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Malawi & Zambia: Explorers Africa (EA)
Updated 15/08/2007
The first Europeans to arrive in Malawi and Zambia were Portuguese explorers who reached the interior from the
East Coast. However, the most famous visitor was David Livingstone, whose exploration heralded the arrival of
Europeans in a way, which was to change the nature of the region forever. The establishment of missions to
promote the spread of Christianity and the abolition of slavery soon followed. We tread in the footsteps of those
early pioneers through a land of spectacular scenery, unparalleled hospitality and unique wildlife. Malawi, lying
within the tropics at the southern end of the Great Rift Valley, is affectionately referred to as ‘The warm heart of
Africa’; not only is the climate warm, but Malawians really are among the friendliest people you could hope to meet.
Anyone who enjoys scenic beauty will find the country richly endowed, from forested reserves, National Parks and
broad highlands to the peaceful shores of Lake Malawi. In contrast Eastern Zambia offers the chance to explore
one of the best wildlife areas in Africa. Luangwa National Park contains one of the largest concentrations of
elephant, as well as supporting a wealth of other species and habitat. This journey, rich in contrast and adventure,
is full of unforgettable experiences.

Grading: Anyone in good health with a              National Park in Malawi and do some game        volume. The lake has witnessed bloody
sense of adventure should be able to take          viewing on our way to the camp. The park        massacres between tribes now long
part. There is no real physical difficulty         includes part of Lake Malombe, the Shire        disappeared, as well as the horrific Arab
involved, but as in much of Africa, rough          River and the eastern upper Shire Plain.        slave trade, which terrorised its inhabitants
roads, limited facilities and basic                Literally thousands of hippo and crocodile      and resulted in a large proportion of them
accommodation may require you to adjust            live in the river and there are several         converting to Islam. It was even the scene of
your level of expectations.                        hundred elephants in the park, plus a variety   the first naval ‘battle’ and British victory of the
NB: Although it is our intention to operate        of antelope. Black Rhinoceros has been          First World War! The third largest in Africa,
this itinerary as printed in the brochure and      introduced into the Park. The combination of    Lake Malawi ranks twelfth in size in world
detailed below, it may be necessary to make        riverine, mopane grassland and mixed            terms, and are the fourth deepest. One
some changes as a result of alterations to         bushveld ensures that the birdlife is very      important feature is the abundance of fish -
flight/boat/train schedules, climatic              varied.                                         over 350 endemic species! Senga Bay is
conditions, or other operational factors. As a     Safari Chalets; 2 nights                        essentially a large inlet at the eastern end of
consequence, the order or location of                                                              the peninsula that juts into the lake from
overnight stops may vary from those                Day 3: Liwonde National Park                    Salima, and provides excellent beaches and
outlined.                                          On our second day in the park we undertake      crystal-clear water. It’s the perfect place for a
                                                   an early morning game drive and we might        sunset boat cruise (optional). The area is a
Included meals are indicated in the daily                                                          popular destination for water sports, such as
                                                   see Bushbuck, Common Waterbuck, Kudu,
itinerary (i.e. BLD - Breakfast, Lunch, and                                                        water-skiing, snorkelling, or windsurfing and
                                                   Elephants, Rhino, Sable Antelope, Warthog
Dinner).                                                                                           is the perfect retreat for visitors with its sandy
                                                   and Hippo. The afternoon is spent on a
                                                   further game activity. There may also be the    beaches, calm waters, rocky coves and a
Day 1: Join Tour in Lilongwe                       chance of a boat trip on the Shire River        plethora of tropical fish. We have the
We arrive at our lodge and check in. At an         (optional), gliding silently through the reed   opportunity of visiting the only chichlids fish
elevation of 1000 metres above sea level,          beds to view jacana, egrets, ibis and           farm in Malawi.
Lilongwe lies on the Central African plateau,      kingfisher. Liwonde has something of            Lodge; 1 night
to the west of the Great Rift Valley. Officially   interest for all who enjoy the complete
named as the new capital of Malawi in 1975,        natural state of the African landscape.         Day 5: Chintheche, Lake Malawi
this landscaped city is an interesting place to                                                    We follow the lakeshore northwards towards
explore. This afternoon is free which offers                                                       Chintheche, passing the huge Dwangwa
                                                   Day 4: Senga Bay, Lake Malawi
us the chance to visit the city’s Nature                                                           Sugar Estate. Our first stop is Chia Lagoon,
                                                   Today we continue in a northern direction
Sanctuary, Capital Hill, or the market area                                                        a large bay linked to the main lake by a
                                                   towards Lake Malawi. The lake occupies one
(all optional).
                                                   fifth of Malawi’s total landmass, stretching    narrow channel. Today this inlet is a popular
Lodge; 1 night                                     575 kilometres in length and 85 kilometres at   spot for fishermen, and we can watch local
                                                   its widest point. The 23,000 square             people fish, using large triangular nets on
Day 2: Liwonde National Park                       kilometres of this vast inland sea, is fed by   poles. Continuing north, there is opportunity
We leave Lilongwe and we travel via Balaka         14 rivers but drained by only one, the Shire.   to visit the mission hospital and the old slave
southwards to Liwonde National Park. We            This sluggish river begins its course to the    market. The afternoon is free to relax on the
visit the market at Liwonde, then cross the        sea at the lake's southern tip, and odd         beach.
barrage (Shire River) where most of the            though it may seem, accounts for the            Lodge; 2 nights
electricity in Malawi is generated. We enter       dispersal of only one per cent of the lake’s
Liwonde National Park which is the prime

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          BAREFOOT SAFARIS & Adventure Tours

Day 6: Chintheche, Lake Malawi                    even leopards can be seen crossing the           sanctuary, and the size of the national park
We have the entire day to relax on the            tracks in the early morning mist.                allows large herds to develop and live in
lakeshore. Lake Malawi’s tranquil waters are      Forest Rest House (BLD)                          harmony with each other. South Luangwa
fringed by golden shores unsullied by                                                              National Park is one of the world’s great
pollution, and dotted with lush palm, mango,      Day 10: South Luangwa NP                         wildernesses and provides the grand finale to
avocado and banana trees, making it the           From Viphya Plateau we drive via Kasungu         this intriguing tour.
embodiment of a tropical paradise. Today we       to the Zambian border at Chipata on our way      Permanent tented camp; 2 Nights (Bx2, Lx2,
can visit a nearby Tonga village and rural        to South Luangwa National Park. The              Dx2)
school (both optional), located on the site of    Luangwa valley is one of Africa’s prime
a past battle between the Tonga tribe and         wildlife sanctuaries, with concentrations and    Day 14: Lilongwe
Ngoni invaders. Alternatively, the lake offers    varieties of game and birdlife that have made    This morning we leave the open vistas and
a wealth of water-based activities (all           it world famous. This is the landscape of the    staggering beauty of eastern Zambia behind
optional) which include windsurfing, horse-       ‘real Africa’, with herds of antelope roaming    and return to Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe. Our
riding, snorkelling, scuba-diving, excursions     the plains, predators stalking through the       drive takes us across the rich farmland of
by motor boat, or possibly canoeing in a          shadows, and primordial flora in every vale.     central Malawi. On arrival in Lilongwe in the
bwato, one of the traditional dugouts made        and oxbow lagoons act as natural water           early afternoon, there is the chance to do
from a single hollowed-out tree trunk, whose      holes. The list of animals that frequent the     some last minute shopping and further
handling requires a delicate sense of             park is endless. Mammals include zebra,          explore this bustling capital.
balance.                                          buffalo and lion, as well as endemic species     Lodge; 1 night (B)
                                                  such as Thornicroft’s giraffe and Cookson’s
Day 7: Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve                   wildebeest. The park successfully supports       Day 15: Lilongwe; Tour Ends
Today we leave the vast expanses of Lake          one of the largest concentrations of elephant    Transfer to Airport.
Malawi behind, and journey further north,         in Africa and also has an expanding
passing through Mzuzu – ‘the Capital of the       population of leopard. For the next night we
North’, and the main gateway to the northern      stay in our Wilderness Camp set in a
region. After visiting a traditional Tembuka      beautiful location on the banks of the
village, we head west to Vwaza Marsh Game         Luangwa River just outside the national park.    RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL
Reserve. This low-lying reserve consists of a     Permanent tented camp / chalets; 1 night (BLD)   Since January 2003, Barefoot Safaris
mixture of marsh and woodland, rocky hills,
floodplain, the scenic Lake Kazuni and Zara       Day 11: South Luangwa NP                         has donated £10 for every person we
Pool. The area around Lake Kazuni supports        This morning we depart on one of the biggest     take to Malawi or Zambia, to assist with
a diversity of habitats, which range from         adventures: a walking safari in the              the funding and development of
marshland, swamp and small lake, to alluvial      wilderness of South Luangwa. This enables        Chanyoli School. Parents and school
plain and wooded hillside. This creates an        us to get close to the animals, without the      staff have recently fired 60,000 bricks and
excellent environment for many species of         confines of a vehicle.                           will begin building this year. You may like
antelope and their predators, as well as          Accompanied by a qualified guide and an          to bring some books or school equipment to
supporting elephant, buffalo, hippo and a rich    armed scout we venture past lagoons,
                                                  ripereen forest and through mopani
                                                                                                   assist this very deserving project and see for
variety of birdlife. This afternoon we have the
chance to do some game viewing and                woodland, seeing, smelling and touching          yourself how well received it is.
familiarise ourselves with some of the            Africa to our bush camp on the elevated
reserve’s many species.                           banks of the Luangwa River. After our lunch      We also support the SOS Children's
Fixed tented camp; 2 nights (LD)                  under huge shady Natal Mahogany trees, we        Village, which you can visit in
                                                  undertake another walking safari along the
                                                  bank of the slow-moving Luangwa. Tonight
                                                                                                   Lilongwe. They would be most
Day 8: Vwaza Marsh Game Reserve
On our second day in the reserve we               while the aroma of our camp meal fills the       grateful for any children's clothes or
undertake an exciting safari per vehicle. This    air, we salute the sun going down over the       toys that you might donate.
provides us with an excellent opportunity to      distant escarpment.
enjoy the sights, sounds, and silence of the      Bush camp – 1 night. (BLD)
bush at a relaxed pace, and is an experience
not to be forgotten! Whilst driving around the    Day 12 & 13: South Luangwa NP
lake area we may see waterbuck, eland,            This morning we undertake another walking
roan, sable, hartebeest, zebra, impala and        safari back to our permanent camp next to
puku. At the lake itself there are many water     the Luangwa River. For the next two days
birds to be seen, while a wide variety of         we continue to explore this remote
riverine and woodland species are attracted       wilderness area that covers over 9,000
to the vicinity of the Luwewe River. We return    square kilometres. The park encompasses a
to camp to avoid the midday heat, and relax       wide variety of habitats and the Luangwa
in the shade before heading out again to          River describes a torturous course along the
explore further in the late afternoon.            valley floor. Near the river the vegetation is
(BLD)                                             lush and dense, and along its many
                                                  tributaries riverine forest remains emerald
Day 9: Viphya Plateau                             green all year round.
Today we retrace our steps to Mzuzu and
                                                  The afternoon we do a game drive in the
turn south to the lofty expanses of the Viphya
                                                  National Park followed by a morning and
Plateau after visiting a rural school, which is
                                                  afternoon game drive the next day. We may
sponsored by us by contributing to its
                                                  also make a night game drive (optional) to
development and upkeep. This afternoon we
                                                  catch a glimpse of the nocturnal world within
enjoy a nature walk led by our own guide.
                                                  the park illuminated by spotlight. Viewing
We walk along the high ridges overlooking
                                                  game at night allows us to see species that
the vast expanse of the South Viphya Forest
                                                  would normally be hidden throughout the
Reserve, Africa's largest man made forest.
                                                  day, and may include porcupine, hippo
On our walk we hope to see crested eagles,
                                                  grazing on land and Honey badger. For
auger buzzards, Danhams bustard, snake
                                                  scenery and sheer variety of animals, South
eagles, yellow baboon, vervet monkey and
                                                  Luangwa is one of the best wildlife parks in
                                                  Africa. Multitudes of species thrive in this

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            BAREFOOT SAFARIS & Adventure Tours

Price Includes:                                                 Windproof/waterproof jacket.                         Local Costs: 8 Breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7
     All transport on tour.                                    Lightweight trail boots.                             evening meals are included. You must pay for all
     All meals as per itinerary.                               Trainers or sandals for relaxing.                    other meals yourself (you can eat very well for £10
     All park entry fees.                                      Sunhat.                                              a day). Approximate costs are given for guidance
     All game viewing activities as per itinerary.             Swimming gear.                                       only, and may vary widely according to location and
     All armed scout fees as per itinerary.                    Warm mid layers i.e. fleece or jumper for cool       type of establishment.
                                                                 nights and early mornings
     All accommodation fees as per itinerary.                                                                        Coffee/tea               UK£0.30
                                                                Kagoul if you are travelling during the rains.
     Tents and sleeping mattresses.                                                                                  Soft drink               UK£0.30
     Safari equipment.                                    Equipment:                                                 Medium beer              UK£0.60
     Reference library.                                        A laundry service may be available in some
                                                                                                                      Local snack lunch        UK£2.00
     Deep freezer.                                              hotels, but we recommend you take
                                                                                                                      3-course dinner*         UK£7.00
                                                                 biodegradable travel detergent                       *reasonable mid-range tourist class restaurant.
Price Excludes:                                                 Sleeping bag
     Airfare.                                                                                                        Optional excursions:
                                                                Torch (Head torch is ideal)
     Visa fees.
                                                                Water bottle                                         Some or all of the excursions detailed below may
     Airport taxes.
                                                                Sunglasses, sunscreen and lipsalve                   be available; others not listed may also be
     Meals as per the itinerary.
                                                                Insect repellent                                     available. Approximate per person costs are given
     Drinks.                                                                                                         for guidance only, and may depend on the number
                                                                Binoculars
     Expenses of a personal nature.                                                                                  of participants. Your safari guide should be able to
                                                                Dust can be a problem for cameras; take a
     Any changes to the itinerary.                                                                                   assist you in arranging them.
                                                                 dustproof bag
     Travel and medical insurance.
                                                                                                                      Snorkelling; half day                 UK£7.00
NB: Whilst camping everyone is expected help               Medicine:                                                  Windsurfing; one hour                 UK£13.00
with camp cooking, camp chores, loading and                     Basic personal first aid kit                         Motor boat; half day                  UK£13.00
unloading of the vehicle as well as making &                    Any prescription drugs required                      Dug out canoe; half day               UK£1.50
breaking camp.                                                  Female sanitary products                             Sunset Boat Cruise                    UK£10.00
                                                                Malaria prophylaxis                                  Luangwa night game drive              UK£16.00
** Excursions: A qualified grade 1 safari guide                                                                       Horse riding                          UK£20.00
from Barefoot Safaris will accompany clients on all
excursions except where it is necessary to employ          Visas and Permits:                                         Tipping: For better or worse, tipping is an
a guide from local parks.                                  Malawi: Holders of UK, USA, CAN, AUS, NZ, IRL,             accepted part of everyday life, and - although it is
                                                           NOR, NL passports do not require a visa.                   always at your discretion - you will be expected to
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION                                     Zambia: Holders of UK, USA, NZ, NOR, NL                    tip to reward service. Your group leader will give
                                                           passports do require a visa, but with sufficient           you an indication of when and how much is
Climate: Malawi’s wet season runs from mid                 advance warning it may be possible to have this            appropriate. This can vary widely, but please allow
October or early November to March or April.               requirement waived. In view of the unreliability of        £25 per person for this tour.
During the rainy season, daytime temperatures are          local communications however, you must be
pleasantly warm, but low lying areas can                   prepared to pay for your visa at the Zambian border        Seasonal changes:               Although all rooms
sometimes be humid. The heaviest rain is confined          (approx US$65). It is unnecessary to acquire your          and tents that we use are protected with mosquito
to the highlands, while while the lakeshore is much        Zambian visa in advance.                                   netting; there will be insects and mosquitoes
                                                           This information is given in good faith, but may be        about. The camps are essentially "al fresco" so you
The dry season tends to be cooler and generally
                                                           subject to change without warning. Please note             should be prepared with insect repellent and
runs from May to early October. During the dry
                                                           that, where appropriate, obtaining a valid visa is         appropriate long sleeved/legged clothing.
season, daytime temperatures in the lower areas
are fairly consistent at 21C to 26C. In the              ultimately your responsibility. Please consult a visa      Insects are attracted to lights at night and are
highlands daytime temperatures can be                      agency or the consular authorities 4-6 weeks               especially prevalent during the rainy season.
considerably cooler ranging between 10C and               before departure for the most up-to-date                   Switching the lights off and placing a hurricane
                                                           information.                                               lamp a distance from you will remove the problem.
20C. Nights can be particularly cold during the dry
season, so warm clothing is essential. Eastern             Vaccinations & Health Advice:                              The evenings and mornings will be chilly from
Zambia’s climate is very similar to Malawi’s. The cool     Vaccination requirements & other health advice can         about June to August; so it is advisable to take a
and dry season runs from May to Aug; the hot and           change, so please check with a specialised travel          light sweater or fleece. The Highlands in Malawi
dry from Sep to Oct, and the wet season from Nov to        clinic for up to date information before you depart.       has a much cooler climate, so if you are visiting
Apr. South Luangwa is relatively low lying, so             For useful advice you can visit The Medical                these areas warmer clothes will be required during
evening temperatures shouldn’t be too low!                 Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad                     these months.
                                                                                                                      Currency: Malawian & Zambian Kwacha. We
     One piece of main luggage only (max 12kg),           Nevertheless we recommend that you protect                 recommend that you bring all you need for the trip
      this should be a soft bag rather than a hard         yourselves against: Malaria, Hepatitis A, and Polio        as cash in US$.
      suitcase, so it can be easily stowed and not         & Typhoid as a minimum.                                    NB: Pre 1990 dollar bills are not accepted in most
      take up too much room in the vehicle or in the                                                                  African countries. In reality there is little opportunity
      tent. space in the vehicle is restricted.            NB: The Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory if
                                                           travelling via an infected country. As you enter           to change money other than at the airport on
     A day sack (large enough to carry your                                                                          arrival, so it makes sense to change what you will
                                                           Zambia at a land border, coming from Malawi
      camera, water bottle, & binoculars etc) is also                                                                 need for the duration of the tour. NB: small note
                                                           where yellow fever is endemic, the Zambian
      essential.                                                                                                      denominations are not acceptable in Zambia, i.e.
                                                           authorities will require you to produce a certificate
     Sleeping Bag                                                                                                    1,5,10 & 20. Beware of marked, torn or dirty notes,
                                                           to prove you have been vaccinated against yellow
                                                                                                                      as they may not be accepted. Your group leader
Clothing and Footwear:                                     fever.
                                                                                                                      will be able to advise you when and where else it
     For comfort in the heat, lightweight cotton is       Food: Although every effort will be made to                may possible to change currency. Optional
      best. Brightly coloured clothing is not                                                                         excursions can generally be paid in US dollars
                                                           accommodate any dietary requirements, the
      appropriate for safari because it is easily seen                                                                cash.
                                                           availability of certain products is limited in Malawi
      by animals and has the added discomfort of
                                                           and Zambia. Any special dietary requirements
      attracting insects (wear muted tones in
                                                           should be explained to us in writing at time of            Airport Tax:          Please allow US$30 payable
      natural colours i.e. beige, khaki, olive, etc, but                                                              on leaving Lilongwe
                                                           booking. Gluten free flour should be brought with
      not army-style camouflage clothing).
                                                           you if required. Decaffeinated coffee should be
     A long-sleeved shirt is essential to protect         brought with you if required.
      neck and arms while on game walks/drives.
     Long trousers and socks for evenings.

Lilongwe (1100m)                                                Jan      Feb      Mar       Apr     May        Jun    Jul      Aug      Sep       Oct       Nov       Dec
Lilongwe: Temp average high / low C                           27/17    27/17     27/16    27/14    25/11      23/8   23/7     25/8    27/12     30/15     29/17     28/18
Lilongwe: Average monthly rainfall (mm)                         208      218       125       43       3         0      0        0        0         0         53       125
Lusaka: Temp average high / low C                             26/17    26/17     26/17    26/15    25/12     23/10   23/9    25/12    29/15     31/18     29/17     27/17
Lusaka: Average monthly rainfall (mm)                           231      191       142       18       3         0      0        0        0        10         91       150

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