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					 2009 Nursing Excellence
   Awards Ceremony

   Thursday, May 7, 2009
         10 a.m.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital
      Feinberg Pavilion
         Third Floor
     Conference Room A
                                    Dean M. Harrison
                           President and Chief Executive Officer
                            Northwestern Memorial HealthCare

                            INTRODUCTION TO AWARDS
                       Michelle A. Janney, RN, PhD, NEA-BC
                    Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive
                            Northwestern Memorial Hospital

                            PRESENTATION OF AWARDS
                    Excellence in Nursing Practice Award Winners

Michelle Munroe, RN, BSN, OCN                           Oncology Nursing
Karina Gonzalez, RN, BSN                                Neuro/Ortho Nursing
Kathleen Quail, RN, BSN, CVN                            Medicine Nursing
Oscar Perry, RN-C                                       Stone Institute of Psychiatry
Rebecca Harap, RN, BSN                                  Inpatient Surgical Nursing
Brenda Burke, RN, CEN                                   Emergency Department
Semico Miller, RN, BHA, CCRN, CNRN                      Float Pool/Rapid Response Team
Patricia Gierut, RN, BSN                                Kovler Organ Transplantation Center
Katie Doyle, RNC, MSN                                   Women’s Health
Vanessa Payne, RNC                                      Women’s Health
Melanie Silos, RN, BSN                                  Surgical Services
Christina Baumrucker, RN, BSN                           Radiology
Katie Dejuras, RN, MSN                                  Operations and Quality

                           APN Peer Recognition Award Winner

Laura Mazzenga, APRN, BC, CNP, CUNP
Surgical Patient Care

                     Hospitalwide Partner in Care Award Winner

 Environmental Services
                               SPECIAL RECOGNITION
                                     Chapman Scholars

Mary Alice Ackerman, RN, BSN                  “Nurse-Guided Extubation Protocol for CTICU
Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit            Patients”

Sara A. Flickner, RN, BSN, OCN                “Patient and Family Education: Before, During and
Hematology                                    After Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT)”

Minnie Gaffney, RN, CCRN                      “Evaluating an Intervention: The Rapid Response
Float Pool/Rapid Response Team                Team”

Princess Ivy, RN-BC, BSN                      “Using De-Escalation Skills to Manage Agitated
8 West Stone                                  or Threatening Patients”

Lisa M. Scholz, RN, MS                        “Use of an Assessment Tool to Determine Psychological
Kovler Organ Transplantation Center           Distress Among Abdominal Organ Transplant Recipients
                                              in an Outpatient Setting”
Lita Simpson Sabonis, RN, BC, BS, BSN         “Assessing Inpatient Psychiatric Nurses’ Knowledge of
8 East Stone                                  Sensory Intervention Techniques for Decreasing
                                              Disruptive, Disregulating and/or Self-Injurious Impulses in
                                              Patients with Borderline Personality Disorders”
Maureen Swiderski, RN, CHPN, OCN              “Death Rattle as Predictor of Time Until Death”
16 Prentice
Erin Higgins Darguzas, RN, BSN                “Assessment of Delirium in the Critically Ill Patient with
Medical Intensive Care Unit                   CAM-ICU”

                                      Brinson Scholars

Elishia Spitler, RNC, BSN                     Erin O’Brien, RNC, BSN
Renée Schine Crown                            Renée Schine Crown
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit                  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

                           Unit Partner in Care Award Winners

Marcos Lara                                   Nominated by 8 East and 8 West Stone
Food and Nutrition
Leonardo Rivera                               Nominated by 9 Prentice and Prentice Float Pool
Environmental Services
Sarah Manes                                   Nominated by 10 Southeast Feinberg
Physical Therapy
Regina Boamah                                 Nominated by 10 Northeast Feinberg
Inventory Management
LaShonda Hayes                                Nominated by 10 West Feinberg
Environmental Services
                          Unit Partner in Care Award Winners

Christina Silkaitis                        Nominated by 11 East Feinberg
Infection Control
Brenda Brown                               Nominated by 11 Prentice
Environmental Services
LaQuinta Willis                            Nominated by 11 Prentice
Environmental Services
Humphrey Phillips                          Nominated by 11 West Feinberg
Facilities Management
Alicia Moffett                             Nominated by 12 East and 12 West Feinberg
Wayne Bork                                 Nominated by 12 Prentice
Prentice Management Operations
Elizabeth Vetter                           Nominated by 13 East Feinberg
James Randall                              Nominated by 13 Prentice and Radiology
Point of Care Testing
Jessie Green                               Nominated by 13 West Feinberg
Materials Management
Kevin O’Leary, MD                          Nominated by 14 East Feinberg
Jorge Mamon                                Nominated by 14 Prentice
Environmental Services
Krystal Jones                              Nominated by 14 West Feinberg
Case Management
Brenda Henson                              Nominated by 15 East Feinberg
Case Management
Andrea Thomas                              Nominated by 15 Prentice
Environmental Services
Diane Lampe                                Nominated by 15 West Feinberg
Heart Failure Pulmonary
Mileva Savich                              Nominated by 16 East Feinberg
Case Management
Elvis Taylor                               Nominated by 16 Prentice
Katie Vanderzwan                           Nominated by 16 West Feinberg
Hospitalist Physicians
Francisco Vallejo                          Nominated by Ambulatory Surgery and the
Facilities and Engineering                 Olson Operating Room

Fernando Acevys                            Nominated by Case Management Prentice Resource
Miramed Company
                           Unit Partner in Care Award Winners

L. Fabiola Briones                              Nominated by the Cardiac Cath Lab, the Cardiac
Patient Representative                          Surveillance Unit and Invasive Cardiology Recovery
Edward Bowens                                   Nominated by the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit
Prentice Management Operations
Kirt Gerber                                     Nominated by the Cardiac Care Unit and the
Adult Respiratory Care                          Medicine Intensive Care Unit
Kevin Desai                                     Nominated by the Emergency Department
Clinical Information Systems
Brian Galitz                                    Nominated by the Feinberg Operating Room
Materials Management
Mary Pat Brennan                                Nominated by the Float Pool

Chris Canto                                     Nominated by the GI Lab

Ali Riahi                                       Nominated by Inpatient Dialysis
Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Michael Ison                                Nominated by the Kovler Organ Transplantation Center
Medicine/Infectious Diseases

Steve Beamon                                    Nominated by Labor and Delivery
Environmental Services
Nancy Kreider                                   Nominated by the Renée Schine Crown
Clinical Systems Patient Care                   Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Sally Kinnamon                                  Nominated by the Neurosciences Intensive
Chaplain                                        Care Unit

Joe Byrnes                                      Nominated by the Feinberg Post Anesthesia
Environmental Services                          Care Unit

Stephanie Butler                                Nominated by the Prentice Operating Room
Olson Operating Room
Dr. Peter Kallas                                Nominated by the Pre-operative Clinic
Medicine/Hospital Medicine
Patricia Allen                                  Nominated by Same Day Surgery
Environmental Services
Noemi Quezada                                   Nominated by OB Triage
Environmental Services

                                  CLOSING REMARKS
                                   Dennis M. Murphy
                   Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
                             Northwestern Memorial Hospital
              Please join us for a reception immediately following the ceremony.

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