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Name: MADALINA- VIRGINIA ANTONESCU Birth date: 1975 Present occupation: expert of international relations and international law, at the Romanian Institute of International Studies “Nicolae Titulescu” Bucharest, Romania STUDIES : • Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest, graduated in 1998, with the final work called ”The Juridical Regime of the Alien in the Private International Law”; final grade: 9,29 • Romanian- French Juridical College of European Studies, graduated in 1998. Specializations in European Law and in International Commercial Law. Seminary sustained with the title “The Position and the Role of Romania in the European Organizations”. Graduate of the French and European University of Juridical Studies Pantheon - Sorbonne- Paris I. • Profound Studies at the Faculty of Law Bucharest, specialization in “International Law”, 19981999. The final work entitled: “A discussion about the Treaty of Amsterdam. The temptation of a juridical essay”, at the discipline of European Communitarian Institutional Law, with maximal qualifications • Profound Studies at the Faculty of Law, Bucharest, specialization in “Private Law”, 19992000. The final work entitled “ The transnational activity of the commercial societies in Romania, in the European Union and the globalization”, at the International Commercial Law discipline, with maximal qualifications • Profound Studies at the Faculty of Law, Bucharest, at the specialization “ Constitutional Institutions and Political Institutions”, 2000-2001. The final work called : ”Considerations about the political and juridical nature of the European Union”, at the “Political Science “ discipline, with maximal qualifications • Master in “International Relations and European Integration” at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest, 2001-2002. The final work called :” The New American Concept of Security “, with maximal qualifications • From 2001, Ph. Candidate in International Law, specialization European Law, at Faculty of Law, Bucharest. The title of the final work - “ The Originality of the Institutional Framework of the European Union in the Post- Nice Period” . Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Raluca MigaBesteliu, Ph. • From 2003, Postgraduate Studies in Communitarian European Law , at the Economic and Administrative Educational Centre Bucharest

PROFFESIONAL ACTIVITY: • 1998-2000, as Associate Lawyer of the Individual Cabinet “ Prof. Dragos Alexandru Sitaru” • Associate of the Romanian Institute of Human Rights , in the juridical field of “ Woman 's Rights” , 2000 • Associate of the daily newspaper “Azi”, the juridical column • Participation to the conferences: Renate Weber, Faculty of Law - “The Rights of Sexual Minorities”; RIHR - “ The Rights of the Elderly Persons- Achievements and Perspectives for Romania”; Faculty of Law- “ The Human Cloning”; The Scientific Conference of the National Association of the Young Jurists of Romania -“ European Union- a Postmodern Type of Imperial Construction? “ , Poiana Brasov, 2002; The Scientific Conference of the National Association of the Young Jurists of Romania - “ Legal Issues of the Human Transplant Romanian Law”, Constanta, 2003; Scientific Communication about “ European Union and the Concept of Empire”, at the Scientific Session of NPAS Master Graduating People, the NATO Center, Bucharest , The III-rd Award

• • • • • • Member of the National Association of the Young Jurists of Romania and one of the founding members of the Communitarian Law Association of Romania Member of Eurocollege Romania Member of the Association of International Law and International Relations, the Department of European Integration Expert of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies Juridical Commission, in preparing a juridical Romanian perspective about the Law of the Hungarian Statute, 2001 At present, Expert of the Romanian Institute of International Relations “ Nicolae Titulescu” , Bucharest Founding member of the “ SIJINFER”’ Consortium , building a national juridical system based of inferential program languages “, an Artificial Intelligence invention destined to facilitate the access of the users to the electronic justice, especially in the field of commercial simulated trials- 2003 Participant to the creation of the “ Organized Informatic Inferential Program of Management, Monitorization, and Juridical - Criminate Financial Analysis from Societies in Transition” /CRIMESTAT -,technological invention, 2004 Author of the book “The Juridical Regime of the Alien as Physical Person in Romania”, Ed. All Beck, Bucharest, 2001 Author of the book “The European Union - an Empire of the XXI Century? Towards an Unional European Civilization” , Ed. Cartea Universitara, Bucharest, 2004 Author of the book: “European Union- a modern empire?”, Ed. Cartea Universitara, Bucharest, 2005 Invited in the summer 2004 at B1TV, in the transmission of international political analysis “ Mars Fortat” , made by George Mihalcea, to realize 5 interviews about the evolution of European Union in the XXI century, about its legal and political nature, about its institutions and also, about the role of the Balkans in the XXI century, as a regional actor integrated in the European Union Expert on Bastroe issue: “ Analyze of the dispute between Romania and Ukraine regarding the building of Bastroe channel , from the perspective of public international law” At present, preparing a RIIS report : “Preemptive action in international law” Foreign languages known: English, French Knowledge in operating on computer: Windows 2003; Internet Explorer

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