Thanksgiving Issue October 2008
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                  RECTOR’S MESSAGE
Dear Friends in Christ, Last Tuesday I slacked off.
Instead of coming into work at the church, I
accompanied my twenty-month-old granddaughter, Sophia, on a field trip to Circle R Ranch. Now any
parent or grandparent knows there is much joy in
watching a little child see and experience the world. And that was the case with me. Sophia had her
first pony ride, clutching
tightly onto the saddle horn. She sat on a flat-bed wagon, smelled the hay, played with it, and saw
trees, ponds, birds and groundhogs floating by. She petted a lamb, a potbellied pig, an old nanny
goat. She stroked the cock’s comb of a small rooster and looked at me in wonderment. She collected
stones and acorns and gave her friend Chloe a kiss when Chloe was frightened at the sound of the big
diesel tractor.
And she fell asleep in my arms on the bus on the way back to day care ... I touched her golden hair
adoringly and tried to imagine what was going through her imaginative little mind.
It was a terrific outing ... I think I’ll do it more
often. Throughout the field trip I couldn’t help but think of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s wonderful line,
“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting ... a
wayside sacrament ...” That is going to be the theme for our Harvest Home Services this coming
Sunday, October 5. Remember that quote from Emerson. See how it plays out in your life this week.
See how it comes alive in one of the great, great anthems our choir will be singing, John Rutter’s “For
the Beauty of the Earth”. Come and celebrate God’s beauty. Come and give thanks to God, your
Creator and your Saviour.
                          Your Friend in Christ,
                                          UPCOMING EVENTS
October 4
                               Decorating for Harvest at 9:30 am
  October 5 HARVEST HOME THANKSGIVING at 8:30 and 10:30 am
  October 12 Thanksgiving Sunday Worship at 8:30 and 10:30 am
  October 18 Marriages of: Richard Brigenshaw & Alison Gaze Chris Stephens & Amanda Thompson
  Patrick Long & Julie Horton
October 19 & Baptism
  8:30 and 10:30 Eucharist
  With Complimentary Turkey Luncheon following the 10:30 service
October 24 to 26
  Women’s Retreat in Ancaster
October 26
  8:30 and 10:30 Eucharist
  With the Amabile Singers at 10:30
November 2
                                8:30 and 10:30 All Saints Service
      Little Things About St. James that are Good-To-Know but You Don’t Have-To-Know
☻     Eight pews in the church are specially wired for those hard of hearing (those pews have a
      white strip along the top). Pick up a hearing device at the doorway and plug it into the small
      box at the back of the pew.
☻     Our Memorial Garden is a great place of sacred celebration. To date, 23 sets of loved
      ones’ ashes have been scattered in the Garden. Ask Eric Cockbain or the Rector for
      more details.
☻     For Sunday mornings only, church members have been given permission by lawyer, Fred
      Mueller, to park in his lot between the church and his building on Wortley. The lot holds 12-
      14 cars. A gate leads into the church.
☻     Children’s worship packs (colouring books, etc.) are located at each doorway. Please help
      yourself, and if someone with a child is visiting bring one of the packs over to them.
☻     Each year, on September 11, we place a Canadian, British and American flag together
      at the front of the nave and toll our church bells at 11 a.m.
☻     On Sunday, September 14, there were 129 babies/children/Sunday School teachers at
      church ... the highest number since the baby-boom of the 1950s. (The average Sunday
      attendance in September, 421, likewise is the highest in decades!!)
☻     Most of our Book of Alternative Services have ribbons in them. It is helpful to mark the
      Prayers and the specific Eucharistic Prayer before the worship begins.
☻     For those who wish to cycle to church, there is a double bike rack right behind the church.
      It is not easily seen but is at the east (the Wortley) side.
   Decorating for Harvest Thanksgiving             witnesses ...”
Please help decorate the church for                Each year we set aside a special day to
Harvest by bringing fresh vegetables,              commemorate
              fruits, etc on Saturday,             the lives of
              October 4th. We will start           our loved ones
                           decorating at           who have died
                           9:30 and                and who now
                           would                   live in glory. Please mark Sunday,
                           encourage you           November 2nd in your calendars (especially
                           to come and             at the 10:30 a.m. worship).
                           help make our           Should you wish to have a family member’s
                                                               name listed in the bulletin and
    A program for Seniors eating alone on Sunday               light a candle in his or her
This year we are trying                                        memory, please give that
something different. The                                       information to Carole in the
                                                               church office (432-1915) or call
Nurture Committee will be serving a                            Judy Muzylowsky (455-0806). We
lunch immediately following the 10:30              would like to have these names, along with
service. Some of our Seniors find it               the name of the person lighting the candle,
difficult to attend the 10:30 service and          by October 24th.
         then return for 4:00 pm.
             Mark these dates on
             your calendar.
             October 26th
             November 23rd
             December 14th
“We are surrounded by so great a cloud of
                               Thinking of              THANKSGIVING LUNCHEON
                         Thanksgiving            Sunday, October 19 following the 10:30 Service
                         Company?               All are invited to a special complimentary
                          Why not               luncheon to celebrate the grand opening of
                         buy at the             our sparking new kitchen. Turkey,
                         ACW                    ham, dressing, vegetable, salad,
                                                pumpkin pie and apple crisp will be
                         BAKE                   provided by the Nurture Committee.
                         SALE                   Please note that a vegetarian meal is
                        Sunday,                 offered as well. It is important that we
  October 5, after each morning                 know approximately how many will be
  service?                                      attending as it is very difficult to set up
We need your donations too! Jam, jelly,         extra tables and chairs when the Great
rhubarb, vegetables Tarts, cakes, squares,      Hall is filled with people. Please take a
cookies, pies, etc.                             minute to add your name (and the
                                                number attending) to the Sign-up Sheet in
                                                             the Sterling Vestry.

                                                                AMAHL AND THE NIGHT
This December, St. James Westminster will be presenting a very special event for the Christmas
season. “Amahl and the Night Visitors” is a contemporary masterpiece, regarded as one of the
greatest English language operas of the 20th century. Gian Carlo Menotti has captured the wonder
of the miracle of Christmas in this story of Amahl and his mother, and their encounter with the
three wise men who are following the great star in search of the Christ child.
London theatre legend, Don Fleckser, will be
directing Sonja Gustafson and Joshua Rosedale
as mother and child respectively along with other
London singers and instrumentalists.
The opera will be presented December 18, 19 and
20 (Thursday to Saturday) here at St. James at
7:00 p.m. Tickets are $20.00 . Special
opportunities for discounted group purchases will
be available to St. James’ parishioners during the
month of November - 6 tickets for the price of 5! A
perfect way to share the holiday spirit with friends
and neighbours.
The show is one hour in length and is most
suitable for families with children ages six and up.
There are many opportunities to get involved in
this very special event, from singing in the chorus
(20 adults, 10 youth and 10 children are required)
to assisting with sets, props, costumes, and front of house duties. Please speak with
Archdeacon Ken Anderson or Steve Holowitz (649-2060) if you would like to participate or for
more information.
                                        FAMILY MINISTRY
St James families have lots to look           at www.saintjamesyouth.ca to see
forward to this fall season. In addition to   your monthly activity calendars for
our regular Faith Quest Sunday School         all youth groups and lots of great
classes and Youth Group meetings, we          pictures from our meetings and
are excited to announce the following         socials.
events and activities designed to gather
our community together, celebrating our          Enjoying a Soup & Sundae Lunch and
love of Christ:                                catching up on summer news with friends.
•      October 3-4—5 R’s Retreat for
Huron Youth Ministry volunteers               THE BANQUET A Children’s Play featuring
•      October 5—Baptismal Prep lunch            our St. James youngsters.
and workshop
•      October 12—new Faith Quest              Humanitarian Trip to
session, “The Sermon on the Mount”            Costa Rica
•      October 17—U2charist service at
St Paul’s Cathedral
•      November 1—Justgeneration
youth group volunteers at St John the
Evangelist Saturday night community
•      November 1—All Saints’ Day
morning program for JK—grade 7; 10
•      November 2—hosting St John the
Evangelist youth group at our Sunday
Night Live service
•      November 15—“Taste of Taize”
evening fundraiser for Pilgrimage
•      November 29—Advent
Intergenerational service, activities and
                                                 For Tickets contact:  Barb
…and so much more! As always, our                Robinson 519-433-4658
l’ilopensong and opensong practices              Janet Crozier 519-681-7374
continue each Sunday. Please check in
Arpilleras are exquisitely detailed hand-sewn three dimensional textile pictures which illustrate
the stories of the lives of the women of the shantytowns (pueblo jovenes) of Lima, Peru and
provide essential income for their families.
Quite possibly you have purchased an arpillera wall hanging, purse, Christmas tree or a
Christmas stocking. These have been created in the Anglican Diocese of Peru where 3 groups of
eight ladies meet once a week for prayer and Bible study, followed by sewing on their arpilleras.
At each meeting the ladies take turns bringing in something to share. It may only be as simple as
a drink or a fruit or occasionally someone may make a dessert.
No men actually come to the group meetings, but several men are involved. Husbands or sons,
who are either out of work or have spare time when they come home, help the women. In one
family, the husband who is out of work, does most of the embroidering once his wife has tacked
on the design. He also makes the purses that require a sewing machine. Making an arpillera -
One woman creates the three dimensional picture, then someone else will finish the edges. The
accessories such as the wee hats, dolls, baskets, grapes or market items are made by other
women. This eliminates the designer having to take time to make them and also produces more
employment. Fifty Christmas trees are made in one month by the group, plus various other
items. Searching for the right fabric in a Peruvian market takes a long time, sometimes having to
make several trips across Lima to find what they need. When a person begins, they have patterns
to trace for the animals, homes, trees etc. However, when they become experienced, these are cut
freehand. They are very gifted in this way.
Last winter was so cold the women didn't work in their unheated homes in the evenings. This
becomes as issue for them as the income from the arpilleras allows the families to educate their
children and to provide a better standard of living.

DRIVERS NEEDED                                             shoe boxes. Mark for Boy or Girl
For almost 2 years, the Dah family from                    Some suggestions of items to pack:
Burma has been an active part of our Parish.               Toothbrush, comb, coloured pencils, &
                                                         sharpener, pencils, erasers, pens, books,
                                                         notebooks, colouring books, wash cloths,
                                                         towel, T-shirts, small games and toys,
                                                         sunglasses, baseball caps, costume
A very strong committee has shepherded them
                                                                        jewellery, hair clips, soap.
and loved them but we need more people to
help drive the family to Church (with 7 in the                         ** No toothpaste, crayons
family, two cars are needed). The Dah’s live                           or soft candies as they
near the corner of Huron and Adelaide. Any                             melt along the way.
help, even once a month, would be most                                 Samaritan's Purse is a
appreciated. Please speak to Jennifer                                  program aimed at
Camman 439-4721 Or call the Church Office                              providing useful and
at 432-1915.                                                           delightful Christmas gifts
                                                                       for children in developing
         SHOE BOXES
      It is time to begin packing
FROM THE BACK PEW by Lloyd ‘Mo’                             Morrison
“Dinna Fash Yersel Lloyd”
A recent sermon titled ‘Old South                      Wannabes” touched many buttons with
me. I have been thinking ‘community’, and the church’s place in one for some time, even before
moving here from Perth. Many of my thoughts moved along similar paths as Ken’s, although they
were not nearly as well developed as his.
It was his reference to the Monsignor Feeney building that tweaked my memory bank more than
others and I’ll try to explain why: It was only about two years ago that I learned from my older
sister that our mother had graduated from the ‘Normal School’, as it was then known, about a
hundred years ago. I can see the tower of that building from my ‘office’ window and have used it’s
outdoor benches as rest stops on my daily perambulations around the community pretty well
since Stella and I arrived in this community.
Early on I had begun to refer to another bench, the one at the corner of Wortley and Bruce as the
‘Bishops Bench’, this after an old friend, George Bruce, now the Bishop of Ontario. Occasionally I
would think of George and what advice he might give me with whatever problem was rambling
around in my head that day.
So it was an easy step to begin calling the one I used most often at the old Normal School the
‘Monsignor’s Bench’ and occasionally seeking another opinion on a particular subject – this time
from a Roman Catholic viewpoint.
Then the news of my mother’s attendance at the Normal School came. Luckily there was another
bench at that location so this became ‘Vera’s Bench’, Vera being her first name. So I now had
three advisors to consult – two in the spiritual realm and one in the secular.
One morning I was ‘fussing’ about something or other when I took myself to Vera’s bench and
before I could formulate a question I received the answer. It was: ‘Dinna Fash Yersel, Lloyd’. It’s
good advice at any time not to get too excited about things (“Cool it, Man” in modern parlance) but
where did it come from? My mother was one of the few people who called me ‘Lloyd’ but she never
had a Scottish accent.
I repeat – it was good advice and I walked home in a much more peaceful state of mind.

 With internationally known U2 Tribute Band – ELEVATION St. Paul’s Cathedral Friday, October 17th at 8
Throughout the last decade in North America, the U.K, and the world, churches have set aside
their hymn books and traditional weekly worship, to set their eyes instead on the vocation of a
group of the world’s most beloved musicians, and embrace the goal of making poverty history.
The internationally acclaimed rock band, U2, has generously signed away the copyright to their
songs to be used in a church setting, with the condition that all money taken in collection at such
a service would be used towards the United Nations Millennium Goals and to Make Poverty
On Friday October 17th, at 8pm, the Cathedral Church of St. Paul will take on that goal and
host their first ever U2charist. All funds collected for the U2charist will go towards the Dean’s
Wellness in Africa Fund. There is no charge for tickets, but a free will offering will be collected.
                             ST. JAMES MOTHERS’ UNION

                            St James first       the Status of Women. Rev. Wendy Murray
                            Mothers’ Union       spoke at our first meeting about her
                            meeting      was     experience earlier this year while attending
                            held           on    the UNCSW conference. It was there that she
                            September     20.    was moved by Mothers’ Union presentations
                            Rev.      Wendy      from Africa, and saw what a real difference
                            Murray       was     this Anglican organization makes in the daily
                            introduced     as    lives of families.
                            the Branch and          Come and see what's
Diocesan Chaplain, with Ann Teetzel De Bono
                                                   new at the ST. JAMES
as Branch Leader and Dioce
                                                   LIBRARY. New additions
san Representative. Jackie Parry agreed to be
Branch historian.        Ira Leidel offered        to our collection include:
information on Beijing Circles, an interna-
tional group dedicated to understanding and
action around issues of poverty, education
and gender equity.
We talked about the history of Mothers’ Union
in Canada and in London. In 1888 Harriet
Ann Boomer of London, wife of the dean of        •     Christ the Lord by Anne Rice
Huron Diocese, started the first Mothers’        •     The Anglican Family Prayer Book by
Union branch in Canada at Bishop Cronyn          Anne E. Kitch
Memorial Church. Mothers’ Union continued        •     Can I Afford Time for Frienships?
to spread during the following decades. After    Answers to Questions Women Ask About
many changes in the Mothers’ Union both in       Friends by Stormie Omartian
                                                 •     The Gospel According to Starbucks
England and Canada, the modern model of
MU came into being in the autumn of 1973,
with Elspeth Newton as president. Since then     by Leonard Sweet All books are available for a
the number of branches has increased to          3-week loan period.
eighty-five. The St James branch is currently
the sole branch in Huron, but we have much
hope that MU will flourish and grow over the
next years in the Diocese.
Among the many aims and objectives of
Mothers’ Union are: the dedication to Christ’s   A MOST VALUABLE INSTRUMENT
teachings, encouraging parents to bring up       While people are undoubtedly the most
their children in the faith and life of the      valuable asset at St. James, we have a
Church; maintaining a world-wide fellowship      marvelous organ that needs constant tun
of Christians, united in prayer, worship and     ing, repairs and upgrades. Thanks
service; promoting conditions in society         to one family from our parish (who
favourable to stable family life and the         would prefer to remain anonymous)
protection of children, and helping those        another $7000 has been added to
whose family life has met with adversity.        our Organ Fund.
MU branches around the world are incredibly
                                                        Thank you so much.
active within their communities and even at
the international level, including being
consultants to the United Nations’ Council on
A St James Pilgrimage History                      participate at St James as sidespeople, lay
In April of 2003, the Rev Wendy Murray             administrants, intercessors, readers, VBS
spearheaded a fundraising initiative for a St      leaders, servers, community breakfast and
James youth pilgrimage and cross-cultural          Sunday School volunteers, Parish Council
experience. She, along with Archdeacon Ken         members, a Trafalgar Terrace worship team
Anderson and the wardens recognized that, as       and in many other capacities. The fact that
a Christian community, we must commit to           we have so many young people who are
uphold and celebrate the youth of this parish      committed to their faith and this community
and recognize the commitment of each               is testament to this path to pilgrimage.
Christian to foster and nourish the spiritual      Thanks to all who have shown support and
life of each child. They also understood the       continue to do so. God Bless!
advisability and joy of supporting a pilgrimage            吀   .....................................................
for youth as they make their way in the world.
And so, after much work and support by this
parish, the first St James pilgrimage took
place in 2004 to Canterbury, England where
our youth participated in a week-long “Soul in
the City” event filled with worship and service.
Rev Wendy Murray, Greg Murray, Mary Ann
McDowell and David Booth accompanied the
10 kids, or ‘Seekers’. The second group of 12
pilgrims from the ‘Rite 13’ youth group went
to Taize, France in 2005. Karine Farmer, Bert
Chesworth and Hilary and Mark Dencev ably
led them. Our most recent pilgrimage group,
the 10 Junior Disciples, travelled to Taize in
July of 2007 with their leaders Matt Schieven,
Ingrid Galsworthy and Tony and Nicole
Hewitt-Lawrence. Each of these groups has
expressed the great joy they experienced and
the deepening of their faith as a result of
being with so many youth from around the
globe in worship, service and fellowship.
We are currently in the midst of planning our
‘Taste of Taize” November 15th Silent and Live
Auction fundraiser, at which we hope to raise
$25,000 in support of two more pilgrimages in
2009 and 2010. It takes a considerable
amount of work by the youth and their
parents to host such an event, but more
importantly, our youth and their leaders are
committed to a 4-5 year journey of faith and
service together to prepare for pilgrimage.
Please consider how you may help us support
this incredible facet of St James’ Family
Ministry. Donation forms are available from
the office, the event ticket table or any of the
leaders, youth and their parents.
In addition to meeting regularly to discuss
issues of faith, spirituality and the place of
Christianity in their daily lives, our youth

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