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					“Who Do You Say
  That I Am”?
 An Introduction to Christology
                 Who is Jesus?
   Jesus = First/Only Name (see Mark 1:9)
    – Hebrew:     Yeshua (= "Joshua")
    – Greek:      IHSOUS (IhsouV)
    – Latin:      Iesus
    – English:    Jesus (cf. Joshua)
    – Note:       "Christ" is a title, not his last name!

   Meaning: “God saves”
    – Cf. Matt 1:21-25; Luke 1:31; 2:21
    – Emmanuel = “God is with us”
Identifying People in NT Times
   By Place of Origin:
    – Jesus of Nazareth / the Nazarene / the Galilean
   By Occupation:
    – Jesus the Carpenter   (construction worker?)

   By Family Relations:
    – Jesus, the son of Joseph / the carpenter’s son
    – Jesus, the brother of James, Joses, Judas, Simon
    – Jesus, the son of Mary (rare outside of NT)
Christological Titles (esp. in Mark)
 Messiah / Christ
 Son of God
 Son of Man
 Rabbi / Teacher
 Lord / LORD
 Prophet
 King of the Jews / King of Israel
 Lamb of God / Good Shepherd / etc.
   See
          Messiah / Christ
Heb. “Mashiah” = Gk. “Christos” = “Anointed”
                Son of God
Divine Title?

My Beloved Son

The Holy One of God

Son of the Blessed One
              Son of Man
“Bar Nasha” = Human One or Heavenly Judge?
          Rabbi / Teacher
Common Title in Mark; Portrayal in Matthew
              Lord / LORD
Kyrios = Lord/Sir/Master
LORD = YHWH = “I Am”
Gk. pro-phemi = “to speak on behalf of (God)”
         King of the Jews
I N R I = Iesus Nazarenos Rex Iudeorum
Lamb of God / Good Shepherd
          Narrative Christology
   How is Jesus portrayed in Gospel stories?
    – Beginnings
    – Actions
        Teaching
        Miracles
    – Interactions
    – Endings
   What does each Evangelist emphasize?
    – Mark? Matthew?    Luke?   John?
         Summary: Who Is Jesus?
   Names vs. Titles vs. Actions?
    – Naming people: by origin / occupation / family
    – Identifying roles: Christological titles
    – Portraying character: narrative emphases
   Various Christological Titles & Portraits:
    –   Some Emphasize Humanity?
    –   Some Emphasize Divinity?
    –   Some in the Gospel acc. to Mark?
    –   Others in Matthew, Luke, or John?
    –   Some in later NT books?
    –   Others not until post-NT writings?

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