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      If Each One Will Bless One, the World as We know it Will Change!
    Emmanuel’s Blessings to You! Peace and Love in Christ! PLC!
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                         Each One! Bless One!

                      America let us get past all of the “-isms”
            and “political correctness” and prepare for negative global
          geologic interventions into the human existence on this planet.

“God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.”
                                                          PSALM 7:11 (KJ)

“The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth
violence his soul hateth.”
                                                     PSALM 11 (KJ)

W      hite Male Backlash, Part Three. Please Read Part One, International
        Daily Devotional Archives, Saturday, 8, November 2008. This devotional
is related to the American election in 2008. Father God and His Christ bless and
keep you and your family, your ministry your business, your education, your
going in and your gone out and all that you do, by the power of the Love of Christ
Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.

This devotional should probably be not labeled white male backlash, but more
appropriately, corporate backlash or Fat Cat Robber Baron backlash. There is
absolutely a corporate backlash going on in America. It is going on in corporate
America, in politics, (which is the easiest place to see it); please note and read
the devotional, which talks about the “Divided Kingdom.” Do a Google search on
the eBlessings web site for it. America is presently in the “divided kingdom”
model; this is the model of Israel and Judah. When King Solomon had a divided
heart because of his idolatry, which divided the kingdom of Israel into Israel and
Judah—two kingdoms. America is now divided by politics, Republicans and
Democrats, liberals and conservatives, heterosexuals and homosexuals, people

of color and people of non-color, the rich and the poor, and the middle class and
the poor; there are also other divisions, which I will not mention now.

President Obama, being the first black president, (some people will dispute that),
has not completed all of his political appointments because of white conservative
Republican backlash. Now in the newspapers and magazines and on the Internet
and television, you can see that there is a white military leadership backlash.
With over 1,000 billionaires in America, the US economy and its economic trends
are based on Wall Street, with Asian billionaires outnumbering European
billionares; with billionaires being spoken of, like they were millionaires as if
everyone and there brother is a millionaire or can become a millionaire. What
you must know is-- that money came from somewhere--and we know where it is

The poor are suffering while the rich are getting richer. This has to stop
somewhere; this has to stop sometime. Someone needs to put the brakes on
greed in America and white Anglo-Saxon world politics. When you have white
male Republicans in the Congress and the Senate, not allowing the
unemployment compensation benefits to go forward; have they lost their minds--
do they not know that people need to eat and have a place to stay? Do they not
know that there are elderly people in a homes that do not have air conditioning?
Do they not know that they are single mothers with children who need food and
clothing and shelter? What is wrong with the American public by not responding
by allowing this to be so? What is wrong with the American political system,
which now attacks people of color (African-American incarcerated and Mexican
native born) while promoting homosexuality; and allowing the status quo to
continue as its destructive power destroying the American family fabric? Where
is the church in all of this?

I told you about how I was at the Golden Corral in the great state of Georgia in
Snellville and a white Republican called the police on me, another black woman
and Mrs. Elliott (an elderly white woman who yesterday had a birthday). Now let
me tell you another story about Mrs. Brown. Again, this is a true story.
Remember, we are in Georgia, which was a slave state and has a residual effect
of having slave mentality with some of its black residents and “massah” mentality
with many of its older white residents.
Mrs. Brown with RKK Incorporated, a Realty company, is a highly fashionable
African-American woman. She is a little less than 5 feet tall, pecan-tan, and she
weighs under 100 pounds. Their company purchases eight to nine homes a
month from the DeKalb County courthouse steps, which they renovate, rent, or
sale. The company is highly successful, and they will help anyone within reason,
get into a rental property, and help them to get their finances in order so they can
purchase their rental property or own their own home. So this woman is an
upper-class woman, one who I would call bourgeoisie. She carries herself as an
upper-class person; she has a driver, and several employees at the real estate
company--which includes contractors who renovate their properties.

Mrs. Brown went out to eat at the S&S cafeteria in the Chamblee Tucker area of
Georgia. This is on the outskirts of Atlanta, or one could say that it is located in
metropolitan Atlanta. This restaurant supposedly has quality food, which is quite
enjoyable. Its clientele though is typically white conservative Republican-types
who have lived in the area for many years as they watched their farmlands, and
their properties go into the hands of industry, school systems, and the likes of
Wal-Mart. They have watched their neighborhoods change as African-
Americans, Mexicans, and Asians moved into their neighborhoods, their
businesses and into their lives vicariously.

So Mrs. Brown is at the S&S cafeteria, because she enjoys the food and maybe
also because it makes her feel like she has broken through the glass ceiling and
won some type of acceptance in the Georgia economic fabric. Ms. Brown leaves
her table and goes to the restroom to wash your hands before her food comes.
What she encounters is what many people of color encounter in one form or
fashion here in Georgia and in this new “Tea Party” America. If you are a person
of color, living in America, you should know what I am talking about. Now I
believe for one of the first real times in his life, President Obama is experiencing
racism firsthand.

Ms. Brown enters the restroom and takes care of her business and heads to the
wash basins. The wash basins, the sinks, have elderly white women standing
there conversing, some washing their hands, but they all are taking up the space
in front of the basins. Being the polite person that Mrs. Brown is, because she

sees every person as a potential sale, she stands at a distance and waits; this is
a typical North Carolinian polite nature. Yes, Mrs. Brown is from North Carolina.

So, as Mrs. Brown is standing there, one of the elderly ladies, with their white
hair all fixed just right in a “beehive” says to Mrs. Brown, "Excuse me, do you
need to get to the sinks to clean to clean them?" Now, Mrs. Brown does not look
at all like the hire help or someone dressed to clean the bathroom. Mrs. Brown
looks at her coldly, the lady looks at Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown probably makes
four or five times what her entire household earns economically. Mrs. Brown told
me that she would not honor that comment with a response; that she knew
where that response was coming from i.e., racism, and she was not going to
have any part of it.

You see Mrs. Brown, was there in Greensboro, North Carolina. When the black
students came in and sat at the infamous lunch counter. She and her mother
were there shopping, as the students from A&T College came in and set at the
predominately white, the “whites only” lunch counter. She said that was the
strangest thing to see. The whites there who worked behind the counter did not
know what to do, because they had never seen anyone of color sit at the counter
before. Those students were not going to move, so the hired help behind the
counter went to get the management. Mrs. Brown and her mother stood there
and giggled at the commotion that the students had caused not knowing that this
was one of the starts of the civil rights movement in Greensboro, North Carolina
and around the United States of America.


                Brother James Anthony Allen, Keeper of the Words of Christ Jesus
                Evangelist, eBlessings’ Director, Highly Favored and Truly Blessed
                Born-Again, Holy Spirit-filled, US Patriot/Veteran
                an Overcomer(&UCanB2), US Patriot; Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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