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                                                                          WASHING MACHINE
                                                                            DETERGENT                                                  1H
Ainleys Industrial Estate, Elland, West Yorks. HX5 9JP. Tel. 01422 379214 Fax. 01422 310060
                    EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBER 01422 379214
2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS                                                10. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY
HAZARDOUS                (1) Nitrilotriacetic             (2) Potassium        STABILITY:           Stable under normal storage conditions.
COMPONENTS                       Acid                         Silicate         CONDITIONS TO AVOID: None in particular.
Conc.                           5-15%                          5-15%           MATERIALS TO AVOID: None.
EINECS No.                   225-768-6
                                                                               DECOMPOSITION        No typical hazardous reactions or
CAS No.                      5064-31-3
                                                                               PRODUCTS:            decomposition products known.
Hazard                        Xi-Irritant
Risk Phrase:          R36/38 Irritating to eyes and skin.
                                                                                      11. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION
                                                                               ACUTE TOXICITY:      Low order of acute toxicity.
The product is classed as an irritant and can
cause irritation to the eyes and skin.                                         EYES:                Can cause permanent eye damage.
                                                                               SKIN:                Mildly aggressive to skin.
                                                                               INGESTION:           If taken orally internal damage can result.
                                                                               INHALATION:          None available.

                 4. FIRST AID MEASURES
EYES:              Immediately flush with eye wash solution or clean water
                                                                                         12. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION
                   for at least 10 minutes.                                    MOBILITY:               Readily miscible with water.
SKIN:              Wash the affected area with plenty of water.                DEGRADABILITY:          98% biodegradable.
INGESTION:         GET MEDICAL ATTENTION – Drink copious amounts               ACCUMULATION:           None known.
                   of water or milk.
                                                                               ECOTOXICITY:            Contains substances which can affect the
INHALATION:        Remove from exposure. GET MEDICAL ATTENTION.
                                                                                                       aquatic environment.

EXTINGUISHING MEDIA:               Not combustible. Select fire extinguisher             13. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS
                                   appropriate for surrounding fire.
                                                                                 Wear appropriate protective clothing. Soak up with sand or earth and
SPECIAL HAZARDS:                   None.                                         remove to suitable container for transfer to chemical tip. Alternatively
                                                                                  flush to drain with copious quantities of water. Disposal should be in
    6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES                                                   accordance with waste disposal or water authority regulations.
                       PERSONAL PRECAUTIONS:
    Wear suitable eye/face protection, gloves and protective clothing.                    14. TRANSPORT INFORMATION
                   ENVIRONMENTAL PRECAUTIONS:                                                    UN No:                       Not classified
                  No particular/specific measures required.
                         SPILLAGE TREATMENT:                                                     Hazard Class:                Not classified
        Small spillage: Wash to drain with large amounts of water.                              Packaging Group:              Not classified
Large spillage: Mix with sand or earth and remove to suitable container
  for transfer to an approved chemical tip or alternatively flush to drain      Only transport in original containers in upright position. Never remove
                      with copious quantities of water.                            containers from cardboard cartons before transporting. Unless
                                                                                containers are palletised never transport stacked more than two high.
HANDLING:        Trained personnel wearing suitable protective clothing.                 15. REGULATORY INFORMATION
                 Avoid contact with skin or eyes.                                   Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply)
STORAGE:         Store in secure chemical area at ambient temperature.                    Regulations 1999 Classification: Xi Irritant
PACKAGING:       Supplied in 5, 20 or 200 litre approved containers.
                                                                               Risk Phrases:      R36/38     Irritating to eyes and skin.
 8. EXPOSURE CONTROLS/PERSONAL PROTECTION                                      Safety Phrases: S26         In case of contact with eyes, rinse
                                                                                                           immediately with plenty of water and seek
                                                                                                           medical advice.
                                                                                                  S28      After contact with skin, wash immediately
                                                                                                           with plenty of water.
                                                                                                  S37      Wear suitable gloves.
                                                                                  Use of this product may be governed by the following regulations:
                                                                                    Chemical Hazard Information and Packaging Regulations 1999,
                                                                               Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (C.P.L.2) Regulations 1996,
GENERAL:               No specific measures are required provided the               Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999.
                       product is handled in accordance with the general
                       rules of occupational hygiene and safety. Avoid
                       contact with eyes, skin or clothes.                                     16. OTHER INFORMATION
PERSONAL               The following personal protective
PROTECTION:            equipment should be provided.                             This product is a non caustic tray and utensil washing detergent for
SKIN PROTECTION: Protective overalls/shoes.                                            use in spray washing and ultrasonic cleaning machines.
HAND PROTECTION: Impervious gloves.                                                This product is registered with the National Poison Information
EYE PROTECTION: Chemical safety goggles.                                            Service. Medical staff can obtain additional health and safety
                                                                                    information from this service by telephoning 0171 635 9191.
 All personal protective equipment must comply with EEC standards                      New Cross Hospital, Avonley Road, London SE14 5ER.
           and be maintained to ensure suitability for use.
                                                                                We have taken all reasonable care in the preparation of this Material
  9. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES                                            Safety Data Sheet. The information contained is for guidance only
                                                                                  and recipients should satisfy themselves as to its suitability and
APPEARANCE:                          Clear pale yellow liquid                    completeness for their own particular application. The information
ODOUR:                               None                                       contained in the Material Safety Data Sheet is believed to be correct
RELATIVE DENSITY:                    ~ 1.18                                                           at the time of publication.
pH 1% soln.:                         10.7-11.7
WATER SOLUBILITY:                    Readily miscible with water               Issued No. 1H/7             GWP Code: 0390                   Date. 25.05.00

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      MACHINE DETERGENT                                                                                 1H
      Utensil Spray Washing Machine Detergent is a non caustic tray and
   utensil washing detergent specifically formulated for use in spray washing
                      and ultrasonic cleaning machines.
                                           TECHNICAL DATA
                   Appearance                         Clear pale yellow liquid
                   Packaging Colour Code:             Orange ends, Orange and Red labelled containers
                   Packaging                          5 litre containers, 20 litre drums and 200 litre drums
                   COSHH Classification               Irritant, contains potassium silicate
                   pH at usage concentration          11.2 ±0.5
                   Flash point                        Non flammable
                   Precautions                        Irritant. Neat product can cause skin irritation.
                                                      Safe on most surfaces including zinc, aluminium, wood,
                                                      plastic and stainless steel.
                   Environmental consideration        Product is above 98% biodegradable

    Utensil Spray Washing Machine Detergent used in automatic tray-washing machines will efficiently remove
    such soils as protein deposits, vegetable debris, baking soils, electrostatic dust, etc. from aluminium, timber
    and plastic food processing trays. Utensil Spray Washing Machine Detergent contains unique redeposition
   agents to stop soils adhering to trays during cleaning. The product neutralises electrostatic charge on plastic
   trays so eliminating contamination by light dust during use. Corrosion inhibitors are incorporated into Utensil
    Spray Washing Machine Detergent to protect the machine's metal surfaces. A further use for Utensil Spray
   Washing Machine Detergent is for the washing of surgical instruments which will efficiently remove all stains
   and soils such as blood, bone marrow, dried tissue, etc. Because Utensil Spray Washing Machine Detergent
  is a specially formulated non-caustic detergent containing corrosion inhibitors, the product is safe to use on all
                instruments containing aluminium or alloy components, even at boiling temperatures.

                                      CLEANING PROCEDURE
     Utensil Spray Washing Machine Detergent is injected into the utensil washing machine, tray-washer, or
  dishwashing machine automatically by control equipment supplied on free loan by GWP Group of Companies.
    The recommended concentration for Utensil Spray Washing Machine Detergent is between 0.25% to 0.5%
      depending on hardness of water and types of soils to be removed. Water analysis and recommended
      concentration is determined individually by your GWP Group representative. Recommended detergent
                                          solution temperature 55-65°C.

ITEM TO BE CLEANED                                   METHOD                                     SAFE HANDLING

                              A PRODUCT OF THE
                                                                         G.W. Chemicals Ltd.
                                                                         Poulman Chemicals.
                                                                         MDT Chemicals Ltd.
                      GWP GROUP                                            Delmarco Ltd.

This product is for commercial use only and not for sale to the general public.
Ainleys Industrial Estate, Elland, West Yorkshire HX5 9JP Tel (01422) 379214 Fax (01422) 310060

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