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									    Christmas 2004      Alabaré Christian Community

                         Bless All The Dear Children …
Articles Inside:
                         At this festive time when        ‘May your children be         His blessings. My He
                         we gather with our family        strong in accomplishing       strengthen your families
•     Snippets from      and friends to celebrate         good works. May they, at      and instil in them a spirit
      2004               the birth of Our Saviour,        the same time, learn to       of generous service to the
•     Outreach to the    we would like to share two       resist illusory promises of   glory of his name. May He
      Developing         extracts taken from letters      happiness and passing         grant each one of you his
      World              sent on behalf of the Holy       pleasures… May their          peace.’
•     Have you a         Father to the Muslim and         lives… bear witness to the
                                                                                        May the childlike faith-
      good Christian     Hindu Communities of the         importance of religious
                                                                                        filled wonder, spontaneity
      policy?            world. Both letters were         values. Once more, I wish
                                                                                        and joy of life be your
•     My Journey In
                         about children.                  to assure you of my
                                                                                        special blessing this
      Faith                                               prayers to the Almighty
                         On Diwali, the Festival of                                     Christmas.
                                                          and Merciful God for you
•     Alabaré            Lights, he wrote
                                                          and for your children. May    Alabaré Christian
      Christian Care
                         ‘In all religions, the ones      God pour down on you          Community
                         who particularly long to
•     New Website        see feast days arrive are
•     God's Healing      the little children. Their
      Power in my        enthusiasm for taking part
      Life               in the celebration of a
•     What a year!       feast is truly striking. It is
•     Retreats &         they who bring boundless
      Quiet Days         joy to the celebration
                         because they enliven the
                         spirit of the adults.
                         Children bring shape and
                         colour, taste and flavour,
                         inspiration and aspiration,
                         hope and promise of
                         perseverance to the
                         celebration. Indeed no
                         celebration truly deserves
                         this name unless a central
                         place is given to children,
                         the more so since the
                         festive spirit requires
                         everyone to acquire a
                                                                   “Children bring
                         childlike heart. Is this not          shape and colour,
                         true also of the festival of           taste and flavour,
                         Diwali?’                                  inspiration and
                         And on the occasion of                   aspiration, hope
                         the scared time of                        and promise of
                         Ramadan he wrote this                    perseverance to
                         blessing upon the Muslim
                                                                 the celebration.”
 Alabaré Newsletter                          Christmas 2004               Page 2

Snippets from 2004                                           as a volunteer with the      ALABARÉ CHRISTIAN
Deacon John Proctor                                          Bridge Project, an              COMMUNITY
                                                             ecumenical body working
                                                             with young people and
                                                                                             Alabaré House
2004 started with a Mass      ask for your continued                                        15 Tollgate Road
celebrated by Fr. Peter       prayer for them at this        especially the schools in
                                                             the Salisbury area and        Salisbury SP1 2JA
Coxe at the Community         time.
House and was followed                                       they have sponsored her            PHONE:
                              Lee Proctor lost her           a place at Moorlands
by a New Years Eve                                                                           (01722) 501586
                              father, quite suddenly at      Bible College.
party. We have just held
                              the end of August. He was                                           FAX:
our annual bonfire and                                       Alex Lawes, having
                              a gentle and loving man
firework party at the home                                   successfully finished her       (01722) 501586
                              who will be much missed
of Sue & Tony Thorpe and                                     GCSE’s has decided to
                              by us all. Dee Chislett also                                       E Mail
are preparing for our next                                   go on to college in the
                              lost her brother.                                           alabarehouse@alabare.
social which will be                                         New Forest to study for
ShrekII followed by a                                                               
                                                             the International
Chinese banquet. The                                         Baccalaureate and
routine of the Community                                     Teresa Detain has gone          Bed & Breakfast
keeps us busy but there                                      to Salisbury College to
has also been some                                           study Leisure and
notable events during the                                    Tourism.
year amongst Members
                                                                                           Single from £30 - £40
and Associate’s.                                             Stephen Proctor, after        Double/Twin £50-£65
                                                             leaving SPEC, the
John Detain & Steve                                          Westminster Youth            Family Room £75-£85
Godwin were both                                             Ministry Team went to
ordained Permanent                                           work in Belfast. He has
Deacons on 10th July and                                     now returned home to do      Bookings 07802 631968
will be ministering in St.                                   post graduate studies in
Gregory’s Parish ,                Deacon John Detainr
                                                             Law Practice at
Salisbury.                                                   Bournemouth University        Conference/Meetings
                              Fr. Richard Northey has        following in the footsteps
                              moved on after 9 years in      of his brother Mark who        Bookings available
                              Salisbury to be Parish         has been appointed
                              Priest in Melksham. It is      solicitor in the firm with
                              close enough to enable         which he undertook his       Ideal for small groups
                              him to continue to meet        training. Anne-Marie,               from 4-30
                              with us once a month.          Stephen’s girlfriend from
                              Margaret Godwin and            Dublin has come over to
                              Maura O’Mahony                 join him and has taken        Residential space for
                              represented the                up a radiography position              20
                              Community at a Network         at Bournemouth Hospital.
                              gathering of Lay               Edward Proctor has
                              Communities which was          finished Prep School and
                              held at House Of The           has been awarded a
   Deacon Steve Godwin
                              Open Door in Broadway in       sports Scholarship to
                              May 2004 and John              Warminster School.
                              Proctor will be attending
Pat Lamb has recently         the 5th Community              Some of our younger
been appointed Area Co-       Leader’s Conference in         children who attended
ordinator for Faith & Light   Krakow, Poland on 2nd          ‘Fanning The Flame’
in the South West.            December.                      summer camp with Sr.
Eddie & Pauline Mahony                                       Maria at St. Dominic’s
                              Family life also moves on      Priory, Lymington are
and Jenna Bleu Jones          apace for all our families.
have all had spells of                                       setting up a local
illness this year and we      Louise Detain has started      Salisbury group.
                                 Alabaré Newsletter                             Christmas 2004                   Page 2

                              Outreach to the Developing World                                 to help them make full use
                                                                                               of this machinery. A little
                                                                                               effort by us can bring a life
                              Deacon John Proctor                                              changing experience to
                              Earlier in the year Fr. Gerry     our Aluminium Recycling
                              Proctor and Fr. José Marins       Project run by adults with   We have already been
                              and his team visited the          learning disabilities.       approached to provide a
                              Community to conduct a                                         second machine for a
                                                                On subsequent travels in
                              workshop on Basic                                              Community whose homes
                                                                South America Gerry met      have been destroyed by
                              Ecclesial Communities and
                                                                with Br. Antonio who took    fire. If you would like to join
                              whilst with us they visited a
                                                                him on a visit to some       us in this effort then please
                              number of the projects run
                                                                shanty towns to see the      send your donation payable
                              by Alabaré Christian Care
                                                                plight of the poor, many of  to Alabaré Christian
                              Centres. One of these was
                                                                whom had to live off the     Community, 15 Tollgate
                                                                waste they collected for     Road, Salisbury SP1 2JA
                                                                recycling. When he shared
                                                                                             and mark the envelope
                                                                with Antonio what he had     ‘New Citizen Project’. Once
                                                                experienced in Salisbury,    our web site goes live in
                                                                Antonio said that these
                                                                                             January we will keep you
                                                                people could double their    posted with articles and
                                                                income if only they had      pictures. If you would like to
                                                                access to similar machinery.
                                                                                             do even more you could
                                                                Within a couple of months    organise your own
                                                                the Community, together      fundraising event. The cost
                                                                with Alabaré Christian Care
                                                                                             of a crushing machine is
                                                                Centres and money            around £3,000 so we could
                                                                collected by Fr. Gerry from have a second by the
                                                                friends, were able to help
                                                                                             spring. Make this part of
                                                                launch the New Citizen       your Christmas gift.
                                                                Project in Porto Alegre,
                                                                Brazil. The people have
                                                                now formed a co-operative
Fr. José Marins (seated in chair) & his team at Alabaré House

                               Have you a good Christian policy?                               frustration that I felt. I began
                                                                                               to feel that there was hope
                                                                                               for me and I experienced a
                               Catherine Detain                                                strong desire to find out all I
                                                                                               could about God.
                               I used to regard religion as     vital. Did I pray to God to
                               some sort of supernatural        help me understand? Yes,  Then one day I heard a
                               insurance scheme. If you go      but more as a desperate   hymn by Graham Kendrick
                               to church, say your prayers                                and the words “hands that
                                                                sort of prayer that meant I
                               and do good works you will       was a bit worried that I  flung stars into space to
                               go to heaven. There was                                    cruel nails surrendered” and
                                                                wouldn’t make the grade, as
                               comfort in my religion                                     I suddenly realised that
                                                                if it was some sort of exam
                               because it was familiar, it                                Jesus had died on the cross
                                                                that I hadn’t revised enough
                               maintained the status quo        for.                      for me. It was personal. My
                               and I didn’t want to rebel                                 sins had been paid for. The
                                                              I began to read the stories insurance policy was no
                               against my heritage.
                                                              of people who had           longer needed; I didn’t need
                               For many years I carried on discovered God in their lives to sit the exam. All I ever
                               going to church, enjoying      and some of them really     needed had been given to
                               the rituals, the bible stories helped me. In particular a  me 2000 years ago by
                               and the fellowship, but all    book by the wife of an      Jesus Christ who loves me
                               the time feeling as if I was Anglican priest who           and you. PRAISE THE
                               missing something really       described the sort of       LORD
 Alabaré Newsletter                            Christmas 2004                  Page 2

My Journey In Faith                                            become involved in local
                                                               ecumenical prayer groups
Patricia Lamb                                                  and my faith began to
                                                               become real and exciting.
As a child I was brought up    lived in the country and I
in a Catholic home with        didn’t drive at the time and    In 1984 I met through my
caring parents and I was       so it wasn’t until much later   teaching John and Lee
brought up to believe in God   that I started going to         Proctor who invited me to
and Jesus. I was also taught   church on a regular basis.      join a Sunday evening
to pray every night and at                                     prayer group at their house
                              I eventually obtained a          in Wilton which I did and
mealtimes but these were
                              teaching post in a Catholic      from that encounter I
the standard prayer which
                              school and I was very            became a member of the
children have always said.
                              influenced by the faith of       Alabaré Christian              “my vision of God
There was nothing
                              one of the teachers who          Community.                        and Jesus was
spontaneous about them
                              was a nun. I had told her
and my vision of God and                                       The experiences in my          that of a God who
                              that my faith was weak at
Jesus was that of a God                                        journey have been                      punishes”
                              that time and she talked
who punishes and                                               sometimes exciting, also
                              about how God always
reprimands for misdeeds.                                       frustrating and challenging.
                              loves us whatever we do
This continued until I was    and is a forgiving God. This     I have experienced both the
married and then for a while was news to me as I had           joys and sorrows of being
I left the church as it held  always seen him as a             part of a wider Christian
nothing for me at the time,   judgemental God.                 Community and great
but I still believed in God                                    blessings as a member of
                              In 1982 I was invited to form
and Jesus.                                                     the Alabaré Community.
                              a prayer trio with some
When our first child          Methodists in our village in     Both have also brought me
Catherine was born I had a preparation for a visit to a        into contact with some
feeling that this precious    rally being held by Billy        wonderful people who have
child was really a gift from  Graham in Bristol. This          taught me so much about
God and that I ought to start brought me into contact with     the unconditional love of
going to church again. This other prayerful Christians.        God that I feel that my
was a bit hit and miss as we From then on I began to           journey has been truly

Alabaré Christian Care Centres
Deacon John Proctor - Chairman
Last year we saw a             support we give to staff andand ministry through
significant growth in our      clients and have decided to partnership working,
outreach through Alabaré       establish a Chaplaincy      mergers and new
Christian Care Centres with    service across the          developments. This year we
more than a dozen new          organisation.               took over Action on                 “This year we will
projects. This year we will                                Homeless in Trowbridge                invest £3.5m in
                               We have developed a
invest £3.5m in care of the                                which continues to provide
                               policy on ‘campaigning’ and                                            care of the
vulnerable and the                                         much needed services to the
                               have organised a very                                          vulnerable and the
marginalised. The year has                                 homeless and young people
                               successful conference on
been spent embedding the                                   of that area.                          marginalised.”
                               ‘Supporting People’. A
new projects into Alabaré
                               series of ‘Alabaré Talks’   We would ask you to
and ensuring we meet the
                               have started, aimed at      continue to hold all this work
high standards required by
                               clients, staff and local    in your daily prayer and pray
the new ‘Supporting People’
                               business. The charity       that we will continue to
legislation. We have
                               continues to talk to a wide secure the staff and funding
continued to look at ways of
                               range of organisations in   to develop this further in the
developing the spiritual
                               order to develop its work   future.
                              Alabaré Newsletter                                Christmas 2004                  Page 2

New                          God's Healing Power in my Life                             relationship with Jesus. My
                                                                                        husband was diagnosed
Website                      Dee Chislett
                                                                                        with Motor Neurone
                                                                                        Disease and I had three
It has taken a long time     I was fortunate to be one of two lovely boys and I was     children and was praying
in coming but from 1st       a large family, and although very happy, and then, when the rosary every day. My
January you should be        both my parents were         it seemed everything was      sister came with a prayer
able to access our web       Catholic, neither of them    perfect, my youngest son      group from Bristol (I lived in
site        were practising. One of my had meningitis and died. I      Melksham at this time) and
                             older sisters took us        said, 'Where are you, God?' my husband and I were
Here you will be able to                                                                prayed over for an infilling of
                             younger ones to Mass every
book on line for B&B and                                  I expect I prayed. I can't    the Holy Spirit. It seems I
                             week and I was involved in
our Retreats. There is a                                  remember. I'm sure other      was vulnerable enough at
                             the Children of Mary and
section for our newsletter                                people prayed for me.         that time to really feel God's
                             the Legion of Mary when I
and articles and we                                       However, I did not return to love.
                             was a teenager.
would welcome                                             the Church until l was
response from our            Like many young people       pregnant with my next child My husband was not healed
readers to relay on line.    though, I became 'choked'    and God spoke directly to     physically, but he was
You will be able to enrol    by the weeds of my World     me, because the reading       certainly healed in other
in our 500 Association or    and became too 'wise' to     that Sunday was the           ways. He became a
make donations to our        believe in God! But, I had   'Prodigal Son'. I felt that   Catholic before he died and
work. There will be a link   an inquisitive nature, and I although I had abandoned      was a great inspiration to
through to                   learned a lot about other    God, He had never let go of many people.            peoples' faiths, and since I me. I probably went to        There have been many
where you will be kept       couldn't believe in any of   Mass as an 'insurance         instances since then that
up to date on our            them I decided that God did policy' against future         God has healed me, in the
outreach work. This will     not exist! How very clever I sorrows.                      spiritual sense. So that His
be our main vehicle for      was!                                                       Will is done in my life and
                                                          It was about three years
keeping in touch with
                             So, I was married and had    later that I began a personal not mine.
you all in the future.
However we will try and
maintain an annual
newsletter for those who     What a year!                      Stephen, our eldest and his
                                                               girlfriend Kerrie have a little
                                                                                                 notched up 10 years, the
                                                                                                 longest serving staff
do not have access to                                          lad of 14 months called           member. She enjoys her
the Internet.                 Steve Godwin                     Keaton. He is every bit the       work with the homeless and
                                                               little boy with lumps and         finds the struggles and
                             2004 has been quite a year bumps all over him, where                challenges of managing the
                             for us. Our two                   he falls over and knocks          project constantly rewarding
                             grandchildren are at that         himself. With a shock of red      if somewhat emotionally
                             lovely age when they are          hair, Keaton is a bundle of       demanding.
                             cuddly and a lot of fun but       fun and energy and a great
                             haven’t grown in to that                                            Alpha has just started in
                                                               joy. We are very fortunate
                             cheeky stage yet. Tamzin                                            Damascus and Margaret is
                                                               because they live very
                             (nearly a year old) who lives locally to us and we can              delighted at the response
                             with us with her mum Clare, walk to their house. This               from 10-15 residents who
                             radiates that wonderful                                             are attending regularly.
                                                               year has been a joy and we
                             smile every time she sees         have really been able to          Steve has been working for
                             us. When we have had a            enjoy our two gifts from          the YMCA since May of last
                             hard day and come home            Heaven.                           year and is Chief Executive
                             tired, there she is with that                                       for West Berkshire which is
                             expectant grin from ear to        Margaret is working at
                                                                                                 Newbury. He has recently
                             ear. Our house is chaotic         Damascus House in
                                                                                                 taken on Basingstoke
                             again but it is all worth it just Salisbury part of the             YMCA as well and the two
                             to have that wonderful            Alabare Christian care
                                                                                                 are about to be merged
                             experience each day.              Centres and has just
                                                                                                 under a completely new
 Alabaré Newsletter                              Christmas 2004             Page 2

name, likely to be ‘Cross      ordained, his ministry has    period for many people but
Borders YMCA’. Both            been widely recognised in     we have to remember
Steve and Margaret find        the movement and he has       also, the sadness that
that their work with the       been called upon on many      some experience through
homeless and the               occasions to lead worship     problems including
marginalised to be very        or devotions at               poverty, homelessness or
rewarding, if somewhat         conferences and               loneliness or
tiring. Steve completed his    seminars. He has also         bereavement. Christmas is
4 years of ministry training   been surprised at the         a time of the year when
earlier this year and was      number of opportunities       some people may visit a
ordained to the role of        that have arisen to           church. What we have to
permanent deacon on July       minister to staff. The        question is, are we
10th. Working alongside        brokenness of people and      receptive to the stranger at
John Detain (ordained at       the many issues that staff    the back of our church?
the same time) both Steve      are experiencing has been     Are they welcomed and
& John are connected to        highlighted by the society    brought into our
St Gregory’s RC Church in      that we live in today.        community? When we talk
Salisbury. With a new and      Steve comments:               with them, do they see the
young Parish Priest, Steve                                   joy in our faces?
                               “The staff sometimes
is enjoying his ministry
                               appear to be as needy as      Are we willing to offer
and developing some of
                               the clients but I suppose     them a bit of what we have
the skills that he learnt in
                               that just shows the affects   got?
his period of diaconal
                               of living in today’s manic
formation. One of the                                        Remember – they may not
                               society. Never more do
interesting developments                                     look like us, they may not
                               people seem to have a
that Steve has found is                                      fit into our social circle,
                               greater number of
how his ministry has                                         they may act differently –
                               problems and issues than
integrated in to his work                                    but they are our fellow
                               this year”.
place. The YMCA is                                           human beings.
known as being a strong         As we enter Advent, the
Christian evangelical                                        Jesus said in his sermon
                               season of preparation for
organisation but it was                                      on the mount (known as
                               Christmas, it is so
interesting how warmly                                       the Beatitudes)
                               important that we take
they welcomed an               time out to remember the      “Blessed are the poor for
ordained Catholic deacon       true meaning of this time     they shall inherit the earth”
into their midst. Steve has    of the year. Christmas can
found that since being         be such a wonderful

                                                                                             “are we receptive
                                                                                             to the stranger at
                                                                                               the back of our

               Tamzin takes Steve to see Santa
                        Alabaré Newsletter                            Christmas 2004                 Page 2

                        Retreats & Quiet Days
                         Alabaré House of Prayer
                         15 Tollgate Road, Salisbury, SP1 2JA
                         Tel./Fax 01722 501586/340206
                         E mail
                         Director: Revd John Proctor
                         January 27th         Candlemass. ‘The Light of Christ’
                                              Led by Fr. Peter Coxe

                         February 10th         ‘Traveling light with Francis & Clare of Assisi’
                                               Led by Bishop John Waller

                         February 19th         Spending the day with Jesus
                                               Led by Sr. Mairead Quigley R.S.C.J

                         March 5th             The divorce between Energy and Wisdom
                                               Led by David Wells

                         March 11th-13th       In Search of Community
Alabare House of                               Led by Alabaré Community
Prayer is home to the
Alabare Christian        April 22 nd -24th     A weekend experiencing Ignatian Spirituality.
Community which is                             Led by Jeanne Blowers
a registered charity.    May 12th              Medieval English Mysticism – Richard Roller, Walter Hilton,
                                               Dame Julien of Norwich
                                               Led by Brother Patrick from Sarum College

                         May 20th-22nd         Growing Together in Christ
                                               Led by Alabaré Community

                         June 11th             Keep your halo polished and your harp in tune
                                               Led by Canon Gwyneth Evans

                         September 10th        The Passion of Jesus: Separation and Loss
                                               Led by Fr. Dennis McBride

                         October 1st           Our need for inner healing and healing of memories
                                               Led by Dr. Jan & Patrick Knight

                         October 21st-23rd     Entering into a Covenant
                                               Led by Alabaré Community

                         November 12th         Being Fully Alive
                                               Led by Margaret Silf

                         December 9th-11th     Advent Retreat
                                               Led by Alabaré Community

                         In between these dates the House is available for Private Groups and for individual
                         directed retreats. Guests are also welcome for Bed & Breakfast when
                         space permits. For further details and additional courses visit our website at
                (available from January 2005)

                         To book either telephone or e-mail us for a booking form.
CHARITABLE GIVING                                                    I would like to give regularly to Alabaré Christian                    Your chance to make a difference
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IMPORTANT please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS.

                                                                   To the Manager                                              Bank PIc     Please accept my gift of:
If you complete and return this declaration to us, any donations                                                                            £20  £30  £50  £l00  £200  Other £
you make from 6th April 2003, whether large or small, regular      Address
or one-off, Alabaré Christian Community will be able to claim                                                                               For New Citizen Project / Community General Fund*
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to any tax reclaimed by Alabaré Christian Community in that
period.                                                            Signed                                               Date
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I confirm that I am a UK taxpayer, resident in the UK for tax                                                                               Community to recover tax on your donation.
purposes and that I will advise Alabaré Christian Community if     Name
this situation changes.
                                                                                                                                              Thank you for helping us to make a difference in
                                                                   Address                                                                                     people's lives

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                                                                                                                                                          Registered Charity number 292024

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