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					A Radical Innovation in Deck Showers
Whale Twist is a truly innovative, versatile and stylish deck
shower. It combines real shower performance and experience
with fast simple installation, style and functionality.

                                             This brand new model is the only handset
                                             on the market with integral controls.
                    Deck ProtectTM
                    End Cap                  Easy Installation
                    Lightweight, rubber      Easy to install, requiring only one circular hole
                    design prevents
                    damage to gel            and simple plumbing connection. The unique
                    coat/deck and
                    creates a seal           and unobtrusive housing can be conveniently
                    when stowed.
                                             mounted on flat or curved surfaces virtually
                                             anywhere on deck.

                                             The patented design incorporates high quality
                    Clear Nozzles
                                             ceramic valves for maximum efficiency, accurate
                    Wipe clean nozzles,
                    easy to remove           control of the water temperature and the feel
                    limescale.               of a real shower. The latest dual shot moulding
                                             techniques are used to provide a unique Deck
                                             Protect End Cap. This rubberized cap makes

                                             the handset easy to pull out for use; and also
                                             acts as a seal when stowed. There is no need
                                             for a cover or lid.

                    Twist Control            Versatile
                    Simply twist to adjust   The compact housings allow installation vertically
                    temperature and flow.
                                             or horizontally on a curved or flat surface.

                                             The unobtrusive housing compliments the sleek
                                             lines of the deck area, while the handset has a
                                             streamlined ergonomic design.

                    D Hose
                    Patented D Hose.
A radical innovation
in deck showers.                                    Easy to install.
The traditional transom shower that so often        With its unobtrusive housing, Whale Twist              TM

detracts from the modern sleek designs of           is easy to install, requiring only one circular
today’s luxury power boats and yachts has been
revolutionized by Whale’s new stylish Twist.
                                                    hole and simple plumbing connection.
Whale Twist brings transom showers into the

                                                    UNIQUE HOUSINGS
21st century with a host of benefits to the OEM
                                                    Whale Twist is available in 2 holder options

and the end user.
                                                    which can be mounted horizontally or vertically
The installation of a deck/transom shower           on a flat or curved surface.
often requires the boat builder to cut a variety
of holes and to carry out complex plumbing          Straight Holder
                                                    Small diameter housing.
fitting arrangements. This often limits the
choice of location to large flat surfaces.

Handsets and controls can be difficult to use
                                                                                Unobtrusive Housing
and water flow is often poor. They are sometimes                                Fits neatly to surfaces.
heavy and can damage the gel coat if dropped.
                                                                                Deck ProtectTM
Lids and covers are prone to damage,                                            End Cap
discoloration or being lost.                                                    Creates a seal
                                                                                when stowed -
                                                                                no lid required.
The unique and stylish Whale Twist has an

integrated handset that incorporates temperature
and flow controls. The rubberized end cap           Angled Holder
                                                    Ideal where space is very limited
creates a watertight seal when stowed, so there
                                                    behind the bulkhead .
are no covers or lids to damage, and no leaks
into the locker area below.

The lightweight unit with rubberized end cap                                   Unobtrusive Housing
                                                                               Fits neatly to flat or
will help prevent damage to the gel coat if it is                              curved surfaces.
dropped. It is virtually maintenance free, as it                               Deck ProtectTM
uses high quality ceramic valve technology.                                    End Cap

All of this innovation has resulted in 6 patents                               Creates a seal
                                                                               when stowed -
being registered for the Whale Twist .TM
                                                                               no lid required.
                             Easy to use
                             pull-out design.
                             Putting Control in Your Hands
                             Whale Twist features a non-restrictive handset
                             which ensures efficient use of the water system.

                             A great shower is achieved even when using
                             a lower capacity fresh water pump.

                             Unique Integrated Handset
                             • Incorporates temperature and flow controls
                             • Easy to use - streamlined ergonomic design
                             • High quality UV resistant ASA materials

                             No Lids or Covers
                             • Deck Protect End Cap
                               creates a seal when stowed.

                             WHALE TWISTTM MODELS
                             Product Code       Description

                             DS0001             Cold Only Handset (white & blue) with Straight Housing
                             DS0002             Cold Only Handset (white & blue) with Angled Housing
                             DS0003             Mixer Handset (white & blue) with Straight Housing
                             DS0004             Mixer Handset (white & blue) with Angled Housing

Contact details

Munster Simms Engineering Ltd.
Old Belfast Road, Bangor, BT19 1LT, N.Ireland
tel: +44 (0)28 9127 0531 fax: +44 (0)28 9146 6421

Whale Water Systems Inc.
PO Box 1788, 91 Manchester Valley Road, Manchester Center, VT 05255, USA
tel: +1 802 367 1091 fax: +1 802 367 1095

                                                                                GB07/72122           GB94/3543   GB04/62920

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