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Cutlery (PDF)



MW Allure Soup Spoon                   MW Allure Serving Fork                         MW Allure Serving Spoon

CU52807                 £3.95          CU52819                  £7.50                 CU52820              £7.50

MW Allure Teaspoon                     MW Allure Soda Spoon                           MW Allure 58 Piece Cutlery Set
CU52808                 £2.25          CU52811                  £2.95                 CU5289958            £180.00

MW Allure Steak Knife                  MW Allure 16 Piece Cutlery Set                 MW Allure Dessert Knife
CU52823                 £3.95          CU5289916            £45.00                    CU52804              £3.95

MW Allure Table Fork                   MW Allure Table Knife                          MW Allure Coffee Spoon

CU52802                 £3.95          CU52801                  £3.95                 CU52810              £2.25

                                Maxwell and Williams -
MW Allure Dessert Spoon               MW Allure Dessert Fork                         MW Allure 40 Piece Cutlery Set
CU52806              £3.95            CU52805                  £3.95                 CU5289940            £120.00

MW Bistro 56pc 18/0 Cutlery           MW Bistro 16pc 18/0 Cutlery                    MW Bistro 40pc 18/0 Cutlery
Set GB                                Set GB                                         Set GB
CU5199956            £85.00           CU5199916            £25.00                    CU5199940            £60.00

MW Cheeky 4pc Childs Cutlery          MW Cosmopolitan Buffet Fork                    MW Cosmopolitan 18/10
Set GB                                8pc Set GB                                     Cutlery 40pc
NS0001              £10.00            CU7479925          £20.00                      CU7479940           £90.00

MW Cosmopolitan Salad Spoon           MW Cosmopolitan Cutlery                        MW Cosmopolitan Coffee
Sm                                    Stand                                          Spoon
CU74717            £5.00              EAB041860          £0.00                       CU74710            £1.95

                               Maxwell and Williams -
MW Cosmopolitan 18/10                 MW Cosmopolitan Steak Knife                    MW Cosmopolitan Buffet Fork
Cutlery 58pc                          8pc Set GB
CU7479958           £125.00           CU7479923          £28.00                      CU74725             £2.95

MW Cosmopolitan Dessert               MW Cosmopolitan Serving                        MW Cosmopolitan Steak Knife
Spoon                                 Spoon Lg
CU74706            £3.50              CU74720            £5.00                       CU74723             £3.50

MW Cosmopolitan Oyster Fork           MW Cosmopolitan Cheese                         MW Cosmopolitan Table Fork
CU74712             £1.95             CU74724            £3.95                       CU74702             £3.50

MW Cosmopolitan Serving Fork          MW Cosmopolitan 18/10                          MW Cosmopolitan Cake Server
Lg                                    Cutlery 16pc
CU74719            £5.00              CU7479916           £35.00                     CU74721             £5.00

                               Maxwell and Williams -
MW Cosmopolitan Dessert Fork          MW Cosmopolitan Dessert                        MW Cosmopolitan Teaspoon
CU74705            £3.50              CU74704            £3.50                       CU74708             £1.95

MW Cosmopolitan Soup Spoon            MW Cosmopolitan Table Knife                    MW Cosmopolitan Fish Knife

CU74707            £3.50              CU74701                  £3.50                 CU74714             £2.95

MW Cosmopolitan Salad Fork            MW Cosmopolitan Table Spoon                    MW Cosmopolitan Fruit Spoon
CU74718            £5.00              CU74703                  £3.50                 CU74715             £1.95

MW Cosmopolitan Fish Fork             MW Cosmopolitan Soda Spoon                     MW Cosmopolitan Cake Fork

CU74713            £2.95              CU74711                  £2.50                 CU74709             £1.95

                               Maxwell and Williams -
MW Cosmopolitan Fruit Fork           MW Cosmopolitan Pate Knife                     MW Cosmopolitan Handle Pate
CU74716             £1.95            CU74722                  £3.50                 G4201              £8.00

MW Elegant 56pc Cutlery Set          MW Madison 18/10 Cutlery                       MW Madison 18/10 Cutlery
18/0 GB                              58pc                                           40pc
CU6099956           £70.00           CU2499658           £125.00                    CU2499640           £90.00

MW Madison Teaspoon                  MW Madison Soup Spoon                          MW Madison Gravy Ladle 17CM

CU249608            £1.95            CU249607                 £3.50                 CU249626            £5.00

MW Madison Soda Spoon                MW Madison Coffee Spoon                        MW Madison Table Fork

CU249611            £2.50            CU249610                 £1.95                 CU249602            £3.50

                              Maxwell and Williams -
MW Madison 18/10 Cutlery            MW Madison Table Knife                         MW Madison Dessert Spoon
CU2499616           £35.00          CU249601                 £3.50                 CU249606           £3.50

MW Madison Dessert Knife            MW Madison Table Spoon                         MW Madison Steak Knife

CU249604            £4.00           CU249603                 £3.50                 CU249623           £3.50

MW Madison Pate Knife               MW Madison 18/10 Cake Server                   MW Madison Soup Ladle 30CM
CU249622            £3.50           CU2499621          £5.50                       CU249627           £12.00

MW Madison Fruit Spoon              MW Madison Fish Knife                          MW Madison Oyster Fork

CU249615            £1.95           CU249614                 £2.95                 CU249612           £1.95

                             Maxwell and Williams -
MW Madison Dessert Fork              MW Madison Serving Fork Lg                     MW Madison Salad Fork Sm

CU249605            £3.50            CU249619                 £5.00                 CU249618           £5.00

MW Madison Buffet Fork               MW Madison Fish Fork                           MW Madison Cake Fork

CU249625            £2.95            CU249613                 £2.95                 CU249609           £1.95

MW Madison Salad Spoon Sm            MW Madison Fruit Fork                          MW Madison Cake Server

CU249617            £5.00            CU249616                 £1.95                 CU249621           £5.00

MW Madison Serving Spoon Lg          MW Madison Cheese Knife                        MW Madison Cutlery Stand

CU249620            £7.50            CU249624                 £3.95                 EAB460403          £0.00

                              Maxwell and Williams -
MW Pizzaz White Cutlery 16pce   MW Pizzaz Black Cutlery 16pce   MW Sophisticate 40pc 18/0
Set GB                          Set GB                          Cutlery Set GB
NS2216               £55.00     NS3316               £55.00     CU5379940            £60.00

MW Sophisticate 56pc 18/0
Cutlery Set GB
CU5399956            £85.00

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