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					                 Counter Terrorism
                    Prepare, Prevent, Pursue, Protect
            10th & 11th November 2010, Hilton London Kensington

✔ HEAR well timed accounts from
  distinguished international
  speakers who will update you
  on the global counter terrorism
✔ ASSESS how the UK’s counter
  terrorism programme has
  changed since the new
  coalition government was
✔ DISCUSS transnational counter
  terrorism policies, programmes
  and operations
✔ LEARN how terrorists are
  financing terrorism and hear                                                                  PRE CONFERENCE INTERACTIVE
  case studies from the London                                                                          WORKSHOP

  7/7 and Madrid 3/11 bombings
✔ ANALYSE the security                                                                            Exercise Rolling
  procedures from the 2010                                                                           Defence
  Vancouver Winter Olympics                                                                         9th November 2010
  and hear how the London 2012                                                                          12pm – 5pm
  Olympics will be secured                                                                          In association with
✔ BENEFIT from the opportunity
  to network with the people
  you want to meet from the
  counter terrorism community

                                      OUR INTERNATIONAL LINE-UP OF SPEAKERS INCLUDES:
      Assistant Chief Constable John Wright,      Richard Bryan, Director of            Lieutenant Colonel Reid Sawyer,
      Head of Prevent, Office of the National     Commissioning, Olympic and            Director, Combating Terrorism Centre,
      Co-ordinator Special Branch, Home           Paralympics Security Directorate,     USA
      Office, UK                                  Home Office, UK

      Detective Peter McGovern, Anti-              Senior Representative, Vancouver     Asim Hafeez, Head of Intervention,
      Terrorism Cyber Training Instructor,         2010 Olympic and Paralympics         Office of Security and Counter
      Department of State, USA                     Games Secretariat, Canada
                                                                                        Terrorism, Home Office, UK

      Senior Representative, Ministry of           Detective Chief Inspector Raffaele   Fernando Reinares, Professor of
                                                   D’Orsi, S015 Counter Terrorism       Political Science at Universidad Rey
      Defence, UK
                                                   Command Ports, Metropolitan          Juan Carlos and Senior Analyst on
                                                                                        International Terrorism, Real Instituto
                                                   Police, UK
                                                                                        Elcano, Madrid

      To attend, contact Teri Arri on Tel +44 (0) 20 7827 6162,
      Fax +44 (0) 20 7827 6163, email
     or visit to register online
                                 GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE
     Day One Wednesday 10th November 2010                                                        

       8.30    Registration & Coffee                                        12.40   Networking Lunch

       9.00    Chairman's Opening Remarks
                                                                            1.50    3/11 Bombings - The Spanish Experiences of Internal and
               Group Captain (Ret’d) Bob Fishwick, (Former) Force
               Protection & Special Projects Officer, Policy and                    External Terrorism
               Requirements Division, Supreme Headquarters Allied                   • 6 years on – what have the 3/11 bombings taught us?
               Powers, Europe                                                       • Who were the perpetrators – Moroccan members of
                                                                                    • Could the authorities have done anything differently?
       9.10    OPENING ADDRESS                                                      • Interagency collaboration in the aftermath of the attack
               The UK Counter Terrorism Command and the Prevent and                   – What has changed since?
               Pursue Strategy
                                                                                    Fernando Reinares, Professor of Political Science at
               • Update of activities and operations
               • Identifying internal and external threats – prevent and            University Rey Juan Carlos and Senior Analyst on
                 pursue                                                             International Terrorism, Real Instituto Elcano, Madrid
               • How can intelligence agencies adapt to meet new and                John Porter, Counter Terrorism & Extremism Liaison
                 evolving challenges?
                                                                                    Officer, The British Embassy - Spain
               • Educating the community
               Assistant Chief Constable John Wright, Head of Prevent,
               Office of the National Co-ordinator Special Branch, Home                        TRANSNATIONAL TERRORISM
               Office, UK
                                                                            2.30    International Border Check Points
       9.50    Counter Insurgency and the UK Prevent Programme
               • The UK Ministry of Defence and CT operations                       • Border posts – how effective are they for identifying
               • Counter insurgency programmes                                        genuine asylum seekers vs. illegal migrants
               • Collaboration and interoperability with the Home                   • The implications for homeland security
                 Office Prevent team
                                                                                    • Schengen and Frontex - lessons learned
               • Engaging public/private partnerships in the fight
                 against terrorism                                                  • Dependencies and vulnerabilities
               Senior Representative, Ministry of Defence, UK                       • How can we improve?
                                                                                    Keith Best, (Former) Chief Executive Officer, Immigration
       10.30   Morning Coffee                                                       Advisory Service, UK

       11.00   KEYNOTE ADDRESS
               Domestic Extremism and Political Violence                    3.10    Afternoon Tea
               • Indentifying and tackling the challenge of home grown
                 terrorism                                                  3.40    Tracking and Intercepting Dangerous Intelligence and
               • UK Home Office’s national initiatives for countering
                                                                                    Information Sharing Between Nations
                 extremism and political violence
               • The media contribution to the perception of Al-Qaeda               • The threat to national security if information is allowed
                 as an amorphous phenomenon                                           to flow freely between nations
               • Is there a way to educate radicals?                                • Information interception – should the evidence be able
               Asim Hafeez, Head of Intervention, Office of Security and
                                                                                      to be used as evidence?
               Counter Terrorism, Home Office, UK
                                                                                    • What can other major security incidents teach us about
       11.40   London 7/7 – a Victims Perspective                                     the threat of information exchange?
               Stuart Purcell, Safety and Security Manager, Wentworth, UK           Speaker Details to be Released at the Conference

       12.00   Lessons Learned from the 7/7 Bombings
               • The attacks in a context                                   4.20    Cyber Terrorism and the Threat to Homeland Security
               • Identifying and preventing extremist terrorist – how can           • Cyber warfare and national security
                 we do it?                                                          • Protecting our utilities – critical national infrastructure
               • CCTV footage – what does the footage from the day
                 teach us?
               • Going from slow time thinking to quick time doing?                 • How do we train law enforcement agencies to respond?
               • Interaction with emergency services                                • Future initiatives
               • Lessons learned for use in the lead up to the 2012                 Detective Peter McGovern, Anti-Terrorism Cyber Training
                 Olympic Games
                                                                                    Instructor, Department of State, USA
               Ian Hall, Senior Consultant Manager, Perpetuity Research
               & Consultancy International, UK
               Charlie Swanson MSc FSyl, Security and Risk Consultant, UK   5.00    Chairman’s Closing Remarks and Close of Day One

               To attend, contact Teri Arri on Tel +44 (0) 20 7827 6162, Fax +44 (0) 20 7827 6163, email tarri@smi-onl

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     Day Two Thursday 11th November 2010                                                     

      8.30    Re-registration & Coffee                                    12.20   Networking Lunch

      9.00    Chairman's Opening Remarks                                  1.50    Rome Airport Police and the Anti-Terrorism Strategy
              Group Captain (Ret’d) Bob Fishwick, (Former) Force                  • The Rome Airport Police and the CT strategy
              Protection & Special Projects Officer, Policy and                   • Preventing, monitoring and repressing
              Requirements Division, Supreme Headquarters Allied                  • Specially trained CT units
                                                                                  • 514 CCTV – fighting terrorism at all levels through video
              Powers, Europe
                                                                                  • The new body scanner – how are things going and what
      9.10    OPENING ADDRESS
                                                                                    are the challenges?
              The Changing Face of Terrorism in the USA
                                                                                  Nicodemo Liotti, Head of Security for State Police, Rome
              • Update of activities at the Combating Terrorism Centre
                                                                                  Airport Police *
              • Countering and defining effective strategies to counter
               the dynamic terrorist threat                                            SECURING MAJOR INTERNATIONAL EVENTS
              • Providing support to local, state and federal agencies
              • Internal vs. external threats                             2.30    CASE STUDY:
              Lieutenant Colonel Reid Sawyer, Director, Combating                 The Vancouver Winter Olympics
              Terrorism Centre, USA *                                             • Planning and practise – an overview of the games
                                                                                    security procedures
      9.50    Countering Terrorist Financing                                      • How did we prepare and train?
              • An overview and assessment of the problem                         • Coordinating multiple agencies to ensure security and
              • How can we stop money laundering and the financing of               smooth running
               terror?                                                            • How would we have responded during an incident?
                                                                                  • What have we learned?
              • Facing up to the problem and coordinating a
                                                                                  Senior Representative, Vancouver 2010 Olympic and
               multinational response
                                                                                  Paralympics Games Secretariat, Canada
              Detective Desiree McGovern, Money Laundering/ Financial
              Crimes Investigator, Palm Beach State College, USA
                                                                          3.10    Afternoon Tea

      10.30   Morning Coffee
                                                                          3.40    CASE STUDY:
                                                                                  The Athens Olympics – Medical/Hospital CBRN Defence
                               AIRPORT SECURITY                                   • CBRN threats and targets
                                                                                  • Is medical/hospital defence the weak link in CBRN
      11.00   SPECIAL ADDRESS                                                       planning?
              Counter Terrorism at Heathrow International Airport                 • Problems identified
              • Overview of activities at Heathrow                                • Problems learned?
              • Identifying and preventing terrorist threats                      Colonel (Dr) Ioannis Galatas, CBRN Officer & Planner,
              • Where do the major threats emanate from?                          Hellenic National Defence General Staff, Greece
              • Technologies in use for scanning and prevention
              • Integrating technologies – the full body scanner          4.20    CLOSING KEYNOTE ADDRESS

              • Lessons learned from the attacks on Glasgow Airport               Securing the London 2012 Olympic Games
                                                                                  • Meeting the challenge of securing the London 2012
              • Training and improvements
                                                                                    Olympic Games
              Detective Chief Inspector Raffaele D’Orsi, S015 Counter
                                                                                  • Ensuring a joined up multi agency approach
              Terrorism Command Ports, Metropolitan Police, UK
                                                                                  • The challenge of striking a balance between effective
                                                                                    and visible security
      11.40   Terrorist Threats to Civil Aviation
                                                                                  • Risk identification and profiling
              • Security management and CT operations                             Richard Bryan, Director of Commissioning, Olympic and
              • Slow time thinking to quick time doing                            Paralympics Security Directorate, Home Office, UK
              • Coordinating a multi agency response
              • Future assessment and improvement                         5.00    Chairman's Closing Remarks and Close of Conference
              Nico Voorbach, Chairman IFALPA Security Committee,
              IFALPA                                                              *Subject to final confirmation or visit to register online • GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE
        Pre Conference Interactive
               12pm - 5pm
                                          In association with
Exercise Rolling
9th November 2010,
Hilton London Kensington

Why attend this workshop?
This half day workshop will analyse a number of
terrorist threats which may impact on all aspects of
the global supply chain. A series of interactive
scenarios will be introduced during the workshop,
with delegates operating in teams to analyse and
provide solutions to a developing critical situation.
The initial incident will be dynamic, and will evolve
from a suspected terrorist attack against a perceived
ISPS certificated port facility. As the situation
develops, it will include the consequential effects
throughout the intermodal supply chain, identifying
a need for defence in depth and resolute preparation
and planning.
Attend and take the opportunity to explore all
aspects of the identified vulnerabilities within the
supply chain; be it at a port or within a distribution
hub. Sensitive issues such as the threat from terrorism
and advised mitigation strategies will be actively
discussed and risk assessments will be carried out and
examined during each phase of the workshop.
Delegates will also be given the opportunity to take
an active role in managing ongoing threat scenarios.
Benefits of attending:
The workshop will benefit all those involved in
logistics; either by land, air or sea. In particular it will
be a major advantage to all security managers or
those with a managerial responsibility to protect
their particular logistics assets from the threat of
terrorism. This is an opportunity to become involved
in what may be required in the management of a
terrorist attack against the supply chain; and will
offer delegates the opportunity to have an insight
into areas of the supply chain which may not
necessarily sit comfortably with them.
Half Day Agenda
12.00     Registration and Coffee
12.30     Phase One Warning from CTU
13.15     Phase Two Bomb threat warning call
14.30     Afternoon Tea
14.45     Phase Three Device found
15.30     Phase Four The bomb detonates
16.30     Phase Five The de brief*
17.00     Close of Workshop

* Not to be published prior to the workshop

About your workshop leader
           Charlie Swanson served a full career in
           the British Royal Military Police (RMP)
           where he specialised in Close Protection
           and Counter Terrorism. He holds a
           Masters degree in Security Management
           and IT from the University of Leicester,
and is currently reading for a MLitt in Terrorism
Studies with St Andrews University.

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