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Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship

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									                 FOUNDATIONS OF MANAGEMENT AND

Course Description:

         This full-year, introductory course exposes first year students to key business and
information systems principles, vocabulary, and techniques. Central to the course is a "learn by
doing" approach and sensitivity toward social responsibility and ethical behavior. Students
organize into groups of thirty and are responsible for developing and implementing an actual
business, which Babson College funds. Profits that are generated by the student-run business
are used to support a charitable project that the business must coordinate as well. Students are
introduced to the central concepts of finance, accounting, management, marketing, operations,
and human resource management. In addition, they learn how information systems are used to
manage and control business organizations and how to use productivity tools such as
spreadsheet and database programs to effectively manage business organizations.
         Additionally, The Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program [CLTP] that the first
year students must complete is designed to develop students’ interpersonal and leadership
skills. This program is used to provide constructive criticism, on student’s leadership qualities
that in turn will assist them in running their businesses more effectively.


                                         Fall Semester

            Date           Class Topic
            Class 1        Welcome; Introduction to Entrepreneurship
            Class 2        Idea Generation; Introduction to Marketing
            Class 3        Information System in an Enterprise; Ethics and Info Security
            Class 4        Opportunity Evaluation
            Class 5        Introduction to Financial Statements
                           Rocket Pitches
            Class 6        Transaction Processing Systems
            Class 7        Transaction Processing Systems II
            Class 8        Marketing Continued; Market Research (Qualitative)
            Class 9        Analyzing Market Research Data
            Class 10       Market Research (Quantitative)
            Class 11       Strategic Decision Making; E-business
           Exam 1
Class 12   Proof of Concept Presentations
Class 13   Enterprise Architecture Networks, Telecom, Mobil Access
Class 14   Pro Forma Income Statement, Breakeven Analysis
Class 15   Web 2.0
Class 16   Review Pro Forma Income Start-up costs; Introduction to Cash
Class 17   Leadership Qualities; Organization Structure
Class 18   Data for Business Analysis
           Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program
Class 19   Feasibility Presentations
Class 20   Cash Budget and Start up costs (revisited)
           Exam 2
Class 21   Web 2.0 Part II (Presentations)
Class 22   Project Management
Class 23   Controls
Class 24   Business Plan Presentation (Request for Funding)
Class 25   Legal Issues
Class 26   Review Written Plan
           Final Exam

                        Spring Semester

Date       Class Topic
Class 1     Life in FME
Class 2     Personal Selling; Introduction to Customer Relationship Model
Class 3     Customer Relationship Model II
Class 4     Controls and Inventory Management
Class 5     Simulation Debrief; Introduction to Application Development
Class 6     Application Development II

Class 7     Performance Appraisals
Class 8     Bank Reconciliation
Class 9     FME Transactions
Class 10    Data for Analysis and Data Warehouse
Class 11    Formal Presentation
Class 12    Conflict
Class 13    Data for Analysis II
Class 14    Data for Analysis III
            Microsoft Access Exam
Class 15    Building and Maintaining Commitment
Class 16    Evaluating Alternatives
Class 17    Formal Presentation
Class 18             Managing People; Hard Decisions
Class 19             Social Responsibility; Valuation
Class 20             Enterprise Resource Planning and Collaboration Systems
Class 21             Technology Trends and the Future
Class 22             Valuation and Harvest
Class 23             Wrap up and Professor Survey
Class 24             Rehearsal for Report to the Community
Class 25, Class 26   Report to the Community
                     Final Exam

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