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                                 LESSON PLAN

1.    Lesson Theme / Topic
                                      Solid Geometry

                                      Students will be taught to:
2.    Learning Objectives
                                      Understand geometric properties of cubes and cuboids.

                                      At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:

                                       3.1 identify geometric solids.
                                       3.2 State the geometric properties of cubes and cuboids.
                                       3.3 draw cubes and cuboids on:
3.    Learning Outcomes
                                            a) Square grids.
                                            b) Blank papers.
                                       3.4 Give at least 5 examples of each of the geometric

                                     1. Are the ICT integrated plan well constructed.
                                     2. Can the students surf the internet successfully.
4. Evaluation                        3. Are the students succeed sending an e-mail.
                                     4. Are the students enjoyed their lesson.
                                     5. Do the students able to master all the ICT skills that has
                                        been used in this lesson.

5. Time Allocation                     80 minutes.

 6. Class Characteristics
                                     Form 1
     a)   Form / Year

                                      1. Students had used several geometrical shaped tools in
     b)   Prior knowledge
                                         their daily life.
                                      2. Students have learn about area and perimeter in topic
                                      3. Students had been using computer before.
                                      4. Students know how to create new file in MS Word.

                                     This plan covers the subject matter, techniques and
7.   Curriculum Coverage
                                     methodology of teaching and evaluation which stated in the
                                     KBSM specification.

                                     1. Concrete materials.
8.   Teacher’s preparation non TMK
                                     2. Reference books.
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9.   ICT Integration                      1. Usage of MS PowerPoint, MS Word and MS Excel
                                          2. Usage of internet to retrieve information relevant to the

                                          1. Booking computer room and LCD.
                                          2. Make sure scanner machine is in good condition.
                                          3. Questionnaires in MS Excel.
10. ICT Preparation
                                          4. Power Point slides presentation of solid geometry.
                                          5. Ensure the LAN and internet are functioning for students to
                                             access data.
                                          6. List of related URL.

                                          1. Induction set: using concrete materials & the first slide.
                                          2. Watching slides show.
                                          3. Question and answer.
11. Learning Activities
                                          4. Drawing cubes and cuboids.
                                          5. Collecting pictures and data from internet.
                                          6. Completing assignment.
                                          7. Submit assignment through e-mail.

12. Teacher’s Activity                                13. Student’s Activity

1. Show solid geometry to the students                1. Watching at the concrete materials shown by
   (concrete materials)                                  the teacher.

2. Show MS PowerPoint slides about solid              2. Watching the shows, learn how to pronounce
   geometry to the students. Teach how to                every shape, name the properties of cube and
   pronounce every shape and introduce                   cuboid.
   properties of cube and cuboid (Demonstration).

3. Show how to draw cuboid on the grid paper          3. Follow the steps. Draw them on the grid paper
   step by step. Ask the students to draw a cube         and blank paper. Scan the drawing using
   and then draw again on the blank paper                scanner machine and save it in MS Word file.
   (Demonstration).                                      Work individually.

4. Ask student to answer exercises in MS Excel.       4. Answering interactive exercises.

5. Give students extra exercises:                     5. a) Surfing internet to find pictures. Copy and
   5.1 Collect at least 5 pictures for every shape          paste to MS Word file.
       from internet. Give the students URL related
       to the topic. (Electronic communication).
   5.2 Identify the number of faces, edges and         b) Choose the best way how to present the
       vertices of cube and cuboid.                        properties of cube and cuboid. Save it in the
       (Constructivisme/Problem                            same file with the drawing (refer to no.3).
       solving).                                           Work in a group of two.
   5.3 Find the different between cube and cuboid.

6. Ask the students to submit the assignment          6. Completing the assignment and send to the
   through e-mail. Give them e-mail address.             teacher using the e-mail address given.
   Teach them how to send e-mail with attachment
   file (Electronic communication).
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14.   Special Needs                   5 sets of printed PowerPoint Presentation handouts

15.   Web Sites             
                                      E-mail address:

                                        Cube, cuboid, pyramid, cone, cylinder, sphere, edge,
16. Literacy
                                        vertex, vertices, face

                                        Number of faces, edges and vertices.
17. Numeracy

                                        1.   Teaching aid: PowerPoint slides.
                                        2.   Web pages on the related topic.
                                        3.   Mathematics Form 1 Volume 2 CD provided by Ministry
                                             of Education.
18. ICT and Non-ICT Referrals
                                        4.   Exercises in MS Excel.
                                        5.   Mathematics Form 1 Volume 2 text book.
                                        6.   Concrete materials.
                                        7.   Reference book.

                                      1. Having confidence in exploring internet.
19. Integration of Good Values
                                      2. Appreciate to God as the creator.

                                       1. To compare and contrast.
20. Thinking Skills                    2. To name the shape around them that related to the
                                          geometric solids.

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