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                            visitTeesvalley BOARD

Meeting to be held at Middlesbrough Town Hall at 10am – 1pm on Thursday
                               9th July 2009

1   APOLOGIES Mark Clayton, Nick Dolan, Bryn
    Hughes, John Lowther, Linda Edworthy




    Tees Valley Unlimited
    NE Visitor Economy Strategy and AtMap –
    Chris Little (ONE)
    Festivals and Events Development Plan – to
    be tabled
    Tall Ships – presentation by Stuart Green
    VTV update April –June activities (Attached)

    Cultural Volunteering (Attached)
    Business Engagement – Future activities
    (report to be tabled)

    Campaign/Marketing – Future activities
    (report to be tabled)

    Finance report (To be forwarded)

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                        Agenda
23 April 2009

       Income generation (Attached)
       Tees Valley Top 10 (Attached)


       •   October, venue and date tbc

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                 Agenda
23 April 2009

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1.   Tees Valley Unlimited (TVU) Board Members should act impartially and should
     not use their position on TVU to further their personal or private interests. It is
     therefore good practice to have, and One NorthEast requires, TVU to have a
     set of clear procedures for dealing with any conflicts of interest, which may
     occur during business, whether at the Leadership Board, the Executive or the
     Sub Boards.

2.   The purpose of this note is to advise TVU Board Members what is meant by a
     “conflict of interest” and to set out procedures for dealing with such conflicts if
     they occur.

3.   Board Members, who are also elected members or co-opted members of one
     of the Tees Valley Local Authorities, will have signed an undertaking to adhere
     to a Model Code of Conduct, issued under section 50 of the Local Government
     Act 2000, and adopted by their authority. Within that Code are requirements
     relating to the declaration and registration of personal non-prejudicial and
     personal/prejudicial interests. Local Authority members should have regard to
     all the requirements of the Model Code when representing their authority on
     TVU Boards.

4.   A conflict may be defined as an interest in any TVU business which relates to or
     is likely to affect the financial, commercial, professional or personal interests of
     an individual member, their relatives, close associates, employer, any firm in
     which they are a partner, any company of which they area Directors, or the
     organisation they are representing on TVU.

5.   An example of a conflict of interest could be a business representative
     influencing a decision that will be of financial benefit to that members business or
     another business that they have an interest in.

6.   The responsibility for declaring an interest and for withdrawal from the meeting
     room and not improperly influencing a decision on a partnership matter rests with
     the individual Board Members.
Basic Principles
7.   In conducting its business, TVU requires all partner organisations, and their
     representatives, to act in the overall interests of TVU and its schemes.

8.   Partners should accept a collective responsibility for the effective delivery of the
     funding programmes, which over-rides any individual interests (corporate or

9.   Partners should declare an interest when involved with partnership business and
     act at all times in good faith, in the best interest of the schemes and the local

10. In conducting TVU business, the following procedures will be applied:

     (i)     A standing item, regarding conflicts of interest, will be included on each
             agenda at the start of TVU meetings. All members should declare the
             existence and nature of any interests at this point. Details of the
             declaration will be recorded in the Board’s minutes. If members arrive part
             way through a meeting they should declare any interest at the start of the
             relevant item or as soon as it becomes apparent that they have an interest;

     (ii)    TVU will maintain a register of such declared interests, detailing the nature
             and extent of such an interest;

     (iii)   Where a conflict of interest occurs, the Board member should withdraw from
             the meeting room whilst the relevant business is being considered /
             determined and, must not vote of otherwise improperly influence decisions
             on that business;

     (iv) In respect of collective decisions, such as partnership quarterly grant claims
          or the approval of annual delivery plans, partnership members should
          consider the issues in respect of the other elements of the schemes and not
          their own projects or interests. In practice, this means that within the
          context of an overall scheme decision, members should vet each other’s
          claim or submission.
In the case of Local Authority Board Members they should consider whether they have
a personal non-prejudicial or personal/prejudicial interest in any matter, as defined in
the Model Code of Conduct for Local Authority Members. Where a member has a
prejudicial interest in a matter they should leave the meeting room and must take no
part in the discussion or voting on the business concerned.

If partnership members require further advice on conflicts of interest, they should
contact Linda Edworthy, Senior Assistant Director (Corporate Support) at the
Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit (01642) 264908.
                                                            Notes of Meeting

                           VISIT TEES VALLEY BOARD

     Meeting held at Joint Strategy Unit, Melrose House, Middlesbrough at
                      1.30pm on Thursday, 23rd April 2009


David Kelly (DK)           visitTeesvalley                            Chair

Krimo Bouabda (KB)         Cream Restaurants Ltd

Councillor Bob Cook (BC)   Stockton on Tees BC

Bryn Hughes (BH)           HMS Trincomalee

Mark Clayton (MC)          Crathorne Hall Hotel

Nick Dolan (ND)            National Trust Ormesby

Patrick Green (PG)         Wild Hop Brewery Ltd

Juliet Farrer (JFa)        Middlesbrough BC

Stuart Green (SG)          Hartlepool BC

Julia Frater (JFr)         visitTeesvalley

Linda Edworthy (LE)        Tees Valley Joint Strategy Unit (Part of

Sarah Johnson (SJ)         Stockton on Tees BC


Maria Wilcock (MW)         Argument Cottage

John Lowther (JL)          JSU

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    The Chairman (DK) welcomed attendees to the meeting and in
    particular, Mark Clayton who was a new co-optee to the


    The minutes of the meeting held on 15th January 2009 were
    agreed as a true record.


    The Board was informed that a visitTeesvalley (vTv) officer
    had now been appointed to the Captain Cook Tourism
    Association. vTv would be presenting information to a meeting
    of the Association on the Tall Ships and other vTv activities.

    Governance Arrangements – It was noted that Redcar and
    Cleveland Borough Council had indicated that they would like
    a representative on the Board. They had been informed that
    they could have an observer until a review of the
    arrangements had taken place. It was also noted that 2
    members of the private sector in Hartlepool had expressed an
    interest in sitting on the Board.

    ONE Marketing Framework - A letter had been sent to ONE
    and a meeting had been arranged for mid May 2009 to
    discuss the marketing framework.

    Finance Report – LE informed the Board that TVJSU was
    undertaking, with SBC, a full financial review of the systems
    and processes which could lead to changes.

    RESOLVED that the information be noted.
    The Head of vTv, JFr, informed the Board of changes to
    staffing at vTv as a result of a review of activity and business
    generated. The consultation report had been circulated to all
    Board Members. It was considered that Business Tourism and
    Group Travel were being tackled at the regional level and as a
    result of this one post was currently in the process of being
    made redundant. It was also considered that employing an
    agency to carry out PR activity was costly, therefore a PR post
    within vTv had been job evaluated and would be advertised in
    the next month. It was noted that Alcazar might still be
    required for some activity.

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    RESOLVED that the information be noted.

    Tees Valley Unlimited
    LE discussed the announcement that Tees Valley had not
    been chosen as a City Region Forerunner with the Board. It
    was explained that Manchester and Leeds had been chosen
    as the Government considered that they could have a bigger
    impact on the national economy in the current circumstances.
    LE explained that they were disappointed with the decision
    and had requested a ministerial visit and would be having
    various discussions on the way forward. In terms of the
    Governance arrangements for TVU it was noted that
    amendments were still necessary and a report would be
    brought back to the next meeting of the Board.

    In terms of the communication strategy for TVU the Board was
    informed that it was the intention to ensure that there was a
    good understanding across all the Sub Boards of the range of
    activities being undertaken. Board Members were already
    receiving Quarterly Newsletters and there would be 2
    meetings a year for all Board Members. It was also intended to
    have a session for all of the Boards’ Chairs to meet and
    discuss the annual TVU Conference. Currently, an ICT review
    was being undertaken and all websites were being looked at
    to ensure they were up to date. It was intended that briefing
    notes would be circulated to all Board Members and would not
    be confidential allowing for wider circulation.

    The withdrawal of the BMI Teesside to Heathrow flight was
    discussed. LE informed the Board that a delegation had met
    with the Minister for Aviation in March to discuss this issue.
    The Minister had been supportive and they had received the
    backing of all of the regions MP’s. ONE and Durham Tees
    Valley Airport were currently investigating a public service
    obligation order and the airport was also looking at the option
    of another provider.

    North East Visitor Economy Strategy
    The Board was provided with a NE Visitor Economy Strategy
    timetable. It would be discussed at the next AtMap Steering
    Group on 21st May. A staff away day for all 4 ATPs staff had
    also been arranged for 6th May to go through the visitor
    economy strategy.

    vTv Update – January – March 2009 Activities
    The Board was provided with a summary of activities for
    January to March 2009. The Tall Ships Race 2010 was
    discussed. Concerns were raised over the current lack of

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    sponsorship and the Board offered its assistance in the form
    of knowledge, skills or contacts. It was also suggested that the
    Attractions Forum could be of assistance. Board Members
    agreed that it was important to ensure that visitors to the Tall
    Ships were aware of other events or attraction happening that
    week. SG agreed to provide an update to a future meeting of
    the Board on the Tall Ships Race 2010.

    RESOLVED that the information be noted.

    Passionate About Skills (PAS) Update
    The Board was presented with a report that summarised the
    work undertaken, key challenges and the way forward for the
    PAS Pilot. Visit Tees Valley had secured funding for one year
    in 2008/09 to implement the project and it had now been
    extended for a further two years due to its success as part of
    the REF.

    RESOLVED that the considerable progress made with PAS
    and the extension of the project for a further two years be

    Cultural Volunteering Project
    The Board considered a report that highlighted the work of
    Tees Valleys Cultural Volunteering pilot project led by
    visitTeesvalley. Information was provided on the key
    achievements and future activity. JFa commented that it was
    possible that volunteers that already existed through the
    Events and Festivals Forum were being missed. It was
    suggested that it be an item at the next meeting of the Forum.

    RESOLVED that vTv continue to lead on the project and carry
    out the identified ‘future actions’.

    Business Engagement
    The Board was presented with information on the Business
    Engagement activities undertaken during 2008/09 and the
    activity planned for 2009/10.

    The Board discussed ‘in kind’ contributions from LAs. It was
    noted that although it appeared that contributions were
    diminishing, the figures had been analysed and they
    suggested that the total value of contributions from the 5 LAs
    had increased significantly based on the data submitted. A
    number of public sector board members advised against too
    much reliance on this data and its relevance and drew
    attention to other ways in which the contributions needed to be
    assessed. It was informed that the ATP Chairs would be

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    meeting on 2 June to discuss the financial sustainability of the
    network and the ATPs. JFa suggested that vTv should meet
    with LAs at the beginning of the Financial Year in order to plan
    the work required for the year ahead. Representatives to sit on
    a Sub Group to look at income generation were sought. KB
    and PG agreed to sit on the Sub Group.

    RESOLVED that:-
      1. vTv continue with the Business Engagement activity for
      2. KB and PG be appointed as vTv representatives to the
         Income Generation Sub Group.
    visitTeesvalley Marketing Campaign

    The Board was presented with a report that highlighted
    visitTeesvalley’s activity to date with regard to marketing and
    also outlined the consumer campaign for 2009/10. It was
    noted that the new website for vTv would be ready by the
    beginning of June.

    The Board congratulated officers on the proposed ‘Do
    Something Different’ consumer marketing campaign for

    RESOLVED that the proposed campaign activity and
    evaluation be approved.

    Marketing Framework

    The Board considered a report that gave an outline of the One
    NorthEast’s Marketing Framework. The Framework was
    currently awaiting sign-off from the four ATP Chief Executives
    in July 2009.

    RESOLVED that the current position be noted and the
    Marketing Manager be directed to pursue dispersal products
    that will support the TV product, business and brand.

    Festivals and Events Development Plan (FEDP)

    The Board was presented with a report that highlighted vTv’s
    response to the recommendations of the RDA’s Regional
    Festivals and Events Sub Group for the Single Programme of
    funding of Festivals and Events from 2010/11 onwards and
    production of a FEDP. The proposal to submit an expression
    of interest in undertaking the regional co-ordination role was
    discussed with vTv in partnership with the University of
    Teesside, Events International and Gecko Ltd.

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    RESOLVED that vTv be directed to bring together a
    collaboration of key partners to produce a FEDP and look at
    submitting expression of interest.


    Finance Report
    The Board was presented with an estimate of the 2008/09
    outturn based on information available to date and showed
    that vTv expected to end the year with a surplus.

    LE informed the Board that TVJSU was currently undergoing a
    financial audit with Stockton Council and that changes to
    processes would be likely.

    Income Generation

    The Board considered information in relation to income
    generation. It was noted that on behalf of Tourism Network
    North East (TNNE) vTv would develop a sales strategy that
    would aim to deliver income generation opportunities for vTv
    and TNNE whilst also providing private sector businesses with
    a tool that identified how vTv and TNNE could increase
    profitability. A discussion paper would be prepared for
    consideration at the next joint NE Tourism Advisory Board and
    Chairs meeting on 2nd June.

    Tees Valley Top 10

    The Board discussed the ‘Top 10’and was informed that two
    businesses had declined the second year of the programme
    but others were still considering their position. The Board
    acknowledged that the economic climate had changed
    dramatically and this would be a major factor for businesses.

    RESOLVED that the information be noted.

    In terms of the ‘How’s Business’ survey responses had been
    low. The Board was informed that vTv and Northumberland
    had indicated that they would be happy for ONE to circulate
    the survey. It would take the form of 3 questions on a 3
    monthly basis.

    JFr referred to an update report for the north east on tourism
    and the recession that had been largely drawn from verbal
    reports made by the ATP Business Engagement Officers at

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    the Tourism Network Business & Skills Working Group
    meeting on 21 April 2009. It appeared that it was a relatively
    mixed picture for all areas. In the Tees Valley it was noted that
    the opening of Saltholme Nature Reserve had been
    successful. It had seen approximately 25,000 visitors in the
    first 3 months. In Northumberland, January and February
    visitor numbers and occupancy levels were reported as being
    excellent for the time of year. March was a bit slower but early
    reports were that Easter had been very good. For Durham the
    leisure market was performing well in both the city and rural
    areas. In Tyne and Wear occupancy in March in
    Newcastle/Gateshead hotels had been at its highest level for 5
    years which was considered to be an achievement during a
    recession, but probably one that had been bought by
    extremely heavy discounting.

    RESOLVED that the information be noted.


    9 July 2009 – venue tbc

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                visitTeesvalley Summary of Activities

Month:         April – June 2009

Head Update
Festival and Events Development Plan (FEDP)
Preparation of FEDP is being undertaken with Heads of Culture of 5 LAs plus private
sector reps. Brainstorming session July 3rd. The Plan will also identify one lead
event/year. Draft Plan submitted to Directors of Regeneration in September for
approval prior to submission to ONE. Regional Co-ordination Unit appointed in July.
Single Programme bid for monies for 2010/11 event to be submitted by Aug 20th to
ONE. Limited money available as already funding Tall Ships, Youth games and
Durham Cricket ground. There will be a call for major events bids from the £2.5mpa
for 2011/12 and 2012/13 in January 2010. Guidelines for selection have been issued.
Further document prepared to Identify 5-6 projects which will meet the vision, TV
priorities and 4 regional objectives and be deliverable To be discussed at next Board
meeting with NE Visitor Economy Strategy
R&CBC held Master Plan vision workshop – final draft completed June. R&C
undergoing major restructuring – two new Heads of Services to be appointed July.
Head member of Creative Industries Steering Group.
Darlington – With the redundancy of Gwenda Lyn Jones – John Anderson taking lead
role Glennis Dodds attends Tourism Officers meetings on a quarterly basis.
Rural Development Programme
Rolling out Guisborough Market Town Destination Plan. Looking at rolling out the
approach to other appropriate locations in the Tees Valley.
GMTI secured £300k pa to implement destination plan – discussions taking place for
R&CBC to lead on delivery of Business and Community Asset Fund (up to £200k per
project- 50% grant private sector cash match) for Tees Valley. R&C preparing bid for
rural programme funding (£500k) through Sport England for G’boro Mountain Bike
Trail Head Centre.
£130,000 claw back over 08/09 and 09/10 – vTv to pay £100,000, JSU remainder
The revised NE marketing framework has been circulated to ATPs for internal use.
Roles and responsibilities are not included within the framework document. Dispersal
protocols still to be agreed.
Discussions have been held regarding how BSSP will affect the ATPs and particularly
the work of business engagement. The Tourism Business Toolkit will be accessed
through the Business Link website. A Memorandum of Understanding has been
signed between the Network (ONE and the 4 ATPs) and BL, a Statement of Intent
(the first in Tees Valley) has also been signed between vTv and BL and Operating
Guides. These include creating a robust referral process for ATPs and Business Link,
sharing of customer information, development of the Business Link service and
customer journey. This is an interim measure until a MOU and SOI has been reached
between TVU and BL
Dedicated pt Tall Ships PR officer appointed and commenced beginning March. July
3rd – 400 days till Tall Ships. Unveiling of countdown clock by Jeff Stelling on 3rd at
the start of DockFest. Revision of Marketing and Comms Strategy to reflect target
markets – draft to be agreed in July.
D’ton Tourism Officer Post is frozen. R&CBC Tourism post to be advertised shortly.
The Passionate about Skills Post will be part of the Regional Employer Framework
with ONE funding for 2 years – FT post – Carol Daniel taken up position. This left a
vacancy for Cultural Volunteering Post and we have appointed Helen McBride.
NEEC have also offered support on financial aspects. We have appointed a PR
Executive and await confirmation of start date. We are awaiting the result of job
evaluation for the e tourism post from HR.
We are co-ordinating a bid for tourism related posts with all LAs as part of the
Futures Job Fund – bids need to be submitted by 30th June to commence in October.
TVU are looking at the way forward following Manchester and Leeds securing City
Region Forerunner status. Discussions ongoing with Gov.
Strategy & Representation (Strategy, Corporate Communications, Hospitality, Forums)
The April meeting had presentations from Kerina Clark of the new Xcel Centre in
Newton Aycliffe, and John Gallery on The main focus of the
meeting was spending the 2008 fees, and the decision was made by the group to give
the money to a local charity to hold an event at one or more member venue/s, raising
funds for the charity and profile for the group. Discussions began with Teesside
Hospice as the chosen charity. Teesside Hospice attended the May meeting and
revealed their plans of a food festival event using the fees donated by the group.
More details will be discussed at the next meeting.
The next meeting will be a joint Forum between the Events and Attractions Forums
on 30th July.
B&B/SC Forum
The next meeting is on 29th July.
Destination Development (Evaluation, Research, Top 10 Delivery,
Comments have been received on the draft final copy of the Accommodation Study
and factsheets - further amendments required from M’boro and then report will be
published. The AtMap Steering Group and Planning Group will meet every 6 months
to review progress and to take activities forward. Draft Local Development
Framework to be agreed. The Template for collating tourism/leisure projects
submitted for planning approval has been agreed and circulated to update projects..
Product Development
Art and Literary
An audit has begun to identify if there is sufficient product of an appropriate standard
to develop and launch a Cultural trail for Tees Valley, subject matter to include art
(galleries, sculpture, public art) and literary products. The intention being to identify
places of interest which have a direct link and can provide experiential activity as
opposed to vague references. If a strong theme is identified a package/trail will be
created via the website and marketed through PR and comms activity.
Nature and activity Based Tourism
Following a decision by Redcar and Cleveland BC on the Mountain Bike Trail Head
proposals and a review of recent studies into nature based and activity based tourism
it is proposed to prepare a project plan in relation to developing Nature based and
activity based trails. Product development activity will include liaison with the LA’s
to develop or improve the product followed by the development of web based trails
and itineraries etc.
Heritage Tourism
Following a study by Tribal Consulting into the opportunities for the region with
Heritage tourism the following areas were proposed as possible themes; Castles,
Living, Breathing History (Industrial), Edge of the Roman Empire and A major centre
of European learning (Christian). These were subsequently tested via focus groups in
York and Edinburgh with Discoverers and Traditionals . The focus groups
highlighted that any activity needed to focus on experiential as opposed to tenuous
links and plaques or flat historical content, also the Christian heritage was not a theme
which would encourage a visit, except for Durham Cathedral and possibly Holy
Island. The next stage is to carry out a product audit linked to these themes to identify
and explore the product developments/improvements required prior to going to
market and propose a plan of action.
E Tourism
vTv’s E Tourism Strategy is progressing well with current work including:
Google Analytics - training has been delivered to key members of the team on Google
analytics identifying how this tool can be used to evaluate and monitor the
effectiveness of the site and campaign activity, demonstrate how content could be
changed and adapted to increase usability and how to monitor webstats etc. A report
template will be developed and implemented in the coming weeks
Development of a Data Strategy - this will include data collection plans, usage of data
protocols, E Tourism Framework which will be developed in conjunction with the
LA’s to ensure buy in and develop a network approach to web activity
Web Content Plan - 6 month plan to ensure and maintain that the site content is
dynamic and 24/7 with a longer term timetable of activities.
A 3 year vision for the website will be produced identifying how the site needs to
evolve based on future campaign activity, developmental and functionality
changes/opportunities and regional activities) and a SEO Strategy (two phased
approach to the identification of keywords to increase the optimisation of the site,
phase one short term based on the identification of key words for new site in
conjunction with Google analytics work to review and identify ongoing amendments
required to ensure ongoing optimisation with a longer term strategy looking at
prioritising/goalising keywords linked to future campaign activity or target
audiences/product launches etc.)
Additional activity to include proposals to identify ongoing monetirisation
opportunities via the website and a review of the functionality and improvements to
the BRM system. This work is currently being facilitated by a consultant, it is hoped
to employ an E Tourism Officer within the next month to lead on delivery of the 3
year E Tourism Strategy for vTv.
Travel Trade
Following the organisational changes at vTv, Travel Trade activity will now be
delivered via PR and Web based activities led by Stockton Borough Council as part of
the in kind contribution. A work programme has been developed which will be
delivered via the TO at Stockton Borough Council and the PR Executive for vTv with
support from the LA TO’s where applicable. The work programme will include
activities such as regular press coverage/articles, attendance at exhibitions/workshops
with the regional teams, two fam trips per annum, vTv features in newsletters, web
presence, production of a generic piece of print, etc monitored by CBS and KW.
Business Tourism
Following the organisational changes at vTv, future Business Tourism activity will be
delivered via a regional collaboration between CDTP/T&W/NTP and vTv ATP’s. A
steering group has been formed and activities identified, further updates to be
forwarded as and when appropriate.
Business Engagement & Business Tourism
Nature Tourism: During April vTv held two nature tourism Fam trips taking
businesses around Tees Valley to explore the fantastic nature available. A toolkit has
been made to support the next stages of businesses promoting Tees Valley’s nature
hot spots and each business was supported by a one-to-one meeting. A number of the
businesses have set up meetings to work in partnership and vTv has a role in assisting.
Corporate site: The copy writing for the corporate site was undertaking during April
and May and has now been completed. The next stage to prepare the site requires
technical assistance. Target to complete is early July. The url for the site is
Membership Module(BRM): Training was delivered by ONE on the membership
module, in particular estate configuration and user defined fields. Some time now
needs to be planned in to set up the system to monitor TV business engagement.
Some records have been updated however feedback is being prepared for ONE as
there are some major issues with the system.
Spring Conference: Our Spring Conference was a huge success. Over 80 delegates
came to Middlesbrough's Cineworld Cinema and met the visitTeesvalley team.
Tourism businesses from all over the Tees Valley watched the premiere of the film
visitTeesvalley - It's happening. It featured contributions from a whole range of
people including Sir John Hall; Hugh Lang from Durham Tees Valley Airport and the
Mayor of Hartlepool, Stuart Drummond. It offered an uplifting look at the
transformation of Tees Valley over the last two decades. It also focused on the many
world-class visitor attractions and events in the Tees Valley. Video’s for each LA area
are available on the corporate website under the “About us”
and “Past Events” sections.
Tourism Awards: Applications are now closed for the 2009 North East England
Tourism Awards with a record 28 entries from Tees Valley. Short listing commences
on 29th June with the Award Ceremony on the 15th October at the Hilton, Newcastle.
'It Aint What You Do It's The Way That You Do It'!: This event was held on May 7th,
facilitated by Chris York, Ambition Academy with international marketing speaker
Geoff Ramm. The event purpose was to develop collaborative working between all
sectors of the visitor economy and to provide useful marketing tips which businesses
could take away and apply immediately. The event was a huge success receiving
excellent feedback. The follow up event on June 9th was equally successful with a
questions and answer session with award winning Poppy’s hairdresser’s and guest
speaker Geoff Hodgson. The event resulted in businesses planning a ‘Tees Valley
Forum’ with attendees from the full range of the visitor economy. Rockliffe Hall has
offered the venue for the first meeting.
Happening Pass: Twenty top offers have now been set up for the Happening Pass, a
training session was held on the 2nd June providing the top twenty businesses with full
training and a manual to effectively train their teams on the offers and usage of the
Happening Pass.
Access Launchpad: June saw the start of a new series of events ‘Access Launchpad’
which involves the launchpad vehicle touring Tees Valley during June & July
assisting businesses with their Access Statement and getting up to date with the DDA.
Darlington saw the first event, with 6 businesses attending a two hour training
session, businesses ranged from restaurants, self-catering, B&B and a major hotel.

Marketing (inc. consumer PR, e-marketing)
60,000 copies of the first 09/10 quarterly events flyer went out on 4th May to over 600
customer-facing businesses in and around the Tees Valley, County Durham and
North Yorkshire as well as a supporting eflyer to our consumer database. Both
promoted 3 competitions based on the Worldfest, Music Live and Infinity Bridge
events. All 3 competitions could be entered online on our website and amounted to a
total of 365 entries.
A vTv promotional team attended the Infinity Bridge event on 14th May promoting a
competition for Music Live, capturing data and getting people signed up for further
Do Something Different campaign was officially launched on 7th June at
Middlesbrough Music Live. Our events team were there with a Giant Shoe and ad
van promoting the new campaign and getting people signed up to the happening pass.
The launch also included the start of the TV and radio ads which will run up until
March 2010 over key school holiday periods. As well a 3 month banner ad on The campaign launch received coverage in The Evening Gazette,
Northern Echo, Hartlepool Mail, Bdaily and a couple of articles in Marketing Trade
The “all new” happening pass was officially launched the following week which
included a reader offer in the Northern Echo.
60,000 copies of the second events flyer (a Summer bumper edition) went out on 23rd
June to the same 600 businesses as above. A supported eflyer went out the following
week. This time promoting a powerboat competition linked to the Take to the Tees
An 8pg Summer Supplement in the Gazette and a 4pg wrap-around in the Hartlepool
Star went out on 24th June promoting events, attractions and activities on offer over
the Summer as well as the Happening Pass. A 4pg feature based on this theme was in
the Hartlepool Mail on 25th June and a similar 8pg supplement publication will be out
in the Northern Echo on 2nd July.
A Do Something Different Facebook Group has been set up and currently has had 170
members signed up in two weeks.
Work is underway on the Face of Tees Valley competition (the search for Tees Valley
Ambassadors) and the search will be launched on 5th July at Hartlepool Dockfest.
The new site was launched on 8th June. As it is a brand new site
the site is still being tested and development plan has been put together to look at
future work including content and data updates.
UGC (User Generated Content) and CRM (Customer Relationship
Management) Paper
As part of the E Tourism Strategy and web development a series of CRM and social
media (UGC) requirements were proposed. To be able to deliver these activities vTv
needed to assess how the regional solution might fulfill its requirements in full or in
part to prevent duplication and encourage strategic working and cost savings. To this
end a document was forwarded to ONE to describe the exact nature of the
requirement so that VTV can ensure its chosen development path is fit for purpose (in
both the long and short term) and make appropriate use of resources. In addition
concern has been raised with the network that there does not appear to be a strategic
approach to E Tourism/Marketing regionally which is possibly resulting in decisions
being made in silos, ie UGC packages and CRM systems that are not integrated
within Destine. The findings, proposed solutions, of this paper are due at the end of
June at which point vTv will share this information with the other ATP’s to identify if
there is a common view or requirement across the network or if vTv needs to pursue
these developments independently.

 vTv promotional teams will be in attendance at all key events in TV as well as some
regional events such as Sunderland Air show.
On site event evaluation has started for 2009 so far Infinity Bridge Opening and
Middlesbrough Music Live have been evaluated.
Events Officer is currently working on the FEDP and continuing the work with
existing events to encourage clustering and development.

The Passionate about Skills Steering Group will review its priorities at its next
meeting (date tbc) The pilot achievements included the establishment of an effective
network and Steering Group, funding Nature Based training for accommodation
providers, promoting the UK Skills passport to local Colleges who have encouraged
over 400 students to register for their own individual passport and agreeing priority
activities that support the work of the North East Tourism Skills Alliance.
The SME cluster pilot for the sector is progressing with employers and partners now
starting to identify and agree priority areas of activity including the expenditure of the
allocated funding. This will include a “Tees Valley Welcome” programme that is
been developed for the Cultural Volunteers.
Cultural Volunteering
Since April and June more than 400 volunteers have registered with Volunteesvalley
through a number of mediums including leaflets and websites. A full programme of
activity is attached as a separate Board item. A comprehensive database of volunteers
has now been developed, all have been contacted and inductions for these volunteers
will start the week of the 29th June. Some of these volunteers will be working on a
programme developed especially for Dockfest 09.
Plans to build on existing relationships and create new opportunities for volunteers is
now a main priority
Linkages with the Tall Ships and Personal Best Programme are still being developed
The next Steering Group will take place in July.
                                                                    Agenda Item 6


 Report of:            visitTeesvalley

 Report to:            visitTeesvalley Board

 Date:                 9 July 2009

 Subject:              Cultural Volunteering Project

 Item for:             Information / Decision / Presentation


1.       SUMMARY

1.0      This report highlights the work of Tees Valley’s Cultural Volunteering pilot project that
         is led by visitTeesvalley. The key achievements and future activity is identified.

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visitTeesvalley Board                                                      Agenda Item 6
9 July 2009


2.1     To provide an update of the project covering the following:

       •   Marketing and PR
       •   Volunteer Engagement
       •   Welcome to Tees Valley
       •   Funding
       •   Identified areas of development/ future actions

3.0     Marketing and PR

3.1     Cara Pringle has been leading on the marketing and PR of the Cultural
        Volunteer programme (Volunteesvalley) creating pages on the visitTeesvalley
        website dedicated to the project. The pages include information on the
        project, how to sign up and details about the volunteering offer for Tall Ships
        2010. This has been a successful way of recruiting and subsequently a
        number of volunteers have been registered this way.

3.2     A Facebook page where users can become a “fan of volunteesvalley” has
        also been created this again has been a good way of spreading the word not
        just for potential volunteers but also stakeholders, partners and organisations.
        Since the page went live within a week over 75 people had became fans.

4.0     Volunteer engagement

4.1     With the Tees Valley festival season approaching it was vital that volunteers
        were recruited to meet the demand. A tour of a volunteesvalley branded
        camper van distributing leaflets to local events and organisations took place
        recently for a week across the Tees Valley and registered over 400
        volunteers. The camper van was initially manned by a PR company however
        the proposal is to use volunteers in the future for recruitment drives.

4.2     With over 400 volunteers registered from the camper tour, facebook and
        website a comprehensive database has now been created with contact
        details and relevant information about the volunteer and areas of interest for
        matching. Most have now been contacted with a list of future events and
        placements .Inductions for those interested will take place the week of June
        29th. It is hoped that these volunteers will then work Hartlepool Dockfest 09

4.3     Using Dockfest 09 as a pilot we hope to create a structured programme for
        the volunteer which can be used for other local authority and private sector
        events and festivals. Volunteesvalley is working alongside event organisers
        to make sure that both the volunteer and the events staff/management know
        each other’s roles and responsibilities so that the placement is effective and a
        good experience for both parties.

4.4     Middlesbrough Music Live recently ran a “Cultural Ambassador volunteers
        Programme” and the volunteers would also be signed up and work with
        Volunteesvalley. Thirteen volunteers were inducted this way and a number

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visitTeesvalley Board                                                     Agenda Item 6
9 July 2009

        participated on the day. A full debrief of how the event and programme ran
        will be delivered by Jakki Mills of Ten Feet Tall and then rolled out to event

5.0     Welcome to Tees Valley

5.1     Initially it was decided that as part of the volunteesvalley induction a
        Welcome to Tees Valley package would be presented. This would follow the
        model used by Blackpool, where a number of trainers were recruited to
        deliver the package to businesses, authorities, services and organisations
        who would then in turn deliver it to their staff. This has proved extremely
        successful in helping to promote Blackpool and included delivery to the police
        and transport organisations. Over 1200 people have now been on the course
        since it was launched last year.

5.2     Julia Watson from Career Concepts who originally worked on the Blackpool
        programme has been contracted to pull together a package for the Tees
        Valley. This was due for completion in recent months however it has now
        been agreed that a number of additional elements to the package will be
        created for each local authority to promote their particular area in detail.
        Career Concepts are working on a draft to be completed by the end of July
        09, with a goal of a finished product by September. It will provide a 4 hour
        induction to the Tees valley which will be delivered to all volunteers who sign
        up to the programme and it will also be rolled out to other businesses within
        the visitor economy.

6.0     Project Management/Funding

6.1     Helen McBride has been appointed Project Co-ordinator and will work two
        days per week until the end of September due to other commitments with
        organising BBC Blast in Darlington. She will work 4 days per week from end
        of September till March. We are examining the possibility of integrating the
        role with the proposed Chief Liaison Officer to be appointed to work with the
        Tall Ships Races. The NE Employers Coalition is providing the financial and
        budgetary services for the project until the end of March.

6.2     Research is underway to look at alternative funding for the project which
        finishes in March 2010, including the Princes Trust and Generation 2012
        legacy programme.

6.3     Some of the CV Partners have also shown interest in joint bidding for future

7.0     Identified areas of development/ future actions

7.1     Relationships with routes to employment agencies are proving successful. A
        new relationship with Springboard Hartlepool has resulted in an increasing
        number of volunteers with over six people being referred daily.

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visitTeesvalley Board                                                  Agenda Item 6
9 July 2009

7.2     With over 400 volunteers on the database and increasing every day, building
        new relationships with organisations who can offer placements is now a high
        priority. Given the increasing demand from new volunteers it is important to
        make sure that this is continually monitored for best practice. We are also
        getting requests from event organisers outside Tees Valley for volunteers.

7.3     System of inductions to meet demand and relevant people trained to deliver
        the 4 hour induction programme.

7.4     Dockfest 09 to be used as a pilot programme for volunteers to be used in
        future events.

7.5     Continued work with Personal Best, Hartlepool Adult Education and Tall
        Ships Ambassador programme.

Originator:             Helen McBride

Contact Tel:            01642 263101


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visitTeesvalley Board                 Agenda Item 6
9 July 2009

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                                                     Agenda Item 8


Report of:       visitTeesvalley

Report to:       visitTeesvalley Board

Date:            9th July 2009

Subject:         Income Generation

Item for:        Information / Decision / Presentation

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009


1.1    To discuss the sustainability of Tourism Network North East including Single
       Programme and LA funding and potential income generation opportunities for


2.1    On 2nd June a joint NETA Board and ATP Chairs and Chief executives
       meeting was held to discuss the sustainability of tourism network northeast.
       Four background papers were circulated prior to the meeting and covered
       Single Programme funding for TNNE, LA funding levels for the ATPs, a
       summary of ATP commercial activity and an income generation discussion

2.2    The key points from the meeting and the agreed actions are set out below.


3.1    There was unanimous agreement that the Network approach – A Regional
       Team complemented by four ATPs – had proved to be successful and had
       been the right decision: Despite the recession, current business levels and
       confidence in the sector was very high; Past investments were providing a
       strong foundation on which to build; and VisitEngland recognised the North
       East model as a “Best Practice” example, ahead of most other regions

3.2    The problems facing the Network in terms of securing its long term financial
       sustainability should not be underestimated. However, it should also be
       recognised that the projected “Single Programme” support for the Network of
       £5.5 million in 2010/11 will still dwarf the total budget (from all sources) of the
       old Northumbria Tourist Board which was in the order of £1m per annum.

3.3    All partners in the Network needed to change their language from “Them and
       Us” to “We”. All partners recognised that their future success and long-term
       sustainability was closely inter-linked.

3.4    If not already doing so, ATPs should consider taking a “scenario planning”
       approach to managing their funding uncertainties – from best case to worst
       case scenarios.

3.5    Further opportunities for shared services across the Network should be
       investigated as a means of reducing costs for the ATPs. Opportunities could
       exist around shared HR and accounting services, as well as procurement


4.1    One North East agreed to circulate the detailed outcome of the “Shape”
       review once internal consultations are completed and to discuss the

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                 Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009

       implications with the ATP Chief Executives through Network Management

4.2    The new Visitor Economy Strategy will provide a major opportunity to set out
       the achievements of the Network for stakeholders and to help secure their
       support for the future. It should also help to establish roles and responsibilities
       of all organisations involved in the sector, not just One North East and the
       ATPs but also the Local Authorities, Business Link and others.

4.3    Once the key objectives and targets of the new Strategy are agreed by all
       stakeholders this will be a further opportunity for a full review of the priorities
       and actions of Network partners.


5.1    In the current climate of reduced public sector spending there is little prospect
       of the planned reduction in SP funding for the ATPs being reversed. However,
       it was understood that public funding for the ATPs would always be required
       to a certain extent. One North East will clarify whether development work by
       the ATPs to establish trading arms can be funded through their core costs,
       and to take this into account in future Funding Allocation Letters

5.2    One North East will clarify whether the rising proportion of their total income
       from other (non Single Programme) sources should be viewed by the ATPs as
       a “guideline target” or an “enforceable requirement” that should be re-
       negotiated if not being met.

5.3    One North East should recognise that matched core funding from other
       sources (especially the Local Authorities) is likely to bring with it other core
       responsibilities for the ATPs. Therefore, achieving every Single Programme
       core funding requirement will become increasingly challenging for the ATPs,
       as the proportion of their total funding from Single Programme declines.


6.1    The ATPs’ achievements to date should put them in a strong position to seek
       additional funding from the Local Authorities in the future, although as with the
       public and private sector, the extremely difficult financial pressures of the
       Councils should not be underestimated. The most effective approach is likely
       to be based on presenting the ATPs as a solution to lightening the load for
       Local Authorities – giving examples of the things that the ATP can do to help
       the Local Authorities achieve their targets and priorities in relation to
       destination management. In addition, it is important that the case for funding
       the ATPs is built on support for the visitor economy (including retail,
       restaurants, pubs and leisure facilities), rather than support for “tourism”.

6.2    When appropriate to do so, One North East already includes funding for the
       ATPs amongst its high-level discussions with the Local Authorities. In
       addition, the Agency will always support any approach by an ATP to its Local
       Authority funding partners, if it is asked to do so.

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                             Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009

6.3    Care should be taken to ensure that negotiations with Local Authorities are
       not interpreted as an attempted “Smash & Grab” raid by the ATPs. In addition
       to increasing their funding for the ATPs’ destination management role, it is
       equally important that the Local Authorities continue to support the visitor
       economy through their own place-shaping activities. The consultation around
       the new Visitor Economy strategy provides an ideal opportunity to present the
       case for increased funding to the ATPs (based on their achievements to date)
       via a high level presentation to ANEC or the new Local Authority Leaders

6.4    If it is achieved, increased funding from the Local Authorities will almost
       inevitably result in calls for the appointment process for ATP Board members
       to be reviewed. This will need careful management to ensure the continued
       adherence to Nolan principles whilst recognising the legitimate claims for
       funding bodies to be able to have a major influence on how their money is
       spent. A place on the Board is not necessarily the best or the only way for this
       to be achieved.


7.1    One North East and the ATPs are committed towards the production of a
       portfolio of “Network Opportunities” for tourism businesses setting out all
       current trading activities from marketing to training workshops. This is seen as
       the first step towards reviewing how activities could be grouped as “packages”
       that businesses can buy.

7.2    There could be benefit from senior officers from the ATPs and One North East
       attending a Workshop to further brainstorm private sector income generation

7.3    A key issue to discuss between the ATPs and One North East concerns
       attracting sponsorship from major organisations including transport operators
       (such as train companies), suppliers to the sector (such as credit card
       companies) and manufacturers of relevant sports / leisure goods (such as
       walking gear). There may be a number of missed opportunities by not
       approaching organisations with a Network package that would bring together
       a number of ATP and regional brochures, supplements and websites.

19.    TICs were felt to offer a wide range of potential new income generation
       opportunities if they can be more closely aligned to the work of the ATPs. This
       is one of the areas being explored by the ATPs with the new Unitary Councils
       in Northumberland and Durham.


8.1    An Action Plan / Timeline should be prepared and circulated to all attendees
       at the meeting, with key dates and responsibilities (who does what?)
       identified. Milestones should include:
       o Circulation of the detailed outcome of the One North East “Shape” review

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                            Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009

       o Consultation period for the new strategy; and the target publication date
       o ATPs to review possible cost savings by sharing corporate support
       o Response to the ATPs from One North East on “Single Programme”
         funding issues
       o Network presentation to ANEC or Local Authority Leaders Board
       o Production of first “Network Opportunities” portfolio for tourism businesses
       o Income Generation workshop for ATPs and One North East, to include
         further discussions on approaches to major companies.
       o Next joint meeting of NETA Board / ATP Chairs and Chief Executives

8.2    Attendees at the Meeting:
       NETA Board: Geoff Hodgson, Jenny McGee, Carole Ann-Field, Tony Gates,
       Kevin Kaley, Hugh Lang, Maggie Pavlou, Penny Wilkinson, Bob Symonds
       ATP Chief Executives: Andrew Dixon, Julia Frater, Giles Ingram, Melanie
       ATP Board Members: Peter Kemp, David Kelly, Chris Davy, Sue Parkinson
       One North East: Stacy Hall, Louise Davis, Tania Robinson, Paul Hemphill,
       Chris Little
                             ACTION PLAN/TIMELINE
                              Following discussions at
                     Network Management Group, 10 June 2009

                  Action                 Lead           Target          Notes
                                     Responsibility      Date
      1. Circulation of the         Louise Davis      By early    Discussion on
      detailed outcome of the       (ONE)             September   implications for
      One North East “Shape”                                      ATPs at NMG in
      review                                                      September
      2. Circulation of             Chris Little      By end of   To be further
      consultation arrangements     (ONE)             July        discussed by the
      for the new strategy; and                                   NETA Board
      the target publication date                                 Strategy Group
      3. ATPs to review possible    ATPs              To be set   ONE will assist
      cost savings by sharing                         by the      the discussions, if
      corporate support services                      ATPs        requested
      4. Response to the ATPs       Chris Little      By mid-     Including Trading
      from One North East on                          July        Arms and
      “Single Programme”                                          matched funding
      funding issues                                              issues
      5. Network presentation to    Louise Davis      Autumn      Presentation to
      ANEC or Local Authority       (ONE)                         ANEC to ideally
      Leaders Board                                               involve Alan
                                                                  Clarke and/or
                                                                  Margaret Fay
      6. Production of first        ONE / ATPs        By end of   To be overseen
      “Network Opportunities”                         June        by NMG
      portfolio for tourism

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009

      7. Income Generation           Tania             Workshop To include at
      workshop for ATPs and          Robinson/         date set for least one Board
      One North East, to include     Paul Hemphill     21 July      member from the
      further discussions on         (ONE)                          NETA Board and
      approaches to major                                           from one of the
      companies                                                     ATPs

      8. Next joint meeting of       Louise Davis /    Mid-           Full agenda to be
      NETA Board / ATP Chairs        Paul Hemphill     January        discussed by
      and Chief Executives           (ONE)                            NMG in advance.

9.0    LOCAL LEVEL: visitTeesvalley

9.1    At the ATP level it is recognised that there are a number of challenges that
       should be noted which will affect the ability to generate significant income.
       These are noted below:

       i)      Challenge: the amount of income depends to a considerable degree on
               the make up of the industry in a sub region ie. total number of
               businesses, number of accommodation providers in national quality
               scheme, size of sectors, and balance between sectors. For example
               Tees Valley has around 100 inspected properties which compares with
               around 800 for Durham and 1600 for Northumberland. Therefore
               income potential is to some extent pre determined and is not the same
               in each sub region.

       ii)     Challenge: regional tourism marketing needs comprehensive region-
               wide product to make it effective and it is therefore free to tourism
               businesses BUT sub regions required to generate income from industry
               for marketing activity.

       iii)    Challenge: regional marketing has significant budgets, doesn’t require
               income from private sector and because of scope of activity is
               attractive to businesses YET sub regions with small budgets do have to
               generate income from marketing activity and because of scope of
               activity this is less attractive businesses.

       iv)     Challenge: comparatively well resourced
               with significant traffic generated through regional marketing activity SO
               sub regional destination sites generate less traffic and income potential
               from advertising, commission etc is reduced.

       v)      Challenge: vTv is a relatively small entity with only 7 FT staff so there is
               limited capacity to address income generation. Plus income that the
               ATP’s generate is ring-fenced to certain activity through funding
               agreements with One North East eg income from holiday guides is
               regarded as match funding for marketing activity and must be spent on
               publishing holiday guides, this limits the ATP’s ability to use income to
               diversify and establish new income streams.

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                              Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009

       vi)     Challenge: the ATPs have a core roles none of which are income
               generation. The requirement placed on the ATP’s by One North East to
               generate income, so that it reaches around 35% of operating budget,
               has the potential to take the ATP’s away from core roles.

9.2    Membership is established in one area only (Tyne and Wear) which draws
       members from across the region that pay a fee to be part of the convention
       bureau or as an investment in place marketing. Tyne and Wear (through
       NewcastleGateshead Initiative) draws its convention bureau membership
       principally from the Tyne and Wear area but there is a significant minority of
       members in the wider region.

9.3    Northumberland Tourism and County Durham Tourism have investigated
       membership as an income generator and have concluded that while
       membership may deliver significant benefits, income isn’t one of them. vTv
       have also considered membership but concluded that we lack the critical
       mass of businesses to make it profitable. We put forward the proposition of a
       regional sales team but this did not find favour with either Northumberland or


10.1   Given the above, we have identified the following activities that will be
       implemented in the short term.

10.2   vTv’s Corporate Site - under marketing there is an
       opportunities section with currently 3 opportunities, free entry onto the
       website, enhanced entry for £99 and free autumn special offers campaign.

10.3   It is proposed to also include the following packages as opportunities:

       i)      360 Degree Photo
               Enhance your entry on both the vTv and VNEE websites by increasing
               the quality of your images. vTv is working in partnership with
               Lightwave Studios to offer a special offer to tourism businesses in Tees
               Valley, for just £190 (+ vat) you can get four new, high quality, 360
               degree photographs for your business. The cost also includes
               uploading onto both vTv and VNEE websites, and images will be
               available for your website designer to upload onto your own
               website. The still images will also be supplied for you to use on other
               marketing material.
               * Please note businesses must have an enhanced entry to enable
               images to be uploaded on the vTv and VNEE websites - see package 1
               for special offer.

       ii)     Package 1 - Enhanced entry with 360 degree photo package
               Combine an enhanced entry with the 360 degree photo opportunity and
               save £50! Normal cost to get an enhanced entry is £99 and for the four
               360 degree photographs is £190 (+ vat) businesses who choose to
               combine the offer will pay £239 - a saving of £50.

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009

       iii)      Online Video
                 Enhance your entry on both the vTv and VNEE websites by adding a
                 video. vTv is working in partnership with 3 Point Media to offer a
                 special offer to tourism businesses in Tees Valley, for just £465 (+ vat)
                 you can get a 30 second video. This cost is for the complete
                 production and delivery of your video for the database as well
                 as your own website and video-sharing sites. By adding video to your
                 website, you will also appear higher on Google and other search
                 * Please note businesses must have an enhanced entry to enable
                 videos to be uploaded on the vTv and VNEE websites - see package 2
                 for special offer.

       iv)       Package 2 - Enhanced entry with online video package
                 Combine an enhanced entry with the online video opportunity and save
                 £50! Normal cost to get an enhanced entry is £99 and for an online
                 video is £465 (+ vat), businesses who choose to combine the offer will
                 pay £514 - a saving of £50.

10.4   It is also proposed that vTv offer the following sponsorship opportunities.

i)     Sponsorship Package 1
       vTv is offering a sponsorship opportunity for up to eight businesses in Tees
       Valley to become part of our sub-regional marketing campaign. As a sponsor
       businesses would benefit from;
       • Sponsorship of the home page for one, four week
       • Enhanced entry on vTv and VNEE websites
       Package 1 is available for up to eight businesses in Tees Valley per annum
       for a fantastic price of £500.

ii)    Sponsorship Package 2
       vTv is offering a unique sponsorship opportunity for up to four businesses in
       Tees Valley to become part of our sub-regional marketing campaign. As a
       sponsor businesses would benefit from;
       • Sponsorship of one of four events guides, including image and advertorial
       • Sponsorship of the home page for one, four week
       • Enhanced entry on vTv and VNEE websites
       Package 2 is available to up to four businesses per annum for a fantastic
       price of £1000.

iii)   Sponsorship Package 3
       For businesses wishing to increase their presence, an opportunity to enhance
       their sponsorship package to include the following is available;

       •      Sponsorship of one of four events guides, including image and advertorial
       •      Sponsorship of the home page for one four week

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                             Agenda Item 8
9 July 2009

       •   Enhanced entry on vTv and VNEE websites
       •   Sponsorship of one key vTv event per year
       •   Sponsorship of one Happening Pass consumer newsletters per annum

       Package 3 is available to up to four businesses per annum for a fantastic
       price of £2500.


11.1   vTv continue to develop a number of package and sponsorship opportunities
       on line for a minimum of 6 months to be used by the Business Engagement
       Officer during her day to day engagement with tourism businesses. Review
       the success of the opportunities after 6 months and look at the potential of a
       combined prospectus for the region across all ATPs, especially on line.

Originator:           Julia Frater

Contact Tel:          01642 264934


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                                                                 Appendix 9


 Report of:        visitTeesvalley

 Report to:        visitTeesvalley Board

 Date:             July 2009

 Subject:          Top 10 Update

 Item for:         Information / Decision / Presentation


This report provides the Board with an update on progress with the Top 10

Due to the economic downturn and elements of the package not meeting
expectations of the partners, mainly around the limited ability of vTv to deliver on
certain expectations around events, the Top 10 partners will not be committing to the
package this year therefore. As a result alternative income generation activities are
being considered around a business ambassador scheme and sponsorship
opportunities via consumer marketing campaigns.

                                     Page 1 of 7
visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                 Appendix 9
23 April 2009


1.1    The purpose of this report is to update the Board on the Top 10 Campaign


2.1    The attached summary demonstrates that the level of participation at the
       close of the campaign had not increased from the position reported in

       The summary also demonstrates that the branding ‘quick win’ opportunities
       and activities were the most successful regarding take up, providing each of
       the Top 10 with numerous brand awareness raising opportunities, mainly due
       to the fact that the activity was carried out by vTv. Other activities within the
       campaign which have been relatively successful are the corporate and VIP

       Unfortunately, the exhibition and stand share opportunities had a very poor
       response from the Top 10. None of the Top 10 requested the distribution of
       leaflets via vTv or to provide a promotional team to distribute leaflets or to
       have a presence at any of the events. In the absence of the organisation
       attending events the Top 10 banner/pop up has been present providing brand
       and organisation profile awareness at the events.

       Although at the quarterly visits to discuss the campaign and levels of
       participation concerns were raised by vTv regarding the low levels of
       participation with the events element of the campaign there was no
       improvement in the levels of participation as the campaign progressed.

       Although during feedback sessions earlier on in the campaign the Top 10
       organisations were stating that they were satisfied with the campaign and felt
       that it was delivering what was expected. As the campaign progressed and
       the economic downturn set in, feedback started to suggest concerns about
       the compatibility of the target audiences and the lack of networking
       opportunities with these audiences. To increase the value provided by the
       Top 10 campaign the participants were reminded of the networking and B2B
       communication opportunities available to them as part of the campaign plus
       additional VIP ticket opportunities proposed, none of which were taken up by
       the Top 10.

       vTv reviewed the campaign package, taking in to consideration the feedback
       received, and developed packages which provided additionality in the form of
       more networking opportunities and a degree of flexibility and bespoke
       packaging, tailoring the package to businesses needs and audiences. See
       attached for further details of proposed packages ambassador packages.

       Whilst the campaign was drawing to a close and new packages were being
       developed the economic downturn worsened and the country officially entered
       a recession. The impact of the recession on the Top 10 Campaign has been

                                       Page 2 of 7
visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                 Appendix 9
23 April 2009

       catastrophic with partners who had originally committed to a long term
       involvement in the campaign re considering their position.

       At the review meetings at the end of the campaign further feedback from the
       businesses identified that there were problems with the package not meeting
       expectations for two main reasons, firstly the audiences (B2B or consumer)
       vTv market to are not the partners target markets and secondly, the events
       packages could not be delivered because vTv were not the actual event
       organiser and therefore could not deliver on the original package proposals ie
       sole sponsorship opportunities. An additional concern with the package was
       the lack of mechanisms in place to measure the success of the campaign,
       which is key especially when entering a downturn, partners want to see what
       they are generating directly for their business by participating. It is
       appropriate at this point to highlight that vTv considers the economic downturn
       to be the main contributory factor for any dissatisfaction that may have been
       generated, as businesses have to cut back they look more closely at activities
       and view them in a different light than previously.

       Below is a summary of each Top 10 partner and their status:

       Darlington Building Society
       Due to the company experiencing a loss for the first time in 90 years and
       redundancies anticipated it was not felt appropriate to continue at this time,
       we agreed to keep in touch and maintain close relationships.

       Durham Tees Valley Airport
       Due to reductions in flights the airports budgets have been cut and the
       emphasis is on business tourism therefore they cannot commit to vTv
       campaigns this year

       A loss of a government training contract has resulted in a significant cut in
       budgets and therefore no funds to continue with the Top 10 or any other
       campaign activity

       K Home Engineering
       A recent acquisition has resulted in a change in direction in addition the
       campaign did not match the companies target audiences.

       Micheal Poole
       Due to an office closure and redundancies and a continued tough climate it is
       not appropriate to continue with a campaign of this nature.

       Northgate Holdings
       Economic climate is affecting the organisation resulting in redundancies plus
       the campaign did not deliver what was anticipated and does not reach the
       right audiences.

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                                                Appendix 9
23 April 2009

       Punch Robson
       Concerns about the campaign not delivering what was promised, ie exclusive
       sponsorship of actual events, although this had been highlighted and
       discussed during review meetings. New proposals submitted and being
       considered however due to current economic climate it is unlikely that they will
       continue supporting vTv campaigns.

       Teesside University
       Current campaign does not meet original B2B target audiences however the
       University is very supportive of current consumer campaign activity stating
       that the creative is very well designed and thought through and matches their
       campaign strategies etc. They would like to have quarterly meetings to
       discuss how to become involved in future activity due to the timings of this
       campaign being slightly out of sync with their activities.

       A new Marketing Director has been recruited and we are awaiting an
       opportunity to review the current Top 10 campaign and future proposals.

       UK Steel Enterprises
       Forthcoming meeting scheduled to discuss future sponsorship opportunities
       via the CVP activity linked to the organisations CSR strategies, however, due
       to the current situation at Corus (parent organisation it is unlikely this will

       In summary, mainly due to the economic downturn and elements of the
       package not meeting expectations of the partners, mainly around the limited
       ability of vTv to deliver on certain expectations around events and different
       target markets, the majority of the Top 10 partners will not be committing to
       the package this year.

       As a result of this and a deepening recession it has been decided not to
       repeat the campaign but to focus on the alternative income generation
       activities that have been developed such as a business ambassador scheme
       and sponsorship opportunities via consumer marketing campaigns. It is felt
       that these campaigns will be able to deliver measurable outputs for partners in
       a time when funds are tight. The sponsorship opportunities are being
       promoted and explored, however further discussions are also going to be held
       regionally to identify if there is an opportunity to generate more income by
       creating regional sponsorship packages, the ambassador scheme will be
       reviewed as part of the network income generating opportunities workshop to
       be held in July.


3.1    The Board is asked to note the current position and to direct vTv to pursue
       sponsorship opportunities and the introduction of new ambassador packages
       following network meetings.

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visitTeesvalley Board Meeting                         Appendix 9
23 April 2009

Originator:           Claire Boston Smithson

Contact Tel:          01642 264939


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Top 10 Activity Participation Plan

Activity                          DBS   DTVA   Inbiz   K      M          Punch      Transmore   UK      Univ   Vantis
                                                       Home   Poole      Robson                 Steel
Marketing activity
Monthly electronic newsletter     √     √      √       √      √          √          √           √       √      √
Quarterly newsletter              √     √      √       √      √          √          √           √       √      √
Website banner (6mths)            √     √      √       √      √          √          √           √       √      √
Bus advertising campaign          √     √      √       √      √          √          √           √       √      √
Train station campaign
Discovery Pass                    √     √      √       √      √          √          √           √       √      √
Events guide Spring/Summer        √     √      √       √      √          √          √           √       √      √
Hartlepool Marina Road Race
Tees Valley Half Marathon
Tees Regatta
Blues Festival, Guisbrough
Fins & Chrome
British Jet Ski Championships
Fire Engine & Vintage Car Rally
Preston Hall
Hartlepool Maritime Festival
Cleveland Show Albert Park
Party at the Priory
Stockton Show
Middlesbrough Meal
Tour of Britain
Middlesbrough Tees Pride

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Living North Fair                                √              √
Stockton Christmas Festival                      √              √
Corporate VIP Events
Museum of Hartlepool launch                                 √
Maritime Festival VIP                                       √   √
SIRF VIP Reception                    √   √                 √   √   √
South Pacific Show                √   √          √          √   √   √
Corporate Events
Culture Awards                            √      √          √   √   √
Lobster Festival                          √      √          √   √   √
Top 10 Christmas dinner       √   √              √          √   √   √

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Consumer Campaign 09/10

  Sponsorship Brand Association
                              Strategy for Tees Valley

•   Since the ATP formed in 2006, several key pieces of marketing research has helped
    to drive visitTeesvalley towards an events-led marketing strategy:
•   To not compete with other areas who utilise their natural beauty as the main reason
    to draw visitors to the their area
•   To use the varied calendar of events to lure visitors who will travel to the Tees Valley
    for specific events/experiences
•   vTv will focus on the resident and day visitor (within 2 hour drive-time) market in the
    short-term with the long-term intention of turning those into return visits and overnight
                                    Core campaign

•   Objectives
•   To raise the awareness of what Tees Valley has on offer for visitors and residents
•   To increase days visits
•   To increase repeat visits
•   To increase web traffic to
•   Local pride
•   To convert days visitors from within a 2 hour drive time to overnight stays.

•   Target Audience
    Tees Valley residents
    Visitors to County Durham, North Yorkshire and southern areas of Tyne & Wear
    Businesses in County Durham, North Yorkshire and southern areas of Tyne & Wear
    Business travellers (to convert to leisure travellers)

•   To increase visitor expenditure by 5% by 2010
•   To increase visitor numbers by 7% by 2010
•   To increase day visitor spend by 10% by 2010
•   To increase awareness/raise the perception of the Tees Valley offer by 10% annually
•   To increase web traffic by 25% annually
•   Generate value added advertising through PR
The ‘heart’ of the brand

      The initial creative ideas were
      based on the brand identity of
      Tees Valley as an events
      destination. We wanted to
      convey that the destination was
      upbeat, contemporary,
      innovative, brave, surprising, and
      fresh. It’s not the ‘usual touristy
      area’ but an area of contrast,
      variety and difference.
      Somewhere to do something

      One of the main mechanics to
      get this across is to use a
      creative style to reflect this
      attitude; fresh and bold with a
      sense of humour. Something to
      grab attention.
The core campaign

    April 2009 - Mar 2010
    Main media
    • TV
    • Radio
    • Newspaper advertising
    • Ad vans
    • Postcards
    • Online marketing (social mkg)
    • 2010 Happening Mag
    • 1 door drops
Promoting a specific event

                             The TV Ad

                             A clear call to action to
                             drive people to the
                             website and get sign
                             ups for the Happening

The core campaign - shoe themed

The core campaign
- street teams and giveaways

Core Campaign Activity – opportunities for sponsor brand association
High profile PR launch activity - June
TV advertising – 10weeks – 165 spots 55 peak time/110 daytime over school hols - Jun/Jul/Aug/Oct/Dec/Feb
Radio Advertising – awaiting final proposal - Jun/Jul/Aug/Sept/Oct
Campaign Launch & media comp – Jun
Summer supplement in 3 local media
Scene magazine – bi monthly sponsorship and advertorial – Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec/Feb
Main Guide sponsorship (50k distributed in region and within 2hr drive time retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, tic’s)
Ongoing web presence
SMS text messaging
Brand Ambassadors (Street teams and giveaways at events, regionally and locally)
Ongoing promotion via core campaign activity ie TV/Radio/PR/Outdoor promotions via Ad vans

Activity start date – June
Sponsorship deadline – Mid May
Sponsorship £25k
Lifetime – June 09 to Mar 10
The events campaign

     April 2009 - Mar 2010
     • Event themes promoted together
     • Promoting specific events
     • Street teams
     • Quarterly event guides
     •PR via competitions
     •Ongoing web presence
     •SMS text messaging
Promoting a specific event

Promoting a specific event

Promoting a specific event

Events Guides Campaign Activity – opportunities for sponsor brand
3 Events guides - 50k A5 4page guides - Jul/Sept//Nov
Themes - July Summer of Festivals, Sept Festival of Light, Nov – Christmas Festival
Distributed in region and within 2hr drive time retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, tic’s
Quarterly e newsletters – Jul/Sept/Nov
PR via competitions – Jul/Sep/Nov
Ongoing web presence
SMS text messaging
Brand Ambassadors (Street teams and giveaways at events, regionally and locally)

Activity start date – Jul//Sept/Nov
Sponsorship deadline – Jun/Aug/Oct
Sponsorship £5k per guide or £12.5k for all 3
Duration 2 months per guide
Are you the feet of Tees Valley

      June - July 2009
      Take your friends, family or venture
      alone, Enter the competition today for
      free days out for a whole year!*
      Individuals enter online - video entry.

      July- Aug 2009
      A panel of regional judges will
      shortlist and choose the winners.

      Sep 09 - Mar 2010
      The winners will have a budget (10k
      each) and a ‘golden Happening Pass’
      to have 26 days out in a year. They
      report their experiences online and
      via PR. Twice in the year, their days
      out are voted for online by the public.
Are you the feet of Tees Valley

      Sep 09 - Mar 2010
      The winners will have a budget (10k)
      and a ‘golden Happening Pass’ to
      have 26 days out in a year. They
      report their experiences online and
      via PR. On occasion (needs to be
      decided) their days out are voted for
      online by the general public.
Mr Tees Valley Campaign Activity – opportunities for sponsor brand association
High profile Campaign Launch - June
Media partnership
Ongoing PR June - August
Ongoing web presence ie online banners and promotions
Monthly blogs
SMS text messaging

Activity start date – June
Sponsorship deadline – End May
Sponsorship £5k
Duration 9 months
The Happening Pass

     The Happening Pass
     (Discount/Offer Scheme)

     Choose your Visit Tees Valley
     personality and win great offers for
     your favourite days out.

     April 2009 - Mar 2010
     • Promotion in the Happening
     Magazine to order your pass online
     • Door to door mailing
     • Online marketing
     • Live ‘sign ups’ by street teams at
     events throughout the Tees Valley
     • Order yours on the VTV website
     • Success stories promoted via PR
     and website
     • Supported in literature throughout
     the campaign.
Happening Pass Campaign Activity – opportunities for sponsor brand
High profile Campaign Launch – June
Ongoing PR activity and competitions
5 Shoe Key fobs with brand opportunities
Door drop postcard campaign – June to over 100k households
Media partner (TFM – tbc)
Advertising in 3 local media publications
Ongoing web presence ie online banners and promotions
Monthly e mail to Happening Pass cardholders
SMS text messaging
Ongoing promotion via core campaign activity ie TV/Radio/PR/Outdoor promotions via Ad vans
Brand Ambassadors (Street teams and giveaways at events, regionally and locally)

Activity start date – June
Sponsorship £10k
Duration 9 months
      Ambassador Programme
Our partnership approach to destination management is driving the
momentous turnaround in the perceptions of Tees Valley nationally.
Our Ambassadors are absolutely pivotal in everything we do. Come
on board and you can be part of the success, enjoy its rewards and
draw upon the valuable and unique resources that we offer.
visitTeesvalley has unquestionably achieved outstanding results -
but we simply could not have done it without the support of our
It’s a win-win relationship. With your support and investment we can
achieve our goal of making Tees Valley one of the best and most
highly regarded city regions in Europe. The tangible benefits to you
are simply unmissable.
                Ambassador Package
•   Exclusive networking opportunities at high profile events, briefings and
•   Regular account management meetings
•   Logo and organisational profile displayed on B2B website
•   Profile entry on website B2B
•   Access to destination branding for internal and external communications
•   Access to online image library
•   Media relations & participation (where appropriate) in regular visits from
    national & international journalists
•   Provision of quotes and broadcast opportunities from visitTeesvalley to
    support your press releases
•   Publication of own PR stories on website
•   Receive e-newsletter with option to submit own PR stories for inclusion
•   Exclusive invitations to corporate events & previews
•   Exclusive invites to Tees Valley Unlimited Quarterly Business Dinners,
    NECC and CBI Annual Dinners on visitTeesvalley table
  Events Opportunities
– Free Stands
– Invites to VIP Nights
– Free VIP Passes and Tickets for your staff
– Personal Involvement/ prizes/awards
– Bespoke for you! Pick the venues that appeal
  the most!
      Events Opportunities
–   Infinity Bridge Opening
    Celebrate the opening of the newest bridge in Tees Valley, consisting of fireworks,
    pyrotechnics, music, ariel performers and ‘parkour’ runners, it promises to be a spectacular
    show and a great opportunity to highlight the river and the regeneration happening in Tees
–   Hartlepool Dockfest
    As part of the exciting build-up to The Tall Ships Races 2010, this brand new gem in the
    Summer event calendar. Hartlepool Dockfest '09 is two days of great dockside entertainment
    in the Hartlepool Maritime Experience, featuring top entertainment in the Dockfest Big tent,
    plus much, much
    more besides.

–   Stockton International Riverside Festival
    Now in its 22nd year Europe's largest free open air festival features a spectacular 5-day
    programme of outdoor theatre, street entertainment, circus, music and dance, by some of the
    world's best artists. Attracting over 100,000 visitors over the 5 days.

–   Take to the Tees
    Stockton’s unique waterfront, stretching from the town centre to the distinctive Tees Barrage,
    will be celebrated with a week-long series of events in late August, including watersports and
    a giant spectacle with a flotilla of boats on the river.
      Events Opportunities
–   Redcar Kiteival
    Kite surfing, kite flying and power kiting have been around for over 30 years, in that time the
    sport has progressed to the pinnacle of what Kite Surfing is today. Redcar beach is playing
    host to the UK's Top Professionals compete for the UK title. This event incorporates 4 British
    Power Kite Championship sports over one weekend including-Kite Surfing, Kite Land
    boarding, Kite Bugging competitions. The event will be the final leg of the UK Tour, when the
    men’s, women’s, junior and amateur champion will be crowned
–   Odins Glow
    This event will use the major natural landmark of Roseberry Topping as a stage for a series
    of interpretations aimed at educating visitors and residents about the history of the area in an
    entertaining and innovative way. During night time walks audiences will encounter a range of
    artistic responses from light and sound installations to more complex performances of music
–   Living North
    This event now in its 2nd year is held at Wynyard Hall. Offering over 350 food and craft stalls
    and expected to attract around 15000 visitors over the three days.
      Branding Opportunities
• E Newsletters
  – Monthly e newsletter distributed to over 1000
    Tees Valley Visitor economy businesses
  – Profile of the Top Ten Associates with pictures
    “ Why I am passionate about the Tees Valley”
    or “Why I am passionate about selling houses”
• E Mails
  - over 50,000 per year!
  All General Publicity & PR

• Since conception vTv has been in the
  media on hundreds of occasions
  including TV, Press, Radio & Magazines.
• Your company will be featured at every
  opportunity e.g. Would you like to Review
  the Sunday papers on BBC Radio Tees?
            2009/10 Activity
       £1m plus marketing activity
   £4m ONENorth East marketing activity

(budget - destination branding, multiple media
  marketing activity (TV/Press/Radio), email,
direct mail, press calls and Corporate PR, B2B
                     Our Successes
•   The number of overnight visitors to Tees Valley increased by 33%,
    from 1.66m to 2.20m.
•   Total revenue from overnight visitors to Tees Valley (including direct
    and indirect spend) increased by 31% from £175.7m to £230.3m
    (adjusted for inflation).
•   Total revenue from overnight visitors to the North East (including
    direct and indirect spend) increased by 14% from £1,354m to
    £1,544m (adjusted for inflation).
•   Overall bedstock in serviced accommodation in Tees Valley has
    increased by 2%, from 6,968 bedspaces in 2003 to 7,110 in 2007.

    Key Message:
•   Visitor Numbers and Visitor Spending have increased by over 30%
    over the last five years, which is above the regional average.
Investing in Your Area
Investing In Your Business
 Ambassador Programme
       £5,000 plus vat p.a.

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