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					                        Internet can make money.

        Working under employer it's very2 bored if you don't have any freedom to do your job.Only
limited money you get and you make you employer become rich, but you still like that every month
short of money to spend.

 How ever , many way to make money,like I said not working under any body but you are the boss.

 First , must learn how to manage the your money from small value to bigger one.How to learn? Keep
reading below instruction :-

 1) Create any blog or website.This is a basic standard to promote any product ,idea or opinions to share
with other people or to let the internet user know about you or your product.

 2) Take any product , with picture then show into your website.Describe your product ,explanation to
make reader easy to understand then publish to internet.

 3) You must always update your website and see the comment.Don't forget to put contact if any body
need your product.

        Remember always update your blog to make sure visitor keep reading your words.Make sure
they always visit your blog so, its easy to promote your product.

 Make contact with visitor so that they can leave their email or facebook adress to make close contact.

 Most of the visitor want a feedback & profit after they open any blog or website.They want to find
something have a meaning to them such as product,contact,knowledge & sharing information.

 To make your blog page looks better, put any related picture.People like to see a simple picture & easy
to understand.Don't put abstract & complicated picture that no body can understand the meaning.

 How they can buy your product & how about the payment? Put a bar short cut for paypal or money
transfer bank.

 At the end of your page , tell them to thank you for visit blog.

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