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Claude City-Wide Garage Sale map _ listings


									                       SPECIAL PULL-OUT SECTION

                                                                                                                HWY 207 / HURLEY
                                                                                                                     TO I-40
  WEST OF TOWN                              TO
  Hwy 287 & Co Rd 5
                                                                                       NORTH OF TOWN
                      CAVANAUGH                                                          501 N Hurley
                                                                                               1.5 mi 42

                                                                                                                                    HA ARK

            1ST                                     7                                                                                  P
                                                                                                                                        KI N



                              2                                 13

                                                                                                                                             N IG S
                                                                                                 22                                      A


                                        3                                                                                      27
                                                                                                                                    B            RU    C

           3RD                          4 5                            16                                           26
                                                        10 11                                                                                29 30

                                                                           17         19                                                            IN S

                                                                                      20                                                                                                               EA

                                                    8 12        14
           4TH                                                                                                                                          CH
                                                                                                                                                           35                  E                      OF ST-E
                                                                                      21    23                                                 D                                          39       Cr TO ND

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ca azy L WN
                                                                     15                                                             31                                                               f      i
           5TH                    6                                                                                                                                                            O J é F ttl e :
                                                                                                                                                                  38                                 Me
                                              9                                 18          GJ?       24                                                                                  TO            xic
           6TH                                                                                                                       32                                                        FT           an
                                                                                                                                                                                   2                W
                                                                                                                                                                                3R ND
                                                                                                                               33                                                                    OR
                                                                                                                                                                                  D                     TH
FM 1151 / ORIENT




 9170 FM 1151– 4 mi                                                                                                                                36
                                                                                                                   28                                                              8TH



                                                                                                                                                   37                          11TH

       1.) 101 ALAMO                       9.) 506 PRATT               proceeds go to benefit the CHS      and other children's items; men,
Household Goods, Metal Art,         Multi-Family Garage Sale!          band members.                       women, and children’s cloth-
Small Appliances, Clothes,          Exercise equipment, home dé-                                           ing; kitchen items; shoes; and
Misc. Items.                        cor, kid stuff, baked goodies,            16.) 810 W 3RD               other misc. things. Come by
                                    and much more!                     Hospital bed, computer desk,        the Bensons!
       2.) 111 ALAMO                                                   Lazy Boys, computer parts,
Multi-Family Sale! Tons of               10.) 300 WESTERN              cabinets, and much more.                    22.) 105 S. VINE
various household items!            Household items, furniture, and                                        Farm antiques, antique furni-
                                    various collectibles.                      17.) 300 DYSART             ture, tools, and clothing.
      3.) 201 HERMOSA                                                  All items priced to sell! (Kept
Parrot Cage, Interior Doors,             11.) 301 WESTERN              stuff long enough, read to clean           23.) 4TH & VINE
Pasta Machine, Bread Machine,       Clothes, household items, and      house!)       Triple axle utility       WARNER COMMUNITY
Books, File Cabinet, Water          other misc. items. 3 bedroom,      trailer; brush mower; wood                      CENTER
Barrel, Ceiling Fans, Scroll        2 bath home for sale.              chipper; shop, hand, and yard       Inside Sale: Antiques, pictures,
Saw, Punch Bowl, Rotisserie                                            tools; camping gear; wheel-         knick-knacks, glass, blockas,
(Stand-Up), Misc. Household               12.) 310 WESTERN             chair; bicycle; sewing machine;     tools, sewing machine, air con-
Items.                              29-gallon aquarium with oak        household items.                    ditioners, 8x10 rug, movies,
                                    cabinet (ask to see inside). As-                                       baseboard heaters, books, elec-
     4.) 301 HERMOSA                sortment of ceramic tile. After          18.) 505 DYSART               tric keyboard/stand, antique
Betty McGowan Estate Sale:          the sale– free pickup of cloth-    Household items, furniture,         hats, jewelry, patio bench, cor-
Household goods, clothes, &         ing items to be donated to Be-     clothes, iron work, and other       rugated duct, lingerie chest,
costume jewelry.                    thesda ministries. Bag or box      misc. items.                        antique floor lamp, clothes,
                                    them, and call Dina at 226-2445                                        toys, glassware, collectibles,
          5.) 110 3RD               for pickup.                                19.) 300 HIGH               and much more!
Huge Down-Sizing Sale! Fur-                                            Garage Sale: computer parts,
niture, lamps, TV’s, bedding,             13.) 108 WILSON              hand-made items, household,                24.) 305 W 5TH
linens, cookware, glassware,        2 Lazy-Boy Recliners, bicycles,    lots of misc.                       3-Family Sale: miscellaneous
mattresses, lawn & garden           entertainment cabinet, hi-fi                                           household items, and children’s
equipment, tools, air cleaners,     system, 2 floor lamps, 2 dress-           20.) 302 S HIGH              items.
jewelry, video games, and a         ers, glass-top rattan dining ta-   Desk, clothes, printer, bikes,
whole lot more– too much to         ble, rocking chair, propane        and other misc.                         25.) STAR STORAGE
mention! 7:00-7:00                  powered composting toilet                                              Friday all day long, and Satur-
                                    (never used), child's battery              21.) 400 HIGH               day half day! At Storage Build-
      6.) 501 HERMOSA               operated John Deere Gator,         Stereo, tv, bike, electric jeep     ings by Taylors. Lots of misc.
Lots of children’s clothes, mov-    garage door opener
ies, and toys; many other misc.
household items.

      7.) 101 N. PRATT
                                          14.) 312 WILSON
                                    Just Moved! Some things from
                                    old house do not fit in new.
                                                                       United Methodist Outreach Team
Lots of great items! Come
check it out!
                                    Furniture, lots of knick-knacks,
                                    art, Christmas, tools, yard
                                                                        UMC Family Life Center– 4th & Trice
        8.) 315 PRATT
                                    equipment, and more!
                                                                             Doors Open at 7:00 a.m.
Large chest freezer, large elec-          15.) 411 WILSON
tric meat grinder, small trailer,   Various baby and kid items,         Youth will be selling Burritos, orange juice,
fishing, antique wood stove,        and a huge variety of other             and coffee beginning at 7:30 a.m.
welder, torch, gauges, hose,        items. Kids selling raffle tick-
goose decoys.                       ets, snacks and drinks. All           All proceeds go to those in our community with financial needs.

 CHS Band Fundraiser                                                   3rd Annual Caprock Cookoff
                                                                       To fund the Bradley Gilbert Memorial Scholarship Fund
  Garage Sale at 411 Wilson to                                                    To benefit the 2008 Senior Class

   help raise money for Band                                                     7th & Goodnight, backyard
                                                                                       Entry meats sold after judging
   Camp. Please support the                                              BBQ sandwiches served ‘til we faint
         Band Program!                                                  or run out! Prices will be posted. Donations appreciated.
items. Multi-people selling.       Please come by to take a look             34.) 104 E. 6TH               40.) CO RD 5 & HWY 287
                                   for yourself!                      A little bit of everything!        PLANT SALE- $4.97 Box-
       26.) 209 HURLEY                                                Stove, fridge, kitchen items,      wood, Rose of Sharon, Holly,
Lots of Baby Boy Stuff!                 31.) 4TH & TRICE              games, art work, toys, doll-       Spirea, Nandina, Snowball,
Clothes, toys, etc.      Desk,        (UMC FAMILY LIFE CTR)           house, etc.                        Butterfly Bush, Grasses, Cone-
clothes (college age) for girls.   Chairs, 5-piece bedroom suite,                                        flower, Asters, Forsythia, La-
We just moved, and we have         dining table & chairs, 3 televi-       35.) 107 GOODNIGHT             mium, Salvia, Gaillardia,
lots of random stuff!              sion sets, desks, twin-size bed,           THOMAS AUTO                Caryopetris, Pyracantha, Elder-
                                   baby mattress, dishes, pots &      Exercise equipment, some fur-      berry, Lilacs, Viburnum. Misc.
     27.) 104 HAWKINS              pans, other kitchen items,         niture, VHS tapes, photo equip-    Household Goods. Intersection
Antiques, children’s clothes,      men’s, women’s and children’s      ment, assorted auto parts, swing   HWY 287 S & County Rd 5,
odds and ends.                     clothes & shoes, toys, pictures    set, bicycles, and lots of toys!   turn South, 1st house on Left.
                                   and frames, bedding, books,                                           10 mi north of Claude on 287
    28.) ACTIVITY BLDG             knick-knacks, & other misc.              36.) 711 HOFFER              or 1 & 1/2 mi south of
3-Family Sale: children and        items.                             Estate Sale: beds, dressers,       Washburn on 287.        Behind
baby toys, furniture, and                                             dishes, lots of misc. household    Horse Motel.
clothes; set of Frankoma dishes;          32.) 411 TRICE              items. Too much to list!
kitchen items; bedding; miscel-    Large bird cage, candle-making                                              41.) 9170 FM 1151
laneous items.        Armstrong    supplies, fragrances, furniture,        37.) 1103 HOFFER              Central heat & air system, Fire-
County Activity Building, south    and lots of other misc. items.     Books, Pilates exercise equip-     works stand, Generator, Wall
end.                                                                  ment, kitchen items, many oth-     heater, Aussie pups, Jewelry,
                                         33.) 510 TRICE               ers! Too numerous to list!         rocks, tools, household items,
   29.) 112 TRICE (REAR)           Antique bedroom set, 2000                                             misc. (4 miles west of Claude
3-Family Sale! Furniture, old      Buick Regal, 1994 Chevy Sub-             38.) 201 COLLINS             on FM 1151)
trunks, dishes, clothes, TV’s.     urban 4x4 3-inch lift. Men,        Clothes, hide-a-bed, X-Box
Good buys!                         women, and children’s clothes.     games, dining set, and other            42.) 501 N HURLEY
                                   Books, china cabinet, Furniture,   misc. items!                       Friday and Saturday morning!
    30.) COURTHOUSE                and more. Saturday, May 10th,                                         Oak gun case, computer desk,
        PARKING LOT                8am-2pm. No early birds!             39.) 512 E. HWY 287 (old         computer supplies, art work,
Lots of various, misc. items.                                               Trash & Treasures)           books, children’s toys, lots of
                                                                      3-Family Sale: Table and           stuff!

          Sellers Etiquette:                                          chairs, new washer, kids stuff,
                                                                      lots of goodies!
     1. Make your customers feel at home. Remem-
        ber, they’re your guests, and the more they
        linger the more they’re likely to buy.                                 Buyers Etiquette:
     2. Keep your pets on a leash, or behind a gate.                       1. Aggressive haggling is a no-no. Remember,
        Not all your guests will feel as comfortable                          you’re not at the sale to buy a huge item like
        around animals as you do.                                             a house or a car. You’re here to unearth a
     3. Open on time. There’s no greater turn-off                             hidden gem, and have some fun in the proc-
        than a garage sale that opens late.                                   ess. Haggle by all means, but make sure you
     4. At closing time, if there’s customers still                           keep it light-hearted.
        lingering, don’t be in a hurry to usher them                       2. Treat your host’s garage and yard like you
        out. A few minutes’ patience will be re-                              would your own.
        warded, if not by a late sale, then at least                       3. If you’re bringing along kids, keep an eye
        with good will that will serve you well when                          on what they’re up to.
        your next sale comes around.                                       4. Consider leaving your pet at home, or at
     5. Whether they’ve bought something or not,                              least in the car. Not all garage sale opera-
        before they leave your sale, try to thank as                          tors, or their customers, appreciate unknown
        many people as you can for attending. This                            pets entering their yard.
        will make them feel more comfortable if                            5. Be careful, and make sure your kids are
        they wish to return later in the day to pur-                          careful, particularly around fragile items.
        chase that item they were wavering on. It                             While many garage sale items may look old,
        will also increase the likelihood they’ll rec-                        they all have some value, and the unwritten
        ommend your sale to their friends.                                    rule here is ‘if you break it, you buy it’.
      Business Listings
         & Specials   Advertised sale prices good for May 10, 2008 only.

                            Large Drink TONY’S MIGHTYS
                                 &           HWY 287 & Parks
                            Cake Cones
                             On Sale!     Best Burgers in Texas!
     298 Hwy 287
     Claude, Texas         Only 85¢ each!       226-2055

                  C                                    D
                        Cowboy Morning
                          Swap Shop                                                   Hometown
                        Take a step through our                                       Food Store
                        doors into the old West!                                     Shop locally with your
                                                                                     friends and neighbors!
                             105 E. Hwy 287
                        (across from the courthouse)                                         202 Goodnight

      Barrera’s Mexican Restaurant
E                                                      F

         Breakfast Burritos- $4.00 each!
          3 beef or cheese enchiladas,
               Or chile con carne,
                                                                                       615 HWY 287 E
         w/ beans & rice for only $6.00!
                                                                                Call in your take-out orders!
    Call-Ins Welcome!                      226-2599                                       226-2828

    O.J.’s Mexican Restaurant                                          Got Junk?

       Burritos– any kind!                             Things leftover after your garage sale?
            Only $2.00!                                        Don’t load the dumpster!
                                                        Bring items to the Claude High School
         HWY 287 S (just east of town)
                                                        flagpole, or call 584-8415 for pickup.
Call-Ins Welcome! 226-2777                                 Donations go to the Got Junk? Thrift Store and Mission Thrift Store
                                                                   and support many area charitable organizations.

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