He is married to Molly and they          of Educa on degree from Walden        Channing is currently employed by
     have two children. Seth is pres-         University. Lauren is presently       Providence Hospital in Southfield,
     ently employed as a graphic/web          employed as a middle school           MI. In her leisure, she enjoys run-
     designer and lives in Ferndale, MI.      social studies teacher in the         ning. cbenne pa@hotmail.com           Kami Mullins Kolkana is married
     He would like to have coffee with         Farmington Public Schools. She                                              to Joshua, and they have three
     Phil Ackley.                             enjoys reading, learning, the-        Joshua Bishop is married to           children, Michael, 5 ½, Nika, 3,
     seth@sethkimball.com                     ater, music, cooking, and travel.     Kelly (Caruss) and they have three    and Jude, 1. She a ended Palm
                                              laurentanana@hotmail.com              children, Andrea Grace -3, and        Beach Atlan c University and
                                                                                    Cora Juliet – 2, and a new born.      Florida Atlan c University, where
                                              A er gradua on from SCS, Alan         Joshua a ended William Tyndale        she graduated with a Masters
       Is it a reunion year                   Peters a ended Oakland Universi-      College and graduated with a          degree. Kami is a homemaker and
                                              ty. He enjoys golf, ice hockey, and   Bachelor degree. He is employed       works as a professor. She enjoys
          for your class?                     soccer. Alan is married to Kelley,    by the Youth for Christ of Detroit.   spending me with her family. The
                                              and they reside in Troy. The Peters   In his spare me, Joshua enjoys        Kolkanas a end Christ Fellowship,
        Help plan a great                     a end Highland Park Bap st            youth work and media ac vi es.        a non-denomina onal church,
                                              Church. adpeters1@comcast.net         The Bishops a end the Wood-           and live in West Palm Beach, FL.
               event!                                                               side Bible Church in Warren.          kamikolkana@comcast.net
                                              Alyssa (von Drehle) Stevens is
       alumni@southfield                       married to SCS alumnus Tim
                                                                                    joshuabishop@sbcglobal.net            Joshua Nast a ended Oakland
                                                                                    Sarah C. Stuchell a ended             University and graduated with
           chris an.org                       Stevens (‘98) and they have 3         Pepperdine University in Malibu,      a Master of Science degree in
                                              children, three year old James, 1     California, to pursue a Master of     Accoun ng. He is presently
                                              ½ year old Thomas, and 6 month
                                                                                               Alumni Updates
employed as an accountant for                        1994                                                           and obtained a Masters of Science
the Stuart, Franey, Ma hew, and                                                                                     in Interna onal Educa on. Me-
Chantres P.C., and lives in Berkley,   Rebecca (Reynolds) married                                                   lissa is married to Eric Lundquist
MI. jdnast@hotmail.com                 Rob Ballinger and they have two                                              and they welcomed their son,
                                       children, Cameron 4 and Hunter                                               Silas, on May 16, 2008. The Lun-
Michael Porter a ended Hope            2. She a ended Eastern Michigan                                              dquists con nue to live and serve
College and graduated with a           University and graduated with                                                as missionaries in Vienna, Austria
Bachelor of Arts in Business           a Bachelor of Science degree.                                                with The Evangelical Alliance Mis-
and Japanese. He received his          Living in Wixom, MI, Rebecca                                                 sion (TEAM).
Master of Business Administra-         presently works for the Ci zens                                              mailbox@iliketofish.net
  on from Notre Dame. Michael          Insurance Company and is an           Joy (Truffin) Langley is married         A er gradua on from SCS, Mark
married Heather and they have          Interior Designer. She enjoys golf,   to Chris Langley and they have         Roberts successfully completed a
a son, Wya Michael Porter, two         scrap booking, and spending           two daughters, Mercy Hosan-            Business Management Degree. He
years old. The Porters reside in         me with her family. Rebecca is a    nah, born on July 12, 2005 and         is now the manager of Skiers Pier
Versailles, Kentucky where they        member of the Na onal Council         Jubilee Anaiah, born on August         Pro Shops. Mark enjoys hockey,
a end the Versailles Methodist         for Interior Design Qualifica on       17, 2007. She a ended the              wakeboarding, snowboarding, and
Church. Michael is employed as         (NCIDQ) and the Interna onal          University of Central Florida and      playing drums and singing in the
the Regional Sales Manager for         Interior Design Associa on (IIOA).    received a Bachelor of Science in      church band. He a ends Farm-
Astellas Pharma US, Inc. He enjoys     rmballinger@comcast.net               Criminal Jus ce. At the present        ington Hills Bap st Church where
playing golf and is an avid sports                                            me, she is a stay at home mom.        he is a high school youth sponsor.
fan. mikeporter16@yahoo.com            Christa (Pilat) Harris ’93 and Na-    The Langleys live in Eus s, FL.        Last fall, he finished and moved
                                       than Harris ’94 both a ended and      Sweetcountry14@msn.com                 into his house in Waterford MI.
                                       graduated from Olivet Nazarene                                               Mark says, “Drop me some email.”
                                       University. Nathan went on to         Jessie S ll is married to Erica and    hot_rod88@hotmail.com
                                       the Illinois College of Optometry.    they have a new baby daughter,
                                       They are married and have two         Chloe. Jessie a ended Eastern          Nicole (Rost) Shook is married to
                                       children, Morgan 3 and Katelyn,       Michigan University to a ain           Gare Shook and they have three
                                       1. Christa works as a Human           a Music Major and a Sociology          children: Kaden age 5, Harris age
                                       Resource Specialist and Nathan is     Minor. He is employed as the           3, and Liam age 1. She a ended
                                       an Optometrist. The Harris family     Associate Pastor of the Spirit of      Western Michigan University and
                                       a ends the Detroit First Church of    Christ Church. He and his family       a ained a Bachelor of Science de-
                                       Nazarene and lives in Northville.     live in Hasle , MI.                    gree as a Registered Nurse. At the
                                       clndharris@hotmail.com                fushionym@yahoo.com                    present me, Nicole is a stay at
                                                                                                                    home mom, living in Grand Rap-
                                                                                           1993                     ids, MI. nicoleshook@comcast.
                                                                             Tammy (Bonzelar) Eldredge lives
Chris ne (King) Shu leworth and                                              in Cary, NC, with her husband          Jason M. Thompson a ended
her husband, Mark, are currently                                             Michael and their have two sons,       Morehouse College and gradu-
living near Rochester, NY., along                                            James, 4, and Jackson, 1. Pres-        ated with a Bachelor of Arts. He
with their very busy two-year old                                            ently, Tammy is a homemaker.           pursued his Masters degree at St.
son, Caleb, who just learned how                                             Her husband has a Masters in           Louis University. Jason is married
to climb out of his crib. A er a                                             Educa on degree. Tammy enjoys          to Karen, lives in Ferguson, MO,
year hiatus, Chris ne returned to                                            cycling, playing the piano, and        and has three children: Zion 7,
teaching high school social studies                                          being involved with Mothers            Isaiah 4, and Stephen 1. Jason is
in a local school district, while      Renee Lacy a ended Asbury             of Preschoolers (MOPS) at her          employed as a school counselor
Mark con nues to serve as the          College where she received a          church. The Eldredge family at-        for the Riverview Gardens School
Program Director and A ernoon          Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical   tends the First Assembly of God in     District. Jason also has a private
Drive Host for LEGENDS 102.7,          Science. She then a ended the         Raleigh, North Carolina. Sun-          prac ce as a therapist. He enjoys
a local radio sta on that plays        University of Kentucky to receive     shine-gal22@hotmail.com                reading, music, and watching na-
songs from the 60’s and 70’s.          her Bachelor of Science degree in                                            ture. Jason was named Teacher of
Chris ne_shu leworth@wes ron.          Materials Engineering. Living in                                             the Year and is a member of the
monroe.edu                             Lexington, KY, Renee is presently                                            American Counseling Associa on.
                                       employed as a component engi-                                                jmtrapha@yahoo.com
Kate (Shelton) Stevens married         neer for Lexmark Interna onal. In
SCS alumnus Rich Stevens (‘93)         her spare me, Renee enjoys fig-                                               Todd Waller and his wife Bianca
and they reside in Farmington,         ure ska ng, playing the cello, and                                           live in South Lyon, MI, and they
Michigan. She a ended Whea-            traveling. She received her first                                             have two children: Lorenzo, age 3
ton College and graduated with         patent in 2008. rnlacy@excite.                                               ½ and Giuseppe age 1 ½. Todd is
a Bachelor of Science degree in        com                                                                          self-employed as a realtor for Big
Physical Science and Second-                                                                                        House Data, Ink to Link. He enjoys
ary Educa on. Kate is employed          Is your email address up-to-                                                reading and being with his family.
as a Physics teacher at Troy             date? Please no fy Margie                                                  Todd is a member of the Na onal
High School. She enjoys hiking,                                              A er a ending Bob Jones Uni-           Associa on of Realtors and the
                                        Patche in the Alumni office
backpacking, mountain biking,                                                versity and earning BS in Early        Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors.
and singing. The Stevens a end              at alumni@southfield              Childhood Educa on, Melissa            The Waller family a ends Grace
the Cornerstone Bap st Church.              chris an.org with your           (Chris e) Lundquist then went to       Chapel EPC in Farmington Hills.
richandkate05@yahoo.com                        current address.              the Philadelphia Biblical University   todd@toddwaller.com
     Alumni Updates
                                                         1991                    Emily, two year old Elizabeth and
                   1992                                                          three month old Esther. Tara is
                                                                                 an upper level science teacher
     Angela Brandle-Salamon and                                                  presently a stay at home mom
     her husband Jim live in Sterling                                            who is homeschooling their two
     Heights, MI, and they have two                                              oldest children. The family at-
     children, Bri any age 12 and                                                tends First Bap st of Woodstock.
     Benjamin age 4. A er gradua on                                              NTJlove@yahoo.com
     from SCS, Angela pursued and
     completed a Paramedic Specialist                                            Tim Spolar is married to Kim-
     Educa on Program. She has been                                              berly and they have two children:
     employed for the last two years as                                          Kirsten age 3 years and Kyle age
     a Unit Coordinator for Associated                                           9 months. They live in Charlo e,      Amy (Veach) Leach graduated
     Medical Centers. angelabrandlesa      Darcy L. (Benedict) Mazza and her     North Carolina. Tim pursued and       from the University of Michigan
     lamon@yahoo.com                       husband, Eugene, are blessed to       received his Masters of Business      and later earned a Masters in
                                           announce the birth of their fourth    Administra on in Finance and          Elementary Educa on. She taught
     Amy (Reynolds) Coughenour             child, Eliana Michele. She was        Entrepreneurial Management            first grade for several years and
     a ended Oakland University            born in September 2008 and joins      (‘99). He is employed in finance       for the last ten years, she has
     and graduated with a Bachelor         a big brother, Frankie, age 5 ½ and   for Capital Source Finance LLC.       been a Reading Specialist. Amy
     of Arts degree. She is married to     two big sisters, Melina, almost 4,    tspolar@yahoo.com                     married Rich Leach, and yes,
     Craig Coughenour (‘86) and they       and Mia, age 2.                                                             her new last name is surpris-
     have two children, Hadley age 5                                             Elizabeth “Liz” (Niefert) Tapelt      ingly similar to her maiden name,
     and Raegan age 3. At the present                    1990                    is married to Rodd Tapelt and         Veach. Rich is an engineeer and is
       me, Amy is self-employed. Liv-                                            they have a three year old son,       working on his law degree. He is
     ing in Thornton, CO, she and her      Don Colliver a ended Boston           Logan. She a ended Central            also a volunteer firefighter for the
     family enjoy hiking and camping.      University a er gradua on from        College and Madonna University.       City of Troy, where they reside.
     amycoughneour@yahoo.com               SCS where he received a Bachelor      Elizabeth is self-employed as a       In March of 2008, Amy and Rich
                                           of Science degree in Mass Com-        freelance writer and editor. She      were blessed with the arrival of
     Tina (Seehusen) Gist is married       munica ons and Public Rela ons.       enjoys wri ng, scrap booking,         their son, Daniel (pictured).
     to Mark Gist and they have three      He is presently employed as a         and jewelry making. Elizabeth has     leacha@huronvalley.k12.mi.us
     children: Seth age 5, Noah age3,      freelance television producer and     been published as a ghostwriter
     and Chloe age 1. She a ended          resides in Portland, OR. doncol-      of ar cles and curriculum. The        Deborah (Whitman) Ledbe er
     the Masters College where she         liver @hotmail.com                    Tapelts live in Springfield, Mis-      a ended Judson College. She is
     received degrees in Liberal Studies                                         souri. roygbiv3@a .net                married to Paul Ledbe er and
     and Teacher Educa on. Prior to        Herb Harjes is married to Cara                                              they have three children: Collin
     becoming a mom, Tina taught ele-      and they reside in Denver, Colo-                                            age 12, Lauren age 8, and Carson
     mentary school for seven years in     rado. He received a Bachelor of                     1989                    age 6. Deborah enjoys shopping,
     the Poway Unified School District.     Arts degree from Taylor University                                          movies, and me with friends.
     However, now she says, ” I enjoy      and a Master of Arts degree from      Cindy L. Haskin-Popp is married       The Ledbe ers live in Peoria, Ari-
     being a stay-at-home mom!” The        the University of Denver. Herb is     to Chris Popp and they live in        zona, and a end Christ’s Church
     Gists live in Escondido, CA, and      self-employed in his own business     Troy, MI with their three children:   of the Valley. pledbe er5@cox.
     a end Grace Church. They are          venture, Harjes Design Haus.          Nicholas age 10, Phillip age 8, and   net
     affiliated with Sovereign Grace         denverherbie@mac.com                  Gracie age 6. She a ended Central
     Ministries. thegis amily@gmail.                                             Michigan University to receive        Heidi (Steinke) Malzahn is mar-
     com                                   Jeanne (Duvall) Sandella is mar-      her Bachelor of Business Admin-       ried to Eric Malzahn and lives
                                           ried to John and they have two        istra on degree. Cindy pursued        in Royal Oak. She is a Licensed
     Joy (Wright) Hilscher a ended         children, ten year old Megan and      and graduated with her Master         Cosmetologist and Cer fied
     Hillsdale College and gradu-          eight year old J. Troy. She a end-    of Science degree from Oakland        Pilates Instructor. Currently, she
     ated with a Teaching Cer ficate        ed Rochester College and gradu-       University. At the present me,        is self-employed in her busi-
     in English and Spanish. She is        ated with a Bachelor of Business      Cindy is a stay-at-home mother.       ness, Poise Pilates. Heidi enjoys
     married to Jay Hilscher and they      Administra on degree. Jeanne          popp5@wowway.com                      snowboarding, cycling, parrots,
     have five children: Aus n age 10,      works for State Farm Insurance                                              and Pilates. The Malzahns a end
     Grace age 9, Will age 7, Trek age     Company and resides in Nashville,     Stephen Heath is married to           Genesis: the Church in Royal Oak.
     2, and baby girl, born in June 8,     TN. sandellajj@gmail.com              Kathleen and they have four           hmalzahn@comcast.net
     2008. They reside in Round Rock,                                            children: Andrew age 10, Daniel
     Texas, where Joy and Jay are the                                            age 9, Joshua age 7, and Em-          Tim McDaniel is married to Dawn
     small business owners of www.                                               maline age 3. They reside in          Marie and they reside in Cape
     texasindependencerelay.com.                                                 Gaines, Michigan. Stephen is the      Coral, Florida with their three
     Visit their website to see photos                                           President of Muffler Man Supply         children, Brennan age 8, Rebekah
     and the details of their business                                           Company.                              age 6, and Jayson age 4. Tim cur-
     venture. J-hilscher@yahoo.com                                               heath.stephen@gmail.com               rently is the Youth Pastor at Cape
                                                                                                                       Chris an Fellowship. He enjoys
                                                                                                                       music and movies. Tim went to
          We’re on the web:                                                                                            Hun ngton University to a ain his
      www.southfieldchris an.org            Tara (Snider) Spate and Nathan                                              Masters. mickeydisni@aol.com
       Visit the alumni sec on             have been married for 10 years
                                           and have four children, eight
                                           year old Jonathan, six year old
                                                                                             Alumni Updates
                                                                           mouth, RI. The Turners a end
                                                   1988                    Newport Community Church.
                                     Tom Kno lives in Petoskey with
                                     his wife Kris and their two sons,                    1986
                                     ages ten and six. Tom is presently    Lisa (Orme) Gazan Lisa is mar-
                                     teaching math at Gaylord Middle       ried to Paul and has 4 children.
                                     School. Tom is also a Cer fied         Abby is 15, Rachel, 12, Ethan 8,
                                     Public Accountant. He enjoys          and Hanna 6. Lisa is currently in
                                     sailing and camping. The Kno s        graduate school while working at
                                     a end Walloon Lake Community          the Good Samaritan Hospital as a        Kimberly (Ashland) Dysh is mar-
Allison (Knowles) Parliament is      Church. tomkriskno @yahoo.com         Home Care Staff Educator. While          ried to Max Dysh and they have
married to Kevin Parliament and                                            her husband, Paul, is a missionary      six children: Erika (12), Vanessa
they have two children: Connor,      Robert B. Long a ended Michi-         with the Africa Inland Mission,         (11), Kyle (10), Micah (6), Isaac (2),
age 4 and Luke, age 2. Currently,    gan State University receiving a      Lisa also teaches quarterly health      and Allison (10 months). She is
Allison is a stay-at-home mom.       Bachelor of Science in Economics      classes in support of this ministry.    employed in “bigger things – full
Prior to this, she was employed      and then Wayne State receiving        Her interests include outdoor             me wife, mommy, friend, home-
as a Guidance Counselor at           a Juris Doctorate in Law. He is       ac vi es, hiking, canoeing, and         maker, and home school teacher.”
Groves High School in Birming-       presently employed as a professor     reading. plgazan@aimint.net             The Dysh family a ends Trinity
ham. She enjoys playing the          at Oakland Community College.                                                 Presbyterian Church. She and her
piano, singing, working with the     Robert is a member of the State                                               family live in Freeport, Florida.
youth at church, and chocolate.      Bar of Michigan and the Bar of                                                kwdysh@cox.net
Allison is a Licensed Profes-        the US Supreme Court. He enjoys
sional Counselor and a member        sports and teaching law. Robert                                               Suzanne (Smith) Holmes lives
of the Na onal Board of Cer fied      is married to Ginger and they                                                 in Granger, IL, and is employed
Counselors. The Parliaments at-      have four children: Bethany age                                               by Clay Church as the Director
tend Grace Church in White Lake.     8, Noah age 6, Parker age 3, and                                              of Community Life. Suzanne is
kaparliament@comcast.net             Charlo e age 1. The Longs a end                                               married to Craig Holmes and they
                                     the Community Wesleyan Church                                                 have two teenagers: Jacob (15)
Michael Ratze is currently em-       in Washington Twp.                                                            and Rachel (13). She enjoys scrap
ployed as a Tax Manager for Alix                                           Lorie (Birchard) Mieczkowski            booking, walking, and pain ng.
Partners, LLP. Michael married SCS   Robin (Vergoz) Montgomery is          received her Bachelor of Music in       The Holmes a end the United
alumnae Kathy James (‘88) and        married to Jonathan Montgomery,       Piano Pedagogy from Marygrove           Methodist Church. Suzanne-
they have six children: Elizabeth    and they reside in Savannah, GA.      College in 1990. Married to             holmes@sbcglobal.net
age 13, Rebecca age 11, David age    They have one child, Win, who is      Patrick, she is currently a home-
9, Karenna age 7, Andrew age 5,      five years old. Robin is presently     maker and mother of 10 children:        A er gradua ng from Whea-
and Molly age 3. Kathy home-         employed by the Interna onal          Jonathon (17), Grace (15), Melody       ton College, Paul Schoenbeck
schools the children. The Ratze      Community School Bangkok (Thai-       (14), Joseph (12), Anna (11), Caleb     received a Juris Doctorate from
family a ends Highland Park Bap-     land) University College. She is a    (10), Lydia (8), Mary (5), Julia (4),   Wayne State. He is presently in a
  st Church. mratze@alixpartners.    member of the American Mensa.         and Rebecca (1). Her interests          partnership as an a orney with
com                                  robingmontgomery@yahoo.com            include homeschooling and music.        Clark and Schoenbeck, P.C. Paul
                                                                           They a end church at First Bap st       has memberships in the Michigan
Michele Y. (Rice) Spann a ended                    1987                    in Troy, MI. patm@afo.net               Bar, the Oakland County Bar, the
the University of Detroit Mercy                                                                                    Rotary Club, and the Hockney
where she received a Bachelor        Kris n (Bullock) Fuller lives in      Kris ne (Pearce) Nelson is work-        Founda on. He is married to
of Science in Nursing. Michele is    White Lake, Michigan with her         ing as a Preschool Teacher at the       Kristen and they have three chil-
presently employed with Health       husband, Jeff, and their three         College Heights Preschool. Kris ne      dren: Andrew (13), Mitchell (11),
Care Services Corpora on. She        children: Marissa age 12, Micah       is married to Mark Nelson and           and Adelyn (6). The Schoenbecks
married Kirkston T. Spann and        age 10, and Mikayla age 8. Kristen    they have two children: Ross,           a end Kensington Community
they live in Hammond, Indiana.       a ended the David Presley School      age 10 and Abbie, age 7. She            Church.
She enjoys public speaking related   of Cosmetology. She is self-em-       enjoys her family, church, sports,      pkschoenbeck@wowway.com
to health topics and is a licensed   ployed as a hair designer. Kristen    and friends. The Nelsons a end
minister. Michele is a member of     enjoys fitness and scrap booking.      worship services at Crossroads          Cathie (McQueen) Wiedenbeck
Sigma Theta Tav and Evangel Asso-    She is ac vely involved with Bible    Community Church of Lake-               is married to Dennis Wiedenbeck
cia on of Churches and Ministries.   Study Fellowship Leadership.          land, Florida, where Kris ne’s          and they have one child, Erin,
The Spanns a end An och Bap st       jp mf@cavtel.net                      husband Mark is the pastor.             who is 8 years old. The Wieden-
Church. minstrel@acninc.net                                                rossandabsmom@yahoo.com                 becks currently reside in Livonia,
                                     Steve Turner a ended the                                                      Michigan.
 Samantha (Carlson) Stolz is         University of Rhode Island and                       1985                     wiedworld@twmi.rr.com
employed as a Computer Trainer       graduated with a PhD in Mechani-
for Kalamazoo Valley Community       cal Engineering. He is presently      Doug Barta and his wife Wendy                          1984
College and as a Recruiter for       employed with the Naval Under-        live in Corte Madera, California.
Na onal Heritage Academies.          sea Warfare Center, Department        They have two children: Paige, 3 ½      Carol (Synder) Blouch is em-
Samantha married Tom Stolz and       of Defense. Steve enjoys soccer,      and Sawyer, 2. He is working for        ployed as an Athle c Trainer for
they have three sons: Noah age       biking, geocache, and playing golf.   the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage           Munson Home Health. Carol and
9, Jonah age 7, and Luke age 6.      He is married to Stacy and they       Company. Doug enjoys biking,            her husband, Christopher Blouch,
samantah@stolzenvironmental.         and their two children: Ma hew,       skiing, hiking, and camping.            live in Williamsburg, Michigan.
com                                  12 and Marina, 9, reside in Ports-    thebartas@comcast.net                   They enjoy exercise, hiking, biking,
     Alumni Updates
     golf, so ball, and movies. The          University with a B.A. in Elemen-     says, “Please keep in touch with      ing with the church worship team
     Blouches worship at the New             tary Educa on and holds a M.A.        me. Being in the arts, it’s impor-    and cycling. She is a member of
     Hope Community Church.                  from Eastern Michigan University      tant I make myself pre y easy         the American Physical Therapy As-
     clbouch@charter.net                     in Reading. She is married to Sco     to find, so don’t be a stranger!”      socia on (APTA), American Medi-
                                             who is a pastor with Assemblies       DebbieTedrick@aol.com                 cal Massage Associa on (AMMA),
     John Boag a ained a Master of           of God in the Detroit area. They                                            and Associated Bodywork and
     Science in Engineering at Wayne         have 4 children: Autumn (16),                        1981                   Massage Professionals (ABMP).
     State University. John and his wife,    Jonathan (14), Victoria (12), and                                           firesong163@yahoo.com
     Julie, live in Farmington Hills. They   Jasmine (9). Lisa would love to       John Betcher is married to Lori
     have a two year old son named           have SCS alumni par cipate in         and they have two sons: Jacob,                      1980
     Johnny. John is employed as an          Marathon Mission - which she          age 15 and Daniel, age 11. The
     engineer for the Ford Motor Com-        founded (see related ar cle           Betchers live in Billings, Montana.   Kelly (Worden) Groves lives in
     pany. jandjb@peoplec.com                on page 17). She is also in the       John is presently a self-employed     Li leton, Colorado, and is married
                                             process of wri ng an inspira onal     as a business owner.                  to Chris Groves. They have one
     Richard A. Corbin resides in            book. You can keep up with her        jbet110@netscape.net                  son, Cameron, 12 years old. Kelly
     Pearland, Texas and is presently        at: harpersrun86@wowway.com                                                 is presently a stay-at-home-mom.
     employed by the U.T. Physicians                                               Karen (Messenger) Gunning and         She enjoys art, architecture, and
     Group (University of Texas).            Jerry Nichols is the President        her husband, William, live in Carl-   making cards. The Groves a end
     Richard and his fiancée, Cindy,          of KO Manufacturing, INC, a           isle, Pennsylvania. They have one     the Well Spring Anglican Church.
     enjoy travel, charity work, church      company that manufactures             daughter, Abigail, who is 10 years    kelly.graves@comcast.net
     involvement, and singing. They          chemicals. He and his wife, Carla,    old. Karen is currently a house-
     frequently worship at the Evan-         live in Ozark, Missouri, and have     wife, mother, and home school         Lisa (Linabury) Holt is married to
     gelical Free Church and the Bible       one son, Bailey, who is nine years    teacher. Karen enjoys reading and     Timothy Holt, and they have four
     Church. Richard and Cindy enjoy         old. The Nichols a end the James      cra s. ajarbj7@embargmail.com         children: Ryan, age 15; Meghan,
     a ending events at the Dallas           River Assembly of God Church.                                               age 13; Ashley, age 10; and Caro-
     Theological Seminary.                   nichols50@classicnet.net              Debbie (Lawwill) Lennington           line, age 8. Lisa is a homemaker
     Rikcor777@hotmail.com                                                         and her husband, Keith, reside in     and a freelance writer for a church
                                                                                   Pickerington, Ohio. They have two     magazine. She enjoys wri ng. The
     Martha (Haraf) Cox A er                               1982                    children; Caitlin, age 16 and Gar-    Holts live in Eden Prairie, MN, and
     gradua ng from the University of                                              re , age 12. Debbie is employed       worship at the Woodlake Bap st
     Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she                                              as an execu ve secretary for          Church. usakholt@cmsn.com
     received a Bachelor of Science in                                             Na onwide Insurance Company.
     Dental Hygiene , Martha earned                                                lennind1@na onwide.com                Sandy (Sanders) Johnson and her
     a Bachelor of Science in Nursing                                                                                    husband, Phil Johnson, have been
     from Madonna University. She                                                  Lynn (Barger) Phillips lives in       in ministry for 26 years and have
     and her husband, John Cox, live in                                            Goshen, Indiana with her              just started their own ministry
     Swartz Creek, Michigan with their                                             husband, Johnny Phillips. They        connec ng churches with their
     son, five year old Cole. She enjoys                                            have two children: Sara-Jean,         communi es – star ng with public
     weight training, fitness, reading,                                             age 21 and Calvin, age 13. Lynn       high schools. They will be doing
     and sports. The Cox family a ends                                             is currently a ending Xavier          high school assemblies and then
     the First Central Nazarene Church.                                            University in the Special Educa-      invite teens to a comeback event
     jcharaf1@aol.com                                                                on program and is presently         where the gospel will be pre-
                                                                                   employed as a preschool teacher       sented and the area churches will
     Keith Heitkamp is currently                                                   at the Mt. Moriah Ark of Learning.    have an opportunity to connect
     employed by FNB (First Na-                                                    labp1963@yahoo.com                    with their community. Sandy says
      onal Bank) Financial in Facili es      Deborah Lynne Tedrick got                                                   their assemblies are “the BEST out
     Management. Keith is married to         her MFA in Musical Theater in         Kevin Smith is employed as            there!” They hope to hold their
     Dawn and they have two children:        2006 from University of Central       an Account Execu ve for AT &          first assembly in January 2009. In
     Taylor, age five and Brianna, age        Florida in Orlando (also Bachelor     T. Kevin and his wife, Ruthann,       September, the Johnsons moved
     one. Keith enjoys hun ng, fishing,       of Music/Voice from Cal State Los     live in Roanoke, Virginia. They       into their new home in Winter
     boa ng, and golfing. They live in        Angeles in 1989). Since ge ng         have three children: Logan, age       Garden, Florida. Check out their
     Mendon, MI.                             her MFA she has been a profes-        17; Sydney, age 15; and Nick,         website at www.coachingsome.
     kheitkamp@fnbtr.com                     sor at her alma mater, teaching       age 12. The Smiths worship at         org. Sandy is looking forward
                                             private and class voice, theater      Cave Spring Bap st Church.            to hearing from SCS alumni.
                    1983                     history and drama c literature at     ksmith211@yahoo.com                   sandy@coachingsome.org
                                             the undergraduate and graduate
     David Dobrotka is presently             levels. Debbie is now engaged         Holly (Blovits) Snow and her          Carol (Storrie) McMahan cur-
     employed as a Property Man-             to a wonderful man named Alan         husband, Mark Snow, live in Fort      rently lives in Rochester Hills,
     ager for BTI . David and his wife,      Canning who is from Northville,       Wayne, Indiana. The Snows have        Michigan, with her husband, Den-
     Chrissie, have three children,          MI. Alan owns a post-produc on        three children: Thomas, age 22;       nis, and two children: Christopher,
     ages five, nine, and twelve. The         company, A2Crea ve and is also        Ben, age 19; and Sarah, age 18.       age 20 and Emily, age 13. The
     Dobrotkas reside in Cumming,            a fantas c actor and drummer.         Holly is employed as a physical       McMahans a end the Woodside
     Georgia and a end the Cumming           Debbie is excited to be back in       therapist assistant at St. Anne’s     Bible Church in Troy. Carol has a
     First United Methodist Church.          Michigan. Wedding plans are ten-      Rehab. Holly is also a cer fied        Bachelor of Arts in English from
     ddobrotk@comcast.net                    ta vely set for the spring of 2009.   massage therapist. She owns and       the University of Michigan. She
                                             You can find her for networking,       operates Associated Therapies,        is a team leader for the direct
     Lisa (Nu ) Harper                       through myspace, facebook, email      Inc., which is a medical massage      sales company, Tastefully Simple.
     Lisa is a graduate of Oral Roberts      and phone: 248-388-2700. Debbie       therapy office. Holly enjoys sing-      carolmcmahan@wowway.com
                                                                                               Alumni Updates
Sybille (Stewart) Vought and her      agency Griffin, Smalley, and Wilk-      University of Notre Dame where          Rick Lewis is employed as a Court
husband, Brian, added to their        erson. Jeff and his wife, Chris ne,    he received a Juris Doctor of Law.      Administrator with the Colorado
family by adop on. Kate and Anna      live in Highland, MI, and have two    Bryan is currently a Civil/Appel-       Springs Municipal Court. He and
joined the family in July, 2007.      children: Abbey, age 9 and Kyle,      late Chief in the United States         his wife, Cheryl, live in Parker,
They are presently three years        age 5. He enjoys golf, bike riding,   A orney’s Office in the Northern          Colorado and have one child, Car-
old and joined their older siblings   travel, and reading. Jeff and his      District of Florida. Living in Tal-     son Tyler, age 8. Rick enjoys travel,
Emma (22), Paul (18), and Ross        family worship at the non-de-         lahassee, Florida, he is married to     sports, cooking, photography,
(14). Kate and Anna came from         nomina onal church The River in       Mitzi and they have five children        reading, music, choir, and church
Samara, Russia. All three older       Hartland. jhamlin@gswins.com          ages 16, 11, 9, 5, and 3. bryan.        ac vi es. He is a Fellow in the
siblings were able to travel to                                             wilson@usdoj.gov                        Ins tute for Court Management,
Russia to see the girls’ homeland                                                                                   Court Execu ve Development
and experience the culture. Sybille                                                        1978                     Program, and Na onal Center
adds, “We are incredibly thank-                                                                                     of State Courts in Williamsburg,
ful for these amazing li le girls!”                                         Dave Johnson is Senior Pastor of        Virginia. He is also a member of
svought@wowway.com                                                          the River of Life Evangelical Free      the Na onal Associa on of Court
                                                                            Church in Elk River, Minnesota.         Management (NACM) and of
                                                                            Dave and his wife, Ann, have five        the American Judicature Society
Alumni Announcements                                                        children: Brie, age 23; Caitlin, age    (AJS). The Lewis family a ends the
                                      Cheryl (Sanders) Kaufman and          20; Andrew, age 17; Emily, age          Southeast Chris an Church. Rick
    and Ac vi es:                     her husband, Thomas Kaufman,          14; and Erika, age 12. Dave enjoys      is currently serving, via teleconfer-
   Paul Meriweather and Bill          own their own business computer       reading and hanging out with            ence, as the Vice-President of the
Baxendale (class of 1986) have        consul ng company, Synergy            his family in various ac vi es,         SCSAA Alumni Council
 created a Southfield Chris an         Developments Systems. The             including bike riding and roller-
  group on www.linkedin.com           Kaufmans live in Royal Palm           blading. His “life verse” is found in   Daleen (Bixler) Nimick is pres-
This is a networking & market-        Beach, Florida and have six           John 15:5 “I (Jesus) am the vine,       ently employed as a treasurer
ing tool for professionals. The       children: Caleb, age 20; Rachel,      you are the branches. If a man          with Global Network of Indepen-
 site allows people to connect        age 19; Josh, age 17; Ben, age 14;    remains in me and I in him, he          dent Missions, a charity organiza-
                                      Abigail, age 8; and Aimee, age 8.     will bear much fruit; apart from          on. Daleen is a Cer fied Public
 via business or fraternal rela-
                                      Cheryl enjoys working in her own      me you can do nothing.” Dave’s          Accountant (C.P.A.), but more
   ons. It costs nothing to join      business with her husband, serv-                                              importantly, she is a devoted wife
                                                                            passion is seeing God change lives
  and is a wonderful tool. All        ing ministries across the U.S. and    and helping people learn to live        and mother. She and her husband,
 alumni, past and present fac-        Canada, reading, swimming, kids’      and grow in a Chris an life. To         Andrew Nimick, have one son,
ulty and even current students        stuff, and teaching Sunday School.     learn more about Dave’s ministry,       Stephen, age 19. Daleen enjoys
 are invited to join the group.       soopermomof6@hotmail.com              visit his church’s website at www.      Colorado mountain hiking, gar-
All are welcome to check it out                                             riveroflife-mn.org.                      dening, and cooking. The Nimick
at: h p://www.linkedin.com/                                                 dave.Johnson@rolchurch.net              family a ends the Central Church
 e/gis/30603/33166B0211AA.                                                                                          – Tulsa, Nazarene. bixnimick@cox.

                                                                                                                    Miriam (White) Shumaker and
              1979                                                                                                  her husband, Eric, live in Sterling
                                                                                                                    Heights. They have two children:
                                                                                                                    Dan, age 22 and Rachel, age
                                                                                                                    19. She is currently employed
                                                                                                                    as a bookkeeper for the Ma-
                                      Terri (Wilson) MacDonough is a                                                comb Chris an Schools. Miriam
                                      graduate of Western Michigan          Alice G. (Schmidt) Kendall is           enjoys reading and cooking. The
                                      University with a Bachelor’s          married to Greg Kendall, and they       Shumaker family worships at the
                                      degree in Business Administra-        live in Madison Falls, Connec cut.      Riverwood Community Church, a
                                        on. She is married to Edward        They have five children: Nic, age        Chris an and Missionary Alliance
                                      and they have 3 children: Kenny       19; Sora Pearl, age 16; Mike, age       Church in Sterling Heights.
                                      (19), Lisa (17), and Andrea (13).     14; Adam, age 12; and Jordan, age
Jim Devine is employed as a na-       tmacdonough@mi.rr.com                 10. Alice presently works as the                       1977
  onal sales manager for America                                            Marke ng Manager for Snappy
Light, Inc. Jim and his wife, Lora,   A er a ending Wheaton College,        Electric/Plumbing, her husband’s        Lynn Chambers lives in Clarkston,
live in Jupiter, FL, and have         Steven Weber then went to the         company. Alice enjoys 5-K runs,         Michigan where she enjoys
three children: Jimmy, age 22;        University of Illinois College of     music, and reading. The Kendall         gardening, decora ng, sewing,
Victoria, age 17; and Molly, age      Medicine to graduate with his         family a ends a Bap st church.          jewelry making, design, and read-
13. He enjoys football and high       MD. He is employed as a surgeon.      alicegkendall@aol.com                   ing. Lynn received her Ph D from
school sports. Jim is on the Board    Steven and his wife, Jana, have                                               the University of Detroit Mercy in
of Directors and Booster Club         three children: Britney, age 19;      Edie (Smith) Koppin lives in Lath-      Psychology. She is self employed
President for Jupiter Chris an        Cody, age 16; and Braden, age 13.     rup Village, Michigan. She has two      and a member of the Ameri-
School. The Devines a end Grace       The Webers worship at the First       children; Ka e, age 22 and Claire,      can Psychological Associa on.
Immanuel Bible Church.                Chris an Church of Decatur, IL.       age 21, both SCS grads. Edie is         lstha@sbcglobal.net
jdevine@americalight.com              stevenweber@comcast.net               presently employed as an Excel
                                                                            Assistant in Hotel Investment                          1976
Jeff Hamlin is presently employed      A er a ending Wheaton Col-            Services. Edie enjoys gardening.
as a partner at the insurance         lege, Bryan Wilson went to the        ediekoppin@gmail.com                    Irene (Lohse) Clemmer and her
                 Alumni Updates
                 husband, Jonathan, live in Paoli,      two children: William, age 15, and   Holly (Brunsink) Giannola and       Beulah (Hains) Telman received
                 Pennsylvania. They have two sons:      Emily, age 12. The Quiggles a end    her husband, Lawrence, live in      her Masters in 2002 from Western
                 Ma hew, age 18 and David, age 16.      the College Church in Wheaton.       Northville, Michigan. Holly was     Michigan University. Beulah
                 Irene is currently teaching math at    gquiggle@moody.edu                   employed as a Speech Patholo-       is employed as a teacher in
                 Tredyffrin–Eas own School District in                                        gist, but is now re red. She        the West O awa Public School
                 Wayne, Pennsylvania. She enjoys                                             enjoys reading, travel, and         District. She and her husband,
                                                                      1975                   volunteering at church. The Gi-     Jeffrey S. Telman, live in Holland,
                 reading, Sudoku, and Women’s
                 Ministry ac vi es. The Clemmer                                              annolas have two children who       Michigan. They have four children:
                                                        Donna (Guthrie) Edwards is cur-      are also SCS alumni: Jus n, age     Jus n, age 26 (wife Ji-Soon, age
                 family a ends a nearby Presbyte-       rently employed as a Repor ng
                 rian Church of America.                                                     26 and Corin, age 24. Holly and     26); Jordan, age 24 (wife Adri-
                                                        Data Manager for Business News       Lawrence a end the Dunning          enne, age 22); Ashleigh, age 21;
                 ireneclemmer@comcast.net               Publishing Media (BNP). Donna’s      Park Bible Chapel.                  and Cassandra, age 19. Beulah
                                                        husband, Craig Edwards (’77),        hollyg2@gmail.com                   and Jeffrey a end the Calvary
                 Gregg Quiggle received Master of       passed away suddenly on April 2,
                 Arts at Wheaton College and then                                                                                Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
                                                        2008. They had been married for                                          boojean57@hotmail.com
                 went to Marque e University in         30 years and have two children:
                 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, earning a        Kyle, age 21 and Courtney, age
                 second Master of Arts. He is now       16. Donna is ac ve in the Com-
                 employed as a professor at the         munity Theatres in the Detroit
                 Moody Bible Ins tute in Chicago,       metro area and involved with
                 Illinois. Gregg is a member of the     the Worship Arts Community at
                 Evangelical Theological Society.       Woodside Bible Church in Troy.
                 He and his wife, Mary, live in         dmemusic@msn.com
                 Wheaton, Illinois and they have

                                     Class of 2003 - 5 years

                                                                                              Back Row le to right: Ann (Bilbrey) Ruppenthal, Representa ve,
                                                                                              class of ’94. Heather (Kobernik) Fracassi, Representa ve, class of
                                                                                              ’89. Edie (Smith) Koppin, Secretary, class of ’78. Ka e Koppin,
                                                                                              Representa ve, class of ’03. Front Row le to right: Alex Calder,
                                                                                              Representa ve, class of ’03. Gordon Scannell, Treasurer, class of ’87.
                                                                                              John King, President, class of ’77. Rick Lewis, Vice President, not
                                                                                              shown, class of ’78.
                  The class of 2003 met informally at J. Alexander’s in Somerset Collec-           Southfield Chris an School Alumni Associa on
Class Reunions

                   on. Above are some of those in a endance.                                             (SCSAA) Formally Formed in ‘08

                                    Class of 1988 - 20 years                                  Southfield Chris an School has indeed formed an of-
                                                                                              ficial Alumni Associa on whose mission is to provide
                                                                                              opportuni es for people to stay connected and par ci-
                                                                                              pate in the con nuous development, financial viability,
                                                                                              and excellence of the school. Associa on members
                                                                                              partner with others to promote and support the
                                                                                              school. With eight worthy goals and a division of labor,
                                                                                              we look forward to accomplishing many great things
                                                                                              on behalf of SCS. The Alumni Associa on also looks for-
                                                                                              ward to connec ng alumni whose interests are many,
                                                                                              in all walks of life, and in all parts of the country.
                                                                                              The SCSAA is governed by the Alumni Council, founding
                  The class of 1988 enjoyed a great me of fond memories, food, of             members shown in photo. We would love to fill the re-
                  course, and fellowship on October 11 at Ginapolis Restaurant in Farm-       maining Representa ve posi ons on the Council. You,
                  ington Hills. Thanks to Joy (Baxendale) Roelant and Denise (Owens)          too, can be a part of this, even if you don’t live in the
                  VanDerKolk for their organiza on of the event. Joy prepared a slide         area. We can now teleconference and we would love
                  show of many memories from high school. Also, Joy and Denise read
                  the yearbook prophecies from the ‘88 yearbook. Some of them were
                                                                                              to have your input and assistance. Any SCS graduate
                  amazingly accurate while others were so far off base it was ludi-            or anyone with an interest in the improvement of SCS
                  crous. One of the highlights of the evening was Colleen (Bri ) Wilson       can be a member. At this me there are no dues re-
                  coming to the reunion in the dress (with ara) she had worn to the           quired for membership. Regular mee ngs are held the
                  Junior/Senior in 1988. See the class of 88 website (organized by Joy        third Tuesday of each month in the SCS faculty lounge,
                  Roelant) at www.classcreator.com/southfield-MI-southfield-chris an-
                                                                                              at 6:30 pm. Please come join us. For more informa on,
                                                                                              call Margie Patche , alumni coordinator, 248.357.3660
24                                                                                            ext. 293 or email mpatche @southfieldchris an.org
                                                Leaving a Legacy of Love

The Story:
She was a re red Royal Oak school teacher. She wasn’t rich by any means, but in
1983 she made out her will. An a orney and a pastor encouraged her to include
her family and a Chris an ministry in her estate planning, so she named Southfield
Chris an School as one of the beneficiaries of her estate.

In 2006, in her late nine es, the lady went to be with the Lord, and a check for a       Dr. Kenneth E. Hall
hundred and forty thousand dollars was received by SCS as its por on of her es-       Director of Development
tate. With those dollars the school was able to upgrade its technology and enable
SCS students to remain compe ve with their peers in other schools.

The Lesson:
By planning ahead, those who are wealthy and those who are not can make a significant impact on Southfield
Chris an School through the simple act of naming the school as a beneficiary in their estate.

The Opportunity:
A variety of instruments, ranging from life insurance to IRA/401K beneficiary designa on to a charitable lead
trust to a charitable remainder annuity trust are just some of the ways you can leave a legacy of love for
Southfield Chris an School.

If you choose to designate your gi for a specific purpose you might want to consider the Faculty Salary
Endowment Fund. This fund produces earnings that are used to supplement faculty salaries.

Please fill out the informa on on the box below and return in the response envelope provided for your use.
Naming SCS as a beneficiary of your estate allows you to contribute to the development of young Chris an
leaders long a er your earthly pilgrimage is ended.

If you have ques ons or need addi onal informa on, please contact Dr. Ken Hall, Director of Development, at
(248) 357-3660, ext. 297 or by email at khall@southfieldchris an.org.

                          Leaving a Legacy of Love for Southfield Chris an School
                                   28650 Lahser - Southfield - MI 48034

              Enclosed please find a gi of $ ______for the Endowment Fund
              I/We will send a gi to SCS via the E-giving op on (www.southfieldchris an.org)
              SCS is included in my estate plan
              I/We intend to include SCS in my/our estate plan.
              Please contact me about including SCS in my/our estate plan

       Name __________________________________ Phone ______________________________
       Address _________________________________ City, State, Zip _______________________
       Email ________________________________________________________________________

                               Pursuing Excellence for the Glory of God

If you are interested in receiving this publica on in electronic form, please let us know via email at:
                                       alumni@southfieldchris an.org

  or by returning this form to: Southfield Chris an School Alumni
                                28650 Lahser
                                Southfield, MI 48034
Name: ________________________________________
Email Address: __________________________________

                                                           Southfield Chris an School
    admits students of any race,color, na onality, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and ac vi es available at the school

  Southfield Chris an School - 28650 Lahser Road - Southfield, MI 48034 - www.southfieldchris an.org

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