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Calling on More than Just a Few


									 Prime Times
PRIME TIMERS WORLD WIDE                             OCTOBER 2008                                               SINCE 1987
                                                                                  You Are Now Needed in Cape

 Calling on More
                                                                                  Coral/Ft. Myers FL; Madison,
                                                                                    WI; Halifax, Nova Scotia;
                                                                                 Jacksonville, FL; Portland, ME;

 than Just a Few                                                                   Omaha, NE; Nashville, TN;
                                                                                 Santa Rosa, CA; Cedar Rapids,
                                                                                   IA; Kelowna, BC, Canada;
 Good Men!                                           By Michael Stone                Hamilton, ON, Canada;
                                                                                      and Vienna, Austria

      Starting a chapter is no easy job. It takes dedicated      give you a run for your money. We met in the library in
 men who are willing to put the word out, get organized and      McAllen and had a wonderful crowd of men. Bob wanted
 start planning. For some months I've worked closely with        me there because none of the organizers were Prime Tim-
 some of these men. The areas shown (above) are places           ers. I covered what I could and answered questions. The
 I am currently working with men to start                                            real work was started by Bob. The con-
 chapters. Let me tell you about them and                                            tinued work was accomplished by those
 then allow me to ask you to help spread Michael Stone taking a break                who attended.
 the word. Tell everyone you know to also from meetings at Mission TX                Before we broke for refreshments eleven
 get the word out.                                                                   men volunteered to serve on the first
      For the past nine months Cliff and                                             board of nine. Now when has that ever
 Bob have worked hard in order to start a                                            happened before? The energy could
 chapter in the Cape Coral/Ft. Myers area                                            have set off fireworks. When we reas-
 of Florida. They have the documents                                                 sembled from a snack break the new
 ready and the first activities planned.                                             board met to take on their positions. The
 They are hoping to 'launch' the chapter                                             energy went in all directions. Their Activi-
 before year's end. What they need is for                                            ties Director plans to look for members in
 you to help spread the word and publi-                                              nearby Reynosa, Mexico, start the news-
 cize this. They are listed on our website                                           letter and plan lots of activities. Their
 but give them a call or email at: (239) 246-1753 or (239)       Secretary has already begun translating all written docu-
 246-5805. Email: Plan on at-           ments into Spanish. The Treasurer is busy starting the
 tending that first meeting. I am!                               bank account and database. Michael is busy working on
      Some time back I heard there were some guys in the         applications and incorporating the handshake into their
 Rio Grande Valley area of Texas interested in starting a        own logo and so it goes.
 chapter. Last August Bob Brixey of Mission, TX contacted             I left that room on one of the greatest highs I can re-
 me. I sent him a 'start-up kit'. Then in November, in Aus-      member. How wonderful to be at the birth of something so
 tin, I met Ruben who lives in McAllen, TX and he promised       energetic and powerful. Please join with me in welcoming
 to work with them. I then contacted my old friend, Larry,       the RGV Prime Timers (Rio Grande Valley). We've al-
 who now lives in Harlingen, TX and he promised to work          ready got them up and listed on our website. If you know
 with them. I then met four fellows at the San Antonio           of anyone in the area be sure to have them get in touch
 'Fiesta' in April who also lived in the area.                   with Ruben or Bob. Each of their phone numbers are
      It has all come together. In late June Bob phoned me       listed there. They'll be happy to spread the wealth. If any
 and said he was calling a meeting and asked me to at-           chapters want documents in Spanish please contact me
 tend. I checked my calendar and gave him dates. In two          and I'll be glad to email them to you.
 hours my airline tickets were emailed to me. I flew in on            C'mon, men, let's support our guys 'in the field' and
 Friday, July 11 and returned the 14th. I can't remember if I    work together to help launch a total of 100 chapters by the
 used a plane or not to fly back! I can still feel the afterglow year 2010. That goal gets closer each and every day.
 of the light these men created on that Sunday.
      Those of you who've heard me speak know that I often

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 tell of the great experience of being in St. Louis when that
 chapter was born. Well, St. Louis guys, these men will
                 PRIME TIMERS
2     Founder
               WORLDWIDE BOARD
                                                              FOUNDER FILOSOFY
                                                                         BY WOODY BALDWIN, FOUNDER,
                                                                           PRIME TIMERS WORLDWIDE

                                                            How is Prime Timers do-
    Woody Baldwin                 Steven Dubois             ing? How is your chapter
  4604 S. Lamar, Apt D-103          3048 N.E. 30th St.      doing (and remember, In-
                                 Oklahoma City OK 73121
   Austin TX 78745-1362               (405) 424-3642        dependents, you are a
                              chapter and your                                           “president” is Jay Pitard).
                                     Treasurer              How are you doing as a
       President                      Pat Karr
     Michael Stone                                          member?
                                    3902 Roseland
    7452 Eleanor Circle           Houston TX 77006
    Sarasota FL 34243              713.807.8999 day         Prime Timers is each of
      941.359.8212                713.526.9859 night        us. There is a reason we              joined. We are a part of
                                                            the largest world organiza-
    Vice President              Members-at-Large            tion catering to older gays, bisexuals and young
    Chapters and                  Don McVay                 men who prefer the company of older men. We
   Newsletter Editor              211 Bingaman Dr.          can boast of 72 chapters worldwide. That is an
                                  Liberty, MO 64068
     Rob Howard                                             achievement far beyond my expectations when I
      4436 NW 59th St.                                      started Prime Timers 20+ years ago. We are lucky
  Oklahoma City, OK 73112
                                                            to have at present a dedicated board of directors
                                Doug von Zuben              who are working hard for you.  
     Vice President                                         We have individual chapters who have far ex-
                             Traveling Ambassadors
     Independents                                           ceeded my dreams of bringing together homoge-
                                  Montie Biven              nous groups of gays with high ideals, and with a
       Jay Pitard   
       619.838.7122                                         dedication to do all they can to have a happy sen-                Roy Moeckel              iority for themselves and for other fun-loving men
                                    (860) 643-4548          like themselves.
                                                            How is your chapter doing? Are you increasing
                                                            your membership? Are you doing all you can to

CONTENTS OF THIS ISSUE                                      reach ALL the older gay and bisexual men in your
                                                            area? Publicity is so very important. Are you mak-
        Page 3                      Page 8-9                ing visitors and new members comfortable and
     Coming Events               Here and There             happy? Hospitality is so very important. Are you
        Pages 4                      Page 10                providing numerous and varied activities to appeal
 Guest Column—Golden                Your Health             to everyone? Pleasurable experiences are so very
Rainbow Senior Center in                                    important.
     Palm Springs                   Page 11
                               Get Your PSA Test            How are you as a member doing? Are you volun-
        Page 5                     Every Year
President Michael Stone                                     teering services to your Prime Timers chapter and/
Muses on “Who Put the                Page 12                or worldwide? Are you telling your personal
   OK in Oklahoma”             Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!         friends or your contacts on Silver Daddies about
                              Cruise/Tour to Alaska.        our organization? Are you offering constructive
        Page 6-7             Prices go up after Octo-       ideas to your chapter? Are you supporting activi-
Advance information on       ber 15, also a cruise of
the Las Vegas Regional
                                                            ties? Are you taking advantages of the opportuni-
                              Southeast Asia, and a
   event in May 2009                                        ties for enriching your life that Prime Timers offers?
                               reminder to get your
And Traveling to Wash-        Passport now for the
 ington by Rob Howard          Toronto Convention           It’s all about love.
                      UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                            3
  SPEND NEW YEAR’S EVE IN                                           TRI-STATE PRIME TIMERS
  PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA                                             CELEBRATE THEIR
                                                                 11TH ANNIVERARY OCTOBER 12
                             Prime Timers of the De-           The Tri-State Primers will be celebrating their 11th
                             sert in Palm Springs is           anniversary at a celebration at Laurel Ridge Farm on
                             proud to announce the             October 12. We are based in Cincinnati OH, and
                             New Year’s Eve Gala to            have members in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Michi-
                             be held on Wednesday,             gan. Currently we have 254 members. If you would
                             December 31, 2008 in the          like to join our celebration give us a call at 513-956-
                             Primrose Ballroom at the
                             Palm Springs Convention         Nick, Jonn and John
                             Center.                         from Cincinnati based
                                                             Tri-State Primetimers
                             The evening will begin at
                             8:00pm with a no-host
cocktail reception. Dinner will be served at 9:30pm.
The menu will be Citrus Salad, Beef Tenderloin
served with Garlic Mashes Potatoes & a Vegetable
Bundle, and a Chocolate Ganache Yule Log for des-
sert. Dancing will follow the dinner.

The cost for the evening is only $90; however, if you
register prior to October, 31 a $10 early registration
discount is offered. For more information, contact
Russell Schnepf at (760) 318-9798 or write to PTOD,
P.O. Box 5326, Palm Springs, California 92263 for a
flyer and registration form.

                          Doug von Zuben Joins PTWW Board as Member-at-Large
                         Doug von Zuben, the President of Toronto Prime Timers, joined the Prime Timers
                         Worldwide Board in August as a Member-at-Large, replacing the ailing Edward
                         Healy, also from Toronto. Both Doug and Ed were heavily involved in planning the
                         2009 Prime Timers Worldwide Convention in Toronto, in October 2009. Doug and
                         the planning committee have put in countless hours planning a great event for you
                         all next year.

PRIME TIMES is the Newsletter of Prime Timers Worldwide, Inc., a social organization for mature gay and bisexual
men. It is published six times a year in the odd numbered months. Subscription rates are $15 for a year. To sub-
scribe, write your check to PTWW, and mail to Prime Times, c/o Rob Howard, Editor, 4436 NW 59th St., Oklahoma
City OK 73112.

To submit a story, tell other Prime Timers about your chapter events, write a letter to the editor, or to reprint a story
from Prime Times, contact Rob Howard at the address above, or at Prime Timer chapters are
welcome to copy editorial content from Prime Times without further permission. Please give credit to Prime Times,
and to the original author and chapter if it is noted. Articles can be sent to you electronically to clip into your news-
letter by emailing Rob Howard at
4         Guest Column
           Unsettling statistics here in ‘gay Mayberry’
           by Harvey Stern, Director, Golden Rainbow Senior Center, Cathedral City/Palm Springs CA

     In recent articles for several local publications,
 I have consistently cited the statistic that 40 per-
 cent of LGBT elders live alone and in pov-
 erty. Here in the relatively glamorous gay Mecca
 of Palm Springs, it’s easy to get the opposite im-
 pression. Through media coverage of the numer-
 ous well-attended A-list parties and events, the
                               high-end social lives and
      The Golden               philanthropy of the
   Rainbow Senior queer to be the demo-
                                       well-heeled can

  Center was origi- graphic rule rather than
nally formed under the exception here in the                  Prime Timers of the Desert bridge group which has met
the auspices of the valley. Nevertheless,
                               my experience at the
                                                            weekly at the Golden Rainbow since the Center’s inception
   Prime Timers of Golden Rainbow Center
  the Desert Foun- has reinforced my belief in                     much has changed in the 35 years since homosexuality
                               the accuracy of that unset-         was declassified as a psychiatric disorder, far too much
 dation. It is an ex- tling 40 percent number.                     prejudice and fear remains today. A society is judged in
   ample of how a                  The Center’s mission is to      many ways and on many levels. In my opinion, the way
Prime Timer chap- bring together all parts of our                  a society treats its most vulnerable members is a true
                               community to address that           reflection of its worth. The fear and loneliness of the
      ter can help             need, and the upcoming              poor LGBT elder is real and we should be thinking of
    change its own weeks are bustling with fund-                   ways to better help this population. That’s part of what
      community.               raisers to that end. Hunters        Golden Rainbow Senior Center is all about.
                               Video Bar, the Tool Shed,                On a personal note, my partner and I have been
 and Oasis nightclub are each hosting monthly bingo                together for 25 years, and we look forward to our wed-
 events to help fund Golden Rainbow programs.                      ding celebration next month. This event would never
     The need for programs such as those offered by                have taken place without the work of our gay and les-
 Golden Rainbow, assisting LGBT seniors, is clear.                 bian predecessors who have given us so much of them-
     In an online article titled “Abuse of Lesbian, Gay            selves. We are deeply indebted to them.
 and Transgender Adults,” by Lore Cook-Daniels, the                     If you are in the Palm Springs area, come by and
 author states that all lesbians and gay men must strug-           visit the center.
 gle to positively identify themselves in the face of social
 prejudice against them.
     Some never succeed while others-- facing increas-
 ing disability, the death of lovers and friends, and other         Programs at Golden Rainbow Senior Center
 drains on their emotional strength-- may find the psy-
 chological defenses against homophobia disintegrating            Financial Planning Ses-           Spanish Classes
 as they age. Elders who have internalized homophobia             sions                             Blood Pressure Screen-
 come to believe they are not worthy, and consequently            Computer Classes                  ing
                                                                  Tai Chi                           Lending Library
 deserve loneliness, ill health and poor living conditions.
                                                                  Bridge (men’s and                 Wellness Programs
     In the September issue of Out magazine, Palm
                                                                  women’s)                          Specific Lesbian and Gay
 Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet is quoted as estimating
                                                                  Bingo                             groups
 that Palm Springs is 35% gay/lesbian. Yet, homopho-              Pinochle                          Chat Group
 bia is still alive and well within this gay Mayberry. In         Medicare Counseling               Golf Lessons
 compiling a list of female models for a fundraiser, I
 asked a friend if she would like to participate. To my           Their Vision: Provide an affordable and accessible
 surprise and dismay, she described her fear of repri-            senior gay and lesbian Retirement Housing Commu-
 sals, should neighbors in her subsidized housing com-            nity. This will include a full range of housing options
 plex discover that she is a lesbian.                             from independent living to assisted care, GRSC’s
     It was a sad but important reminder to me that while         expanded services will be co-located on the same
             Now I Know Who Put the 'OK'
                    in Oklahoma!
                                      Michael Stone, President
    I have lost another piece of my virginity; I have now      part of our Worldwide Outreach Team. He helped
been to Oklahoma. It was one of 2 states (the other            make both recent trips full, fun and exciting. Thanks,
being North Dakota) I had never set foot in. For years         also, for helping me to put on a few pounds of extra
Rob Howard has coaxed me into attending their annual           weight. I've gotten it off but it hasn't been easy!
Labor Day Event. I always declined. Now as President                Now, I’m about to embark on the long journey: on
and with all my travels I decided I needed to attend.          September 25 I fly to Vienna, Austria. Thanks to some
    They will have a hard time keeping me out of that          of my 'footwork' and that of Chicago board member Bob
state for all future Labor Days! I had the time of my life.    Murphy, I look forward to talking with some men there
                                                               about starting a chapter in that beautiful city. Bob will
                                                               be there while I am there, also. I'd love nothing more
                                                               than to leave Vienna with the chapter up and running.
                                                                    From there I fly to Rome, where I meet Prime Tim-
                                                               ers and friends from our upcoming cruise. I will do
                                                               about 3 days of sightseeing with them before boarding
                                                               our Celebrity ship on October 3 for a 10 day cruise
                                                               through Italy, Greece and its islands and Turkey, before
                                                               returning home October 15.
                                                                    The year is quickly winding down. About the time
                                                               you are reading this article I will be celebrating the end
                                                               of my first year as President. I know where it went and
                                                               I've loved every minute of it. I'm asking you each to
                                                               take good care of yourself and especially your local
                                                               chapter. Love it! Nurture it! Help it grow! Concentrate
                                                               on its positives and look what it has done for you and
                                                               for those around you.

 Michael Stone and David Eliott from Winnipeg
enjoying the pool at the Prime Timers Labor Day
           Getaway, in Oklahoma City
The camaraderie and fellowship was fantastic. I met so
many of our members from so many chapters. Sure,
there was a lot of 'shop talk' but it was in a relaxed, so-
cial atmosphere. It was a great place to 'network' and
talk to people in new areas about starting chapters
     I've come away with a whole new set of wonderful
men I had never met. My address book runneth over! I
especially thank chapter President, Eric, for the wonder-
ful time he helped provide. I can't stay enough about
Rob, Dub and Art; I don't think they ever had a moment
to spare. How encouraging it was observing how hard             Prime Timers Worldwide President Michael Stone
and well the chapter members worked together to make            presents the president and leaders of the Wichita
this event the success it was.                                              Chapter with its charter.
     This visit followed a glorious trip to Wichita, where I
helped our chapter there celebrate their 9th anniver-          The Worldwide board has embarked on a campaign
sary. I felt like I was coming home, because I already
                                                               to ensure that every chapter has a charter recogniz-
knew so many of the guys there. Richard Smith, who is
currently their Vice-President, is a long time friend and         ing its membership in Prime Timers Worldwide.
                                      Las Vegas Prime Timers
6                                     2009 Regional Gathering

    Join the Las Vegas Prime Timers for our annual
                                                          May 3 - 7, 2009

                                                              The Gathering Includes
Western Regional Gathering and make your own
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” memories                    Registration And Daily Imperial Palace Hospital-
the Prime Timers way.                                              ity Room -
    Come enjoy exciting Las Vegas, Prime Timer style.              Shuttle Service To & From Charlie's Las Vegas.
Meet new friends, greet old friends, and maybe find                It is just one of the many great GAY bars here in
your soul-mate in the city that never sleeps and where             Las Vegas and we will have a continuous shuttle
the sun always shines. Remember, "What happens in                  bus to and from Charlie's Sunday evening for
Vegas, stays in Vegas". Enjoy 5 days (3 minimum)                   your convenience and enjoyment.
at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino - or Harrah's Ho-            Evening Cash Bar Mixer with appetizers at the
tel & Casino - two of the great hotels located in the              Famous Imperial Palace Auto Collections -
heart of the famous Las Vegas STRIP.                               Tuesday night "Hawaiian Luau" Dinner & Show
    The Hotel websites are -                 at The Imperial Palace Pool Deck - (Cash Bar in
and                                               the Royal Hall Hospitality Room before the Ha-
    These two great hotels are directly connected to               waiian Luau)
each other for your convenience via skywalk at the                 Wednesday Night Sit-Down Banquet at the Impe-
Monorail Station.                                                  rial Palace Hotel Royal Hall - (Cash Bar in the
    We have obtained special rates for those regis-                Royal Hall Hospitality Room before the Banquet)
tered for the Las Vegas Prime Timers Gathering. Most
of the activities for the gathering will be on Monday,        Optional Activities may include "Hoover Dam Day
Tuesday & Wednesday, but we also have obtained                Trip", "Liberace Museum", "Atomic Testing Museum",
special hotel room rates for Sunday, May 3rd, and             "Red Rock and/or Valley of Fire State Park Day Trip"
Thursday, May 7th, for those registrants who wish to
come early and / or stay late so they can indulge even                 Check out the chapter website at—
more in the many activities in Las Vegas. Come enjoy          
yourself in one of the fastest growing cities in the
United States and see what all of the shouting is                  If you are looking for a roommate for the Gathering
about. Information about the Regional Gathering is on         or want to make a special contact, our Gathering is
our website and will contain the most current informa-        listed on - - just click on the
tion as it is developed.                                      "Guide" section for "Las Vegas Western Regional
                                                              Gathering - May 3-7, 2009". You can post your profile
                                                              there so others will know who is going.
                                                                   If you are a regular visitor to Las Vegas, you al-
                                                              ready know about this exciting city. If this will be your
                                                              first time, you will be amazed at the vibrant, alive and
                                                              welcoming atmosphere. We get 35 to 40 million tour-
  WANT YOUR OWN COPY OF                                       ists each year and 6,000 people move here each
       PRIME TIMES?                                           month.
                                                                   Just go to our chapter website located at http://
                                                     and click on the
You can have your own copy of Prime Times                     2009 Gathering link to find out the latest information as
delivered right to your door six times a year.                we put this event together. Email
                                                     if you would like
Send a $15 check made to PTWW, along with                     to be on our email list for updates, or want further infor-
  your name, address, phone number and                        mation.
                 email to
                                                              REGISTER NOW FOR LOWER RATES
              Rob Howard, Editor
                                                                 You can register for the 2009 Western Regional
               4436 NW 59th St.
                                                              Gathering now and take advantage of the special dis-
            Oklahoma City OK 73112                                                                       (Continued on page 7)
                              TRAVELING                        BY ROB HOWARD, PRIME TIMES EDITOR                7
      Just about my favorite thing to do is travel. Fortu-   the building.
 nately, during my work life, I worked for an airline, and
 got see a lot of the world.                                   You could spend a week, a month, a year, in
      So when Art came home and announced that he            Washington, and not see everything. I particularly
 had a conference in Washington DC that he had to
 attend, both Dub and I were already packing our bags.
 Washington is almost a home away from home for me.
 I spent six years doing Air Force Reserve duty there
 back in the 70’s and early 80’s, spending about a
 month a year in this traveler’s paradise.
      Why is it so great? Because, once you are there
 almost everything worth seeing is free. My favorite
 museum is the National Museum of American History,
 but alas, it was closed this summer for renovation. But
 that didn’t slow us down. We spent a lot of time in the
 Natural History Museum (Dub is a Science teacher),
 and in the Air and Space Museum.
      We were also lucky to get a personally guided tour
 of the Capitol. One of Art’s former co-workers was a
 summer intern for a Congressman, and they can give
 people who ask their member of Congress a personal
 tour, without the long waits in line, and the advance
 reservation needed if you just walk up and want to see
                                                             Art (on the left) and Dub wanted to invite President Bush to
                                                              the Central Oklahoma Prime Timers Labor Day Getaway
                                                              this year, but the Secret Service guy at the gate said that
            Las Vegas Event 2009                                  he wasn’t taking visits from Prime Timers that day.
                                                             treasure the US Holocaust Memorial Museum with its
(Continued from page 6)                                      impressive education effort about the Holocaust, the
counts offered. The price of the event is $179 if you        History museum, and the new building of the Air and
wait until the last minute, but several early-bird dis-      Space Museum that is located at Dulles Airport (buses
counts are offered on the registration form. Just go to      from the Mall for a reasonable price.)
the website and click on the Regional Event link.                 But some of the new things are becoming my fa-
                                                             vorites as well. The new Franklin Roosevelt Memorial
GOOD NEWS FOR CREDIT CARD USERS                              is huge, and moving. The World War II Memorial,
                                                             opened a few years ago, is great too.
     We now have our Credit Card Account for registra-            So, pack up your bags, and fly to our nation’s capi-
tion payments up and running. We have set up a Pay-          tol. Whether you have never been there, or see it
Pal Account so you can now register and pay the fee          every few years, you will be very glad you did.
with your credit card.
     60% of our 2008 Gathering registration fees were by
credit card, so we know this is important to you.
     Please DO NOT call the hotels yet asking about ho-
tel room rates for our Gathering. They have not been
approved for release yet, but it looks like the Imperial
Palace rate will be around $70 per night, and the Har-
rah's Hotel rate will be around $90 per night. This is for
double occupancy - 2 persons per room (3rd & 4th per
room are extra). Check the website for updates. (When
the rates become available, the reservation code is
                                                             Part of the FDR Memorial remembering the Great Depres-
                                                                           sion, with Dub joining the line.
8                                                                        HERE AND
                                                                     BY ZACH MULLANEY, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR

PERTH, W. AUSTRALIA: Here’s an interesting idea, if          Canada. It was a fun time with swimming, happy hours,
I’m understanding their newsletter’s comment. To go          good meals, dinner shows, and good friends getting to-
along with Spring Cleaning season, they are having a         gether again. It is over the US Labor Day each year, so
Pink Elephant Stall at the Pride Fair Day. One of the        if you have not attended, get info from Pres Eric at
members stores the items in his garage for those that, so you can get on the mailing
are unable to get the items to the Fair area on their own.   list. It’s a helluva lot of fun!
It’s not a bad idea. The monies earned from the booth
could go to the Prime Time chapter.                          ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO: Again reminding
                                                             you, if you’re heading east-west on I-40, north-south on I
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Once a month the chapter                -25, you’ll be passing through their interesting city. The
has what they call “Java Talk”. This involves those inter-   group meets every Friday afternoon Happy Hour from 5-
ested meeting at a different home each month for coffee,     ish to 7-ish, at the Albuquerque Social Club. Several of
probably something to satisfy the sweet tooth, and a dis-    their members come to our Labor Day, and they are a
cussion of a different suggested topic of interest each      fun bunch of guys. Plus, Albuquerque has some of the
time. Topics such as “The Public Image of Gays”, and         best Mexican restaurants you’ll find anywhere. Keep in
“Responsibility for Our Sexual Behavior” are being dis-      mind, too, Hot Air Ballooning is coming up in October.
cussed. Sounds like some meaty subjects that could
carry over to the next month. In addition, the chapter is    TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA: This chapter has Happy
encouraging all those that are 60+ to call the Mayor’s       Hour twice a week. On Wednesday’s, it is at the Ming
office to obtain a “Gold Card”. This card is free, and al-   Tree Restaurant, with most guys arriving around 6pm.
lows the senior unlimited free admission into several city   Two-buck well drinks, good company, and hot snacks
-owned venues, and good discounts at others. Good for        (that could be reversed and still fit). On Friday’s, Happy
their city. The Gold Card will encourage many to take        Hour is at the Rayn, from 5-10 pm. Again, most of the
advantage of many activities that otherwise may have         guys arrive around 6pm. If you’ll be in Tallahassee,
been difficult.                                              meet up with ‘em.

TULSA, OKLAHOMA: On September 20, the chapter                VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA: What a great
had their 15th anniversary party. It was held at the         front page to their latest newsletter – all the handsome,
condo clubhouse of one of the members. The cost was          smiling faces… all the campy fotos from their Gay
$20 and $25 for members and non-members. Their               Pride Parade. It’s fun to see cities that go wild on that
newsletter said you were able to choose your meat.           day! When I was a boy, and learning to appreciate San
Hmmm! Wine was served. Congrats to the Tulsans!              Francisco, Vancouver was referred to as the San Fran-
                                                             cisco of Canada. The chapter has a busy, busy monthly
CLEVELAND, OHIO: Their President, Jim, was diag-             calendar. The month includes speaker meetings, meat-
nosed with prostate cancer this past spring. He spent        n-eats, coffee groups, golf, bowling, walking groups, field
the summer going through the various procedures and          trips, movie nights, live theatre nights, lunches, pot-
treatments at his health facility. Now, early September,     lucks, plus the Stitch and Bitch group. If you’re visiting
the doctors suggested he curtail most activities to regain   their gorgeous city, there is something happening on the
his strength. It’s been a rough summer for him. Jim, our     day you’re there, I’m sure. If you’ve never visited Van-
thoughts are with you.                                       couver, you have a visual treat in store when you go.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: The chapter is starting to plan           TORONTO, ONTARIO: Hey, everybody, remember this
for their next Western Regional Gathering for May 3-7,       chapter is hosting next year’s convention. Their news-
2009. The hotel of choice is the Imperial Palace, and        letter shows many, many gay and gay-friendly bars,
Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, both on the strip. The up-        baths, cafes, boutiques, and venues that will be waiting
coming will be similar to 2008, with some improvements       to host our patronage. It is a delightful city (the New
made by listening to comments from 2008’s attendees.         York of Canada?), one you will be pleased to have vis-
Every year it will continue to improve, so consider at-      ited, plus seeing your many friends from around the
tending. Dynamite guys in a dynamite city!                   world again. So be sure to get your passports in order.
                                                             If you’ve had it awhile, check the expiration date. (See
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA: The chapter had                     article elsewhere in this issue)
their yearly Labor Day Getaway at the local gay Habana
Inn with over 230 attending from all over the US and                                                   (Continued on page 9)
                                                                  VANCOUVER PT’ERS


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: Get your costumes
                                                                  SHOW THEIR PRIDE
                                                                                        BY SID JENNER
                                                                                VANCOUVER PRIMETIMERS
                                                               Vancouver, BC Prime Timers participated in their city’s
ready for another fun Halloween bash at the P-town Inn.        Pride Parade this summer. 530,000 people turned out
Join the Boston P-T’ers for another Halloween in Prov-         for the event on a gorgeous sunny day. As you can see
incetown. The Connecticut and Rhode Island chapters            from the pictures, they guys all had a great time. There
have been invited, so that will be one fun weekend. Fri-       was a 25% increase in the number of groups taking part
day, October 31st is The Day. Enjoy the charm of P-                                          including for the first time a
town, and dine at the restaurant of your choice. Prior to                                    detachment of the Royal
dinner, though, gather with your friends at the Inn (if you                                  Canadian Mounted Po-
can recognize them in costume). After dinner, dancing                                        lice. Our group,
is included. Last year over 100 guys attended, so this                                       (specifically Clyde as Marie
bash is a biggee. One of these years, I’ll go back to P-                                     Antoinette), did make it to
town again, but this time join the PrimeTimers for their                                     the opening segment of the
Halloween Weekend. .                                                                         CBC News later that night.

the Greater Palm Springs Pride Parade will march along
Palm Canyon Drive downtown. The PrimeTimers will be             ↑ Bob Shorthouse and Greg Rose with flags
marching en masse. With their large chapter, it will be a       Clyde Rowett as Marie Antoinette ↓
real treat to see them all as a group in the parade. The
parade kicks off at 10am, so if you’ll be visiting the de-
sert for Gay Pride weekend, get out and join ‘em. Plus,
for those that live in snow climes, the city is a great gay
getaway throughout the winter. Check their newsletter,
get the names and numbers of some of their officers,
and find out what is happening while you’re there that
you can take part in. They have a lot of things going on.

and Perry! They went out west to Los Angeles County
and were legally married. Even though they knew there
were no benefits in Ohio, they felt it was a great way to
show family and friends of their commitment to each
other. Super!

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: The chapter has established a
Charity Fund Committee, and strives to make a differ-
ence in the lives of the guys receiving the benefit. The
chapter has chosen the San Antonio AIDS Foundation
Hospital, and their last fundraiser was a huge success.
They provided a 4th of July meal that included fried
chicken, potato salad, fresh fruit, ice cream and choco-
late cake – all the suggestions of the dieticians at the

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA: If any of you guys want a
warm Christmas this year, don’t forget Australia.
They’re on the south side of whatever that line is, so it’ll
be their summer. The Melbourne Vintage Men will be
having their Christmas Party on December 16, so keep
that/them in mind when you’re planning something
southerly. I love their definition of Puritanism: the
haunting fear that someone somewhere may be                     Ralph Henderson and John Smith (yep, his real name)
happy.                                                               carry the Vancouver Prime Timers banner
10                                    YOUR HEALTH
   PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH!                                            MAKE IT JUICY!
    A pen can be your best weight loss friend. It’s
true! In one of the largest and longest weight loss          A cool wedge of watermelon on a summer day? Not
studies ever conducted, the more food records that           many people would pass it by. But watermelon is
dieters kept, the more weight they lost.                     more than just a seasonal treat. Here are three great
    Simply jotting                                           health reasons to dig into a wedge.
down what you eat                                               1. The juice is equal to tomato juice in a study of
seems an easy                                                lycopene levels. That’s good news for the body, be-
thing to do to shed                                          cause research suggests that lycopene can be a can-
a few pounds.                                                cer fighter.
The people in the                                               2. It can make your skin pretty. And we all want
study ate a proper                                           that, don’t we. The juice is loaded with a key com-
diet, got together                                           pound credited with helping the skin’s healing and re-
with dieting friends                                         generative process.
each week for dis-                                              3. It’s practically calorie free. With fewer than 50
cussion and en-                                              calories a cup, watermelon is one smart way to satisfy
couragement, and exercised 30 minutes a day. After           a sweet tooth. Plus, it will help keep you hydrated,
6 months, the jotters had lost twice as much weight at       too.
those that did not jot down what they ate. Often,
those that opted not to write the food down, admitted        Watermelon in sal-
they really didn’t want to know how much they were           ads, in smoothies,
putting in their mouths, even though they wanted to          and slices by itself,
lose weight. Those that kept journals were more seri-        is totally satisfying.
ous about it, and it showed.                                 How about a sor-
    If you eat out a lot, carry a little 2x3 note pad in a   bet? Easy to make
chest pocket (or wherever), and jot down what and            for a hot night, so
how much you eat away from home. If you are having           sweeten your eve-
two scrambled eggs and two biscuits, don’t just say          ning with something
eggs and biscuits, Say two eggs and two biscuits. It         healthy.
will better show you the size of what you put in your
mouth. Intake is sooo important. Good luck and good

                                                                Help Advertise Prime Timers
                                                                   Do you have a profile on
                                                                    MySpace, FaceBook,
                                                                SilverDaddies or other online

                                                                    Put Primetimers in your
                                                                    profile and direct anyone
                                                                           interested to
                                     BY JIM WILLIAMS, PRESIDENT, PRIME TIMERS CLEVELAND

  WARNING: After age 50, get a PSA test every
                                                                TERONE, can cause the cancer to grow and
    year. It is a simple prick in the arm and the
                                                                also impede the flow of urine. This treatment
  draw of a little blood. Take care of your health
                                                                focuses on reducing the level of testosterone
                   or it will take you.
                                                                and blocks the ability of the body to use tes-
                                                                tosterone. There are three methods: injections
  With age, the prostrate, a walnut size organ just
                                                                of medications, pills to block use of testoster-
  below the bladder, changes. The prostrate may
                                                                one, and radical removal of the testicles where
  become enlarged and cause problems with urina-
                                                                testosterone is produced. Hormone therapy is
  tion which do not develop into cancer. Unfortu-
                                                                frequently used in combination with other
  nately, cancer, growth of abnormal cells which
                                                                therapies. I had the injections, and
  form a tumor, is common in the older man’s pros-
  trate. Cancer can start in the prostrate and grow
                                                                Chemotherapy uses powerful drugs to destroy
  and spread beyond that organ, threatening health
                                                                the cancer cells.
  and life.
                                                        Yes, there are risks and complications.
  (PSA) measures the amount of antigen (a chemi-
  cal made by the prostrate tissue). The PSA Test                                               Jim Williams, the
  measures the amount of the antigen in the blood.                                   President of the Cleveland
  In general, a high or rising PSA level may mean                 Chapter of Prime Timers, was diagnosed with
  an increased risk of cancer.                          Prostate cancer this spring. In July he had radioactive
                                                        seed implantation surgery. The results of the surgery,
  A yearly PSA check is highly advisable. If your       combined with the hormone reduction therapy he re-
  physician notes a rising or high level, he may or-    ceived, made his summer a tough one. He is currently
  der a biopsy. This is also a simple procedure. A      recuperating at his son’s home, and we wish Jim a
  small probe is inserted into the rectum as you lie    quick and full recovery.
  on your side. An image of the prostrate can then          I have had two close friends die from Prostate can-
  be seen on a video monitor. With this image as a      cer, and like most cancers it isn’t pretty. Neither is the
  guide, your doctor uses a thin needle to remove       treatment. But your best chance of beating Prostate
  tiny samples from several sites. It is slightly un-   cancer, or any cancer, is to detect it early, and get it
  comfortable but there is no pain and it is done       treated as aggressively as you can.
  quickly.                                                  If you haven’t been to your doctor in a year, now is
                                                        the time to call and set up a physical. Be sure you ask
  Before treatment begins, there are several imagin-    him about a PSA test—most will bring it up before you
  ing test that can be performed to check whether       do if you are in the usual Prime Timer age range. It is
  cancer has spread beyond the prostrate. These         a simple and effective early warning test.
  include: bone density scan, CT-scan, and MRI.             While you are at it, if you haven’t had a colono-
                                                        scopy in a few years, talk with the doctor about that.
     There are a number of treatment options some       During the procedure, they can remove pre-cancerous
     more invasive then others: 1. Surgery to re-       polyps before they cause you trouble.
     move the prostrate                                     Perhaps, most important of all, listen to what your
                                                        body is telling you. If you don’t feel right, something is
     Beam radiation therapy which sends beams of        probably wrong. If it continues for more than a few
     radiation from outside of your body to the can-    days, call your doctor’s office. Many things don’t have
     cer                                                early symptoms, but a lot of them do. There is no rea-
                                                        son to live your golden years in pain, or to die young.
     Interstitial brachytherapy where radioactive       As Jim says, “Take Care of Your Health or it will take
     seeds are implanted into the prostrate (this       you.”
     was my treatment of choice)                                                                      Best regards,
                                                                                              Rob Howard, Editor
     Hormone Therapy. The hormone TESTOS-
12                                                  CRUISIN’
A DIFFERENT KIND OF CRUISE                                             Prime Timers 7-Day
    Most of the scheduled Prime Time cruises sail in the Carib-
                                                                       Alaska Cruise and 4-
bean. Some chapters have booked cruises to Alaska, one in
the Mediterranean, and the Phoenix chapter this fall has a
                                                                          Day Pre-Cruise
cruise down the Mexican Riviera to gay Puerto Vallarta. Here’s              Land Tour
a cruise that, to my knowledge, is most unique.
    Our Perth, Western Australia chapter is mentioning a cruise
                                                                           On Celebrity’s Millennium
in their part of the world. This 21 day cruise will be to some of      Seward, Hubbard Glacier, Juneau,
the ports of Southeast Asia, on the ship Sun Princess, leaving            Skagway, Icy Strait Point,
on July 19, 2009. According to their newsletter, the ship will be         Ketchikan, Inside Passage,
calling at the ports of Fremantle, Exmouth, Ho Chi Minh City,                   Vancouver, BC
Sihanoukville, Bangkok, Kosamui, Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi,
Singapore, and back to Fremantle. Wow! Just the names of                   Prices start at $1,780
these places are exotic! Think about it, men. One can find just           for 11 Fun Filled Days
about any fantasy you’ve imagined in Bangkok. Plus OUT               PRICE GUARANTEED UNTIL OCT 15
magazine names Singapore as one of the gayest cities in Asia.
What a cruise! If interested, and I know many of you will be,        Plus port charges, taxes and fees, and fuel
contact Peter Williams in Western Australia, at phone 001-61-8            surcharge of $373.17 per person
-9271-4239 (from the US and Canada). It’s a year from now,
                                                                    Deposit of $250 is fully refundable until
so you’ll have plenty of time to save the pennies, guys. Fares
are about $4000 USD and up. If you are interested call Peter
                                                                                 April 20, 2009
                                                                       Price Includes Pre-Cruise
                                                                          Four Day Land Tour
                                                                    Day 1 Jun 29 Fairbanks, Sophie Station Hotel
                                                                    Day 2 Jun 30 Fairbanks, El Dorado Gold Mine
                                                                           Tour, Riverboat Discovery tour. Sophie
                                                                           Station Hotel
                                                                    Day 3 Jul 01 Fairbanks & Denali Rail Am-Fai to
                                                                           Denali. Tundra Wilderness Tour. Pm De-
                                                                           parture McKinley Village Lodge
                                                                    Day 4 Jul 02 Denali & Talkeetna Motorcoach to
                                                                           Talkeetna. Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge
                                                                    Day 5 Jul 03 Talkeetna and Seward. Transfer
                                                                           Seward to Ship

 GET YOUR PASSPORT NOW                                                      FOR MORE
                                                                        INFORMATION on the
            Next years Prime Timers Convention in Toronto
             promises to be one of the best that we have had               Alaska Cruise
                in the twenty-one years Prime Timers has been              Michael Stone 941 359-8212
                  around. BUT, if you are going to fly there you     or
                    WILL need a passport. New rules go into                 Marc Solomon 917 359-3888
                    effect next year that might make the lead      or
                    time longer. Get yours now. See how:                  Courtyard Travel Great Neck, NY
                    Go to http://TRAVEL.STATE.GOV, and            
                    select “Apply for a Passport.”
                                                                        1-800 437-9685 and ask for Bobette

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