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					                           7th Grade Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) Yearlong Curriculum Alignment
         Skills                 1st Six Weeks                  2nd Six Weeks                 3rd Six Weeks                  4th Six Weeks                  5th Six Weeks              6th Six Weeks
                              Dates: 8/9 – 9/17              Dates: 9/20 – 10/29          Dates: 11/01 – 12/17            Dates: 1/06 – 2/18             Dates: 2/22 – 4/01         Dates: 4/11 – 5/25
                              District Due Date               District Due Date            District Due Date              District Due Date              District Due Date          District Due Date
                               Pretest by 8/20                 Pretest by 9/24              Pretest by 11/05               Pretest by 1//07               Pretest by 2/25            Pretest by 4/15
                               Posttest by 9/24               Posttest by 11/05            Posttest by 12/17               Posttest by 2/25               Posttest by 4/15           Posttest by 5/25
                                M7N1 a, b, c, d              M7A1 b, c, M7A2 a, b                                              M7G3 a, b, c
Key Standards                                                                                     M7G2 a, b                                             M7D1 a, b, c, d, e, f, g      M7N, M7G, M7A,
                                  M7A1 a                       M7A3 a, b, c, d                                                 M7G1 a, b
                                                                                                  M7G4 a, b                                                                             M7D, M7P

  What skills do our             Vocabulary:                        Vocabulary:                  Vocabulary:                   Vocabulary:                   Vocabulary:            7th Grade “Must
  students already              Verbal phrases,                 variable, equations,              proportional           constructions, compass,       Frequency distributions,     Know” Skills
      possess?              algebraic expressions,               interpret, solution,            relationships,          straight edge, segment,       central tendency, mean,       Integers
                                                                                                                                                                                     Interpreting Graphs
                                absolute value,                   coordinate plane,        translations, dilations,           angle, bisector,         median, mode, outliers,       Simplifying
 6th Grade Teachers
                               rational numbers,          proportional relationships,       rotations, reflections,      segment, perpendicular          measures of variation,       Expressions:
committed to these
                              repeating decimals                direct relationships,              symmetry,               lines, parallel lines,           range, quartiles,         “Combining Like
“Must Know” Skills
                                                               inverse relationships,          transformations,          congruence, similarity,          interquartile range,        Terms”
 Fractions/Decimals
                                                                                                                                                                                     Solving Two-Step
  Relationships:                                              inequalities, algebraic          coordinate plane,           corresponding parts,          samples, census, data,
  Converting Decimals to                                                                                                                                                              Equations to Include
                                                           expressions, commutative       similarity, scale factor,         scale factor, length       pictographs, histograms,       Rational Numbers
  Fractions to Percents
                                                               property, associative      length ratio, area ratio,          ratios, area ratios       bar graphs, line graphs,      Graphing on a
 Solving One-Step
  Equations                                                    property, distributive           congruence, 3-                                         circle graphs, line plots,     Coordinate Plane
 Proportional                                            property, properties, linear       dimentional figures,                                       box-and-whisker plots,       Recognize and Apply
  Relationships                                              expressions, coordinate        cross-sections, cone,                                       scatter plots, variables,     Properties:
 Divisibility Rules                                                                                                                                                                  Commutative,
                                                                   plane, patterns,           cylinder, pyramid,                                        absolute value, rational      Associative,
 Ratio and Proportions
                                                          proportional relationships,                prism                                                 number, repeating          Distributive
 Applications and
  Formulas for                                               direct relations, inverse                                                                          decimals
  Perimeter/Area/                                          relations, similarity, scale
  Volume/Surface Area                                      factors, length ratio, area
 Order of Operations                                       ratio, congruence, point,
                                                            ordered pair, coordinate
                                                           plane, two-step equations
  CRCT % Weights            GA Framework Tasks                GA Framework Tasks          GA Framework Tasks             GA Framework Tasks             GA Framework Tasks
    Algebra 40%               Using the Number Line              Jumping Jacks                 Mirrored Mappings             Similar Triangles              See Saw Nickels
                                Sums and Products            Decorating for the Dance        Playing with Dilations      Constructing Parallel Lines           Box It Up
   Geometry 25%                 Subtracting Integers            Area and Algebra                 Making Copies           Can You Copy An Angle?            The “eyes” Have It
    Number and                   From Situations to              A Skating Party           Dilations in the Coordinate        Similar Figures          Choose At least 2 Tasks
  Operations 20%                    Expressions              Surprise Birthday Party                  Plane                Choose At least 3              CMP2 Textbook
  Data Analysis &            Prelude from Situations to         Name that Graph            Crazy with Cross Sections
                                    Expressions                                            Coordinating Translations
                                                                                                                               Tasks                        Data Distributions
  Probability 15%                                          Choose At least 4 Tasks                                         CMP2 Textbook                  Choose At least 3
                            Helicopters and Submarines                                       Coordinating Rotations
                                                              CMP2 Textbook                                               Stretching and Shrinking         Investigations
                               Working with Integers                                              Shadow Math
                                                              Variables and Patterns                                       Comparing and Scaling
                              Choose At least 4                                             Cross-Sections of a Cube                                      CM2 Topic Pages
                                                              Moving Straight Ahead
                                  Tasks                                                      Choose At least 4             Choose At least 2                  Topic Page 5
                                                              Choose At least 1                                             Investigations
                              CMP2 Textbook                    Investigation                     Tasks
                             Accentuate the Negative                                         CMP2 Textbook                 CM2 Topic Pages
                                                              CM2 Topic Pages                                                   Topic Page 4
                              Choose At least 1                                           Kaleidoscopes, Hubcaps, and
                                                                  Topic Page 1
                              CM2 Topic Pages                                                Choose At least 1
                                  Topic Page 2                                                Investigation
                                                                                             CM2 Topic Pages
                                                                                                 Topic Page 3
                                                                  NOTE: M7P (Process Skills) and MRC (Mathematics Reading in the Curriculum)
                                                                         should be integrated throughout all Standards taught.
                                                                    Maintenance of skills and concepts should be incorporated daily
                           7th Grade Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) Yearlong Curriculum Alignment
      Skills                      First                     Second                             Third                            Fourth                                Fifth                          Sixth
                               Six Weeks                   Six Weeks                         Six Weeks                        Six Weeks                            Six Weeks                      Six Weeks
                              1st Six Weeks
                                                        2nd Six Weeks                     3rd Six Weeks                    4th Six Weeks                       5th Six Weeks                     6th Six Weeks
                              Dates: 8/10 –
                                                      Dates: 9/21 – 10/30               Dates: 11/2 – 12/18              Dates: 1/05 – 2/19                  Dates: 2/22 – 4/02                Dates: 4/12 – 5/21
                                                       District Due Date                 District Due Date               District Due Date                   District Due Date                 District Due Date
                            District Due Date
                                                        Pretest by 9/25                  Pretest by 11/06                 Pretest by 1//08                    Pretest by 2/26                   Pretest by 4/16
                             Pretest by 8/21
                                                       Posttest by 11/06                 Posttest by 12/18                Posttest by 2/26                    Posttest by 4/16                  Posttest by 5/21
                             Posttest by 9/25
CMP2 Launch,                 M7N1 a, b, c, d           M7A1 b, c, M7A2 a, b                   M7G2 a, b                        M7G3 a, b, c                  M7D1 a, b, c, d, e, f, g            Putting it all
                               M7A1 a                    M7A3 a, b, c, d                      M7G4 a, b                        M7G1 a, b
Problem of the                                                                                                                                                                                    Together
Day, ADD books,                                    M7A1:                                                                                                                                       M7N, M7G, M7A,
                            M7N1:                                                    M7G2:                           M7G3:                                 M7D1:
Mental Math,                                       b. Simplify and evaluate                                          a. Understand the meaning of          a. Formulate questions and             M7D, M7P
                            a. Find the absolute                                     a. Demonstrate
Spiral Review,              value of a number      algebraic expressions, using      understanding of                similarity, visually compare          collect data from a census of
Problem Solving,            and understand it as   commutative, associative, and     translations, dilations,        geometric figures for                 at least 30 objects and from       NOTE: GPS Testing
Manipulative,                                      distributive properties.                                          similarity, and describe              samples of varying sizes.            will occur during
                            the distance from                                        rotations, reflections, and     similarities by listing               b. Construct frequency
Technology,                 zero on a number       c. Add and subtract linear        relate symmetry to                                                                                       this six-week period.
                                                                                                                     corresponding parts. (continue to     distributions.
Real World                  line.                  expressions.                      appropriate transformations.    select problems that integrate        c. Analyze data using
Connections,                b. Compare and                                           (tie in definition/concept of   algebraic concepts within             measures of central tendency
                            order rational         M7A2:                             congruence and similarity       problems)                             (mean, median, and mode),
Journal Writing                                    a. Given a problem, define a      when discussing
                            numbers, including                                                                       b. Understand the relationships       including recognition of
                                                   variable, write an equation,      transformations)                among scale factors, length           outliers.
                            repeating decimals.
                                                   solve the equation, and           b. Given a figure in the        ratios, and area ratios between       d. Analyze data with respect

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ramp Up Time for
                            c. Add, subtract,

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Standards not met
Concepts/Skills to          multiply, and divide   interpret the solution.           coordinate plane, determine     similar figures. Use scale factors,   to measures of variation
Maintain:                                          b. Use the addition and           the coordinates resulting       length ratios, and area ratios to     (range, quartiles, interquartile
                            positive and                                                                             determine side lengths and areas      range).
Operations with                                    multiplication properties of      from a translation, dilation,
                            negative rational                                                                        of similar geometric figures.         e. Compare measures of
positive rational                                  equality to solve one- and        rotation, or reflection.
                            numbers.                                                                                 c. Understand congruence of           central tendency and variation
numbers,                    d. Solve problems      two-step linear equations.        (continue to select             geometric figures as a special        from samples to those from a
                            using rational                                           problems that integrate         case of similarity:                   census. Observe that sample
including mixed                                                                      algebraic concepts within
                            numbers.               M7A3:                                                             The figures have the same size        statistics are more likely to
numbers                                            a. Plot points on a coordinate    problems)                       and shape. (continue to select        approximate the population
*Lines and                                         plane.                                                            problems that integrate               parameters as sample size
rotational                  M7A1:                                                                                    algebraic concepts within             increases.
                            a. Translate verbal    b. Represent, describe, and       M7G4:
symmetry                                                                             a. Describe three-              problems)                             f. Analyze data using
                            phrases to algebraic   analyze relations from tables,
                                                                                                                                                           appropriate graphs, including
*Surface area and                                  graphs, and formulas.             dimensional figures formed
                            expressions.                                                                             M7G1:                                 pictographs, histograms, bar
volume                                             c. Describe how change in         by translations and rotations   a. Perform basic constructions        graphs, line graphs, circle
*Ratio as a                                        one variable affects the other    of plane figures through        using both compass and straight       graphs, and line plots
representation of                                  variable.                         space.                          edge, and appropriate technology.     introduced earlier, and using
                                                   d. Describe patterns in the       b. Sketch, model, and           Constructions should include          box-and-whisker plots and
quantitative                                                                         describe cross-sections of      copying a segment; copying an         scatter plots.
                                                   graphs of proportional
relationships                                      relationships, both direct (y =   cones, cylinders, pyramids,     angle; bisecting a segment;           g. Analyze and draw
                                                                                     and prisms.                     bisecting an angle; constructing      conclusions about data,
                                                   kx) and inverse (y = k/x).
                                                                                                                     perpendicular lines, including the    including describing the
                                                                                                                     perpendicular bisector of a line      relationship between two
                                                                                                                     segment; and constructing a line      variables.
      numbers throughout

                                                                                                                     parallel to a given line through a
                                                                                                                     point not on the line.                  NOTE: M7P (Process Skills) and MRC
                                                                                                                     b. Recognize that many
      Include rational

                                                                                                                                                            (Mathematics Reading in the Curriculum)
                                            KCC                                                                      constructions are based on the
      all Standards.

                                                                                                                                                              should be integrated throughout all
                                                                                                                     creation of congruent triangles.                  Standards taught.
                                                                                                                                                              Maintenance of skills and concepts
                                                                                                                                                                 should be incorporated daily