DANBURY PARISH COUNCIL
                                   A Quality Council

                                                            Parish Office, Mayes Lane,
                                                         Danbury, Chelmsford CM3 4NJ
                                                  Tel: 01245 225111 Fax: 01245 226798

                                                                     5th January 2011

You are summoned to a meeting of the PLANNING COMMITTEE to be held on
Monday 10th January 2011 commencing at 8pm in the Parish Office when the
business below is scheduled to be transacted.

Mrs M Saunders
Clerk to Danbury Parish Council

Councillors: M Telling (Chairman), S Berlyn (ex officio), Mrs Y Burton, Mrs A
Chapman, D Bolwell, H Clacy, S Freeman, A Keeler, J Thomson, M Wood (ex officio)
Additional members: Mr J Alexander; Mr P Walton (Danbury Society)


1 Apologies for absence

2 Declarations of Interest
Members are required to declare any personal or prejudicial interests they know they
may have in items of business on the meeting‟s agenda. They are reminded that
they will need to repeat their declaration at the appropriate point in the meeting and
leave the room if the interest is a prejudicial one. Unforeseen interests must be
declared similarly at the appropriate time.

3 Public Question Time (15 minutes allocated)

4 Minutes
To consider and approve the minutes of the meeting held on 13th December 2010.

5 Planning applications – Appendix A attached
a) To consider responses to the planning applications shown in Appendix A.
b) To determine whether the Committee wishes to refer any application to which it
has objected to the local Ward Members for determination by the CBC Planning
Committee (unless officers are minded to refuse it);

6 Planning decisions – Appendix B attached
To note the planning decisions shown in Appendix B.
7 Trees – see paper attached
a) Applications for work to trees: To consider any applications received (Appendix C,
to be circulated);
b) Tree Warden training sessions: To receive a report from Danbury‟s Tree Warden,
Mrs Pauline Bowen, as requested by the Committee (minute 115.4 of 25th October
2010 refers). See attached;
c) Tree Warden scheme: Letter from CBC and Tree Damage Alert attached for

8 CBC Planning Committee
Meeting of 11th January 2011 – no items relating to Danbury.

9 Planning Appeals
Appeal decision: 10/01054/FUL Little Gibcracks, Moor Hall Lane: Use of a domestic
outbuilding as residential accommodation ancillary to the main dwelling house.
The Planning Inspector has dismissed the appeal in that it fails to comply with policy
DC2 of the Local Development Plan. This requires that the change of use of a
building in the countryside will only be allowed if the proposed use will have a
„materially lesser impact‟ on the area than the present use (it is currently a garage).

10 Draft Danbury Planning Framework SPD
Update at the meeting.

11 Danbury Times
Any items for the next issue, which will be published before the Annual Parish
Meeting (Monday 28th March 2011).

12 CPRE: Government proposals for planning reform – paper attached
Articles from the December edition of CPRE‟s newsletter Fieldwork are attached for

13 Correspondence
To consider any items received.

14 Planning Enforcement
a) 55 Belvedere Road: Car sales business: (Min 165.2 of 13th December 2010 refers)
CBC Planning Enforcement have investigated and reported as follows:
“Following an inspection of the site it has been determined that, although business
related vehicles are occasionally parked on the driveway, it is not at a sufficiently
high level as to constitute a breach of planning control requiring enforcement action.”
b) Flat 1, 121 Main Road (The Spinney): (Min 165.3 of 13th December 2010 refers)
CBC are expecting to receive a planning application for change of use of the
detached garage to an office;
c) 08/01070/ENFB - Old Chase Farm: (Min 66.1 of 19th July 2010 refers)
The caravans and decking had not been removed from the site on 14 th December
2010. The Enforcement Officer is pursuing this;
d) St John‟s School – portable buildings: (Min 105.5 of 4th October 2010 refers)
A request for an update has been sent to Planning Enforcement who were speaking
to Essex County Council regarding the portable buildings erected on the site;
e) Danbury Park School: (Min 105.7 of 4th October 2010 refers)
A further email has been sent to the Headteacher regarding screening for the
containers in the grounds and copied to ECC who had encouraged the school to take
this action in May 2010;
f) Land behind Gay Bowers Lane: (Min 125.7 of 25th October 2010 refers)
A Planning Enforcement Officer has not yet been able to discover the owner of the
land on which the stables have been built;
g) Any enforcement matters members wish to raise.

15 Planning matters for report (for information only)
Any planning matters members wish to raise.

16 Forthcoming meetings
Meetings are scheduled for 31st January, 28 February and 21st March 2011.
DANBURY PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                 Appendix A
Planning Committee Agenda: 10 January 2011                                                   Planning Applications

   Ref no      Property   Street name                Proposal                  Committee   Comments

10/01722/FUL      9       Pedlars Path   Single storey rear extension           10/01/11

10/01747/FUL     84       Main Road      Conversion of part of ground           10/01/11
                                         floor from C3 (dwelling house) to
                                         D1 (non-residential institution -
                                         dental surgery) including a single
                                         storey side extension and the
                                         installation of solar panels

10/01834/FUL     33       Maldon         Retrospective application for the      10/01/11
                          Road           amendment of permission
                                         09/00407/FUL (single storey
                                         front, side and rear extensions)
                                         to alter ground floor fenestration
                                         and for addition of dormer
                                         windows to ground floor side and
10/01879/FUL   Nursery    19A Nursery    Single storey side extension           10/01/11
               Cottage    Lane

10/01902/FUL     25       The Avenue     Amendment to permission                10/01/11
                                         10/00455/FUL (first floor side
                                         extension and new hipped roof
                                         over existing porch) to alter the
                                         roof over the first floor extension
                                         to be hipped instead of a gable
                                         end roof
   Ref no      Property   Street name               Proposal                Committee   Comments

10/01930/FUL      Elm     Elm Green     Single storey car port and garage    10/01/11
                Orchard   Lane

10/01939/FUL      30      Beaumont      Single storey outbuilding with       10/01/11
                          Park          new playroom and ancillary

10/01940/FUL      52      Hopping       Single storey front porch            10/01/11
                          Jacks Lane    extension, ground and first floor
                                        side extension and single storey
                                        rear orangery extension

10/01920/FUL   Sports &   Main Road     Removal of 3 no. air conditioning    10/01/11
                Social                  condenser units and replacement
                Centre                  at a lower level on the same

10/01963/FUL      12      Little        Single storey front extensions       10/01/11
                          Baddow        including an integral garage
10/01921/FUL   Southwood Southwood      Rear conservatory                    10/01/11
                 Lodge   Chase

10/01952/FUL     Little   South View    Two storey rear extension            10/01/11
                Blakes    Road
DANBURY PARISH COUNCIL                                                                                                      Appendix B
Planning Committee Agenda: 10 January 2011                                                                           Planning Decisions

   Ref no      Property       Street               Proposal               Committee                Comments                    Dec'n &
                              name                                          date                                                Date
10/01310/FUL      53        Hoynors     Retrospective application for      25/10/10   We strongly object to this               Approved
                                        decking in rear garden                        application. It is contrary to policy    25/11/10
                                                                                      DC4 in that it causes loss of amenity
                                                                                      to neighbours, especially 13
                                                                                      Landisdale, in terms of overlooking
                                                                                      and visual intrusion and possibly
                                                                                      increased noise.

10/01506/FUL       1        Mildmays    Retrospective application for a    25/10/10   No comments                              Approved
                                        front porch and 1.9m high                                                              08/11/10
10/01554/ADV   Pharmacy     Eves        Non-illuminated fascia sign and    25/10/10   No comments                              Approved
                            Corner      1 no. window vinyl.                                                                    11/11/10
10/01615/FUL     The        Riffhams    Two storey rear extension with     15/11/10   No comments                              Approved
                Bushes      Lane        single storey rear conservatory                                                        29/11/10

10/01660/FUL   Land south   Horne Row   New 5-bed detached house           15/11/10   Strong objections (see file)             Unilateral
                   of                   with detached cart lodge                                                              Undertaking
               Shaftmoor                                                                                                       22/12/10
10/01679/FUL    The Hyde    Hyde Lane   New entrance gates and             15/11/10   No comments                              Approved
                                        alterations to existing kerb                                                           10/12/10

10/01737/FUL   Woodside     Moores      Retrospective application for      13/12/10   Please ensure that the discharge         Approved
               Cottage      Bridge      groundworks for the                           into the pond is unpolluted.             11/12/10
                            Lane        introduction of replacement
                                        ground drainage to land
                                        southeast of main house, and
                                        associated soil movements
   Ref no      Property     Street              Proposal               Committee               Comments                   Dec'n &
                            name                                         date                                              Date
10/01738/FUL   Woodside   Moores     Retrospective application for a    13/12/10   No comments other than that we         Approved
               Cottage    Bridge     brick wall                                    support the observations of the Tree   11/12/10
                          Lane                                                     Officer

10/01743/FUL      4       Daen       Single storey side extension       13/12/10   No comments                            Approved
                          Ingas                                                                                           16/12/10

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