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David _ Carol Bell AMSOIL


									David & Carol Bell                                           AMSOIL
***** Regency Platinum Direct Jobbers                     “The First in Synthetics”
P. O. Box 26504, Austin, TX 78755
1-512-658-0357 - cell
                                           Summer – 2010


Dear Top Dealers,

THANK YOU and your customers for being an important member of the AMSOIL Team and of
the Bell Team. For the first time since we joined this great business, we are writing to you as new
FIVE STAR, or ***** Regency Platinum Direct Jobbers! David & Carol Bell achieved this level
with the support of our customers and team of wonderful Dealers.

In May we attended AMSOIL University with about 60 DJ‟s and Dealers from the Bell Team who
came together for this four-day, very comprehensive training program held at Duluth, MN, which
included tours of the AMSOIL and AGGRAND facilities in Superior, WI. Most of the successful
Dealers have attended AU, and some, like DCB, have been as many as 10 times! In this business you
never stop learning if you want your business, and your commissions, to grow. Plan to go to AU!

Registration is now open for AU 2011 scheduled for May 15 – 19, 2011 in Duluth & Superior. It is
easy to register online on the AMSOIL website or call the order desk at 1-800-777-7094.


Jack & Sandy O‟Leary, NEW Direct Jobbers, Lago Vista, TX, DJ: David & Carol Bell
Shelby Riner, NEW Direct Jobber, Lexington, KY; Sponsor: Michael Collins;
      DJ: Daniel & Teri Dean
Tom & Coleen Georgalos, NEW Premiere Direct Jobbers. Salinas, CA;
      DJ: David & Eline Haunschild
Roy Cusack, NEW Direct Dealer; DJ: David & Eline Haunschild

Dealer Training Meeting in Kyle, TX, September 18, Saturday – see the details inside this TDN

Be sure to attend one of the 19 FREE AMSOIL Corporate Fall Sales Meetings in your area. See the
website for details. There will be special prizes given away as well as a 10% product rebate.

Your friends and partners in success,
David & Carol Bell
                             What‟s In It For Me?
Have you ever asked yourself this question: What‟s in it for me? Or, what do I get if I do this?
Everyone wants to know what they will get out of an activity, or investment, before they do it, to
help them decide if this is worth the time, effort, and money to do it.

Have you considered what you could get from your AMSOIL business? Here are ten of the benefits
from working at your business steadily:

   1. You could earn a lot of money every month. It is actually up to you do decide how much
      money you earn, based on what you do. For this to come true, you will need to commit to
      becoming a professional AMSOIL Dealer. This decision is up to you!

   2. The potential “residual income” from a well built, large, and financially successful business
      is unlimited. Even if you should decide to not work so hard at your business, at some point in
      the future, the commissions would keep on coming to you or your heirs.

   3. About the only way to build a successful AMSOIL business is to help a lot of people have a
      great source for better products, including: synthetic lubricants, filters, fertilizers and a lot
      more. You could even show people how to earn additional money, if they wanted more
      money. By doing all of this, you are going to make many new friends. A great career is one
      where you help other people to have what they want, and then you can get what you want.

   4. The freedom you gain from a successful business gives you control over your life. In
      AMSOIL you determine the hours you will work, if you work from home, it is okay to work
      with your family, you could travel if you like, and you decide the methods you will use to
      build your business.

   5. You will never be fired by AMSOIL. To get out of this business, you have to quit! This work
      has real “security”. There are no age limits, and you can be “retired” from another career
      and be full time in AMSOIL. Also, no one is going to fuss at you if you do nothing!

   6. As you learn more about the AMSOIL products and business, you will become more
      valuable as a team leader, and more and more people will want to work with you.

   7. As you build your business and reach higher and higher levels of success, you will be
      recognized by AMSOIL, by your DJ and by other Dealers for a job well done.

   8. You are part of one of the strongest leading edge companies in the synthetic lubricant and
      fertilizer industry. You are helping make people in America be aware of an improved
      technology, and, by doing this, you will be helping America be stronger and safer.

   9. The potential for growth in AMSOIL is still huge. As of now, in 2010, AMSOIL has only
      reached a tiny percentage of the true potential for sales of our products. An estimate would
      be that 99% or more of the potential customers are still untouched by AMSOIL.

   10. Your business can be fun and rewarding by doing what you want to do, when you want,
       where you want, and with the people you want to work with. You will be respected and
       appreciated by the customers and Dealers you bring in to your business. Go get „em!
                        Tape of the Month: John Foppe
David & Carol Bell were fortunate to get to meet John Foppe live on Saturday morning, March 6,
2010, in Overland Park, KS, when John was the special guest speaker at the Vision Hi-Tech
Automotive Show. There are many lessons in this message from a guy who has successfully
overcome great difficulties since he was born without hands or arms.

If you want to see and hear more from this inspirational speaker go to:

             Dealer Training Meeting in Kyle, TX, on Sept 18
To build a successful AMSOIL business you will need to learn all you can about our products and
business. The facts are clear that the Dealers who learn the most also earn the most. This Dealer
training class will be held in central Texas, at a town just south of Austin, TX. There will be several
DJ‟s attending this training program, including David & Carol Bell, so you will be learning from a
number of highly qualified Direct Jobbers and Dealers.

If you are a Dealer who has the desire to become more successful in AMSOIL, you should plan to
attend this all day class on Saturday, September 18, from 9 AM until 4 PM. Details of this training
are covered in a separate flyer in this TDN. Or call your DJ or DCB for more details.

          Fall Sales Meetings – Coming soon to a city near you
AMSOIL INC will be conducting 19 Fall Sales Meetings in cities located at key places in the USA
and Canada. These programs are all FREE to active AMSOIL Dealers. There are details about the
meeting locations as well as an easy to use online registration form on the website. It is also fine to
register for these meetings by calling the order desk.

DCB will be attending the FSM in Arlington, TX. We invite all Dealers attending this event to join
the Bell Team on Friday evening, October 8, from 6:30 PM until 8:30 PM for a Dealer Meeting and
again on Saturday morning, October 9, from 9 AM until 11:00 AM as well. For more details, please
contact DCB or your DJ. See you there.

We are encouraging all Direct Jobbers in the Bell Team to work together and have team meetings
at the same location as the FSM with Dealers in the Bell Team.

Five good reasons to attend a Fall Sales Meeting:

   1) You will learn ways to be more successful, so you can earn more MONEY.

   2) This will be a fun time, meeting new and old friends, with prizes and interesting speakers.

   3) AMSOIL is offering a 10% product rebate only to Dealers who attend a FSM.

   4) You will get to hear directly fro AMSOIL INC about what is ahead for Dealers.

   5) This is FREE training done in cities all over the country for your convenience.
The next Bell Team teleconference is on Thursday, August 19, 2010, from 7 PM CST, until 8:00 PM
CST. The number is: (954) 468-2344. The program will be a discussion of the three new products
just introduced along with the plans and activities of various Dealers and Direct Jobbers. Our
question for this program is: Why I like the AMSOIL business?

The Bell - AMSOIL Team Teleconferences are an easy way to learn and stay motivated from the
comfort of your own home by simply listening in on the phone. Call (954) 468-2344 on Thursday, at
7 PM CST (adjust time for other time zones), to be on the line for these programs.

The dates for all 2010 programs are: 8/19, 9/16, 10/14, 11/18 and 12/16. Spread the word about these
future dates to your team and put them on your calendar.

“How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling”
      by: Frank Bettger
This book is recommended reading for Dealers looking for ideas to take their AMSOIL business to
the top. Even though this book was first published more than 60 years ago, it continues to be a very
popular book among both veteran and new people in sales. David Bell first read this book about 30
years ago and has often used many of the very easy to understand ideas in this great book.

        BEAT is EASY and FREE for AMSOIL Home Study Training
Have you completed the FREE and easy to learn BEAT, which stands for Bell Electronic AMSOIL
Training? This is a 10-lesson course, each one with a short quiz at the end with many of the
fundamentals about AMSOIL covered in this course.

All Direct Jobbers in the Bell Team may have these lessons for FREE from DCB to send by e-mail
to Dealers in their team. This is an easy and inexpensive way to help your team learn the basics.

Contact your DJ or DCB for the first lesson in BEAT. Getting the BEAT is SMART!

                    AMSOIL UNIVERSITY – May 15 – 19, 2011
AU is considered to be “the ultimate in training” for serious AMSOIL Dealers. Right now, with
almost nine months to go before this four-day program begins, is a good time to register using the
easy online form, or by calling the order desk. By registering early, you will have plenty of time to
plan for this trip, set aside the money you will be investing in your future success, work with other
Dealers in your team who will want to attend AU with you, and make your travel and hotel plans.

Wise old Ben Franklin, well-known for tidbits of wise advice, said: “Empty your purse into your
mind and your mind will fill your purse.”

AMSOIL University is your best investment in success. DCB will see you there!

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