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					        OSPITAL NG MAKATI
       D e p a r t m e n t o f O t o r h i n o l a ry n g o lo g y
                 H e a d an d N e c k S u r g e ry

               F. A . C . E . S .
      F a cial A e sthe tic pla sti c C ore o f E N T S urgeons, In c
                          In cooperation with

                          PA F P R S
   Philippine Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
               The F aci al Stud y Group of PS O -HNS

10th Annual Rhinoplasty Course
            Symposium and Live Surgery

                  Principles in
   Framework Rhinoplasty
With Distinguised Asian Rhinoplastic Surgeons
    June 4, 2011                                            June 5, 2011
     Makati City Hall                                      Acute Care Center
 22nd Floor, Session Hall,                            Ospital ng Makati Bel Air,
  J.P. Rizal, Makati City,                             Malugay, Makati City
        Philippines                                          Philippines
June 4, 2011                                                         D AY 1

        Makati City Hall, 22nd Floor, Session Hall, J.P. Rizal, Makati City, Philippines

7:30-8:00      Registration

8:00-8:10      Opening Ceremony

8:10-8:30      Functional Anatomy of the Nose                        Henry Claravall, MD

8:30-8:50      Rhinoplasty in Different Ages                         Balwant Gendeh, MD

8:50-9:10      Indications of Closed and Open Approach               Eutrapio Guevara, Jr., MD

9:10-9:30      Tip Dynamics                                          Francis Roasa, MD

9:30-10:00     Coffee Break / Booth Visit

10:00-10:20    Osteotomies in ASEAN Noses: When to do it             Homer Matias, MD

10:20-10:40    Graft Selection in Asian Noses                        Balwant Gendeh, MD

10:40-11:00    What's New in Septoplasty                             Ria Trimartani, MD

11:00-11:20    Versatile Grafting in Tip Surgery                     Ria Trimartani, MD

11:20-11:40    Septal Extension Graft for Tip Support                Joseph Amado Galvez, MD

11:40-12:00    Correction of Hanging Ala                             Eduardo Yap, MD

12:00-1:30     Lunch / Booth Visit

1:30-1:50        Tips in Silicone Rhinoplasty:                 Le Hanh, MD
                 Achieving More for Less
1:50-2:10        Nasal Augmentation Using Aquamid              Le Hanh, MD

2:10-2:30        Autogenous Grafts for Nasal Dorsum            Joseph Amado Galvez, MD

2:30-2:50        e-PTFE for Dorsal Implant: 3 Year Review      Eduardo Yap, MD

2:50-3:10        Principles in Crooked Nose Correction         Henry Claravall, MD

3:10-3:40        Coffee Break / Booth Visit

3:40-4:10        Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty                         Cesar Villafuerte, Jr., MD

4:10-4:30        Basics in Corrective Rhinoplasty              Levi Lansangan, MD

4:30-4:50        Complications of Injected Nose, Silicon       Levi Lansangan, MD
                 and Gore-tex Rhinoplasty
4:50-5:10        Surgery of Injected Nose: How I Do It         Homer Matias, MD

5:10-5:30        Management of Rhinoplasty Complications       Cesar Villafuerte, Jr., MD

5:30-5:50        Problems in ASEAN Rhinoplasty                 Eduardo Yap, MD

7:30             Symposium Dinner (Venue TBA)

June 5, 2011                                                   D AY 2

       Acute Care Canter, Ospital ng Makati Bel Air, Malugay, Makati City, Philippines


                                 PRINCIPLES IN FRAMEWORK RHINOPLASTY

                Eduardo C. Yap, MD
                    Course Director                                          Local Speakers
                                                                           Dr. Henry Claravall
              International guest speakers                            Dr. Joseph Amado Galvez
                     Dr. Ria Trimartani                                Dr. Eutrapio Guevara, Jr.
        Head of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery,                      Dr. Levi John Lansangan
      ENT Dept Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital,                            Dr. Homer Matias
       University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia                          Dr. Francis Roasa
                   Dr. Balwant Gendeh                                  Dr. Cesar Villafuerte, Jr.
             Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon                                Dr. Eduardo C. Yap
                 Department of ORL-HNS
     UKM Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                        Dr. Le Hanh
  Chief of Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
                     Cho Ray Hospital
               Ho CHi Minh City, Vietnam

                                                  EARLY BIRD
                                               (UNTIL MAY 13, 2011)
ENT Residents/FACES Fellows                         PHP 2000                            PHP 2500

ENT Fellows & Diplomates                            PHP 6000                            PHP 7000

Other Specialties                                   PHP 7000                            PHP 8000

Foreign Delegates                                                                        USD 200
                 For further inquiries please contact +63 (923)857-9263 / +63 (923)995-9036
      or +63 (02)882-6316local 425 or 309 and look for Dr. Khristine Girado or Dr. Michael Luke Salinas
          You may also send your inquiries at osmakenthns@yahoo.com or edcyap88@gmail.com

     S P E C I A L C O U R S E PAC K AG E P L U S T O U R !

   (Course Fee plus Trip to Boracay inclusive of Airfare, Boat/Car Transfer, 3 days and 2 nights Hotel
                   Accomodation with Daily Breakfast, and a Special Buffet Dinner)

SPECIAL COURSE PACKAGE PLUS TOUR                                                        USD 850
ACCOMPANYING PERSON                                                                     USD 700

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