mcafee Anti-Virus Software _Replacement of F-Secure Anti-Virus by suchenfz


									McAfee Anti-Virus Software

(Replacement of F-Secure Anti-Virus Software by McAfee)

In 2006, the IT Users' Subcommittee recommended the F-Secure as the campus anti-virus
software for our users' machine protection based on its best subscription rate. Nevertheless,
the Subcommittee received some feedbacks from the user community that they found the
F-Secure software could not guard against some viruses in time especially those newly
propagating viruses.

In the McAfee Anti-Virus software, some enhanced features are provided including:

     1. Total desktop and server production in one integrated package
     2. Blending advanced anti-virus, firewall, and intrusion prevention technologies
     3. Automatic updates daily

**    The license of the F-Secure software will expire on 31 March 2007. We urge our users
      to replace it with McAfee immediately for their machine protection and stop using the
      F-Secure after its expiry.

For Student

The subscription does not cover the students' machines at home/hostel. If students want to
have their machines protected with this anti-virus software, they may subscribe at a special
rate of HK$25 for two years. Subscription can be made directly to the IT Channel (Asia) Ltd.
(the system integrator assigned by McAfee for working with the University) at 2151-8174.

For Staff

By subscribing the McAfee software, staff home machines are also covered. So be reminded,
there are two version of McAfee Anti-virus software

     1. McAfee Active VirusScan Enterprise (for Campus use)
     2. McAfee VirusScan Home (for home staff use)

For installation, user should uninstall the current F-Secure anti-virus software first. Please
contact ITSC User Services Hotline (3411-7899 or if you have
difficulties in your installation process.

McAfee Active VirusScan Enterprise (for Campus use)

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is blending advanced anti-virus, firewall, and intrusion
prevention technologies, it covers a broad range of threats. With advanced heuristics and
generic detection it finds even new, unknown viruses, even hidden in compressed files.
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise looks for exploits known to target Microsoft® applications and
services and will identify and block threats that take advantage of JavaScript™ and
VisualBasic coding. And since virus protection is only as good as its latest update, the

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise database is updated daily with information from McAfee®
Avert® Labs, the world's top threat research center.

   1.    Download McAfee Active VirusScan Enterprise software 8.5i (20070326)
   2.    Uninstall all existing AntiVirus and related software
   3.    Unzip the software
   4.    Run the setup.exe
   5.    Select following options

         •     License expiry type: 2 Year Subscription
         •     Setup type: Typical
         •     Access protection level: Standard Protection (Don't select Maximum
               Protection until reading the manuals thoroughly)

        ** For ISS users

        Adding an exclusion to Access Protection rules:

   1. Click Start, All Programs, Network Associates, VirusScan Console.
   2. Double-click Access Protection.
   3. Select the appropriate Port Blocking rule (for example Prevent mass mailing worms
      from sending mail) and click Edit.
   4. Add the ams.exe, ces.exe, fis.exe, hrs.exe, pts.exe, ris.exe, and scehrs.exe to the list
      of Excluded Processes.

McAfee VirusScan Home (for staff home use)

McAfee VirusScan Home contains AntiVirus, as well as 30-day trail version Personal
Firewall Plus, Privacy Service and Spamkiller.

  1.     Download McAfee VirusScan Home 11.2 (20070322 supported Windows Vista)
  2.     Uninstall all existing AntiVirus and related software
  3.     Run the downloaded exe file


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