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					PATENTJOERNAAL, NOVEMBER 2010                                                                                                               79

   57: Compounds represented by formula (I) or (II) against cell          arranged at both sides of the stator (1). A space having certain
releasing TNF a, their pharmaceutically acceptable salts or hydrates      geometry is enclosed by the internal surface of the stator (1), the
and preparation methods and uses thereof, in which A and B                external surface of the rotator (2), two vanes (3) two stock-stopping
represent CH 2l CO, SO, S0 2 respectively; D represents S, NH,            pans (4,5). The volume of the space may change periodically from
N C W alkyl; R1 represents H, one-two same or different radical(s)        small to large, then from large to small in turn. The material is fed
selected from the group consisting of F, C1, Br, C,_4 alkyl, OH, 0C,_«.   when volume of the space becomes large, and the material is
alkyl, N0 2l NHCtOjC,., alkyl. NHa NH(C,^, alkyl), N(C,_,alky1)j.         compacted, plasticized and exhausted when volume of the space
                                                                          becomes small. The plasticization and transportation of material is
                                                                          accomplished mostly under the action of normal stress.

21: 2009/06720. 22: 28/09/09. DA: 15/09/10.
71: SMSSiemagAG.
72: Breuer, Michael; Langer, Hendrik; Miinker, Jochen.
33: DE. 31:10 2008 009 902.3. 32: 19 February 2008.
54: Roller device, particularly push roller frame.
00: 25.
   57: The invention relates to a roller device (50) having a stand
and two roller sets having at least two rollers (52, 53, 54, 55)
disposed in a stand (51) of the roller device, wherein a roll material
(56) can be fed between two rollers (53,54) of the two roller sets for
rolling, wherein at least the rollers (52, 53) of a roller set can be
displaced in the rolling direction relative to the stand (51), wherein
adjustment means are provided between a roller bearing for
receiving the rollers and the stand, each on both sides of the roller
bearing. It is thereby particularly advantageous if the circumferential
speeds of the rollers, such as the working rollers, are different.
                                                                          21:2009/09023. 2 2 : — . DA: 03-09-10.
                                                                          51: F 1 5 D .
                                                                          71: Timothy Patrick Brian Peel.
                                                                          72: Timothy Patrick Brian Peel.
                                                                          33: 2A. 31: 2008/10341. 32: 5-12-2008.
                                                                          54: Eliminator for cooling towers.
                                                                          00: 13.
                                                                             57: An eliminator for cooling towers comprises a sheet including
                                                                          a pattern ofridgesand channels adapted to chasnge the direction of
                                                                          flow of air through a baffle multiple times to cause efficient removal
                                                                          of entrained water.


21:  2009/06249. 22: 2009-09-09. DA: 29-08-10.
51:  B29B, B29C, F04C.
71:  South China University of Technology.
72:  Jinping, Qu.
33:  CN. 31: 200810026054.X. 32: 25-01-2008.
54:  A method and a device for plasticiztng and transporting
     polymer material based on elongation rheology.
00: 27.
   57: Disclosed herein are a method and a device for plastidzing         21:2009/01210. 22: 20 February 2009. DA: 11-08-2010.
and transporting polymer material based on elongation rheotogy.           51: B01 F.
The device comprises one or more vane plasticizing and                    71: United StatesGypsum Company.
transporting units, which includes a stator (1) with cylindrical inner    72: Bolind, Michael I; Porter, Michael J.
cavity, a rotator (2) arranged eccentrically in the inner cavity of the   33: US. 31: 11/505,652. 32: 17 August 2006.
stator (1), several vanes (3) arranged in the direction of the            54: Swinging agitator for a gypsum calclnnlng apparatus and
diameter of the rotator (2) and uniformly distributed around the              the like.
circumferential direction, and two stock-stopping pans (4, 5)             00: 38.

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