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					VERSAFLO Wet Rotor Circulator with Speed Switch



             A. Contractor shall furnish and install Grundfos VersaFloUPS wet rotor in–line circulator
         pumps in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and plans.


         The work in this section is subject to the requirements of applicable portions of the following
                 A. Hydraulic Institute
                 B. ANSI – American National Standards Institute
                 C. ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
                 D. IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
                 E. NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association
                 F. NEC – National Electrical Code
                 G. ISO – International Standards Organization
                 H. UL – Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
                 I.   CSA –Canadian Standards Association


         The wet runner pump manufacturer shall have minimum 10 years of experience in the country of
         the installation. The contractor shall provide minimum 5 installation references of similar size in
         the state/province pump is going to be installed.



      A. Furnish and install 3 speed 3x60x208-230V circulator pumps as per plans and pump schedule.
      B. The pump shall be a standard product of a single pump manufacturer. The pump and motor shall
         be designed and built by the same manufacturer.
      C. The wet rotor circulator pump shall be certified and listed by UL (1Z28 Water circulating pump)
         and/or CSA (Water Circulating Pump) for conformance to U.S. and Canadian Standards to
         operate at maximum 248 F and minimum 14 F water.
      D. Maximum noise level of the pump and motor shall be 41dB(A)
      E. The pumps shall be capable of operating continuously at 248 F .
      F. For open loop applications maximum water temperature shall be limited to 140 F, water hardness

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        shall not exceed 17 grains per gallon (14 dH).

2.1.1   PUMPS

    A. The pumps shall be of the quiet wet rotor in-line design.
    B. The head-capacity curve shall have a steady rise in head from maximum to minimum flow within
        the preferred operating region.
    C. The pumps shall have the following features:
        1.    The pump housing shall have a stainless steel neck ring to minimize recirculation and
              increase pump efficiency.
        2.    The impellers shall be laser welded stainless to obtain maximum efficiency. Composite
              material shall not be acceptable. The impellers shall be secured to the shaft with a neck ring
              and a nut.
        3.    The suction and discharge flanges shall be tapped and drilled to allow gauge installation on
              the pump.
        4.    All 3 speed pumps shall have fiber optic indicator lights for operation indication and trouble
        5.    The pumps shall have radial tungsten carbide sleeve bearings for extended life. Metal
              impregnated carbon radial bearings shall not be acceptable.
        6.    Pump Construction.
                a. Pump housing:                                   Bronze (ASTM B505 and B271)
                b. Impellers, rotor can, rotor cladding,:          304 Stainless Steel
                c. Shaft                                           316 Stainless Steel
                d. Bearings:                                       Tungsten Carbide
                e. Axial thrust bearing:                           Carbon MY106
                f. Shaft journals/ inner bearings:                 Silicon Carbide
                g. O-rings:                                        EPDM
                h. Bearing plate:                                  304 Stainless Steel


    A. Each motor shall be of the asynchronous squirrel cage design and tested with the pump as one
        unit by the same manufacturer.
    B. The stator housing shall be made of pressure die cast aluminum. The stator housing shall have 8
        drain holes to enable condensed water to escape.
    C. The motor shall be cooled by the pumped fluid.
    D. Motor shall be self ventilating. The stator housing shall have nickel plated brass inspection screw.
    E. Minimum insulation class for the motors shall be Class F.

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2.1.3      TERMINAL BOX

      A. The terminal box shall be made of black composite material. Enclosure class shall be
           IP44.Aluminum terminal boxes shall not be acceptable.
      B. The terminal box shall be suitable to accept add-on modules.
                                            Choose one of the below…
      Two pumps in parallel, duty/standby application;
      C. Each pump shall be supplied with a relay module for duty standby pump application (2 pumps
           only). The relay module shall be capable of rotating the pumps every 24 hours. Relay module
           shall provide protection against overheating at all speed.
      To obtain External Fault signal and connecting the pump to mains without contactor
      D. Each pump shall be supplied with a relay module to provide external fault signal. Relay module
           shall provide protection against overheating at all speed.
      To connect to pump to mains without contactor
      E. Each pump shall be supplied with protection module for direct connection to mains.
      VFD applications
      F.   The pumps shall be provided with standard module. Optimal protection module or relay module
           shall not be installed.


      G. The pump shaft shall be installed horizontally per manufacturer’s recommendations. The terminal
           box shall be located as per manufacturer’s recommendations. The system shall be vented out
           from a higher location form the pump. The required inlet pressure by the pump shall be available
           at the pump inlet.


      A. The pumps shall be factory performance and hydrostatic tested as a complete unit prior to
           shipment. The testing shall be done in accordance with ISO 9906 Annex A. No test certificate is

2.4        WARRANTY

      A. The warranty period shall be a non-prorated period of 24 months from date of installation, not to
           exceed 30 months from date of manufacture. Warranty shall cover pump, motor and add-on
           modules as complete unit.

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