Business Engagement at the Base of the Pyramid

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					USB-ED 10 years of excellence                                                                                                                                      PagE 01

   USB-ED 10 years of excellence

                                                                                   Capturing large
                                                                                   untapped markets

           Business Engagement at the Base of the Pyramid

   OvErviEw                                                                            faculty ProfIle
   IntroductIon                                                                        dr arnold smit
   although people at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) are indeed poor, they are          Prof Wolfgang thomas
   often mistakenly also thought of as without business skill or buying power.         Prof Marius ungerer
   once Mohammad yunus and Grameen Bank shattered this stereotype and                  Mr de Wet schoeman
   proved the opposite, other companies started to wonder whether there were           Mr Michiel le roux
   indeed healthy profits to be made at the BoP. Questions followed: What is           Mr nicolas Pascarel
   the size of this market? What are the products and services they need?
   How do you get access to them? What are the financial and reputational              BEnEfitS
   risks involved? Who else is involved that we can learn from? and what is            HoW Would you BenefIt?
   the case in south africa?                                                           after completion of this programme participants will:
                                                                                       • have current information on the size and nature of the BoP and informal
   usB executive development (usB-ed) and its centre for Business and                    business sector in south africa
   society present Business engagement at the Base of the Pyramid:                     • see the potential and understand the business case for engaging with
   capturing large untapped Markets, an action learning programme aimed                  the BoP
   at socio-economic empowerment and business growth.                                  • understand the change in business thinking and strategy required for
                                                                                         successful engagement with the BoP
   WHat sets tHIs InterVentIon aPart?                                                  • have taken the first steps towards the design of processes, services and/
   during this programme, participants will engage actively with BoP realities,          or products suitable for BoP consumers
   while at the same time learning the skills and designing the interventions
   necessary for doing business in the BoP space.                                      certIfIcatIon
                                                                                       on successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a
   wHO                                                                                 certificate from the university of stellenbosch.
   WHo sHould attend?
   this is the ideal opportunity for staff and managers from the worlds of             wHat
   product development, sales, marketing, research and development,                    content oVerVIeW
   distribution and logistics, corporate social responsibility and                     faCtS anD CHaLLEngES
   sustainability, and innovation consulting to interact with the rich                 • doing business at the BoP: Information-sharing; working models; critical
   experience of the informal sector and start to imagine the socio-economic             leverage points and business strategy tools
   empowerment and business growth that may result from such engagement.
                                                                                       LEarning JOUrnEY
   this programme can also be custom-made for business teams who want                  • overnight stay in Khayelitsha: Interacting with the rhythms and activities
   to explore opportunities collectively for their target business domain.               of this world-renowned township to learn about the aspirations and
   alternatively, the programme can be customised for a company to explore               needs of its people
   opportunities in this untapped market space.                                        • Meet, interact and learn from the myriad of potential consumers, traders,
                                                                                         retailers, distributors, and/or financiers that your business will engage
   adMIssIon reQuIreMents                                                                with in crossing the corporate-to-BoP threshold
   no tertiary qualification is required. It is assumed that participants comply
   with the following requirements: english language competence at nQf                 aSSignMEnt
   level 4 and the ability to read and comprehend learning material, write             • design for capacity Building: Participants will be expected to identify
   assignments and follow/participate in discussions on the topic and its                their own unique business opportunities in the BoP space, design ideas
   relevant applications.                                                                for products and services relevant to such opportunities and develop
                                                                                         implementation strategies on which feedback will be given by the faculty

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USB-ED 10 years of excellence                                                                        PagE 02

      USB-ED 10 years of excellence

              Business Engagement at the Base of the Pyramid

          nQf alIGnMent
          this programme is presented on the complexity level of an nQf level 6.

          wHEn & wHErE
          caPe toWn
          • 28 – 29 March 2011

          r7 500

          fees include programme fees, programme material, lunch, refreshments and
          lodging in Khayelitsha, and are payable before the commencement of the

          Intake is limited to 20 participants per programme. this is to ensure that
          participants enjoy a learning experience of optimal quality and depth.

          cancellatIon PolIcy
          It is of utmost importance that usB-ed be formally notified of cancellation
          14 days prior to the commencement date of the programme.

          a cancellation fee of 10% will be payable for cancelling fewer than 14 days prior
          to the commencement of the programme.

          Please note that programme fees and dates are subject to change.

          contact Person
          charmaine Garcia
          tel: +27 (0)21 918 4488
          fax: +27 (0)21 918 4478

          We HaVe offIces In caPe toWn and JoHannesBurG

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