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									The Scottish Open 2008. The University of Edinburgh.
                15th – 17th February

Hey everyone!

Ok so it’s nearly that time again, The 23rd Scottish Student Open! And the weekend you must
keep free is the 15th, 16th and 17th of February 2008. This year the proud hosts are the University
of Edinburgh.

This information pack aims to let you all know how to enter this year and provide a little bit of
information about the competition itself. The quicker you get your entries sent to us the better
chance you have of having them accepted. This is due to the fire regulations of the sports centre
we have had to cap the entries at 450 – (the same as last year) so send them now to avoid

Ok, so on to the competition itself. It all begins on Friday 15th February with training in the
evening so you can all recover from those journeys you may have had to make and get used to the
beds you will be bouncing on the next day. After that we will have a small welcome social at Vodka
Revolution where you are all more than welcome to come and have a few drinks.

Then on the Saturday we will have the main competition. In Scotland we have 4 categories –
Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite (the routines are included later). Due to the fact that this
is also our 3rd of 4 League competitions there will be 2 winners in each category, the overall Open
winner and the winner in the closed competition (only involving Scottish University Students). After
the competition there will be a massive social at The Caves. This is a fantastic Scottish venue, but
make sure you know where you’re going as it’s a bit difficult to find if you don’t know Edinburgh!

Then on the Sunday when you are all nursing your hangovers, it will be time for serious syncro and
the highly anticipated Fancy Dress syncro. We would really like to encourage people to enter this
year’s Fancy Dress syncro. It’s a great way to have fun on the trampolines, and it’s a shame when
it’s only Edinburgh and Glasgow that can be bothered to join in!

So the question you are all now asking yourself is how do we enter?? Well you will find enclosed in
this pack everything you need to know, and the entry form can be downloaded from the website.
You must fill this in on your computer, print it out as soon as you can and send to me along with
entry fees, and any T-Shirts or social ticket orders at;

                             FAO Scottish Universities Trampoline
                                    Catherine Determann
                                   19 Ravenswood Avenue
                                           The Inch
                                          EH16 5SX

Your cheque(s) made payable to Scottish Student Trampolining must be included with your entries
and T-shirt orders. We will be accepting payment for the Syncro events on the Friday 15th at
training and of course on the Sunday 17th morning as well. The entry deadline has been set as
Monday 31st December 2007. Changes to entries will be accepted for 2 weeks after the closing
date. On Monday 14th January 2008 changes will no longer be accepted and only competitor
withdrawals will be allowed on the day of the event.

As always there will be T-shirts available to buy so you can remember the competition (or the
more probably the drinking) in years to come. The Logo was kindly designed by Fiona Cameron
from Aberdeen University and Tom Jeffs from Edinburgh University. An order form is included on a
separate page. Orders must be included with your entries, as we need to let our supplier know how
many t-shirts we need as soon as possible!!

This year’s social events are going to be very exciting. Tickets include entry to both the Friday and
Saturday night social events, amazing drinks deals, a ceilidh, DJ and dancing all night long – what

more could a bunch of trampolinists want?! All social tickets must be bought with entries as we
must get an accurate gauge of numbers for the venues.

Keep checking our website for up to date information in the coming weeks:

The next few pages include the program, routines, tariff sheets for elite performers and T-Shirt and
Social Ticket Order forms. The Entry form is an excel form that can be downloaded from the SUS
Website. Please fill it in on your computer and then print it out and post it to us. Remember to
include the appropriate number of judges and officials or we will not accept your entries.

Last year there were concerns that some of the SUS Trampoline rules were not followed. Please
could all clubs ensure they read the rules thoroughly before the event as we will not accept
ignorance as an excuse. We would particularly like to draw attention to the fact that in order to
promote fair competition we reserve the right to withdraw competitors from the event if we feel
they have been entered below their level. We trust captains to enter people appropriately, however
if this has not been the case the individual’s scores will register as a guest competitor and will not
be eligible to win a trophy or medal, or gain points for their University or Team. Such decisions will
be made by the Competition Organisers and the Chair of Judges for the appropriate group and
their decision will be FINAL.

Moving away from that sombre note we look forward to seeing all your entries pour through my
door and really cant wait to see you all at what should be a fantastic 23rd Scottish Universities
Trampoline Student Open.

Yours in Sport

Keir Stewart and Catherine Determann
Scottish Universities Trampoline Co-ordinators

Unfortunately we cannot provide an accurate program until we have all the
entries, however the weekend should work out something like this:

FRIDAY                    5pm-7pm                 General Warm-ups
                          8pm – 1am               Social event at Vodka
SATURDAY                  Morning (from 9am)      Intermediate & Novice
                          Afternoon               Advanced & Elite Competition
                          8pm – 3am               Social event at The Caves
SUNDAY                    Morning (from           Serious Synchro
                          Afternoon               Fancy Dress Synchro

We will produce a full Program that will be published along with Judging Panels
and Bounce Orders 1 week before the event, on Friday 8th February.


  Novice       Frontdrop          Backdrop                 No minimum tariff
               To feet            To feet
               Straddle           Straddle                 Voluntary Maximum
               ½ twist            ½ twist                  Tariff = 1.5
               Seat Drop          Seat drop
               ½ twist to seat    ½ twist to seat
               ½ twist to feet    ½ twist to feet
               Tuck Jump          Tuck Jump
               Pike Jump          Pike Jump
               Full Twist         Full Twist

Intermediate   Full twist         Back S/S (T)             Voluntary Minimum
               Straddle           Straddle                 Tariff = 1.2
               Seat drop          Seat drop
               ½ twist to seat    ½ twist to seat          Voluntary Maximum
               ½ twist to feet    ½ twist to feet          Tariff = 2.5
               Pike Jump          Pike Jump
               Backdrop           Backdrop
               ½ twist to feet    ½ twist to feet
               Tuck               Tuck
               Front S/S (T)      Full twist

 Advanced      Back S/S (S)        The competitor MUST     Voluntary Minimum
               Straddle Jump         inform the superior   Tariff = 2.4
               Back S/S (T)        judge, of which shape
               Seat Drop            they have chosen to    Voluntary Maximum
               ½ Twist to Feet      perform before they    Tariff = 4.0
               Pike Jump                  compete.
               Barani (Free)
               ½ Twist Jump
               Tuck Jump
               Front S/S (Free)

   Elite       10 different skills to include:             Minimum Set
                   Minimum 4.1 Tariff                     Tariff = 4.1
                   7 Skills with Minimum of 270
                      degrees of somersault rotation       No Maximum Tariff
                   There is no requirement for a bed

                            T-SHIRT ORDER FORM

        Design for Back:                      Design for Front Left Breast:

                                                  23rd Student Open

    Colour        Small    Medium   Large     X-Large XX-Large        Total
Black with lime
green print
White with
navy print
Heather grey
with navy print
Navy with lime
green print
Sky blue with
navy print
Red with navy
Yellow with
navy print
Bright green
with navy print

Number of T-Shirts @ £9.00 / €13 each

Total Payment
                                              £                  €
                          Friday Night Social

           Vodka Revolution – 30A Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Tickets Include:
    Entry to Vodka Revolution
    Headstart drinks deals from 5pm – 10pm:
          Two Cocktails for £8.50
          Cocktail Pitchers for £12
          Vodka Sticks (6 shots of vodka) for £8
          Stella Artois & Guinness £2.25/pint
          Becks £2.10/bottle
          House Wine £2.20/glass or £10/bottle
    DJ until 1am

                                  Saturday Night Social

        The Caves – 8-12 Niddry Street South, Edinburgh, EH1 1NS

Tickets Include:
    Entry to the Caves
    Drinks deals (TBC)
    Ceilidh from 8pm – 11pm
    DJ from 11pm – 3am

 Number of Social Tickets @ £8 or €11 each
   (One social ticket provides entry for 1 person to both the Friday and
                                                        Saturday Social)

                                                       Total Paid

                     ACCOMODATION IN EDINBURGH
We were going to produce a long list of accommodation, and indeed did start to compile
information, however we found a website that does all the hard work for us and you.


Here you can find information on all the main hostels and cheap places to stay in Edinburgh.
They are also group booking specialists - fantastic.

                               FOOD IN EDINBURGH
This year we are not providing food at the Saturday night social event. Please find below a list of
places we recommend for dinner. If you are a large group we recommend calling in advance to
warn them you’re coming, but these are student friendly and I’m sure would love to have you. All
prices quoted are an average main course price only.

1. Buffet   King
           Chinese all-you-can-eat. Around £11/head
           6a Nicholson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DH
           Tel: 0131 557 4567

2. Jimmy    Chungs
           Chinese all-you-can-eat. Around £12/head
           30 Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9AP
           Tel: 0131 228 8688

3. China    China
            Chinese all-you-can-eat. Around £8 - £10/head
            Unit 4, Greenside Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 3AA
            Tel: 0131 662 0555

4. Biblos
        Student priced bar food. Fajitas, burgers, hot sandwiches etc. Around £8/head
        74 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1HN
        Tel: 0131 226 7177

5. Frankenstein
       Student priced bar food.
       26 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh
       0131 622 1818

6. Vodka    Revolution
           Very good burgers, nachos, pub grub. Around £7/head
           30A Chambers Street, Edinburgh
           Tel: 0131 220 5679

7. Blonde Restaurant
       Predominantly fish restaurant.
       75 St Leonards Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9QR
       0131 668 2917


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