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     11-03-15 Crooked LA Judges and the Case of Richard Fine – LA Weekly
     To the Editors:

     Crooked LA Judges? Your title is a gross understatement!

     The case of Richard Fine documented a crooked justice system all the way from the Los Angeles Sheriff to
     the Supreme Court of the United States:

     1) The Sheriff arrested Richard Fine with no warrant and no valid conviction or sentencing, and held him in
     solitary confinement for 18 months under fraudulent records, stating that Richard Fine was arrested on
     location and by authority of the non-existent "Municipal Court of San Pedro".

     2) The US District Court, Central District of California conducted an invalid litigation of the habeas corpus
     petition, where the judgment was never certified by the Clerk of the Court, and a fraudulent docket was
     published online.

     3) The California Judicial Council retained Attorney Kevin McCormick to fraudulently appear, under false
     case caption, on behalf of Judge David Yaffe, while not authorized as Attorney of Record. Attorney
     McCormick then filed false records and a fraudulent declaration to affect the continued false imprisonment of
     Richard Fine.

     4) The US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit published fraudulent dockets for the Petition and the Appeal, where
     none of the court orders were signed by a judge and none was served with attestation by a Clerk.

     5) The Supreme Court of the United States conducted pretense review of the Application and Petition, where
     no valid record were ever discovered.

     For detailed review of the case of Richard Fine and the various levels of fraudulent legal records in the various
     justice system agencies involved in the case, please see links below.

     Joseph Zernik, PhD
     Human Rights Alert (NGO)


     [1] April 20, 2010 Motion to Intervene and related papers in Fine v Sheriff (09-A827) at the US Supreme
3/27/2011                                      LA Weekly - Los Angeles News - The In…

 Crooked L.A. Judges
 Try to Slide Marina Del
 Rey Project By:
 Residents Await Courts
 To Stop Developers
 From "Sprucing"
 By Mars Melnicoff
 published: Tue., Mar. 1 5 2 01 1 @ 3 :3 0PM

 L.A. County Judges
 don't like illegal
 bonuses pointed out
 As reported yesterday through very rose colored glasses by the L.A. Times, Marina Del Rey is in a
 process of "renewal." "Leaseholder Jerry Epstein will raze his 202-unit Del Rey Shores apartment
 community on Via Marina and replace it with a 544-unit complex in fewer, taller buildings, that will be
 called simply Shores."

 The Times forgot to mention this detail: The residents of Marina Del Rey vehemently oppose this
 method of "sprucing up." And they fought it in court - only to have the attorney representing them
 taken down by a judge being bribed by the County - the County is partner with the marina developer.

 Now L.A. judges (who have all accepted illegal bonuses from the County) are throwing around the
 follow up case like a hot potato:

 State Superior Court Judges in L.A. County have been accepting massive illegal bonuses from the
 county since the 80s. The law states that judges cannot accept money other than from their employer
 - which in this case, is the state.

 The people of Marina Del Rey sought former U.S. Prosecutor Richard Fine to represent them against
 the developer behind "sprucing up" their neighborhood in a way very unwelcomed by the community:

 Fine pointed out that the judge overseeing the case, Judge David Yaffe, had accepted $850,000 in
 illegal bonus money from L.A. County. And the county is a partner of Del Rey Shores.

…laweekly.com/…/richard_fine_judge_y…                                                                 1/3
3/27/2011                                    LA Weekly - Los Angeles News - The In…
 Fine found himself behind bars, in solitary coercive confinement, for 18 months. Yaffe's method to get
 him there? He slapped a $46,000 fine on Fine for filing a notice to the court one day late. Although the
 fine is legal, it actually isn't:

 Fine had miscalculated the days, due to a holiday: Forgiveness for unintended error is the law. But the
 court used this as an opportunity to smear Fine - posing him as a debtor.

 Fine refused to pay the sum, refused to disclose his personal assets and was told he was in contempt of

 Fine had been disbarred during this process -- while the developer's attorney was serving as president
 of the State Bar Association.

 Full Disclosure got wind of the incident and was able to interview Fine at the courthouse, before he
 went to jail. This gave much needed exposure to what was going on.

 The very judge that had been responsible for locking Fine up, Judge Yaffe, ultimately was the one who
 released Fine.

 Back in 2008 during Fine's contempt trial, Judge Yaffe testified in court -- in a very unusual situation:
 while he was sitting on the bench and testifying as a witness at the same time. He testified that he
 accepted payments from L.A. County, is not under contract with L.A. County and is not employed by
 L.A. County in any way.

 In his release order to free Fine, he made a rather astonishing admittance:

 "By keeping him [Fine] incarcerated for 18 months, the court has deterred others from defying its
 orders ..."

 Yaffe then resigned from office before his term was over.

 "I did disqualify him," Fine says of Yaffe. "And he didn't get off the bench. He stayed on even though
 he was disqualified, so he broke the law. That means everything he did in that case was void and null."

 Which means there should legally be no "sprucing up" by Del Rey Shores quite yet in Marina Del Rey.

 March 10, Dr. Fine headed back to court to continue his struggle to nullify and void all of Judge
 Yaffey's rulings. Other L.A. County Judges are afraid to touch it, as they are all guilty of the same
 bribe taking. The case is being handed off like a hot potato - five judges have refused to give him a

 They are all afraid to meet the fate that Yaffe did.

 Contact Mars Melnicoff at mmelnicoff@laweekly.com / follow @marsmelnicoff

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            David Barish 1 week ago

 Let's not forget that the dev eloper, Epstein, had his attorney petition Judge Yaffe to keep Fine in jail longer than the 1 8
…laweekly.com/…/richard_fine_judge_y…                                                                                            2/3
3/27/2011                                          LA Weekly - Los Angeles News - The In…
 m onths he had already serv ed, say ing otherwise, they will not collect their $4 6,000. Fortunately , Judge Yaffe cam e to his
 senses and let Fine go.

            David Barish 1 week ago

 The LA Tim es also failed to m ention that LA County TAXPAYERS are footing the bill for the affordable housing included in
 this project. Yes, the dev eloper, Epstein, will receiv e an $1 1 m illion rent credit to cov er the cost of constructing the
 affordable units. Why isn't the dev eloper pay ing for it?

            Daniel H. Gottlieb 1 week ago

 It's worse than that, Dav id. Epstein got a $1 2 5 m illion Non -Recourse Construction Loan, insured by HUD, that is by Federal
 taxpay ers. HUD's m ission is to help m oderate and low incom e people buy hom es. I looked up a Non - Recourse loan, and it is a
 loan in which Epstein is not obligated to pay back. He can just surrender the collateral, which usually is the property . But
 the County owns the property . I wonder what kind of financial engineering is inv olv ed with this loan? I wonder how m any
 foreclosures of m oderate housing would be forestalled in LA County by insuring $1 2 5 m illion of Non - Recourse Loans m ade to
 honest m oderate incom e hom eowners struggling to pay off their m ortgages. I wonder which stim ulates the econom y better.
 A short tem porary infusion of jobs for three y ears, or the continued health of otherwise abandoned neighborhoods decim ated
 by foreclosures? So just as the farm subsidies program designed to sav e sm all fam ily farm s is now spending m ost of its m oney
 on subsidizing large m ega farm s, it looks like HUD is being div erted from helping m oderate incom e hom e ownership to
 subsidizing high end apartm ent dev elopm ent. We should start our Federal spending cuts by elim inating first these Federal
 program s which hav e been subv erted by wealthy well connected operators for their own profit.

 Daniel Gottlieb

                 Bob-oso 1 week ago

      Excellent points Mr. Gottlieb, and thanks to LA Weekly blogs for getting this out there, MSM lacks any integrity when it
      com es to m atters like this. Main stream m edia is the cause of it's own dem ise, and good riddance.
      What the MSM neglects to discus is the epic corruption in our just-us sy stem . Go to "inproperinla" on blogspot for an ey e
      opening catalog of the crim es com m itted by our judges and other elected officials, and the total com m itm ent of law
      enforcem ent not to inv estigate these m any m ajor crim es. What we hav e here is judicial terrorism , our courts hav e
      been infiltrated by a crim inal cartel way worse than the Taliban.

            Testeddad 1 week ago

 Good article, seem s like m ore residents need to get out and v oice their concerns. Way to go Richard Fine and Leslie Dutton !!


…laweekly.com/…/richard_fine_judge_y…                                                                                               3/3

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