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                           Biography of Deon Basson
      Introduction to The Negotiation Academy – Africa

Deon Basson is the Co-founder and CEO of The Negotiation Academy – Africa (TNA - Africa), a
specialist negotiation consulting and training organization headquartered in Cape Town. TNA -
Africa features a consulting board comprised of some of the most respected leaders in the realm
of negotiations worldwide. Deon will also drive the TNA – International Information Technology
Negotiation practice.

Deon has a B.Sc Hon (Information Technology) and an MBA specialising in Business
Architecture. His focus is aligning the Business Strategy with the Information Technology Strategy
and Sales Strategy.

Deon is a major supporter of the importance of the Human Element in any negotiation. His focus
is the understanding of the different role players (including personality profiles, cultures, etc) in a
negotiation and the use thereof to define strategies and tactics for the negotiation. His experience
in strategic customer management and customer relationship management (CRM) are the major
contributors to the focus on the Human Element.

Deon has proven instrumental in integrating an approach to negotiation that seeks to create a
corporate negotiation capability within client organisations. After gaining a thorough
understanding of the client organisations' organisational reality, Deon is able to bridge the gap
between organisational imperatives and the status quo by designing or redesigning a sales and
negotiation strategy supported by processes that seamlessly integrate with the client company's
existing infrastructure to unlock bottom line value.

Deon has conducted assignments globally and has lived in Europe and Africa. He has a particular
interest in complex, cross cultural information technology sales negotiations involving the
deployment of teams for optimal value creation and effectiveness. Deon regularly consults to
leading organisations locally and internationally on sales negotiation strategies. Deon frequently
presents at seminars on negotiation.

The Negotiation Academy - Africa (TNA – Africa) is a specialist negotiation skills training and
consulting firm. Our core competency is to instil within organisations and individuals a capability
within the domains of Sales, Purchasing and Executive negotiations. We do this by designing
strategies, defining processes, implementing training solutions, coaching and deploying
supporting tools based on our award winning methodology.

The company's Consulting Board comprises some of the most respected leaders in the sales and
negotiation training and consulting arena world wide. TNA-Africa offers 5 specialist public access

                             Members: N.G. Burnett, J.M. von Gogh
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courses, all of which are customisable for in-house delivery. The company has a divisional focus
on management and communication skills development, with training solutions ranging from
Presentation Skills training, Co-operative Communication training and Executive Coaching.

TNA-Africa adopts a highly flexible approach when designing a corporate solution in order to
meet each client’s varying needs/objectives. To this end, we deploy a series of internal tools to
assist the Client Sponsor in identifying the team’s exact challenges and requirements. This
facilitates the production of a customised, relevant solution in accordance with training objectives.

Preference and Competency Profiling
The Negotiation Academy – Africa’s methodology is based on a ‘whole brain’ approach to sales
and negotiation, supported by the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (H.B.D.I.) to assist in
optimising the impact of all engagements.

This proven tool assists the individual in understanding his/her interaction preferences, which
supports a focus on maximising individual strengths and mitigating weaknesses. The profiling tool
is deployed online prior to commencement of training, and delegates are debriefed during training
and provided with detailed, hard copy profile reports. On the next page are the areas being

                               THE 4 PILLARS OF BEST PRACTICE NEGOTIATION

                                         A                            D

                                               Value       Vision

                                              Process      Relationship

                                         B                            C

                                                                          *Adapted from Herrmann International

Having received their detailed personal profiles, sales effectiveness is dramatically improved by
understanding :
   • What are my personal sales preferences and how does this impact my sales outcomes?
   • How do my clients perceive me and how do I respond to their needs?
   • How to prepare for sales according to leading practice strategies.
   • Creating a sales climate for mutually rewarding, long term relationships.
   • How to conclude better agreements through creativity.
   • The art & science of persuasion.
   • Increasing self awareness with a view to improving internal and external relationships.

                            Members: N.G. Burnett, J.M. von Gogh
                         VAT No: 4160193712 * CK 1989 / 024007 / 23
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                                    Sample Individual Delegate Profile
                                                               Upper Mode Thinking Processes

                                                          A              Strong Preference     D

                                     Thinking Processes

                                                                                                    Thinking Processes

                                                                                                       Right Mode
                                         Left Mode

                                                          B                                    C

                                                              Lower Mode Thinking Processes
                                                                                                   *Adapted from Herrmann International

The diagram above is a sample of an individual profile indicating sales and negotiation
preferences. This profile can be summarised as follows: the individual has strong preferences for
the Value and Process (blue & green respectively) elements of the negotiation cycle, but lacks
attention to the Vision and Relationship (yellow & red respectively) areas. This profile enables the
identification of individual support in adopting a more whole brain approach to his/her interaction
in general.

Highly motivational, highly thought provoking, dramatic increase in performance. -                                                        Nelson
Mandela Metropolitan University.

He knows his subject, he knows selling, he knows people, he can really motivate. – Skills Factory

How do you do this Deon. You improved motivation dramatically in a single day. - Spearhead
Property Group.

By understanding the human element in any interaction/negotiation Deon showed us how to
dramatically improve our relationships and hence the performance of sales. – T-Systems.

Negotiation/interaction is an integral part of every human interaction be it agent and buyer,
between team members, between team members and management, with family or any other
person or group. It is the basis of communication. It is the basis of selling. It is the basis of buying.
It is the basis of team performance. It is the basis of a winning team. Motivate people to improve
this and you improve business dramatically.

                             Members: N.G. Burnett, J.M. von Gogh
                          VAT No: 4160193712 * CK 1989 / 024007 / 23

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