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    ...the NEW hyperMILL V9                              ®
                                                                               OPEN MIND TECHNOLOGIES AG                                          hyperMILL
    Greater control. Clearly structured display.                               OPEN MIND Technologies AG offers its customers out-
                                                                               standing CAM solutions. Solutions you can use to increase
    Top process reliability for machining.                                     productivity and reduce time-to-market. This philosophy has
                                                                               made us one of the leading CAM software providers in the
                                                                               An achievement that simply reflects the success of our
    The new hyperMILL boasts a number of high performance                      customers. Leading companies in the automotive, aerospa-
    functions. An indication that OPEN MIND Technologies AG                    ce and mechanical engineering sectors rely on products
    is offering easy-to-program CAM technologies that save time                from OPEN MIND Technologies AG as part of their corpo-
    and increase process reliability:                                          rate CAM philosophy. When it comes to automating and
                                                                               optimizing manufacturing processes, we are the dependable
                                                                               partners for the components industry and the moulds and
      New stock roughing with automatic feedrate                               tool engineering sector. And our 5axis technology opens up
      reduction for full cutting, and path optimisation                        new ways of achieving cost-effective machining for complex
      for axis-parallel machining                                              components and geometries.
      New stock tracking for machining even with
      different tool orientations
      Expanded feature technology with high
      performance filter functions
      Quicker calculating of collision checks and
      avoidance with detailed tool positioning
      Machine and removal simulation

                                                                               Visit us on the Internet at:

                                                                               OPEN MIND Technologies AG • Argelsrieder Feld 5 • 82234 Wessling    SWITCH NOW TO...…
                                                                               Germany • Tel.: +49-81 53-93 35 00 • Fax: +49-81 53-93 35 01

    The new stock model update maching is continuous aplli-
    cable from roughing to finishing.
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    ... STATE-OF-THE-ART PRO-                                                                          ...TREND-SETTING                                                                        ... 2D, 3D, HSC
    GRAMMING ENVIRONMENT...                                                                            FEATURE TECHNOLOGY...                                                                   AND 5-AXIS STRATEGIES!

    Easy to use. Fewer errors.                                                                         Utilise surface or solid models.                                                        The flexible solution For standard and
    Efficient programming using drag & drop.                                                           Exploit geometry data.                                                                  specialised tasks. All in a single user interface.

                                                                                                                        ®                                                                                       ®
        Graphical user interfaces, plausibility checks and coherent                                       hyperMILL V9 boasts fully developed                                                        hyperMILL V9 provides a uniquely broad spectrum of
        messages make your programming tasks an ease.                                                     feature technology – not only for machining                                                machining strategies for standard and specialised tasks,
                                                                                                          holes, but also for pockets and more.                                                      and combines them all in a single user interface.
        With just a single licence, you can open several projects
        simultaneously. What’s more, if you have already completed                                        This means that features can be detected for the                                           5-axis strategies for machining cavities, surfaces, impellers,
        a similar job in the past, you can simply copy the parts of                                       entire model and sorted according to specific                                              blisks and tubes allow you to exploit state-of-the-art 5-axis
        the old job list that you require to your new project.                                            parameters such as hole diameter, depth and others.                                        machines to the fullest.

        The stockmodel update feature allows you to control the                                           New filter functions, structured lists, freely                                             The optimised collision check process significantly reduces
        entire machining process or certain steps thereof – even                                          definable views and bidirectionality between CAD                                           computation times despite utilizing more detailed data on
        with different tool orientations.                                                                 and feature lists – these all make programming                                             tools and holders.
                                                                                                          more straightforward than ever before.

                                                                              It is now possible to move drilling clearance planes close
   Feature definition allows you to map features to all surface               to the component being machined, because all movements         Tool holders can now be freely defined, a significant                       The new removal and machine simulation provides even
   models as well as to models imported from external systems.                are collision-checked for the model.                           advance for collision avoidance in the 5-axis area.                         greater process reliability.

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