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                          Compassionate Care Network

                                   CCN’s Mission Statement
Compassionate Care Network’s mission is to provide access to affordable health care for the
uninsured, to promote health awareness through health education, and to assist in the early
detection of illness through community health screenings.

                                               CCN Organization
     CCN Board                                                                 CCN Student Volunteer Coordinator
      Ayesha Sultana, MD. President                                             Shaista Shaikh,
      M. Gafoor, MD. Vice President                                             Chicago School of Osteopathic Medicine
      Azher Quader, MD. Secretary & Treasurer
                                                                               Legal Counsel
     CCN Executive Director                                                     LaDale George Esq.
      Azher Quader

     CCN Program Coordinator
      Arifa Siddiqui

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CCN Annual Report for 2009.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .10                     CCN Primary Care Physicians . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .36
Why Screen . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 14      City of Chicago Health Clinics for
Setting up a Health Care Network . .. .. .. .. .. .. .18                       Low Income & Uninsured . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .37
Screening Supplies .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .20          Useful Resources for Health &
2010 Schedule for Free Health Screenings. .. .. .24                           Human Services .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .38

                                                        Contact information:
                                               Compassionate Care Network (CCN)
                                                   6348 N. Milwaukee Ave, #215
                                                         Chicago, IL 60646
                                               Tel. 773 775-3600 • Fax 888 226-6363

                                       Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook

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 Compassionate Care Network (CCN)

2 nd Annual Banquet & F undraiser
            Saturday, January 23, 2010, 7pm-11pm
                  Holiday Inn Northshore
            5300 W. Touhy Ave, Skokie, IL 60077

                     P rogram
                   Registration & Seating
                     MC: Sana Gafoor
            Recitation of Quran: Tayyibah Ahmad
       Welcome: Ayesha Sultana, MD., President, CCN
                  Recognition of Politicians
    Presentation: Ibn Sina Award for Humanitarian Service
               IMAN Health Clinic, Chicago
            Dr. Adiba Khan, Clinic Administrator
 Annual Report: Azher Quader, MD., Executive Director, CCN
  Keynote Address: Zaher Sahloul, MD., Chairman, CIOGC
  Fund Raising: Mujahid Ghazi, Asian Broadcasting Network
   Dua (Benediction): M. Gafoor, MD., Vice President, CCN
                   Entertainment Program
                       Naila Mughal

          Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook


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From the Director’s Desk
                           Compassionate Care Network was established five years
                           ago to provide health care services for the uninsured in
                           the Chicagoland area. CCN’s mission remains promot-
                           ing health awareness and providing access for affordable
                           health care to the uninsured. At present there are over
                           120 providers in the network serving over 2,000 mem-
                           bers who are enrolled in the program. Weekly screenings
                           for diabetes, hypertension, vision and dental health along
                           with health education are offered through neighborhood
                           mosques, churches and community centers. Several stu-
                           dents from area colleges and medical schools help out
                           with this effort as well.
                           In order for CCN to grow and expand its capacity to pro-
vide more services, it needs greater financial resources and staff support. Although
we are indebted to our grantors, Chicago Community Trust & Michael Reese Health
Care Foundation, for their financial support, we need to build our own financial
resources to sustain our work. CCN needs to reach many more of the underserved
in the South Asian, Hispanic, Arabic and Afro American communities. Even after
health care reform is enacted, some 24 million Americans are estimated to remain
uninsured. The need for promoting health awareness and providing affordable access
to many in our neighborhoods will remain.
We thank all our dedicated volunteers who have joined us through the years for their
time and their service. We would not be able to do what we do without their help. We
also wish to thank all our advertisers whose participation has enabled us to publish
this handbook which we believe is a great resource for both patients and caregivers..
Lastly we thank all our providers who constitute the many sites of strength and sup-
port in our network, whose caring and compassion brings tremendous comfort and
healing into the lives of our fellow citizens.
We hope you will continue to support CCN as it is through your generous support
and encouragement alone that it can pursue its mission.


Azher Quader, MD.
Executive Director

                      Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
The CCN Story
Compassionate Care Network (CCN) was started in January 2004 to promote health
awareness and to provide access to affordable healthcare for the uninsured. CCN was
founded by Chicago doctors Azher Quader, M. Gafoor & Ayesha Sultana, practic-
ing physicians and community activists. For three years, they provided free monthly
health screenings at the Muslim Community Center, located in Chicago, guided by
the principle that health is a gift from God that needs to be preserved and that access
to affordable health care is a basic human right.
Screenings were conducted for conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart
risk assessment, dental health, diabetes, cataract, glaucoma and prostate cancer. Ap-
proximately 30-40 people were screened each month. Along with this, free health
information lectures were also conducted for the public. As physicians identified con-
ditions and illnesses through the screenings, they quickly realized that a majority of
those screened had no health insurance or physician to see for follow up care. While
federally qualified clinics were one solution, the demand for services was so great that
patients reported waits of six or more weeks to get an appointment. Therefore the
physicians took it upon themselves to develop an additional solution. The result was
the creation of CCN, a network of 12 physicians initially with one lab. Over time this
has grown to over 100 providers (primary care and specialists), 6 medical labs, and
13 imaging centers, which support the notion of “compassionate care” and voluntarily
offer services to the uninsured at discounted rates. Specialists are in the fields of Al-
lergy, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Gynecology,
Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Rehab Medicine and Urology. Addition-
ally providers in Dentistry, Optometry Chiropractic care; Physical Therapy and
Podiatry are part of the growing network.
CCN volunteers include medical students, undergrads, high school students and
community workers who shoulder different responsibilities from doing blood tests
to helping with registration, interpretation and CCN enrollment. CCN’s free health
screenings are held weekly and spread out at various community locations including
mosques, churches and community centers.
      The key components of CCN are to provide:
(1) free health education,
(2) free health screenings,
(3) access to affordable physician services,
(4)access to affordable lab and imaging services,
(5) access to affordable prescription drugs through generics $4/month programs
Patients are charged a flat fee of $25.00 for primary care office visits, $35.00 for
specialist consultations and may choose their physician based on language and loca-

                      Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
tion preference. There is a small enrollment fee of $10.00/month for individuals and
$15.00/ month for families which is waived for hardship cases. Periodic open enroll-
ments are offered when people can join for free for periods of 4-12 months. Enroll-
ment is open to everyone who has no health insurance and has annual income of less
than 400% of poverty guideline. There are no restrictions for pre existing conditions
or undocumented status. An ID card is issued at the time of enrollment to access the
discounted services.

         IbnSina Award for
         H umanitarian Service
                    Recepient: IMAN Health Clinic, Chicago
       IMAN’s clinic began in 2004 through the vision of a group of physi-
       cians who sought to address the glaring lack of healthcare in the com-
       munity. Initially, the clinic borrowed space from a local physician’s of-
       fice to provide free treatment on alternate Sundays. In 2007, through
       the help of community partners, the clinic was able to secure its own
       facility and hire a full-time clinic administrator. The clinic expanded
       its service to two days/week and has expanded its practice to over
       twelve hundred patients. The clinic continues to uphold its mission
       of providing high-quality, comprehensive, accessible, and culturally
       competent healthcare to its diverse patient population.
       Prominent Staff physicians of the clinic include: Drs. Ahsan Arozul-
       lah, Nafisa Arozullah, Jihad Shoshara, Sofia Shakir, Sherene Fakhran,
       Altaf Kaiseruddin, Naveed Mallick, Omar Hussain. Clinic Adminis-
       trator is Dr.Adiba Khan.

                      Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
         Compassionate Care Network (CCN):
              Annual Report for 2009
               Azher Quader, MD., Executive Director

                           CCN’s Free Health Screenings
CCN’s free health screenings were conducted at various locations in the Chicago land
area on a weekly basis. These sites included the following centers:
• Muslim Community Center, Chicago
• Islamic Community Center of Illinois, Chicago
• Indo American Center, Chicago
• Celestial Church of Christ, Chicago
• Transfiguration Church, Chicago
• Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Chicago
• Islamic Foundation North, Libertyville
• Islamic Foundation, Villa Park
• Muslim Society Inc, Glendale Heights
• Homewood Hotel, Homewood
• IRIM Center, Waukegan
• Al Madinah Center, West Chicago
• Mosque Foundation Community Center, Bridgeview

CCN health screenings were conducted with at least two board certified MDs being
present for the two-hour sessions. Three to four Medical students from area colleges
were in the team to assist with the screenings and provide educational programs to the
attendees as well. RNs and phlebotomists also were part of the screening staff, which
included a dentist and an optometrist usually.

                     Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
                             CCN’s Free Health Education
Titled as “Conversations in Health Series”, interactive discussions were carried out
throughout the year in conjunction with the screenings. Topics covered were:
•   Coronary Artery Disease
•   Diabetes
•   Hypertension
•   Mens Health Issues (to include Prostate Cancer)
•   Womens Health Issues (to include Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis)
•   Mental Health Issues (to include Depression and Anxiety)
•   Drug Abuse
•   Obesity
•   Diet & Exercise
• A Health Talk segment of 15 minutes each Saturday was added to the radio pro-
  gram of IAVCC courtesy of program host Yousif Marei on AM 1240.

                                      CCN Data
Over 641 people got screened in 2009. 74% of these were uninsured. At each of
these screenings approximately 20 people were screened usually for obesity, dia-
betes, hypertension and dental health. At various times additional screenings were
added for heart risk (thru lipid profiles, EKGs), stroke risk (thru carotid ultrasounds),
visual defects, eye exams (through vision checks and retina exams), and BMIs were
determined using height and weight charts, blood sugars were thru finger sticks, and
blood pressures were recorded thru manual arm cuff technique using aneroid sphyg-
People screened were among various ethnic communities including South Asians,
Arabs, Africans, Latinos and Caucasians. Whenever individuals were identified with
health risks they were counseled to seek follow-up care with their primary care pro-
viders (PCPs). When such connections were not present they were offered thru CCN
enrollment and referral to CCN physicians. All individuals with abnormal screens
were counseled on issues of lifestyle modification.
58% of the individuals screened were found to be overweight, with a BMI of over 24.
28% of these were recognized as obese with a BMI of over 29. Additionally, 71 indi-
viduals were identified with elevated blood sugars (fasting level of over 125 or random
level of over 150). Of the 631 individuals who had their pressures checked,256 (40%)
were noted to be pre hypertensive, (with systolic levels from 120-139 and diastolic lev-
els from 71-89). There were 223 individuals (35%) with elevated blood pressures (of
over 139 systolic or over 89 diastolic). Of the 123 individuals undergoing lipid screens
67% had one or more of the parameters abnormal. Roughly 30 percent of the people

                       Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
screened were found to have periodontal disease requiring either superficial or deep
cleaning and improved dental hygiene.
While the data needs to be further scrutinized and fine-tuned, there is little doubt
that the need for identifying people at health risk from obesity, diabetes, hypertension,
dyslipidemia and periodontal disease is great among the uninsured. Although major-
ity of the people screened were uninsured, a significant number screened were insured
(26%), indicating the need for preventative care to be promoted in both groups.
                                    CCN Enrollment
At the end of 2009 there were over 2000 people enrolled in CCN giving them access
to affordable health care. Hopefully CCN is making a difference in their lives, both
physical, financial and emotional. CCN enrollment is kept open and free during the
month of Ramadan, the week of Christmas and during Health Fairs and Conven-
tions. At these times a 6-12 months of free enrolment is offered. At other times a fee
of $10 monthly per individual and $15 monthly per family is requested from those
that can pay. For people with limited financial resources the fee is waived.
                                     CCN Providers
CCN has at present over 120 physicians and health care providers in the network.
These include both primary care MDs, specialists, dentists, optometrists, chiroprac-
tors, podiatrists and psychologists. To join the network providers agree to accept a
discounted fee (no more than $25 per patient visit for primary care visits and $35 per
visit for specialist consultations in 2009). In addition to physician providers, there are
13 imaging centers and 6 labs that also provide discounted services to CCN enroll-
ees. Our Health Screening Team includes physicians, dentists optometrists, nurses
plus medical students from area colleges and translators. For prescription fill patients
were recommended to use whenever possible, the $4 per month generic prescription
program available at their neighborhood Walmart, Kmart and Target pharmacies.
                                CCN Provider Meetings
Quarterly Provider Meetings were held through the year supported by various phar-
maceuticals and local health care organizations. These meetings gave the providers an
opportunity to network, update their medical information and learn about the pro-
gram. Meetings were spread between two locations: one in Skokie for North Chicago
providers and the other in Downers Grove for the West Chicago doctors.
                              CCN Newsletter & Website
A quarterly newsletter was published with information on the schedule of free health
screenings and health talks. Articles of medical interest for the general public along
with contact information for some network providers was included in these newslet-
ters. An active web site was maintained at

                      Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
                               CCN Community Partners
•   Albany Park Neighborhood Council (APNC)
•   Michael Reese Health Care Foundation
•   Chicago Community Trust
•   Council of Islamic Organization of Greater Chicago
•   Schweitzer Fellowship Program
•   Arab American Family Services, Bridgeview, IL.
•   Hamdard Center, Chicago, IL.
•   Indo American Center, Chicago, IL.
•   UMMA Center, Waukegan
•   IMAN Health Clinic, Chicago, IL.
•   Muslim Community Center, Chicago, IL.
•   Mosque Foundation Community Center, Bridgeview, IL
•   Islamic & Arabic Voice of Chicago Community( IAVCC Radio AM 1450)
•   Islamic Community Center of Illinois
•   Islamic Foundation North, Libertyville, IL.
•   Mosque Cares, Homewood, IL
                                   Future Perspective
With over half a million uninsured in the Chicagoland area the task of providing ac-
cess to affordable health care is indeed daunting and clearly has no easy answers.
We plan to increase our capacity and commitment by expanding our screening sites.
Health care reform promises to make much needed improvements in the areas of
access and affordibility. Even with those changes taking place the need to promote
health awareness through health education and health screenings will remain a prior-
ity if our fellow citizens are to enjoy healthier living. We will continue to do all we can
to make that goal a reality for as many people as we can reach.

               Compassionate Care Network

                            Compassionate Care Network (CCN)
                                6348 N. Milwaukee Ave, #215
                                      Chicago, IL 60646
                            Tel. 773 775-3600 • Fax 888 226-6363

                       Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Why Screen?
                                    Why BP Screening?
In the United States nearly 45 million people suffer from high blood pressure. That is nearly 1
in 4 adults. Only half of them are treated due to lack of proper diagnosis.Among those that
are receiving treatment it is estimated that 1/3rd are not adequately controlled. High blood
pressure is a leading cause of stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. Usually there are no
symptoms. Nearly 50 percent of those who have it are women. Early detection and appropriate
treatment can prevent complications.
Risk Factors
1. Obesity: People with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more are more likely to
   develop high BP.
2. Salt Intake: Eating too much salt increases your risk.
3. Smoking: Smoking a cigarette can raise your BP by 5 – 10 mm Hg for about 30
4. Lack of Exercise: An inactive life style leads to obesity and high BP.
5. Stress: A high level of anxiety and stress, which is not properly dealt with, can lead
   to high BP.
6. Alcohol: Heavy and regular use of alcohol can increase BP.
7. Race: 1 out of 3 African-Americans suffers from high BP.
8. Heredity: If your parents or other close blood relatives have it, you are more likely
   to develop it.
9. Age: The older you get the greater your chances of developing high BP.
                               Why Heart Risk Evaluation?
Coronary artery disease is a major cause of disability and death in America. As many as 1.2
million Americans have a heart attack each year and nearly half a million die from it. Iden-
tifying risk factors and changing life styles can prevent the onset of coronary artery disease.
Risk Factors
1.   Increasing age
2.   Family history *
3.   Gender and race
4.   Total cholesterol above 200
5.   HDL cholesterol level below 35
6.   LDL cholesterol level above 130
7.   Smoking
8.   Blood pressure not adequately controlled

                       Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
9. Diabetes not adequately controlled
10. Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25
11. Lack of exercise
                                Why Obesity Screening (BMI)?
Obesity is the accumulation of excess body fat defined as weighing 20% (25% for women) or
more over the recommended body weight for one’s height. Obesity is determined by the body
mass index (BMI). Overweight is defined as a BMI of 25 to 29.9; obesity as a BMI of 30 to
39.9; and morbid obesity as a BMI of 40 or more.
Obesity is quite common and has been described by some researchers as an epidemic in the
United States. Between 1980 and 1999, the estimated number of overweight people in the
United States rose from 47% to 61%, and the number of obese people rose from 15% to 26%.
Childhood obesity is also an increasing problem.
Risk factors
1. consuming more calories than the body uses, eating a high-fat diet, and consum-
   ing alcohol
2. family history of obesity
3. inactivity & sedentary lifestyle
4. Prescription drugs
5. hormonal changes and psychological factors
Complications of childhood obesity include high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. In addi-
tion, childhood obesity can lead to the development of extra fat cells, which can contribute to
obesity persisting in adulthood.
Complications of chronic adult obesity include osteoarthritis, difficulty breathing, heart fail-
ure, certain cancers, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and premature death.
                                   Why Stroke Screening?
Every 45 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke.
If blood flow is stopped for longer than a few seconds, the brain cannot get blood and oxygen.
Brain cells can die, causing permanent damage.
Risk Factors
1.   High blood pressure
2.   age
3.   family history of stroke
4.   smoking
5.   diabetes,
6.   high cholesterol
7.   heart disease

                         Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Different tests are performed to determine the type, location, and cause of a stroke. Carotid
Ultrasound identifies individuals at risk of stroke from blockages in their neck arteries.
                                  Why Diabetes Screening?
More than 20 million people in the US are currently diagnosed with diabetes. An estimated
6 million – twice the city of Chicago’s population - remain undiagnosed. Many of us are
directly affected by diabetes, because our family members are diabetic. Normally the sugar
level should be less than 100 mg/dL. If the level is between 100-124 mg/dL, the person is
considered at risk for developing diabetes within a few years. If the level is above 125 mg/dL,
diabetes is diagnosed.
Risk Factors:
1.   Persons over 45
2.   high blood pressure
3.   high cholesterol,
4.   obesity
5.   sedentary lifestyles
6.   family history of diabetes
Diabetes can lead to significant complications such as heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney
failure and sometimes amputation of limbs. Early detection and adequate treatment including
diet and exercise, can prevent complications.
                               Why Breast Cancer Screening?
 Breast cancer claims over 1,700 lives in Illinois each year. In women over the age of 20, breast
cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. Early detection is the key to survival.
When diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate is 96%.
The Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program offers free mammograms, breast exams, pel-
vic exams and Pap tests. Uninsured women over the age of 40 can receive free mammograms
and breast exams. Call the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Women’s Health-Line at
1-888-522-1282 for details.
                              Why Prostate Cancer Screening?
Over 200,000 Americans are diagnosed with prostate cancer annually. Of these nearly 24,000
die from the disease. It is the most common malignancy in men and the second leading cause
of cancer death in men. The disease is mostly asymptomatic. Early detection can lead to cura-
tive treatment. A simple blood test (PSA) along with digital rectal exam (DRE) is recom-
mended for all males who are 50 and older. If there is a family history of prostate cancer, then
screening is recommended to start at 40. Testing should be once every year.

                       Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook

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    GH_20072                                                    IL 05/08
Setting up a Health Care Network
Here are some guidelines for setting up a CCN prototype program.
The program consists of 2 components:
1. Promoting Health awareness through free health education, and free health
2. Providing access to affordable health care services in the ambulatory setting.
   Through physician and allied health services, lab services, imaging services &
   pharmacy services
                              Promoting Health Awareness
We suggest that free health education and health screenings be placed in first. We
recommend you initiate these within established Islamic Centers, mosques or com-
munity centers where the physical infrastructure exists to provide these services, and
where people are already coming for religious programs or other community activities
and would appreciate having such a service available to them
We also recommend that one or two physicians in the community be involved at this
level who would be willing to help with counseling the people with abnormal screen-
ing results.
It is helpful to start with simple screenings like blood pressure and BMI (Body Mass In-
dex for obesity). These don’t incur any costs to do and are significant health risk issues.
We recommend that all participants coming to the screenings be encouraged to com-
plete a food diary for a week and bring it to you so you can see what exactly they are
consuming. This way you can make specific suggestions on improving their eating
habits. If you are lucky to have a dietician interested to work with you, it will be great.
Otherwise you will need to read up on diet and nutrition yourself and be prepared to
talk with your participants and answer questions. www.webmd is a good resource .
Also be prepared and willing to counsel them on the need for exercise and the spe-
cifics of muscle stretching, weight training and aerobic exercising. If a chiropacter
can be enlisted, this counseling will be easily facilitated. For BP we like to use the
stethoscope and analog dial equipment rather than the digital ones. BMI charts are
easily available with most primary care physicians.
At a later stage you can add diabetes screening. Here you will need a glucometer and
test strips. There are several brands out there. Choose one and stay with it. These tests
will cost around $1.00 per test. You can request the Islamic Center to foot this bill
and keep the service free for the participants. Make sure you request the participants
to come fasting for atleast 8 hours to get a good reading.Using the glucometers is
pretty simple if you follow the instructions that come along with them. Again having
a doctor around for counseling will be helpful. The person who is doing the testing
should not be the one counseling, because you will slow down the process by doing
that. Counseling does take a good bit of time.

                      Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
When you get these under the belt then try the Lipid Profile (for Heart Risk), but only
with a physician around. If a phlebotomist or lab technician is available in the com-
munity request their help for the blood draw. Do not attempt to do this on your own
if you are not a physician. Typically these tests will cost you $5.00-$10.00 per person.
The lab will provide all the information for collection of samples and will also provide
the supplies needed for free ( vacutainers, needles, tourniquets, alcohol swabs, band
aides etc.) They will also provide for the pickup of the samples. We recommend
talking to a few labs to see if they can quote you their best prices for the Lipid Panel
(Cholesterol, HDL,LDL, Triglycerides). Again ask the Center to pay for it. This way
the Center can set up a budget for Health Services.
We recommend you do the screenings monthly to include BP, BMI, Diabetes, dental
health, vision check with glaucoma and cataract screenings. Lipid panels and PSA
(for prostate cancer) can be offered once a year. Simultaneously with the screenings an
educational program should be instituted with the help of either physicians or public
health professionals. Choose some common health topics like Diabetes, Hyperten-
sion, Coronary Artery Disease, Obesity, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Mental
Health, Drug Abuse, Allergy & Asthma, Immunizations etc.
                        Providing Access to Health Care Services
We think when you get this program established for a year or two, then you will be
ready to launch the physician network part of the program. This stage would defi-
nitely need greater physician involvement and participation. We do not favor the
Free Standing Clinic model as it requires substantial financial obligations, significant
human resources to run it plus the need to overcome professional liability issues as
well. With the network model the physicians remain in their offices and see the pa-
tients as they see the rest of their regular patients. All that they will be asked to do
is to see a limited number of patients from the network. The physicians decide from
time to time how many patients they can take care of from the network. At present
we are requesting network physicians to accept a flat fee of $25.00 per patient visit.
Patients pay this at the time of their visit so there is no billing involved by the physi-
cian office. You may choose to set up a different fee structure, one that your network
providers agree to.
Patients are enrolled in the program on payment of a small fee. An ID card is is-
sued for each patient enrolled which guarantees the benefits. We have kept the
enrollment fee at $10.00 per month for individuals and $15.00 per month for families
The flat fee covers for all non urgent office visits, dental hygiene and vision checks.
Pregnancy care is not included. If patients require hospitalization they are recom-
mended to connect with the county hospital system. Alternatively they are counseled
to purchase basic hospitalization through Blue Cross (Basic Blue Plan) with a high
deductible to make the premiums affordable. Premiums are based on age and on the
absence of any pre existing conditions. For patients less than 50 years in age we feel
the premiums are affordable and give them the freedom to go to any hospital for
emergency or elective care. Continued on next page...

                       Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
You should approach Labs and Imaging Centers to join the network if they are willing
to discount their fees. Most labs and imaging centers are willing to do this for cash
paying patients who lack insurance. Again we recommend requesting quotes from
several providers and choosing the ones that are giving the best rates. If physicians
draw the bloods in their offices then the labs who usually provide courier services will
have them picked up without any inconvenience to patient or physician. If a physician
office does not do the blood draw then patients could go to the lab to have the blood
collected there. (We can provide the fees we have been able to receive from our labs
and imaging centers to help you in your negotiations with your area providers).
The final component of the program is the access to affordable prescription drugs.
We recommend the use of pharmacies at Walmart, K mart and Target stores where
their $4 per month generic prescription program if available in your area will be a
great help. For prescriptions where generic equivalents are not available you may look
into the programs set up by certain pharmaceutical companies to assist low income
patients access brand name medications.
                                          Legal considerations
We recommend setting up a corporate entity initially for doing all this work, which
should be converted to a tax exempt organization later. This would limit liability to
the centers where screenings are done and allow donors to make tax favored dona-
tions. Once a health service network is formed where discounted services are being
provided, legal counsel with a competent health care attorney should be obtained to
determine the application of state laws. Some states mandate such networks to be
registered as Preferred Provider Program Administrators under the State’s Depart-
ment of Insurance. This is an additional legal step and a health care attorney is the
right person to guide you through it.

                                             Screening Supplies
 1) Diabetes Screening                                   Vacutainers 4
    Gloves (Box of Medium size)                          Vacutainer Needles #18 ( 50)
    Glucometers 2                                        Butterfly Needles #23 ( 25)
    Lancets (100)                                        Test tubes ( red tops for chemistries) 50
    Glucose test strips (2 Boxes of 50 strips each)      Plastic bags 50
    Box of tissues                                       Sharps Container
    Sharps container                                     Lab Requisition Forms 50
    Alcohol swabs                                     5) Office Supplies
 2) Blood Pressure Screening                             Business cards
    Sphygmomanometers 2                                  Sign-in form
    Stethoscopes 2                                       Health forms, Health survey forms
 3) BMI Screening                                        Application forms
    Weight scale (Digital)                               Pens
    BMI chart                                            Folders to collect enrollee forms and screening
    Tape measure to measure height                       forms
    Scotch tape                                          Providers List
 4) Cholesterol Screening                                $4 Prescription Formulary from Walmart
    Alcohol Swabs                                        Flyer or brochure for upcoming events
    Tourniquets 4

                           Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
     Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
          CCN’s 2010 Schedule for Free Health Screenings
     Screenings are for: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, Vision & Dental Health**
           ** Cholesterol Screenings are offered every other month at certain sites

Sunday, January 10, 2010 – 11am-1pm             Sunday, March 28, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Islamic Center of Chicago (ICC)                 Celestial Church of Christ (CCC)
5933 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL 60659         4100 N. Troy St., Chicago, IL 60618

Sunday, January 17, 2010 – 10am-12noon          Sunday, April 4, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)        Mosque Cares Homewood Hotel (HH)
4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641          17400 Halsted St., Homewood, IL 60430

Saturday, Janury 23, 2010 – 7pm-11pm            Sunday, April 11, 2010 – 11am-1pm
CCN’s 2nd Annual Banquet & Fund Raiser          Mosque Foundation Community Center
Holiday Inn Northshore,                         (MFCC)
5300 W. Touhy Ave., Skokie, IL 60077            7260 W. 93rd St., Bridgeview, IL 60455

**Sunday, January 31, 2010 – 11am-1pm           Sunday, April 18, 2010 – 10am-12noon
Islamic Foundation North (IFN)                  Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)
1751 O’Plaine Rd., Libertyville, IL 60048       4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641

Sunday, February 14, 2010 – 11am -1pm           **Saturday, April 24, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Islamic Community Center of Illinois (ICCI)     Indo American Center (IAC)
6435 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60634         6328 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL 60659

Sunday, February 21, 2010 – 10am-12noon         Sunday, May 9, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)        Masjid Al Huda Schaumburg (MHS)
4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641          1081 Irving Park Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60193

Sunday, February 28, 2010 – 11am-1pm            Sunday, May 16, 2010 – 10am-12noon
Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM)                  Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)
3820 N. Spaulding Ave., Chicago, IL 60618       4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641

Saturday, March 7, 2010 – 11am-1pm              Sunday, May 23, 2010 -11am-1pm
Al Madinah Islamic Center (AIC)                 Ephraim Bahar Center (EBC)
2N 579 Morton Rd., West Chicago, IL 60185       2525 W. 71st St., Chicago, IL 60629

**Sunday, March 14, 2010 – 11am-1pm                 Sun, May 30, 2010 – CBC Convention
Muslim Society, Inc. (MSI)                                Holiday Inn Northshore
1785 Bloomingdale Rd., Glendale Hts, IL             5300 W. Touhy Ave, Skokie, IL 60077
                                                Sunday, June 13, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Sunday, March 21, 2010 – 10am-12noon            Arab American Family Services (AAFS)
Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)        9044 South Octavia Avenue
4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641          Bridgeview, IL 60455

                        Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Sunday, June 20, 2010 – 10am-2pm               Sunday, October 10, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Refugee Screening at                           Muslim Education Center (MEC)
Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)       8601 N. Menard Ave., Morton Grove, IL 60053
4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641
                                               Sunday, October 17, 2010 – 10am-12noon
Sunday, June 27, 2010 -10am-2pm                Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church (IHM)          4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641
3820 N. Spaulding (Gym) Chicago, IL 606118
                                               Sunday, October 24, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Sunday, July 11, 2010 – 11am-1pm               Muslim Society, Inc. (MSI)
UMMA Center                                    1785 Bloomingdale Rd., Glendale Heights, IL
221 Washington St., Waukegan, IL 60085         60139

**Sunday, July 18, 2010 – 10am-12noon          Saturday, October 30, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)       Indo American Center (IAC)
4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641         6328 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL 60659

Sunday, August 1, 2010 – 11am-1pm              **Sunday, November 14, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Al Madinah Islamic Center (AIC)                Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines
2N 579 Morton Rd., West Chicago, IL 60185      (ICCDP)
                                               480 Potter Rd., Des Plaines, IL 60016
Sunday, August 8, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Transfiguration Church (TC)                    Sunday, November 21, 2010 – 10am-1pm
2609 W. Carmen Ave., Chicago, IL 60641                     CCN Health Fair
                                               Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)
     No Health Screening in Ramadan            4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641
Free Enrollment in CCN for 1 year throughout
                  Ramadan                              Sunday, November 28, 2010:
                                                        No Screening Thanksgiving
         Eid ul Fitr September 10th
                                               Sunday, December 5, 2010 – 11am-1pm
Sunday, September 19, 2010 – 10am-             Al Madinah Islamic Center (AIC)
12noon                                         2N 579 Morton Rd., West Chicago, IL 60185
Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)
4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641         **Sunday, December 12, 2010 – 11am-1pm
                                               Islamic Community Center of Illinois (ICCI)
**Sunday, September 26, 2010 – 11am-1pm        6435 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60634
Mosque Foundation Community Center
(MFCC)                                                Saturday, December 18, 2010:
7260 W. 93rd St., Bridgeview, IL 60455                      CCN 3rd Banquet

Sunday, October 3, 2010 – 11am-1pm             Sunday, December 19, 2010 – 10am-
Mosque Cares Homewood Hotel (HH)               12noon
17400 Halsted St., Homewood, IL 60430          Muslim Community Center of Chicago (MCC)
                                               4380 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL 60641

                                               Sun Dec 26, 2010: Christmas No Screening

                       Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
     Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
                            Compassionate Care Network

Interventional Pain Management Specialists Offering New Technology:

                                     880 West Central Road, Suite 3600
                                         Arlington Heights, IL 6005
    Mohammad Ahsan,                                 Yuriy Bukhalo,
MD, AQPM, DABPM, DAAPM                     Phone: 847.255.0900                   MD, AQPM, FIPP
                                             Fax: 847.255.4344

Northwest Suburban Pain Center offers the most advanced clinical techniques for treating a broad
range of painful conditions.
We focus on diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, with an emphasis on getting the patient back to
a more active and productive lifestyle.
Our specialists are both Board Certified in Interventional Pain Management and treat a variety of
conditions in our state of the art office.

                       Some of the conditions treated are:
            •   Acute/chronic back pain        • Workplace injury
            •   Cervical neck pain             • Post traumatic pain
            •   Cancer related pain            • Disc pain
            •   Sports injuries                • Facet /Nerve pain
            •   Post surgery pain

                          Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook




!                                                               !

                 Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Cancer Screening Guidelines
                                     For Prostate Cancer
• Annual check of the prostate with a digital rectal exam (DRE) for all men over 40.
• An annual blood test for prostate specific antigen (PSA) for all men 50 and above.
• Prostate cancer screening with DRE and PSA to begin at age 40 in Afro American men
                                     For Breast Cancer
• Monthly breast self exams after age 20.
• Annual breast exams by a physician / health expert after age 40
• Baseline mammogram between ages 35 and 40 and every year after age 40.
• If a woman’s mother or sister has a history of breast cancer, she needs to begin having
 mammograms 10 years prior to the age of her mother’s or sister’s diagnosis.
                                     For Cervical Cancer
• Annual Pap Smear.
                                     For Colorectal Cancer
• Colonoscopy at age 50 and repeat every 10 years
• For persons with a family history, colonoscopy at age 40 or earlier as per primary care advice.

                Roselle Chiropractic, Inc.
                     (630) 295-8851
             50 E. Irving Park Road, Roselle, IL 60172
             7039 W. Addison Street Chicago, IL 60634

   Full Service Facility Offering:
     Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture,
     Chiropractic Joint Manipulation, Rehabilitation
     On-Site X-Ray, Nutritional Vitamins, Foot Orthotics
     (insoles and shoes)
     Male & Female Doctors & Massage Therapists
     Also on staff, M.D. specializing in Pain Management
     & Rehabilitation

             We Put Care Back Into Healthcare!!!
                         Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
CCN Providers (by specialty)
ALLERGY & ASTHMA                                  Humayun, Shaheen MD
                                                  5140 N. California Ave., #700
Siddiqi, Ayesha MD                                Chicago 60625               773-784-2101
3000 N. Halsted St., Ste 401
Chicago 60657              773-296-5500           Iqbal, M. MD
                                                  2054 W. Devon Ave.
Mohiuddin, Ahmed MD                               Chicago 60659            773-973-2400
2228 Weber Road
Crest Hill 60403         815-729-9900             Khaleeluddin, Mohammed MD
                                                  300 N. Ottawa St.
Mohiuddin, Ahmed MD                               Joliet 60431          815-726-7600
3965 75th Street, Ste 101
Aurora 60505              630-375-0087            Malik, Ather DO
                                                  7516 S. Cass Ave., Ste 15
Mohiuddin, Ahmed MD                               Darien 60561              630-724-9999
2800 N. Sheridan Rd, Ste 101
Chicago 60657              773-525-4500           Mazheruddin, Farkhunda MD
                                                  1802 W. Chicago Ave., Ste 5
Cardiology                                        Chicago 60622              773-278-8727
Abbasi, Tahir MD
17680 S. Kedzie, Ste 206                          Mazheruddin, Farkhunda MD
Hazel Crest 60429        708-206-1090             6422 N. Western Ave.
                                                  Chicago 60659          773-465-3500
Ali, Muhammad MD
7516 S. Cass Ave., Ste 15                         Mohiuddin, Ali MD
Darien 60561              630-724-9999            257 N. Schmidt Rd
                                                  Bolingbrook 60440        630-759-9065
Ali, Safdar MD
2222 W. Division St., Ste 220                     Moiduddin, Shakir MD
Chicago 60622               773-384-1100          7530 W. College Dr., Ste C
                                                  Palos Heights 60463        708-361-0913
Toor, Mohammed, MD
7324 N. Western Ave.                              Zaheer, Badar MD
Chicago, 60645           773-381-1800             3806 W. Lawrence
                                                  Chicago 60625            773-539-8000
Family Practice
Ahmed, Safia MD
948 N. Damen Ave                                  Bawani, Mohammad MD
Chicago 60622            773-276-2655             1105 W. Park Ave., Ste 1
                                                  Libertyville 60048       847-680-5880
Ahmed , Saquib M. MD
North Chicago Clinic, 2215 14th St.               Kudaimi, Muhammad MD
N. Chicago 60064            847-984-5200          801 Mac Arthur Blvd, Ste 303
                                                  Munster, IN 46321          219-836-4077
Akere, Ayoade MD                                  General Surgery
5500 S. Damen
Chicago 60636            773-776-8800             Ansari, Shahid MD
                                                  500 E. 51st St.,
                                                  Chicago, 60615            312-839-7876
Family Practice
                                                  Arain, Mohammed Murtaza MD
Gafoor, Muhammad MD                               4121 Fairview Ave., Ste 102
675 W. North Ave., Ste 408                        Downers Grove 60515         630-968-2700
Melrose Park 60160         708-450-4950
                                                  Bhatti, Rabia MD
Hameeduddin, Anjum MD                             1950 N. Harlem Ave.
4647 W. Lincoln Hwy                               Elmwood Park, 60707      708- 453-6800
Matteson 60443        708-747-7720

                             Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Lamba , Anil MD                                    Mohiuddin, Fatima MD
15900 Cicero Ave.                                  2828 W. Devon Ave.
Oak Forest 60452           708-633-2800            Chicago 60659               773-761-9774
                                                   Mohiuddin, Fatima MD
Internal Medicine                                  9120 Golf Rd
                                                   Niles 60714                 847-390-7122
Abbas, Zareena MD
1008 W. Foster Ave.                                Naveed, Mallick MD
Chicago 60640              773-561-5000            1515 E. 52nd Place, Ste 206,
                                                   Chicago 60615              773-321-0200
Ahmed, Azizuddin MD
6422 N. Western Ave.                               Qadir, Abdul MD
Chicago 60659              773-465-3500            1177 N. Highland Ave., Ste 102
                                                   Aurora 60506                630-301-7366
Ahmed, Misbahuddin MD
555 W. Court, Ste 200                              Saaduddin, Syed MD
Kankakee 60901        815-935-2525                 401 E. 61st Street
                                                   Chicago 60637               773-955-5560
Alawad, Mohammed MD
9830 S. Ridgeland                                  Saeed, Mohammed MD
Chicago Ridge 60415 708-425-0414                   276 W. Fullerton Ave
                                                   Addison 60101               630-543-5454
Hamidani, Nasreen MD
418 Sherwood Road                                  Shah, Nasreen MD
LaGrange Park 60526        708-354-1546            1555 W. Howard St
                                                   Chicago 60626               773-764-7146
Hosaid, Farzana MD
165 S. State Street                                Sharif, Sitara MD
Hampshire 60140            847-683-3661            4121 Fairview Av., Ste L1
                                                   Downers Grove 60515         630-968-1700
Hosaid, Farzana MD
296 W. Spring St.                                  Shahzad, Muhammad
S. Elgin 60177             847-697-2692            1 South 055 Summit Ave.,
                                                   Oak Brook Terrace, 601081 630-993-5402
Hussain, Ahmed MD
1719 Glenwood Avenue                               Vaseemuddin, Mohammed MD
Joliet 60435               815-741-3532            1375 E. Schaumburg Rd., Ste 100
                                                   Schaumburg 60193          847-891-6850
Kapadia, Mehboob MD
2745 W. Devon Ave.                                 Zainulabuddin , Syed MD
Chicago 60659              773-338-8600            4121 Fairview Ave., Ste 100
                                                   Downers Grove 60515         630-971-3323
Khan, Atika MD
1923 W. Montrose Ave.                              Nephrology
Chicago 60613              (773) 281-8855
                                                   Azaran, Abdol MD
Khan, Zakira MD                                    16650 S. Harlem Avenue
1631 N. Halsted St.                                Tinley Park 60477           708-342-3000
Chicago 60614              312-787-9199
                                                   Nuclear Medicine
Khan, Hasan MD
                                                   Shirazi, Parvez MD
6170 Joliet Road
                                                   9680 Golf Road
Countryside 60525          708-352-0330
                                                   Des Plaines 60016           847-296-5366
Lodhi, Fauzia MD
6374 N. Lincoln, Ste 303
Chicago 60659              773-588-7733
Moeed, Syed A. MD
3228 W. 95th St.
Evergreen Park 60805 708-422-6415

                               Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Ob/Gynecology                                    Physical Medicine & Rehab
Ahmed, Nafees MD                                 Mohiuddin, Anwar MD
6348 N. Western Ave.                             2812 1/2 W. Devon Ave.
Chicago 60659            773-465-3500            Chicago 60659              773-761-9884
Siddiqi, Alia MD                                 Zaffer, Syed M. MD
4646 N. Marine Dr., Ste 5900A                    130 S. Main St., Ste 206
Chicago 60640              773-561-1574          Lombard 60148              630-873-5425
Tarsha, Thana MD                                 Psychiatry
2227 W. Division St., 330
                                                 Khadri, Syed Yousuf MD
Chicago 60622             773-227-0111
                                                 621 Plainfield Rd., Ste 110
Oncology                                         Willowbrook 60527           630-325-1799
Zafar, Muhammad MD                               Pulmonary Medicine
614 South Bloomington Street
                                                 Siddiqui, Akhtar MD
Streator 61364            815-673-1634
                                                 2088 Ogden Ave.
Al-Khudari, Mohammad MD                          Aurora 60504               630-499-7500
4700 W. 95th St., Ste 102
Oak Lawn 60453            708-636-9393
                                                 Quader, Azher MD
Pain Management                                  6422 N. Western Ave.
Ahsan, Mohammad MD                               Chicago 60659              773-465-3500
880 W. Central Rd., Ste 3600
Arlington Heights 60005 847-255-0900
                                                 Ahmed, Tariq DC
Pediatrics                                       7039 W. Addison St.
Adil, Mohammed MD                                Chicago 60634              630-295-8851
2226 Weber Rod
                                                 Ahmed, Tariq DC
Crest Hill 60435         815-729-3006
                                                 120 E. Ogden Ave., Ste 120
Hussaini, Syed F. MD                             Hinsdale 60521             630-325-3472
5310 N. Sheridan Rd
                                                 Jaber, Asem S. DC
Chicago, 60640           773-878-3750
                                                 9830 S. Ridgeland Ave.
Iqbal, Waheeda MD                                Chicago Ridge 60415        708-636-0901
2054 W. Devon Ave.
                                                 Jaber, Asem S. DC
Chicago 60659            773-973-2400
                                                 1544 W. Chicago Ave.
Khalid, Saba MD                                  Chicago 60622              312-432-1707
2600 S. Michigan Ave, Ste 410
                                                 Patel, Jignasa DC
Chicago 60616              312-949-9055
                                                 50 E. Irving Park Rd.
Niazi, Sher Ahsan MD                             Roselle, 60172             630-295-8851
1721 W. Glenwood
                                                 Saeed, Naveed DC
Joliet 60435             815-741-8888
                                                 488 S. River Road
Zarif, Mehrunnisa MD                             Des Plaines 60016          847-803-1395
1 South 161 Summit
                                                 Saeed, Naveed DC
Oakbrook 60181           630-620-6666
                                                 1000 Grand Canyon Pkwy, Ste 209
Physical Medicine & Rehab                        Hoffman Estates 60194 847-803-1395
Mohiuddin, Anwar MD                              Saeed, Naveed DC
9120 Golf Rd                                     2425 W. 22nd St., Ste 215
Niles 60714              847-390-7115            Oakbrook 60523            847-803-1395

                            Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Dentistry                                          Naprapathy
Ahmed, Parveen DDS                                 Rahaman, Khalilur
1000 Grand Canyon Pkwy,Ste 209                     281 E. Wright Wood Ave.
Hoffman Estates 60169 847-803-1395                 Glendale Heights 60139     630-863-5707
Ahmed, Ilyas DDS                                   Muhammad, Robert J.
75 W. North Ave., Ste 400                          400 W. 76th St., Ste 210
Northlake 60164           708-562-5100             Chicago 60620              773-873-5000
Asim, Adil M. DDS                                  Optometry                  815-439-1400
75 W. North Ave., Ste 400
                                                   Hyderi, Atha OD
Northlake 60164           708-562-5100
                                                   833 N. Roselle Rd.
Khan, M. DDS                                       Roselle 60172              630-351-0085
6350 N. Western Ave.
                                                   Jairam, Srinivas OD
Chicago 60659              773-465-6300
                                                   5050 S. State St., Ste 208-209
Khan, M. DDS                                       Chicago 60609              773-624-2700
1300 S. Main St., Unit O
                                                   Jairam, Srinivas OD
Lombard 60148              630-953-1000
                                                   2017 W. 75th St
Khan, Hammad DDS                                   Woodridge 60517            630-427-1000
18 N. York Rd
Bensenville 60106          630-616-0000
                                                   Khadri, Syed Yousuf MD.
Marouf, Nida DMD
                                                   621 Plainfield Rd., Ste 110
5787 N. Lincoln Avenue
                                                   Willowbrook 60527           630-325-1799
Chicago 60659              773-293-0606
Poothawala, Salman DDS
1624 W. Montrose                                   Shariff, Farida
Chicago 60613          773-275-5600                453 East Ct.
                                                   Elmhurst 60126             630-530-2241
Shah, Haroon DMD
1000 Grand Canyon Pkwy,Ste 209                     Physical Therapy
Hoffman Estates 60169 847-803-1395
                                                   Ul-Haq, Anwar
Shaikh, Imaad DDS                                  7733 N. Keeler Ave.
276 W. Fullerton Ave.                              Skokie 60076               773-338-2932/856-5767
Addison, 60101             630-628-8884
                                                   Ul-Haq, Anwar
Shaikh, Imaad DDS                                  6428 N. Francisco Ave., Ste 1B
1695 Elk Blvd.                                     Chicago 60645               773-338-2932
Des Plaines 60016          847-827-8484
Johnson, Mimi V. DDS
                                                   Abdel-Qader, Murad MD
235 Mannheim Rd.
                                                   3330 W. 177th St. Ste 3A
Bellwood, 60104            708-544-5656
                                                   Hazel Crest 60429        708-206-6558

Home Health                                        Abdel-Qader, Murad MD
                                                   7604 W. 63rd St.
Lydia, Garcia                                      Summit 60501          708-458-7170
5875 N. Lincoln Ave, Ste 140
Chicago 60659              773-878-8738/878-       Raheem, Kareem A. MD
8746                                               2235 Sable Oaks Dr.
                                                   Naperville 60564     847-668-7861

                               Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Imaging Centers and Laboratories
                                              Imaging Centers
Chicago Ridge Radiology Center     9830 S. Ridgeland Ave.       Chicago Ridge   60415   708-423-1819

                     RoselleGolf Rd.
Future Diagnostic Services
Golf Diagnostic Imaging Center 9680
                                      Chiropractic, Inc.
                                   2804 W. Devon Ave.
                                                    Des Plaines
                                                                                60659   773-274-7870
Lincoln MRI Imaging Center     (630) 295-8851 60625
                               5023 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago                             773-293-0451
Marayah Diagnostic                 7247 W. 87th Street          Bridgeview      60455   708-598-8999
                   50 E. Irving Park Road, Roselle, IL 60172
MedLife Diagnostic           6352 N. Lincolin Ave. Ste 206 Chicago 60659                773-539-4100
                  7039 W. Addison Street Chicago, IL60659
Medquest Radiology Center    3420 W. Peterson Ave.         Chicago
                                                                    60634               773-604-4305
MRI Professionals Imaging Center   31 S. Northwest Highway      Palatine        60074   866-674-7767
     Full Service Facility Offering: Elk Grove Village 60007
MRI Professionals Imaging Center    901 Biesterfield Rd, Ste 110                        847-357-9300
            Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture,
Medical Imaging Center              2500 W. Higgins Rd, Ste 830   Hoffman Estates 60169 847-310-8378
            Chiropractic Joint Cicero Ave
Oak Lawn MR & Imaging               3855 N.   Manipulation, Rehabilitation 708-237-1000
                                                                  Chicago         60452
                                    3855 Nutritional Vitamins, Foot Orthotics
            On-Site X-Ray, N. Cicero Ave.
Open MRI of Chicago                                               Chicago         60641
            (insoles and shoes)
US Diagnostics Imaging Center       6205 N. Milwaukee Ave, Ste 1R Chicago         60646 773-775-1670

            Male & Female Doctors & Labs           Medical Massage Therapists
            Also on                  M.D. specializing in Pain60638
Central Clinical Laboratories staff,7101 W. Archer Ave.           Chicago          Management

            & RehabilitationW. Peterson Ave., Ste 100 Chicago
MedLab, Inc. Laboratories           3550                                          60659 773-478-6333
Northshore Clinical Laboratories   2353 W. Birchwood Ave.       Chicago         60645   773-262-4432

                                    Back            Healthcare!!! 773-889-2915
                   We Put CareCicero, Ste 307Into Chicago
                          5960 North Milwaukee Ave          60646

Oakcrest Medical          10522 S.                 Oak Lawn 60453 708-425-5359
Unilab Inc.                        418 N. Austin, # 2A          Oak Park        60302   708-848-1556

                               Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook




CCN Primary Care Physicians
Abbas          Zareena         1008 W. Foster Ave.             Chicago          773-561-5000
Ahmed          Safia           948 N. Damen Ave                Chicago          773-276-2655
Humayun        Shaheen         5140 N. California Ave., #700   Chicago          773-784-2101
Iqbal          M               2054 W. Devon Ave.              Chicago          773-973-2400
Kapadia        Mehboob         2745 W. Devon Ave.              Chicago          773-338-8600
Khan           Atika           1923 W. Montrose Ave.           Chicago          773-281-8855
Khan           Zakira          1631 N. Halsted St.             Chicago          312-787-9199
Lodhi          Fauzia          6374 N. Lincoln, # 303          Chicago          773-588-7733
Mallick        Naveed          1515 E. 52nd Pl. Ste 206        Chicago          773-321-0200
Mazheruddin    Farkhunda       1802 W. Chicago Ave, # 5        Chicago          773-278-8727
Mazheruddin    Farkhunda       6422 N. Western Ave.            Chicago          773-465-3500
Mohiuddin      Fatima          2828 W. Devon Ave.              Chicago          773-761-9774
Saaduddin      Syed            401 E. 61st Street              Chicago          773-955-5560
Shah           Nasreen         1555 W. Howard St               Chicago          773-764-7146
Zaheer         Badar           3806 W. Lawrence                Chicago          773-539-8000

Saeed          Mohammed        276 W. Fullerton Ave            Addison          630-543-5454
Qadir          Abdul           1177 N. Highland Ave, # 102     Aurora           630-301-7366
Mohiuddin      Ali             257 N. Schmidt Rd               Bolingbrook      630-759-9065
Alawad         Mohammed        9830 S. Ridgeland               Chicago Ridge    708-425-0414
Khan           Hasan           6170 Joliet Road                Countryside      708-352-0330
Malik          Ather           7516 S. Cass Ave,# 15           Darien           630-724-9999
Sharif         Sitara          4121 Fairview Av, # L1          Downers Grove    630-968-1700
Syed           Zainulabuddin   4121 Fairview Ave, # 100        Downers Grove    630-971-3323
Moeed          Syed A.         3228 W. 95th St.                Evergreen Park   708-422-6415
Hosaid         Farzana         165 S. State Street             Hampshire        847-683-3661
Hussain        Ahmed           1719 Glenwood Avenue            Joliet           815-741-3532
Khaleeluddin   Mohammed        300 N. Ottawa St.               Joliet           815-726-7600
Ahmed          Misbahuddin     555 W. Court, Ste 200           Kankakee         815-935-2525
Hamidani       Nasreen         418 Sherwood Road               LaGrange Park    708-354-1546
Hameedud-      Anjum           4647 W. Lincoln Hwy             Matteson         708-747-7720
Gafoor         Muhammad        675 W. North Ave, # 408         Melrose Park     708-450-4950

                           Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Ahmed         Saquib M.      N. Chicago Clinic, 2215 14th St.   N. Chicago          847-984-5200
Aqueel        Jabeen         9120 Golf Rd                       Niles               847-390-7122
Shahzad       Muhammad       1 South 055 Summit Ave.            Oak Brook Terrace   630-993-5402
Mohiuddin     Fatima         9120 Golf Rd                       Niles               847-390-7122
Moiduddin     Shakir         7530 W. College Dr, # C            Palos Heights       708-361-0913
Hosaid        Farzana        296 W. Spring St.                  S. Elgin            847-697-2692
Vaseemuddin   Mohammed       1375 E. Schaumburg Rd, #100        Schaumburg          847-891-6850

              City of Chicago Health Clinics for
                  Low Income & Uninsured
 ACCESS @ Jackson Park 7501 S. Stony Island (773) 947-7310
 ACCESS @ Lindblom High School 6143 S. Wolcott (773) 434-3856
 Armitage Family Health Center 2957 W. Armitage (773) 772-4319
 Austin Family Health Center 5835 W. North Ave. (773) 745-1200
 Englewood NHC 641 W. 63rd St. (312) 747-5760
 Grand Blvd. Family Health Center 5401 S. Wentworth (55th & Dan Ryan)
                                   (773) 288-6900
 Lower West NHC 1713 S. Ashland Ave. (312) 746-5221
 Mile Square Health Center 2045 W. Washington Blvd. (312) 413-1261
 Mile Square Health Center at South Shore 7131-A S. Jeffery Blvd. (773) 256-0526
 Peterson Family Health Center 2655 W. Peterson (773) 271-8880
 Pilsen Family Health Center 1817 S. Loomis (312) 666-6511
 Plaza Family Health Center 2533 W. Cermak Rd. (773) 523-0900
 Roseland NHC 200 E. 115th St. (312) 347-2838
 Uptown NHC 845 W. Wilson St. (312) 744-1590
 West Division Family Health Center 4401 W. Division Dr. (773) 252-3122
 West Town NHC 2418 W. Division St. (312) 744-7448

                Compassionate Care Network

                              Compassionate Care Network (CCN)
                                  6348 N. Milwaukee Ave, #215
                                        Chicago, IL 60646
                              Tel. 773 775-3600 • Fax 888 226-6363

                          Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
Useful Resources for Health & Human Services
IMANA                                         Chicago Dept of Public Health
(Islamic Medical Assn of N. America)                                 Healthy Albany Park Coalition
630 932-0000                        
                                               312 282-1199
(Association of Pakistani Physicians in N.    Stroger Hospital, Chicago
America)                                                             312 572-2000
630-968-8585                                  Provident Hospital, Chicago
AMPI                                          773 572-2000
(Association of Muslim Physicians from        Oak Forest Hospital, Oak Forest
India)                                        708 687-7200
630-969-6755                                  DuPage County Health Dept
AMHP (Assocation of Muslim Health             630 682-7400
Professionals)                                   Lake County Health Dept 
AAPI (American Association of Physi-          847 377-8000
cians from India)                               IL Dept. of Healthcare & Family Services
                                              312 793-1368
IMAN  Innercity Muslim Action Network                           Schweitzer Fellowship
773 434-4626                        
                                              312 372-4292
Illinois Breast Cancer Program              Building Healthier Chicago
Medicare                                      312 886-0693
Illinois Dept of Public Health

                Compassionate Care Network

                           Compassionate Care Network (CCN)
                               6348 N. Milwaukee Ave, #215
                                     Chicago, IL 60646
                           Tel. 773 775-3600 • Fax 888 226-6363

                     Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook
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%     /4567%(869:;:87%%<%*5=:>?%@65A9:A8%%
%     5B7%"AACD59:4B5>%-87:A:B8%
%     EF0G,#%1#&'')2%-303%
%     /4567%(869:;:87%<%@87:596:AH%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%     $"(#!,"+G%
%     % $,-)#%-'0,(#$%#GG"(,#!'G%I)"F@%
%     % JJKL%G3%-5:B%G968892%FB:9%*%
%     % $4=M5672%,$%LNJOP%
%     % @Q4B8%R%LSN<KLP<JTNN%
%     % $#U)'+('%F)I'+!%(#)'V*),'+0$.%*#-,$.%(#)'%
%     % SPNL%U3%$5W68BA82%(Q:A5X42%,$%LNLYZ%
%     % @Q4B8R%TTS<ZSK<PNNN%
                     Access Dental Center
                  D R I MAAD AND A SSOCIATES
          General Dentistry, Orthodontics, Pediatrics, Veneers &

       276 W. Fullerton Ave. 1695 Elk Blvd.          230 W. Martin Ave.
       Addison, IL 60101     Des Plaines, IL 60016 Naperville, IL 60540



                  Emergency services available within 24 hours



                          . " / + &/ + 0 )'")1 +
+                                 &2345627+#882329:+-;<=32>2?7542+
PQRS+T/+SU7L+&L322L+                      UQUQ+&/+&LBL2+&L/C+VPQWXPQY+
T;;9359H2C+'*+ZQURS++                     ->56BH;C+'*+ZQZQY+
!>;?2:+FZ[QI+\PSXRQQQ++                   !>;?2:+FSS[I+ZP\X\WWQ+








                    DEVON MEDICAL CENTER
                     DR. FARKHUNDA MAZHERUDDIN, MD.
                             FAMILY PRACTICE%

    A Multi-Specialty Physicians                                Also available
    Group                                                          • In Office Pharmacy
       Highly reputed doctors in                                   • In Office
       • Family Practice                                              Laboratory
       • Internal Medicine                                         • In Office
       • Gynecology                                                   Ultrasound%

       • Surgery                                                   • In Office
       • Pediatrics                                                   Physiotherapy%
       • Urology%
       • Dentistry%

              6422 N. Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60659
                         Tel: (773) 465-3500
                         Fax:(773) 465-3503


    ! "#$%&'(')*+,'-.#$'*/0-1+#2')0'-3)4'&,')/#)-5-6&',')/#)-6&#7&8$-+)029:+)7-8-;('24'&-<80+2+4=
    ! >&8)*+/#)82-?#9*+)7-8):-;9%%#&/,'-;'&,+0'*
    ! @'(8,+#&82-"#9)*'2+)7-8):-6*=0(+84&+0-;'&,+0'*
    ! A+0')*':-"(+2:-B'2C8&'-6&#7&8$*-+)029:+)7-<8$+2=-6&'*'&,8/#)
    ! ;#0+82-;'&,+0'-D**+*48)0'-E+4(-F':+08&'GF':+08+:H-;#0+82-;'09&+4=H-8):-I4('&-69J2+0-D**+*48)0'-@')'K4*
    ! D:924-.8=-"')4'&-C#&-;')+#&*
    ! DL'&-;0(##2-M#94(-6&#7&8$
    ! ?'824(-N:908/#)-+)029:+)7-@&'8*4-"8)0'&-DE8&')'**
    ! ;484'-D%%&#,':->&8+)+)7-8):-N:908/#)-;+4'-

              #DEE!FGH-                                                         ;P!;DQG-
         #55>#IJ#<%K'#F1+''1-                                           =B65#RJ#E'S("#DS'"/'-
         #D00.&("2#!<#?A=A=-                                               #;7.$%,(2#!<#?A??A-

        8'4L#M?@AN#>@B9=6@A-                                              8'4L#MTT@N#6?B96?AA-

        :%OL#M?@AN#>@B9=6@@-                                             :%OL#MTT@N#6?B96???-
    :%OL#M?@AN#>@B9=6@@-   :%OL#MTT@N#6?B96???-

Compassionate Care Network 2010 Handbook

The Amana Mutual Funds:
“They get me.”
Where you invest your money changes
your world. Isn’t it nice to know there’s a
Sharia compliant option?
The Amana Mutual Funds follow a
value-oriented approach consistent
with Islamic principles. Generally,
these principles require that investors
avoid interest and investments in
businesses such as liquor, gambling,
pornography, and banks. The Funds
avoid bonds and other
fixed-income securities while
seeking protection against
inflation by making long-term
equity investments.

                     Amana Mutual Funds Trust

The Amana Funds limit the securities they purchase to those consistent
with Islamic principles which limits opportunities and may increase risk.
Current and future holdings, as with all mutual funds, are subject to
market risks.
Please request a prospectus which contains information about the
investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Amana Funds
which you should read and consider carefully. The Amana Funds are
distributed by Saturna Brokerage Services, member FINRA/SIPC and a
wholly-owned subsidiary of Saturna Capital Corporation, investment
adviser to the Amana Funds.
     Providing Clinical Care
   in the privacy of your home
Keeping        ones together

         221 E. Lake St
       Addison, IL 60101.
      Phone :(630)-833-2486

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