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                       DRUMS AND RHYTHM
                                  Tel: 011 888 1091 or 011 782 0202 / 0861 00TEAM
                                                 Fax: 011 782 1530
                                         E-mail: info@drumsandrhythm.com
                                         Website: www.drumsandrhythm.com

Established in 1995 by Eddie Bunting, Drums and Rhythm is the fruit of over a decade of passion, motivation, enthusiasm
 and love. The seed was planted when he ate, breathed and lived drums and drumming, a pioneer for the djembe in South
                 Africa. Many drumming roll players in this country know him as the “President of drums”.
All this skill and knowledge gave birth to Moropa Africa (African Drum), a small Drum shop selling a range of authentic
 African drums and percussion instruments from all over the continent, African arti facts and art, selling African CD’s, a
  bamboo bar selling African filter coffee and 100% pure fruit juices, a drumming room and a workshop offering drum
                              repairs and re skinning and its where the drums were also built.

Drums and Rhythm caters to a wide range of requirements, from corporate team building, motivational seminars and stress
     release, to product launches, performances, choreography to entertainment. Drums and Rhythm offers Interactive
Drumming, Gumboot Dancing, Traditional African Dancing and Fire Dancing for team building and motivation. We also
boast a wide range of top quality performances, which include dancers, drummers, marimba bands and African jazz bands.
       To complete the package we can provide memorabilia drums branded with company logos for corporate gifts.
  Not only are we the country's foremost drumming company, we are also the largest importer and wholesaler of African
 drums and percussion instruments in Southern Africa. Drumming was part of our daily lives before the flame was found.
Hundreds of drumming enthusiasts are taking the world by storm and they are not alone …Drums and Rhythm is dedicated
   to spreading the benefits of our Interactive Events as well as promoting the diversity and wealth of the South African

                                   Why Drums and Rhythm?
                                                  Tailor made events
                                  Unique style includes drumming, dancing & singing
                                             Productions & performances
                                       No group too large or budget too small
                                           We are motivated by our passion

Interactive Benefits                                                   Great for:
        Breaks down the Barriers of Race, Language,                    -   Opening & closing of conferences
        Gender & Hierarchy                                             -   Product Launches
        Builds personal and team confidence                            -   Company entertainment
        Builds group synergy                                           -   Team Building
        Is co-operative = NOT COMPETITIVE                              -   Incentives
        Releases stress                                                -   Office parties
        Promotes group awareness
        Promotes Self Exploration
        Highlights group communication
        Creates spontaneity, Fun and Laughter

          Drums and Rhythm Bookings & Shop: 011 888 1091 or 011 782 0202 / info@drumsandrhythm.com
Services / Events:
Interactive Events:
         Interactive Drumming
         Interactive Gumboot Dancing
         Interactive African Dancing
         Interactive Fire Dancing
         Interactive Belly Dancing
         Interactive Salsa Dancing

Interactive Combinations:
        Interactive Drumming & Gumboot dancing
        Interactive Drumming & African dancing
        Interactive Drumming & Fire dancing
        Interactive Drumming & Belly dancing
        Interactive Drumming & Salsa dancing

       African Drum Ensemble
       Fire Dancers and Formations
       Belly/Salsa Dancers
       Gumboot Dancers
       Zulu Warrior Dancers
       African Theatre
       Marimba Band
       African Jazz Band
       Double Beat Hop
       Praise Singer
       1 Man Band
       CH3 Latin Band
       Hot Revolution Latin Band
       Callypso Steel Drummers

The Drums and Rhythm Shop:
       We sell African Djembe Drums, souvinirs, various other percussion instruments and accessories!! Please enquire
       if you are looking for anything specific!

Childrens Parties*
        We offer Interactive drumming for children as well. We realize corporate costs are way above the average childs
        birthday party fee, therefore we’ve put a special package together – please enquire about a formal quote!
        (Children under 12 only).

Private Parties*
        We cater for Interactive drumming at private functions - Birthday Parties, Graduations, braai’s etc. – please
        enquire about a formal quote

      The requests for Interactive drumming at weddings have increased over the past few years and we have therefore
      put a special package together. This works eceptionally well when the guests are occupied with Interactive
      drumming for an hour (the two families getting to work together and to know each other) while the bride and
      groom are taking photos!!

*Rates will be supplied on enquiry.

           Drums and Rhythm Bookings & Shop: 011 888 1091 or 011 782 0202 / info@drumsandrhythm.com

Company Details:
Drums and Rhythm C.C. (Johannesburg & Cape Town):

Tel:                    011 888 1091 or 011 782 0202 / 086100TEAM
Fax:                    011 782 1530
Email:                  info@drumsandrhythm.com
Website:                www.drumsandrhythm.com
Postal address:         P.O. Box 6388, Cresta, 2118
Physical address:       Booking Office & Shop - 12 Zulu Street, Northcliff, Johannesburg, 2195

           Drums and Rhythm Bookings & Shop: 011 888 1091 or 011 782 0202 / info@drumsandrhythm.com

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