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2400 Old Main Hill
Logan, Utah 84322-2400
Telephone: (435) 797-1051
FAX: (435) 797-1025

                                         Avis Budget

Avis Rent A Car is our primary corporate car rental supplier. The Avis corporate
program provides considerable cost and time saving services allowing you to rent a
car with speed and ease!

Business Travel

We encourage all employees to enroll in the Avis Preferred program. Avis
Preferred was designed with the frequent traveler in mind - enabling you to skip the
lines and paperwork, and go straight to your car. To enroll, access an online profile
that has been customized with your corporate travel preferences. Complete and
submit a profile, and you will receive a Wizard Number - your personal ID and the
key to your corporate benefits. Your Wizard number is available for use
immediately, and you'll enjoy faster reservations and rentals and our newest and
lowest mileage cars!

                            No Paperwork No Waiting in Line No Delays!
                                  Renters are Dropped off near Vehicle

     Take 5 minutes & click on the link below to enroll today!


If you already have a Standard Wizard number but are not an Avis
Preferred Member you can upgrade to Preferred by entering your
current Wizard number in your profile. Complimentary enrollment is
open to residents of the US and Canada.


Avis First Customer Loyalty Program - once you are enrolled in Preferred and have
rented 12 times in a calendar year or 35 rental days you will be upgraded automatically to
Avis First with which you will earn free weekend rentals.


•          12th rental welcome award = 1 free weekend (Received upon activation)
•          Get free two-day weekend* rentals after every third rental
•          Free Upgrade when available
•          Your own password protected site to track rentals and rewards
Avis Where2 GPS!!!

Your easiest way to navigate! You'll never be on the road alone with Where2, Avis' brand
new all-in-one GPS navigation system. It gives you and your travelers immediate access to
directions, points-of-interest and real-time traffic conditions , plus it's Bluetooth-
compatible. It's the most technologically advanced GPS navigation available in car rental.
Just request Where2 when making a reservation.

No Underage Driver Fees - USU and Space Dynamics travelers can rent an Avis car with
no additional fee from ages 21 and older (18 and older in select cities)

Introducing Avis E-Receipts!

We're making car rental easier than ever with Avis e-receipts, our paperless alternative to
rental receipts. Now, when you rent with us, you'll have your receipt emailed to you within
24 hours, free of charge. All we need is your email address in your Avis Preferred

Avis Leisure Pass -Going on Vacation?

We make your vacation better before it even starts. Kick it off with low Leisure Pass rates
with discounts of up to 20% off and it's all because of your affiliation with USU and Space
Dynamcs! Time-savings, great cars, low rates-at Avis, we're trying harder to make sure you
relax on your vacation. You must provide your own insurance when renting an Avis car for
leisure. Use Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) # B782500 when making your


Instead of waiting in long lines, you can pay your toll electronically by driving through a
designated E-ZPass lane. Slide open your E-ZPass box located on the windshield and leave
it open the duration of your rental!

Avis Minilease - (Long Term Rentals)

Needing to rent a car for more than 30 days? Call the Avis Minilease Department @
800.524.9000. With special discounted rates, Mini leases are useful for relocations, out-of-
town assignments or temporary vehicle needs.

Avis Meetings Services

If you're coordinating a meeting/event that requires 5 or more vehicles, Avis offers a
Meeting Services program. This program features group rates, complimentary rental days,
customized mailing materials and assistance with special meeting needs. You may contact
Avis Meeting Services at 1-800-525-7537.

Dedicated Account Service Representative

Utah State and Space Dynamics has a dedicated Account Service Representative. If you
have any questions about the Avis Corporate Program or have any special requests, please
contact Holly Ferguson at holly.ferguson@avisbudget.com or at 1-800-5257521, ext 1695
and reference the Utah State Avis Worldwide Discount # (AWD) B782500 and she will be
happy to assist you.

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